”The tea tastes very good. ”

Office of the head of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Major Crime Investigation Team 1.

Team leader Heo In-seong, who was sitting on the sofa, was very ready to die.

Because the mayor was sitting in front of him.

”Ahaha, yes. In particular, the mayor came and so i brought out a very precious tea. ”

As soon as lawyer Baek Jin headed to the interrogation room with Park Seok-hyun and Hyeon-soo, the district chief headed straight to team leader Heo In-seong office.

He had one purpose.

son, Park Seok-hyun.

Team leader Huh In-seong knew this.

”Team leader treats me to precious tea, and I also have eyes for people. You know that I really care for Team Leader Heo, right? ”

”Haha, thank you. Mayor. ”

Team leader Huh In-seong lowered his head.

After taking a sip of tea, the mayor slowly turned his head.

”Chief Heo, you should know why I came here. ”

”…. ”

”My son. If the evidence comes out, you yourself. ”

Team leader Huh In-seong swallowed his saliva.

The mayor and he had a mutually beneficial relationship. If team leader Heo In-seong covers up the crimes of the district mayor, the mayor is responsible for the promotion of team leader Heo.

It was a relationship that helped each other illegally, and it was a relationship that was tightly tied to each other with interests that could not be recklessly disclosed.

”I, mayor… that is. ”

”Why? ”

But this time it was different.

As Inspector Kim Jin-hyeok of the 2nd Crime Investigation Team said, it was too dangerous.

A minor sexually assaulted a classmate, and the victim died.

It was an event with a large wave, and if it was covered up, it was clear that there would be a bigger wave.

And the wave will hit team leader Heo In-seong.

”I can help you this time. ”

”What?!! ”

When the mayor shouted, Heo In-seong quickly lowered his back.

”Im sorry! ”

However, team leader Huh In-seong did not want to turn his back on the district mayor.

It was certain that Park Seok-hyuns case would be prosecuted, but the trial was unknown.

If the mayor uses his strength well, even if he is prosecuted, he may get out of prison.

And if that happens, the mayor will return to the political arena even if he suffers a little damage.

Team leader Heo In-seong was afraid of that.

He does not have the strength to turn his back and face the aftermath of the mayor, nor to receive criticism from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for not turning his back.

So, even if he was miserable, team leader Heo In-seong had no choice but to cross his legs vaguely.

”I am really sorry. ”

”Hey, you can do that! How much did I help Team Leader Heo!! ”

”Sorry, sorry. That, but Ill talk to Inspector Lee Hyeon-soo well so I can put an opinion on the prosecutionvk ! ”

The mayor jumped up.

No more time to waste here.

The case will go to the prosecution. The only way to save his son was to use his hand at the prosecution.

ang! As the Mayor left the team leaders office with a sound, team leader Heo In-seong grabbed his hair with both hands.

”Ha, **… ”


”It is a charge of violating the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence and Murder. ”

interrogation room.

Hyeon-soo, lawyer Baek-jin, and Park Seok-hyun sat face-to-face across the table.

”Because the penalty for manslaughter is quite large. ”

As Hyeon-soo continued to speak, lawyer Baek-jin laughed.

”Detective, you
e just pulling out charges? Thats not it. How are you going to prove the manslaughter charges? ”

”Thats Park Seok-hyun. ”

Lawyer Baek Jin shook his hand and cut Hyeon-soo off.

”Okay, lets say **** is a mistake kids make when they
e young and drinking. But did student Park Seok-hyun leave the motel knowing that the victim would die? No, He never thought she would die. Isn it nonsense that the charge of manslaughter is applied? ”

”Didn you even think about it? ”

Hyun-soos eyes turned to Park Seok-hyun.

Then, Park Seok-hyun, who hurriedly lowered his head, began to cry.

”Sorry, sorry, I accidentally. Oh no! I was wrong! In a fit of rage after drinking. Maybe its because Im still in puberty, but I can control my emotions well… Im sorry, Im really sorry. ”

This is, well, Baeksang Arts Daesang-level acting.

However, Hyun-soo saw Park Seok-hyuns devil-like bare face.

The figure of leaving happily after committing a crime against a powerless female student.

”sorry, Come now. ”

”Look, isn Park Seok-hyun sincerely reflecting? So the nonsense of manslaughter charges. ”

Hyeon-soo stared at Park Seok-hyeon in desperation at lawyer Baek Jins desperate defense.

No matter how they pretended not to be, there was a reason why they shamelessly acted like this.

”Then lets look at the phone. ”

”…. ”

”! ”

At Hyeon-soos words, lawyer Baek-jin just shut up and didn show any reaction.

But in an instant, Park Seok-hyuns expression hardened.

Hyeon-soo, who did not miss this, continued talking to him.

”I thought there was one more besides the cell phone I submitted as evidence? ”

”Uh, what is that. ”

”Have you lost it? where did you lose it If you tell me, I can find it for you. ”

”that is… ”

”You just hand it over to the prosecution as an indictment, right? Then the detective would be comfortable too. ”

Baek Jin, a lawyer who blocks Park Seok-hyuns words and rushes in.

