Poison (1)

I can fully remember how it happened…

How Victoria, the great witch of modern nations… died.

Or how I… died.

My first impression of that day, that time, that situation, couldn be best described by other words than ”steamy ”.

That day, I think… I was having my first anal experience in a while. Yes, that rough feeling of extreme terror and intense nervous reaction when you get something shoved up your ass. Thats exactly that feeling I wanted to try out after getting bored of taking over nations and manipulating people all my life.

I wanted to relieve the feeling of being dominated again, and, as the shameless slut that I was, I couldn think of anything better than to try it out again after so long.

Despite being born a power-hungry woman and manipulator who knew how to get the best of what I had, despite having used my body in so many ways, and my knowledge to do so many things on people, the only thing that scared me the most was having an anal. Because my first experience doing it in the brothel was a painful one, that damn bodybuilder had to put it in without my consent.

Best believe it, that scarred me for life! Ha!

No, I did end up trying it a few more times while climbing up the worlds hierarchical ladder, because some of those rich bastards were too greedy for their own good.

Now that I think about it, killing them after I took over their possession felt most satisfying.

However, all of those can be left for later.

Right now, as I was saying, my butthole was about to get another rough one, however, that was purely on me. I decided to celebrate taking over one of the biggest countries existing with the help of my cult by getting **ed in the ass!

Yes, I made up a cult full of evil people at heart, one way or another, I was able to manipulate them into joining my cult. People, since then, kept joining until I had a group of cult members that could completely topple countries at my command.

Call me evil if you will, call me a monster if you wish…

I am used to that, and thats what turns me on the most. Just like the guy behind me, who looked absolutely enthralled, yet horrified by what was about to take place.

He was just one of the people that my cult captured to serve me as a toy. I decided to see how far he could go to serve me. Fucking Victoria the great witch up the ass was surely bound to get you tortured to death!

However, he knew that if he couldn go through with my order, he would die either way. So he chose the one with an escape route. If he manages to do it right, I might reward him and let him serve me for a few more years…

I was old, but not so old that people would get turned off upon seeing my naked body. I was barely 30. My achievements and my decent looks gave off the vibes of a forbidden fruit, to be admired but not to be touched.

Well, this buddy right here is about to try both. In a deeply profound fashion at that!

I looked at him as I was on my bed, my back facing him so he could feast on me, I knew he would, I was confident in that. I had my butt cheeks spread and my legs stretching in opposite directions. I could feel him scrutinizing my every muscle and especially, that non-silicon, thick water-based lubed ass.

I felt shivers up my spine as he lowered his head on it, and a hot breath escaped my lips.

”Ah, good. You know your stuff, huh… ”

The boy didn respond, he was obviously fearing for his life, yet so adamantly trying to please his own oppressor. That twisted feeling came back to me, and as he started licking my puckered butthole in slow motions, I curled my back to give him better access, as well as a better view.

I could feel the cold touch of his tongue up my buttcrack… it felt slimy, wet, and tingly. I succumbed to the current feeling and let my eyelids fall down shut. The wet sound of the service I was receiving was exciting, yet also calming. Have you ever had your ass eaten? have you ever wondered how it feels like? Well, heres a descriptive answer to your queries.

He continued like this for a total of five minutes, all the while switching between fingering and licking.

I felt like my butt didn belong to me at all for a moment.

”Bastard. ”

My face was flushed. He was experienced, I couldn let him go Scott-free.

Suddenly, his hands moved to my butt cheeks and my buttocks tensed up. In a slow yet powerful fashion, he spread them apart as far as he could and I was stretched. I found myself enjoying the process to its utmost! I was giggling to myself while thinking if I shouldve farted in his face…

However, I was unable to decide as I felt something soft and creamy press itself to my butthole. Slowly, I felt his gland undulate into my sphincter as I stopped breathing for a second, tightening myself to get a better feel of it.

It worked like clockwork.

I could feel the shape of that six-inch membrane easing up into my warm, mushy, and tight entrance. My buttocks tensing uneasily was more than enough proof, to tell me it was happening.

I let out a grunt of satisfaction.

I couldn describe that feeling no matter how many times Ive tried it. It was just weird how exciting it felt whenever I tried anal. Getting stretched in a way youd think was impossible… That, amigo, is fun. If you did yoga, youd know what Im talking about.

Slowly but mechanically, the boy started to move inside with a heated breath. Hips pressed against my strong thighs, hands holding the sides of my ass cheeks, spreadingem enough to make sure he could see what he wanted while I was breathing roughly at the feel of my sphincter getting pegged… Just what one would expect from a bitch like me.

Soon, the sound of his pelvis hitting against my ass echoed in the room. Anyone who would dare to come in would know what to expect. it was loud… The man had no mercy. My butthole was getting rubbed savagely and I could swear I wouldn be able to seat well for a week.

It was that rough and I was sweating from my back and my ass.

”Mhm… thats it, baby, do you like what you feel? ”

I tried teasing him, but he didn respond.


However, the more he moved, the more I could feel the movements of our genitals as they scrubbed against each other. My mushy walls were effectively doing their job by massaging his weapon the best they could.

”Are you feeling at home, babe? ”

I didn care this time if he responded or not. At that point, he was already picking up his speed and I was actually losing it. The more he drove in, the more dominated I felt, and the more pleasure went through my anal nerves, which I thought would never be possible.

I could hear my butt rippling by every contact it made with his pelvis, and I was sure he could listen to it too. During this whole session, I never heard a word from him other than his raging breaths from the pleasure I was giving him.

The second I felt him reach deep enough that he wouldn be able to locate his own dick, I completely relaxed my lower body. My breathing stopped and my eyes opened wide. His penis reached close to my intestines and I felt like jelly melting onto his weapon. In the next second, a hot, thick, and creamy substance shot its way into my anal depths.

I didn even have time to react when I felt a sharp metallic-like surface plunging into my back, hitting my spines.

The sharp pain made me hiss! However, I was too focused on the feeling I got from the anal experience, and without any warning, I let out the biggest squirt I ever had in my entire life!

My life was in danger, this man had a weapon and I didn know how he was able to get into my bed with it. I wouldn be able to do anything right now even if I wanted to. However, this feeling of dread and powerlessness coupled with the sudden pain gave me such a rush of excitement, that I literally squirted all over his manhood.

I didn know what happened after that, however, I probably fainted, tongue sticking out, eyes rolling and creamy liquids coming out of my ass and pussy, while dying from blood loss.

Just like that, the great witch, Victoria, died embarrassingly and shamefully, deserving of her titles and deeds.

The only thing that I remembered before my vision went blank was the disgust-filled voice of that guy.

”May you never rest in peace, witch! ”

Welp, I never knew that his words wouldve manifested… albeit in a completely unexpected way.

(End of the journal—)

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