A distorted hope

The night before, B went outside to train as her body was telling her to do. A nice and cold breeze was coming from the distant forest bringing the smell of putrefaction with it. Due to the circumstances, people in this village preferred to stay inside during the night, and would only come out after the first ray of sunshine. She let the robe drop behind her while looking at the shining moon. Her slim and slightly muscular body would catch the eyes of most men around her. She lifted her hands up to the side and said with a smile ”I can feel it. It calls me! I belong to the wild! ” Having clothes that are more revealing than actually covering the skin, she could easily feel the cold. Alas, she decided to go for a steady jog to warm her body up by running through the quiet village. She was enjoying it. She was actually liking it so much that she couldn stop smiling. Before realizing, she was running three times faster than five minutes ago when she started. Minutes later, she passed by Antas home with the speed of a hawk hunting a rabbit, easily suppressing 250 km/h. Thats how her training started.

The noise of her small, delicate but dangerous bare feet could barely be heard despite the mind-blowing speed. She felt like she could jump all the way outside the village over the gates using the momentum she had. Right now, she was herself and she was invincible. Running was making her feel alive. Suddenly, the forgotten words of her father crossed her mind: ”You need to run faster, Saori. Run until you suppress the speed of sound! Thats the only way. ” As a tear fell down her cheek, the girl used the right foot to push into the ground so hard that she cracked it and made herself disappear. Few of the villagers got awaken by the deafening sound.

”The sharpness of your fists need to reach unimaginable standards as to hit their target without even touching it. Thats the kind of monster I was and you will surpass me. ” was another memory of her dads warm voice. B was now punching a tree with her eyes closed trying the regain the feel of a real battle situation. No matter how much she trained, she was not losing her breath. She was like a killing machine reaching unimaginable standards for the human race.

”Am I even human? My stamina is never ending. ” She was so focused on her punches that she lost her footing in the wet grass and fell down on her back laughing. The bruises and the dirt she had on her from the long hours of training couldn stop her.

”You will be my eyesight, my lost arm, and my feet long gone! You need to revenge me, Saori! Hunt them down one by one. ” was the last phrase that she remembered as the tree in front of her fell with a bang from her kick.

”So Saori must be my name. Ill keep it secret and go along with B for now. ” the girl decided looking at her hand. Her nails have left red marks in her palms as a result of constant fist squeezing.

”What do I need to revenge him for? Is he dead? How does he even look like? All these memories are so vague. It seems like training might help me get back some of them. My body must be pretty used to fighting. ” These were all things that crossed her mind during her walk back home. Thats the moment she saw a bloody table with a weird black sign on the hill. There was blood on the ground leading from the gate all the way to the place seemingly used for sacrifices. Two relatively young men with spears were guarding the gate leading outside the village. A grotesque ball of meat with the size of a man, randomly spitting blood from all over its body with every step, was walking towards the gate where the guards were.

”Hey, pal! Wakey, wakey! Weve got company. ” one of the guards pointed to the monstrosity approaching them.

”Shit, is that thing even from our village? ”

”Lets wait! Open the gate. Hopefully hell pass through without causing any problems. ”

Sweat was falling down their foreheads as the thing was slowly approaching them.

Starting to panic, one of them shouted ”Do something! ”.

”Don panic, you will put both of us in danger. Just let him through like we did with the rest of them. ” They lifted the barrier and pushed the gate open. The smell was unbearable and the fear they felt was starting to take over them.

Just as it was about to step outside, the caricature stopped and slowly turned towards one of the guards. The man could see one eyeball deep occluded in the walking meat ball. It was like its suffering, a helpless creature begging to be saved and unable to speak. One minute later, the meat ball with short legs was on the other side with the gates closed behind. The guards were shaking. It was probably the most terrifying moment of their lives, something indescribable that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

”He was just a man. Any of us couldve been in his place right now. ” the braver guard said in a trembling voice with a hand covering his crying eyes.

”What kind of place have I landed into? ” B was completely shocked. She knew that she will never forget what she has just seen. Hence, she decided to take a little detour across the outskirts to give herself time to calm down. She wanted to have some fun in order to forget the extremely unpleasant occurrence before going home to try to sleep. Just then, moaning coming from a big and more secluded barn reached her ears. The more she listened, the redder and hotter her ears would get.

”A quick look can hurt anyone. ” B murmured to herself excited and red in the cheeks.

