Ghost story

After the gentlemen left, Victoria was able to get a moment of lonesome and peace inside her new room.

The maid said she was going to prepare her a meal and she should be ready in two hours.

”That was scary. ”

She had to put up an act and look clueless the whole time. She didn want to let anything amiss slip by, which was a very precocious situation to find yourself in, after being sent to another place.

She only had a white gown on her and as she stood up, the hem rested over her thighs, showing off her knees and thin legs. Victoria looked at the mirror one more time and took a deep breath.

She thought that her new look was a masterpiece!

[Maybe you shall be the next Goddess of beauty when you mature.]

Just as she examined every inch of her face and hair, she heard that sentence and her whole body froze.

”Who is this? ”

It took Victoria three glances around the room to realize that whoever was talking, was also hiding from her sight.

[Call me the Log system. I am bound to you as a reward for your past life achievements.]

Victoria looks at the mirror again.

The… What now?

Log system? does it mean it was in her head? But how? She didn remember ever facing a Log system before, in her past life… Wait, did it say system?

As Victoria slowly assimilated the situation, the androgynous voice resounded again, in her head.

[Would you like to view your status?]

Victoria stayed silent for a few moments. She wasn expecting back-to-back surprises in one hour after waking up. She understood immediately what this was about once she heard the word system. In her past life, a wide variety of novel readers knew what it implies when the main character has a system.

Strength, power, resources… Fame!

[Would you like to view your status?]

As the system repeats the same question, Victoria snaps back to reality and an evil grin stretches across her fair face.

”Sure, why not? ”

She, Victoria the great witch, died. However, she is now alive again with more power in her hands!

While she was thinking of all the opportunities that would come to her once she starts using the system, a large holographic screen materializes in front of her eyes.

[Status: Victoria Ringstone]

[Title: The great witch]

Lv: 1

Exp: 10/100

Vital energy: 100/100 -Recovers 1 energy per minute.

Sin points collected: 10/100

Abilities: Sinful absorption

-Sinful absorption: Able to absorb emotions, sex fluids, blood, and souls from any dead or living beings in the vicinity and turn them into Sin points and EXP. It requires at least 10 vital energy for each use.

Items: Book of Witchcraft- Able to let you summon creatures from imagination or nightmares. Requires Vital energy to use. The more powerful the creature, the more Vital energy will be required.

World logged into: {Disowned} You were once part of the Ringstone family, a renowned family in the kingdom and one of the Big Three Clans aka BTC, after the Royal family. However, due to schemes and unforeseen events, you were stripped of your title and exiled from the Fiefdom.

Mission 1: Collect 50 Sin points

Completion reward: Shop menu will be available.

Victoria took almost an hour and a half, in order to fully comprehend all this was about. And she concluded that Vital energy was the key to using abilities and everything as well as using the Book of Witchcraft. And she can accumulate Exp and Sin points by collecting emotion, sex, blood, or soul points. She didn quite know what the Sin points use was for but maybe in time, she will.

Then, she currently had ten points, which she deduced that she unknowingly gained not too long ago when the gentlemen showed up. It was pretty tense back there… Maybe she wouldve gained more if the taller one showed more reaction to the situation?

Next, was her world… It seems too vague to call it Disowned so it must be about an event in the world?

And finally, she had a mission to complete, but the reward was a bit… interesting. Maybe she will be able to purchase helpful things in the Shop menu?

Understanding this much was already a good start for her. However, she was more interested in one thing at the moment.

”System, how do I use the book of witchcraft? ”

She wanted to see what it looked like and what it could do.

[For this, you simply have to will it and it shall appear before you.]

”Thats it? ”

The system did not respond to Victorias inquiry and the whole place fell silent for one full minute.

”Fine. ”

Resigning herself to just that, Victoria tried to close her eyes and call for anything in the darkness that soon followed her path while thinking about the book of witchcraft.

Immediately after that, the whole room brightened up despite already receiving the suns glare from outside. Victoria opens her eyes to find an arm-long tome shrouded in a purple hue with golden particles dissolving out of it. This thing was like a frigging bible! Victoria thought as she analyzed the book that was now levitating in front of her eyes.

”Lets see what this book is really about. ”

Since she could will it to appear, it seemed that she could also will the pages to turn, as it felt like a part of her the second it came out.

The pages were all blank, however, once she looked at them.


”System… why is there nothing inscribed on those pages? ”

[You have to think of a creature from nightmares or imagination for it to appear on those pages. Then, using your Vital energy, you will be able to bring it to life and command it.]

”Ah… interesting. ”

Without realizing it, a plan started forming in Victorias mind as her eyes glinted with evil intentions.

In her past life, after taking over half of the world with her cults, she was able to get some free time and develop a few hobbies. Apart from sex, killing, and manipulating people, one of them was reading light novels. She had read more than a thousand of them, so she now had quite the imagination.

What if she could use all of this to her advantage?

Her points collecting abilities require her to do things that she was always used to doing in the past. things that only evil people would do…

So why not become the bad guy?

Why not… the last boss?

Its the easiest way for her to complete her current mission and grow in strength at the same time.

Doing bad things.

However, she had to be careful of other people monitoring her. Now for the part about becoming the last boss…

Victorias eyes looked distant while the pages of the book kept turning.

”Got it! ”

With one sentence, Victoria looked confidently at the first page. How about a ghost story?

In the next second, ink spread from the page out of nowhere as and shaped the silhouette of a horrific, wide-eyed ghost.

Victoria smiles while examining the silhouette.

”Beautiful… ”

Now her plan could finally start in this very bedroom. She didn want to waste any chances to get power if she could.

[Ghost summoning will require less Vital energy as its a weak being.]

She was fine with that tho… however, she wanted to know if 100 Vital energy was going to be enough for her to summon at least one ghost from the book.

[You will need 50 Vital energy to summon the ghost.]

”Good! ”

Victoria was visibly pleased!

[Would you like to summon a ghost?]

”Yes! ”

The second she agreed, Victoria saw a mass of dark shadow flowing out from the page to the ground. The mist circled around rapidly until nothing was left of it, but the silhouette of a transparent humanoid figure.

Victorias eyes glowed like jewels as she slowly examines the ghostly figure. She thought it was a beautiful first try.

Why summon a ghost out of everything else?

Well, she wanted to cautiously farm for points, and her best shot at the moment was the emotion points. If she played her hand right, she would be able to collect a good amount of Emotion points from peoples fear.

Since there was magic in this world from what she saw a few moments before, she believed that summoning a more powerful creature would attract way more attention and risk getting it slain by unknown powerhouses.

As for the ghost, on the other hand, she could be the most reliable daughter of god and say I saw a ghost, people wouldn believe it true. She could farm all sorts of Emotion points ranging from fear, skepticism, anger, and so on…

With all of this planned out, Victoria lifted her head high and looked down on the levitating figure with cold, calculating eyes.

”Go to the nearest populated space. There, find a target to haunt and switch to another target once the previous one is too alert. ”

[The ghost has received the mistresss message.]

As this notification from the system resounded in Victorias mind, the figure thinned out of existence within seconds of getting its first order.

As it left, Victoria sat back on her bed and grinned…

This was going to be fun.

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