A harsh and sick reality

The peaks of the hills circling the settlement were hiding behind a dense fog. Surrounded by mountains and mist at around 6 pm in the evening, the village was not seeing much daylight. The poor and small looking houses in the village were giving an impression of poverty. Even in the village centre there were no proper roads, but a footpath resulting due to people often crossing the area. Even puddles could be seen occasionally on the paths and in the courtyards.

Down there on the main path sitting on a chair was a slightly overweight woman in her late 60s, her age clearly shown through her wrinkles and short height. The woman, on her name Anta, was out there to get some fresh air and relax after long hours of housework. About 50 meters to her left kids were playing with an improvised plastic ball and some sticks used for goals.

”Noisy little shits ” Anta quietly said to herself. She couldn suffer the kids. If there was something she would use a kid if she had one, would be to do all the cleaning needed. Even so, feeding him would be a bother. The tired woman couldn even sit for 5 minutes and she already heard someone calling for her.

”HEY! OLD HAG! The girl you have found by the river woke up! You better come say hi to her or Ill be the one to take her. ”

The voice came from a few houses down the main path.

”Shes mine! Shes mine! ”

She hurried as much as she could to the stable from where the man shouted. As soon as they stepped inside, they saw a white haired young girl with overwhelmingly nice features and delicate white skin. Her messy hair was reaching slightly beyond her shoulders.

”She is hella good, old hag! ”

The man approached Anta and whispered to her year ”Why don you give her to me and Ill make the best use of her for both my crotch and my coin bag. I might even get some coins of her that I could share with you. ”

Unimpressed, Anta looked at the man with only one of her eyes as she had the ability to move pupils independently of one another giving a very creepy vibe to other people. The man got jump scared for a second, took two steps back and said nothing more after that. The white haired girl looked at them confused with her green and charming eyes, tilting her had to the side. She didn know who these people were or whether they were good or bad. She didn know where she was, nor could she remember anything past the moment she woke up and that included her name too. These thoughts that came to her mind started to scare her. The more she thought, the more scared she became. The thought of not remembering anything was terrifying to the young girl to the point she started sweating and was hardly breathing.

”Calm down, kid! None is hurting you. Chill the hell out! You
e pathetic. ”

After a few moments, after she caught her breath, the girl asked… ”Where am I? Have I been abducted? ”

”Nonsense. Youve been saved from certain death. We risked our lives to get you in the village from down the river. You own me a fortune. ”

The old woman approached the young girl and asked her whether or not she remembers her own name. Seeing that shes not getting an answer, she turned around and left. There was something special about the 14 years old looking girl and she knew it.

”Get your butt up and come to the third house on the left. Weve got plenty of work to do, B. ”

Those were the last words the girl heard from Anta before she and the bald man left the room she was in. She did not exactly liked the name she was given (B), but she decided to go along with it for the time being. The smell coming from the four horses feces was quite unbearable, especially for someone with extremely acute senses as her.

The girl decided to stand up and get outside. Her average size breasts was looking smaller due to the bandages tightly wrapped around her chest and back. The grey robe that she had on her reaching almost down to her knees level, the short black pants and the fingerless grey glove she had on her left hand, were all giving the impression of a delinquent street fighter. Her abs were showing slightly through the opening of the robe. Just by looking at Bs body, one could easily tell shes been training for a while. Now what kind of training it was at such a young age? Nobody knew yet. Not even she.

B didn dislike getting her bare feet dirty and wet when walking. If anything, she kind of liked it. While on her way to Antas house, she got plenty of perverse looks from men across the village. Even some of the kids stopped playing to check out the new girl and her weird clothing. Being a small village consisting of around 50 houses, one would normally know everyone else, so the weird looks she was getting were more or less justified. Thats what she hoped at least. None of the villagers she saw seemed to be relaxed enjoying their daily lives. Most were either stressed or angry. Only the male kids were enjoying themselves laughing and kicking the plastic ball filled with air. Despite overwhelmingly ugly scarecrows being placed every 15 meters on the main road in front of the courtyards, numerous noisy crows could be seen around the area. Could that be a sign of many deaths? Are the villagers afraid of something and thats why they
e acting so weird?

A loud banging sound was coming from one of the houses on the right. B saw through their window a middle aged man **ing a pretty young girl from the back while pulling her hair so hard that it hurt her as well. The man saw Bs reflection in the window and smiled. Pulled his tongue out and started thrusting even harder in the girls butt in front of him. The small size of the houses allowed one to easily get a look through anyones windows if the blinds were missing. Further up the pathway, two men were shouting at each other from a courtyard cursing and threatening each other with death.

”Don forget, you piece of dirty crap, you only have three days left! ” the one leaving shouted.

”How about you kiss me in the back where the sun never reaches, Luke! ” the other one replied while turning around and pulling his pants down to show his butt.