He is an attorney at the target law firm.

Befitting a law firm that is a subsidiary of a conglomerate, it boasts the best winning rate and is a law firm with many seniors who can receive all-round honors.

Most of the prosecutors are seniors and juniors of this lawyer.

You must definitely find the evidence and turn it over. Otherwise, if the case went to the prosecution, it was clear that it would end in a fuss with only a small sentence.

”Detective, lets go comfortably. It doesn matter what the prosecution opinion is, so if you hand it over to the prosecution. ”

We need evidence to tie their ankles firmly.

Just then, Hyunsoos cell phone rang.

There was only one place to call now.

Hyun-soo answered the phone right away.

”Excuse me for a moment. hello? ”

– Inspector! This is Police Officer Kim. I found his phone!

”already? ”

-Yes! Ill ask for forensics right away.

”Yeah, good job. ”

When Hyeon-soo put down his phone, lawyer Baek-jin opened his mouth.

”Have you found something? ”

And a cheap atmosphere that can be felt momentarily.

Lawyer Baek Jins awkward expression caught Hyeon-sus eyes.

”Looks like you
e busy, lets go, Detective. ”

Attorney Baek Jins smile seemed brighter than before. It was clearly an expression that had an ulterior motive somewhere.

Looking at his face like that, Hyeonsu smiled.

”Thank you very much for caring about me. Come back as soon as possible. ”


Hyeon-soo was heading to the analysis room where a forensic examination of the discovered cell phone was in progress.

I found the evidence, but he laughed.

The evidence was found, and the case seemed to be unraveling smoothly.

No, its rather strange that the case seems to be working out too well.

Moreover, the guy who was Park Seok-hyuns lawyer was strangely confident.

As if I fell into a trap he made.

One corner of Hyeonsus mouth went up.

A lawyer at the target law firm well deserved.

For some reason, I feel like I can clearly see into Baek Jins head. Hyeon-soo, whose eyebrows were twitching, stopped walking.

But Ill have to check.

Then he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.

The room he arrived at was the office of the head of the Crime investigation team.

”Why aren you doing anything? ”

Team leader Heo In-seong, who had been raising his legs on the desk when the door burst open, flinched and turned his head.

”This bastard enters the team leaders office without knocking! ”

”Smart, okay? ”

”Ha, such a cheeky, why? What are you doing? ”

”Im setting it up here and there, but this time its especially quiet. ”

As Hyeon-soo sat down on the sofa, team leader Heo In-seong turned over the documents that were open for no reason and said.

”I am busy too. Do you see me following you around? Lee Hyun-soo, wake up, I am the head of the Crime investigation team. ”

”When Jisoo-bin, the son of the chairman of Jisang Construction, was arrested, the road went wild. You interfered with everything I do, and threatened my teammates so that I can take their help. ”

”Again when did I threaten! ”

”Was Inspector Kim Jin-hyeok of the 2nd Crime Investigation Team like that? ”

”What? ”

”Its dangerous anyway, so lets get out quietly this time? ”

”Hey, this is real! ”

It was obvious.

There are things that come naturally after working in the same team for several years.

Heo In-seong, team leader of the Crime investigation team 1, and Inspector Kim Jin-hyeok of the 2nd team are close friends. And the two of them cover up the crimes of big players and make collusive corruption.

”Its okay to see you
e angry. Its a video even if you don watch it. ”

”hey! Hyunsoo Lee, do you really want to cross the line?! ”

”Team leader, don you know who the district mayor is? ”

”What? ”

”I will not stay still. When you look at it roughly, he looks a bit rough because he came up from a bad place, but he can do it, you know. District Mayor, rumors say he has a pretty close relationship with gangsters. ”

Team leader Heo In-seongs gaze shook sharply.

The mayor already thinks he has turned his back on him.

Then he obviously.

I will retaliate.

So, there was only one way left.

”To turn your back, you have to turn it all the way. If you turn it around vaguely, its okay! you know? ”

To completely knock the mayor down.

It would be fatal for a politician whose reputation is life to reveal all of Park Seok-hyuns sins and talk about them in the media.

Team leader Heo In-seong, who had been quietly licked his dry lips, looked at Hyeon-soo.

”But aren you afraid? To touch such a persons family casually? ”

”So lets go clean. Don harm me. ”

Hyeonsu got up from the sofa.

”First of all, please apply for an arrest warrant for Park Seok-hyun. Its an urgent arrest, so if you don get it within 48 hours, well have to release it. ”

”Arrest warrant? I would do it, but it would be rejected, You know that the power of the mayor is stronger than you think. ”

”I know. So you have to do one more. ”

Hyeon-su got up from the sofa and stood in front of team leader Heo In-seong.

”one… more? What? ”

Hyeon-soo smiled at team leader Heo In-seong, who opened his eyes wide.

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