Unknown Entity (R-18)

The birds were chirping in the sky, making rounds of spectacular circles above for all to see. The sun was still up, however, noon was soon to come and who knows what would happen in the night?

There, outside of a small house, was the silhouette of a teenage boy who was swinging around, what seems to be a wooden sword. Sweat was cascading down his chin, signaling the amount of time hes been up to these mechanical movements.

He was not doing it pointlessly or for the sake of losing weight… He was practicing the speed at which he should react and the amount of force he should add to the sword. Knowing how to use a sword and the timing to which he should respond was the first step, the very basic to becoming an apprentice paladin.

The boys name was Jimmy Reinz and his dream was to become a paladin known around the whole kingdom.


”Jimmy, are you still going at it again? ”

Jimmy stops swinging the sword and turns behind to face the newcomer.

”How many times do I need to tell you that it won change anything much. You should just stick to strategizing and stuff instead of tiring yourself out pointlessly. ”

The person who talked was of a taller stature than Jimmy, muscular for a teenager of his age, with short brown hair and eyes that gave him a wise man bearing. Seeing him, jimmy frowned and gritted his teeth in annoyance.

”Easy for you to say… But if you guys get knocked out by monsters during our missions, then how am I supposed to protect myself and rescue any of us? ”

The brown-haired man knew he lost a point, so he rolled his eyes.

”Whatever man. ”

Jimmy hummed lightly and went back to swinging.

The brown-haired man was a childhood friend of his, Nomad. They were always together through thick and thin, however, they were of the exact opposite worth value when it comes to real-life matters. Contrary to his friend who was an apprentice-ranked paladin already, he was not chosen by God to become a paladin. In order words, he was a forsaken soul, a commoner who is forever destined to be a weakling.

He didn even have the capability to wield mana, so his chances of even becoming a wizard were null.

However, he did have one particular thing that could help him change that future… Thats why he wouldn give up on training even when it seemed pointless.

Nomad looked at Jimmy and sighed.

”By the way, Amelia is looking for corresponding missions in the guild for us. We should head back to assist her. ”

Jimmy let out a breath. He wouldve liked to train some more, however, he needed to save some energy for their mission. Plus, he missed Amelias scent already…

”Alright, let me rest for a bit and we can go. ”

Nomad acquiesces and turns around, heading inside Jimmys house to fetch his friends equipment for him. Jimmy sits back on the grass, takes a few heavy breaths, and closes his eyes. Inside his body, his soul resided something unknown. He inherited it from his parents before they died and now, he only had it as a memory of his family.

He lived alone in the small house so he had no choice but to abandon the thought of going to an academy and instead, he switched to adventuring and hunting for money. Though usually not lucrative, the sums he would receive were barely enough for house rent and food. Even his equipment was gifted to him by his friends.

He had thought that things wouldve been that way for the rest of his life. However, that hing inside him keeps growing and growing the more he trained. Now, he was almost sure that whatever it was, the solution to his problems could be resolved by it. He only needed to figure out how to use it.

Just as Jimmy was lost in thoughts, something invisible to the naked eyes, passed by him.

”Huh!? ”

Jimmys instinct told him that something was amiss and he reacted fast. However, when he opened his eyes to see what it was, he could only hear the complete silence and the tree leaves shaking from the mildly windy atmosphere.

”Hey, you ready yet airhead?! ”

Nomads voice suddenly rang and Jimmy snapped back to reality.

”Yeah, Im coming! ”

Before leaving with Nomad for the adventurers guild, he looked back one more time and frowned.

”Mustve been my imagination. ”

He couldve been so exhausted that his wary and alarmed my played tricks on him. With this in mind, jimmy sets off to find the other teammate and start his next quest.

Not long after Victoria took her bath, she received the systems notification while dressing up.

[Ghost has locked into its target.]

[Jimmy is suspicious of the ghost, but denies the possibility.]

[5 Emotion points collected.]

Victoria smiles lightly as she reads the message on the holographic screen. She was still drying out her wet caramel hair with a towel.

”It seems that the targets name is Jimmy. Wasn expecting to get details on targets… that could be helpful. ”

Victoria, with a towel still over her body and one more on top of her head, sits back on her bed while listening to the birds churning outside of the window. The maid hasn returned yet after helping her to the dinner table, the study, and the bathroom to help her trigger her memories… but from the looks of it, the only people who lived in this place were her, a few maids, and two guards. It didn seem that she lived with any member of her family.

Earlier, while being guided by the maid through the mansion that she is currently residing in, her name was Victoria Ringstone. Same middle name as her in her past life, with the Ringstone as the only difference.

She used to live in the Ringstone castle with her family, however, after failing the mana ascension trial, she was deemed useless and unable to wield magical powers whatsoever. Since the Ringstone family was known as one of those top clans with all their members possessing abilities of any sort, she became a disgrace to them.

A thorn to their status and merits.

So with no further ado, she was disgraced of her family title and banished from even setting foot in the territory. Now, she could only reside in this mansion, lost in the middle of a forest far from the Ringstone fiefdom and as well as the other ones.

She only had a pretty big sum of inheritance left to her so she could survive for at least two more years without working at all. Occasionally, she would send out a few maids to buy her provisions, clothes, and other stuff. While the guards were there to give her a sense of protection as this was all the family could offer for one who shared the same blood as them.

Long story short, she was banished from home for being useless and now she is maleficent who lives in a giant mansion in the woods.

Victoria let out a sigh as she looks outside of the window with strong attention.

The culprit of her poisoning has still not been found and the two mysterious medics left ever since her examination. She learned from the maid that before she was poisoned, the two mysterious people were venturing from afar and stumbled upon the mansion while traveling in the forest.

They needed a place to rest so they decided to ask for some shelter as night was facing their eyes. Victoria… the previous Victoria was a kind soul and wasn one to reject visitors as she was almost always lonely in the mansion.

It was that same night, that she has been poisoned and when the maids found out, they made a fuss, which forced the two gentlemen to reveal their talents for medicine. They discovered the type of poison and what they needed to treat it, however, the time period that she has been poisoned was too long for them to save her. She was already gone, and they mustve realized that but…

She came back to life.

Victoria could tell that it alarmed them to the core. Coming to a strange mansion in the middle of a forest, a dead young miss event happens, and the young miss comes back to life with missing memories…

This mustve rang a warning bell for them. maybe that was why the short man was sweating and fidgeting so much, why they were so curious… they thought she was possessed and thus used some kind of Necromancy object to banish me but then if they did try…

”Why didn it work? ”

[Due to high compatibility with the previous owner by name and fate, your soul has fuzed with the body way sooner than expected so it became the same as Victoria never dying in the beginning.]

Victoria looked surprised by the system reading her thoughts and the explanation it gave her.

”Is that so? Then I should probably count myself lucky. ”

Then, she opened her palm in mid-air, and soon, a large tome shrouded in purple and golden particles outlined itself in front of her. Victorias eyes shone as her pupils reflected the book of witchcraft in front of her.

A wicked smile spread across her face.

”Though I couldn say the same for them and this world… Maybe they realized something was wrong? ”

”Is that why they left so quickly without any goodbyes? ”

”No matter… I shall soon make the whole world know my name again. ”

Victorias eyes twitched as she realizes something.

”Damn, this setting could make for a good ghost story. ”

And indeed she will make it one. As she thought of everything so far, the ink spreads over the second page, silhouetting the shape of a mysterious creature.

Victoria almost couldn wait for the world to tremble!

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