”Im gonna kill that bastard no matter what. ” whispered Luke angrily to himself while passing B and spitting to her feet.

The girl pulled her leg away just in time so she won get even dirtier than she already were. Bs hair spiked up. She got really angry and squeezed her fists. She wanted to knock the guy out so badly, but decided not to. She didn know whether she was more disgusted by the people around her or the smell of putrefaction that could be felt all over the place. Due to her inhumanly acute senses, B knew the smell was not coming from the village, but from the forests around and it creeped her out of her mind. She knew it wasn safe trying to leave the village.

One step later she stopped and froze in place. She felt like she suddenly became someones prey, like a dear about to be attacked by a mighty strong lion. Something from behind was watching her. She turned around and she couldn figure out what it was. Scared and with a chill down her spine she looked up. It was the mountain! The mountain was watching her! It was like the mountain itself had its own eyes staring exactly at her. Trying to escape the terrifying moment that got a hold of her, she turned back around and hurried to Antas home and stormed inside without knocking. Her heart was beating faster than its ever been.

”What the heck you think you
e doing barging in like that?! Are you out of your mind?! ” Anta said while cooking some vegetable soup.

”Cut her some slack, baba! She has just woken up out here in the middle of nowhere with nothing. The poor girl must be scared. ” a very old man with huge hands in a wheelchair replied. His hands were twice the size of normal human. He was wearing a dark beige kimono like cloth on him with his hairy chest revealed and sandals on his feet.

”Im sorry, granny. T-T-T-The mountain… I think its alive or there is something there… ” the girl stuttered.

”Cut the damn crap, girl. Its no time for ghost stories now. How about you take a shower as you must be stinking, ay? You know how to do that, right? ” The woman threw a towel her way and pointed to a door on the left.

”Thanks, Gran! ” the girl took the towel and left the room.

With the corner of his eyes, the man watched Bs slightly muscular thighs the whole time until she left.

”I swear to God, Paul. You and the rest of the libidinous old men here in the village are only thinking about who to have sex with next. ”

Paul left to his room without saying a word.

Later in the night, B was staring out the window from an old couch she was supposed to sleep on. Paul was snoring 3 meters away from her from a twin sized normal bed and B couldn sleep at all.

”Haaaah ” the girl sighed. ”Ain this boring? I have so much energy left. I want to run and train. Thats at least what my body is telling me to do. ” B was moving from on side of the couch to the other trying different positions that could help her fall asleep faster. The snoring was only making things worse too. Then the girl suddenly decided: ”Im out. ”

Paul turned to check what was happening and only saw the wind blowing in through the window with nobody besides him in the room. For some weird reason, he had the feeling a dangerous beast was here a second ago making him shiver a bit.

Next day in the morning, B was speeding from side to side cleaning the floor in the main room with a wet rag. Despite Anta screaming at her and making a fuss about everything she does, B was in high spirits, smiling and full with energy.

”Clean the shelves! Do the laundry! Put forks and spoons on the table! ”

No matter what Anta said, she was only getting one answer from B: ”Yes, gran! ” with a big smile, a straight back and the hand in front of her forehead resembling a soldiers salute. Anta couldn suffer kids in general, but B was a cheerful teen, helpful, and was doing exactly as told without questioning anything. Being called ”gran ” was not so bad after all. People in this place need more positivity and B would make the perfect example, even though she does not know the dark story behind the village yet.

Later in the day, Anta sent her out to buy some vegetables and fruits. The dense fog from yesterday cleared overnight leaving room for the sun to rise from behind the big intimidating hills with dense forests. A small sized waterfall in the distance was falling from half way in between two hills which could be seen from anywhere in the village. Bs shining eyes went big when met with the wonderful fairytale landscapes. A few minutes later a thought came to her mind: ”I wonder what was that table full with blood about? The one I saw outside the village up in the forest towards the mountain. There is definitely something happening here and Im so eager to find out. ” the girl said to herself with an enthusiastic voice and a half creepy smile showing some sharper than normal teeth. B cracked the fingers from her right hand only by straining them revealing sharper than a cats nails that grew a few centimetres momentarily ”This is exciting! ”.

On her way to the villages outdoor market, she heard some young adults in their mid-twenties talking about sacrifices and decided to crouch and hide behind some barrels in front of a closed pub so she can listen without being seen.

”Who is gonna be this weeks sacrifice!? ”

”Seriously? That young girl? But she is only nine. ”

”What the heck are we supposed to do? We
e not the ones deciding, its the creepy woman down the road pulling the ropes along with the perverse old farts in the village. ”

B figured out they may be referring to Anta as she is a pretty mysterious old woman and people seem to be listening to her. She could clearly tell Anta is used to telling people what to do.