The flickering lanterns by its entrance along with the pumpkins, the ragged clothes hanging and the haystacks were inducing a Halloween vibe. Behind the barn, a fat old man was **ing a beautiful brown skinned woman mercilessly.

”Whooaaaa! I love it! ” she whispered to herself as she sat on the grass comfortably at a safe distance and spread her legs getting ready for the show. The more excited she would get from watching, the lower her hand would go down her sweaty abdomen and almost into her shorts. The white short hair, the moustache and the large amount of hair he had on his chest, legs and around the crotch gave the old man quite the disgusting look. But who cared? As long as the woman was sexy, thats all that mattered for B. The brown skinned woman screamed as she was pulled by the hair and turned around just as one would turn a potato bag.

”Thats what you get for walking alone at night in these parts, you filthy bitch. Its like you
e asking for it! ” The man said with a mad look in his eyes resembling a mad kid that found joy in breaking a doll. Despite being old and short, he was overpowering the woman by a lot.

”Im sorry, I was just– ” the woman got interrupted as the man stepped on her face pushing her face halfway into a puddle and lifting her hips up to bang her.

”Ah, not bad, old man. ” B said with a sexy thin voice as if she was the one taking part in the act. She was starting to sweat more and her breathing intensified together with the feeling of pleasure coming from her own fingering. As the climax was approaching, she arched her spine and pulled her head back looking up at the moon now. Her hair fell of her sweaty forehead revealing her stunning emerald green eyes and horny look. Satisfied, B pulled her hand out of her pants and looked at her fingers covered in her own juice. The girl was apparently a sick pervert that was founding joy in watching women get raped.


*Back to present*

The following day at dinner time, B was sitting at the table with Anta and Paul shocked by the dark past of the place she was living in. Fifteen minutes later everyone finished their food, except for Paul who was a very slow eater. The kitchen was dark and the only lights they had were a candle sitting on the table in the middle and the cozy fireplace that was about to go out. Suddenly, Antas pupils started to move independently of one another. The right eye was looking at B, and the left eye out in front at the rain. Every time the old woman does that, a sound like someone would be twisting her eyeballs comes out.

”Ewwww, thats disturbing! ” B mentioned disgusted.

”Again that thing? ” Paul asked.

”Someone killed the captain of the guards, Mordor. His body has just been found. ” Anta said checking Paul with one eye and B with the other as if she was suspecting them.

Impressed, a big smile appeared on Bs face and her cheeks took the colour of light red.

”Thats amazing, gran! How do you know? Are you some form of witch? Or are you possessed or something? ”

Bs enthusiasm was so big that the shock from earlier was gone together with any form of respect. She was now sitting with the soles of her feet on the chair with the legs wide spread. Her hands were holding firmly the chair.

”Was it you the one who killed him, B? ”

”Yes, yes, yes! I killed him! ” the girl replied amazed as if she was a kid seeing the seaside for the first time.

”Do you know how I killed him too? Please say yes! ”

”Did someone hit you in the head, girl? ”

As the storm was raging outside, faster than a lightening could cross the night sky, B was squatting on the other end on top of the table holding Antas face by her cheeks. The girls breath was inconsistent and chaotic.

”Listen, granny! Some of my memories came back. I am strong! Extremely strong! Probably stronger than many can ever dream to be. So tell me, why do I have a feeling that you the one who sent Mordor after me? ”

”Get off me, you mindless beast! Anta raged pushing Bs hand to the side. ”It was a test. ”

Paul was standing there shocked with his mouth wide open. The spoon came out of his mouth and onto the floor. It happened so fast that he couldn even see the girl moving from her chair. This girl was something else.

”Where do I know this smell from? B asked herself sniffing Antas white hair just like a dog would and completely ignoring the fact that she could be killed because of her. ”What are you? ” she continued giving the old woman an intrigued look and holding her own chin with two fingers.

”Enough is enough! ” the old woman stood up and slapped B with all her might. ”Don you dare say that word (witch) again! You have no idea in how much trouble you could put all of us just by pronouncing it. Those entities are the strongest beings on the planet and they can wipe a country out all by themselves. Don bring their anger on this poor forgotten by the Gods village. ”

”Damn, granny, YOU JUST SLAPPED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! ” the girl said impressed with a hand on the cheek.

”Shes got a few screws loose! ” Paul and Anta replied simultaneously.

”Well discuss about all this with another occasion. Lets get ready for a long night. We
e heading to the stable. ” the old woman ordered.

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