Victoria gulped slightly.

The two gentlemen were about to examine her? She didn want that… yet.

She didn know how or why but she understood one thing from all thats happened so far. Her thoughts ran quickly as she analyzed her situation and how to avoid examination, lest they realize something was amiss.

From what she learned so far and their reactions, she could tell that an accident or something of the sort happened to this body. Those people might be random medics and the likes, while the maid knows her on a deeper level.

If she didn want to let anything slip past the maid while also trying to avoid examination, she only had one card at hand.

It was to act as if she suffered from amnesia!

With this figured out, she was going to pull her past years of acting into play. Victoria parted her lips as the gentlemen pulled out paper sheets and feathers to note things down.

”Im sorry but Ive been meaning to ask something for a while now… ”

As she said those words, the space became quiet. The short gentleman gave her a small reassuring smile, knowing how to interact with patients without agitating them.

”Go ahead. ”

Victoria nodded her head back.

”Well, first of all, its my first time seeing this place and second of all… Who are you, people? ”

The whole place fell silent.

One quick glance at the two gentlemen and Victoria could guess what they were thinking. If this is a joke, its not a very funny one young miss.

However, they didn stay quiet for too long as the taller gentleman gave her a questioning look.

”Is that so? ”

Then, before Victoria could explain herself in further detail, the taller man reached out his hand to the short one, seeming to request something from him. The shorter gentleman nodded his head and reached into a brownish suitcase, one that she didn know its origin. She could swear it wasn there before…

”There are many ways to verify your condition young miss, and if what you just said is true… This could become a problem. ”

The short gentleman took out a weird item from the bag and handed it to his colleague. Upon closer look, Victoria could make out its appearance as a cylindrical metal lantern made of blackened steel. The bottom was flat and the top, domed. Attached to the top was a steel ring large enough for a human to comfortably hold, and oriented with the opening facing forward. On its front, a sliding metal panel was attached.

Victoria didn know why, but she had a weird foreboding feeling about the object. It was as if every inch of her skin was itching her to back away from it. Maybe she wasn the only one as the short gentleman who handed it to his other colleague was now sweating as if hes been through a marathon. While the maid who stood six feet away was frowning with an uneasy expression.

The only person who seemed unaffected and even seemed completely oblivious to the change was the taller man. He looked back at the two people with a deadpan face.

”Step back. ”

With those two words, the maid took a few steps further and so did the shorter man. He gave the made an apologetic look and smiled.

”Excuse us for using this method on the young miss who just woke up from a certain death, but we have to make sure that nothing is wrong with her. ”

The maid looked uneasy but still nodded with her eyes, glued on the lamp.

The tall man pressed his fingers on the sliding panel of the lamp, the next moment, Victoria felt as if her soul was about to leave her body!

What appears to be inside of that lamp was, unsurprisingly, fire. However, the fire was of a green that could rival emeralds and its intensity was in fact, so low that it could be called freezing cold. Victorias pupils dilated as the green fire reflected on them.

One thought passed her mind.


Suddenly, she heard a gasp! Her eyes darted around the room to fix upon the maid. She had a look of absolute terror and fear plastered across her face.

”Ne-necromancy… ”

It seems that she even recognise what this man was doing.

Victoria looked back at the fire, then at the tall gentleman who didn flinch from the fire he was holding and she gulped loudly.

”What are you… ”

”Stay still. ”

As he said these words without any expression, Victoria felt fear gripping her heart. Theres no way this voodoo thingys going to work on her… right?

There was a long minute of complete silence. Then, the tall man stood up and hummed lightly before sliding the lamps panel close. Victoria let out a small breath of relief and digested whatever the hell just happened.

”It seems, that the lady did get poisoned at one point… however, she miraculously recovered. As for the amnesia, it mustve been the price she had to pay for her near-death recovery. ”

The maid nodded acceptably.

Victoria frowned.

Poisoned? She had been poisoned? And she almost died because of that too…

What she wasn expecting was the mans last sentence which covered her made-up amnesia story. It was so perfectly timed that she wouldve believed he was saying the truth… If she wasn the one who made it up first and also the one who replaced the current body.

The short gentleman looked at her with worry in his eyes.

”It is good that the young miss has a secret protector… However, you and your family will need to find out who it was that poisoned you. ”

Lest the same even repeat itself?

Victoria nodded, she understood perfectly. They even thought she had a secret protector, like a shadow guard who used powers to help her escape death on time. Now that was a funny show she wasn expecting from the professional-looking gentlemen.

She could work with that.

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