”They also only accept females as sacrifices and we are rapidly running out of them. ”

”That must be why any kind of raping is allowed in the village and the girls that refuse to comply are punished and often chosen as sacrifice. We need as many baby girls in the village as possible. ”

”Why are then even more men than women disappearing lately? ”

”Beats me, dude! The disappearance of men is so strange. Haven heard of a men being sacrificed before. Ive seen many with malformations, though. ”

”Lucky us! I would totally hate to have been born a girl in this village and have my fate sealed as rotten meat for those monsters in the woods. ”

”Imagine becoming part of their flash, dude. HAHA! ”

They gave the impression of absolutely normal young men that are– Bs thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she mercilessly got pulled by the hair by a two meters and half tall and muscular man. An abnormally big punch came right towards her belly button. Due to being firmly hold by the hair and due to the huge fist size she had no way of dodging. Spit and blood came instantly out of her mouth from the impact that cracked the side wall of the pub behind her. Everything happened in less than a second and she fell down on her hands and knees in front of the big man and other 3 scamps that also seemed to be used to fighting.

”Yo, girlie! Why don you sit down, relax, spread your legs and let me bang you like you are supposed to, ay? I know you are new here, but you just heard the rules, correct? ” the huge man said making the rest of the party laugh. The numerous scars on his body were telling a story of their own. The guy was clearly a veteran that had to do the rough and dirty work.

”I and the gentlemen here are part of the defenders of the village and have absolutely no intention of hurting you. ”

Giggles could be heard among the men. Two of them were already with a hand in their pants getting ready for the act.

”Thats a killer punch, you jerk! ” B was squeezing her fist, still standing on her knees and holding one hand on the belly button to absorb some of the pain in her stomach.

”What? A small gentle push was too rough for the grannys little girl? We just want to give you a nice and warm welcome to our unique village. No need to be so rude about some cocks coming to say hi. ” The rest of the party started laughing even harder, some of them even bending or holding on to each other from too much laugh.

The girl stood up and spit the blood from her mouth straight onto the muscled guys cheek and took a boxing position with her small fists up ready for battle.

”I dare you to take one more puuuuuuuuunch! ” B shouted showing no fear at all, but pure anger.

Some of the men were already on the ground laughing their asses off, but the big guy was pissed. How can someone stand after they received a half assed punch from him? How does it come he didn fracture her spine when smashed her against the wall? It should be impossible for her now to stand up. And even worse, how comes she has the courage to provoke him?

Just as hes been told, he pulled his huge veiny arm and elbow back, gathered all the strength he had into his right arm and punched aiming for the girls face with all his might. The girl waited until his punch was only a few centimetres away from impact, stepped sideways flawlessly as if pushed by the wind, clenched her fist and punched right through his whole arm splitting it in half all the way to his elbow. Some of the bones along with flash and tons of blood came right out on the ground with a splash. Attached to the muscle guys elbow now was an empty arm split in two hanging like a cloth in the wind.

”Let me help you with that. ” the girl said as she did a 360 degrees turn to gather strength in her foot and hit his elbow sending his hanging hand onto the back wall with ease. The now extremely sharp feet nails of the girl were dripping in blood. She used her foots claws for an extremely clean and inhumanly fast cut that sent the extra flash flying. Bs moves were so strong, skilfully and professionally executed that one would hardly believe its even possible to achieve such a high mastery no matter how much or how hard you train. The girl didn overpower the muscled gorilla. Her moves were on a level never seen by these men before.

”What kind of beast are you? ” the man said with dizziness and a blurry vision due to the blood fountain coming out of his body. He has never seen something like this and could not comprehend what happened or what led to his now certain death. He wanted so badly to see her face in his last moment, but the hair was covering her eyes.

”I am the holder of the divine beast, Alma. ” the short reply came quickly just moments before his consciousness faded away.

”Did the captain just die like that? I couldn even see what happened. ”

”Just what kind of monster are you? ” a man asked with a trembling voice.

The girl turned towards the rest of them and blew away the strands of hair falling into her eyes.

One of the men was already running for dear life leaving his knife on the ground. The other two were on their butts trembling in fear and begging for their lives.

”I will let you live. You are guardians of the village after all. Killing you means trouble, but letting you live might also mean trouble. So lets strike a deal, wet donkeys. ” B proposed looking at their liquids falling from their pants.

”I let you live, but you don know anything about me or about what happened to your captain. Find the other ”gentleman ” that flew away and warn him that I will hunt him at night-time if he says one word. Look, you can track him down by using the path and the smell of his pee. ”

The girl completely vanished as they blinked and only the dead body of their captain bathing in the afternoon sunlight along with the nice mountain view remained. It was still difficult for them to believe the scene that unfolded before their very eyes, yet to understand it. They just took part at one of the most horrific and fascinating things. They have just realized the life is much more fragile than they thought. Death may come at them in the most unexpected ways. This time it came at them not under the form of a monster, neither an accident or an execution, but as a young beautiful looking girl.

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