”What, what are you talking about! Who made someone die?! ”

Office of the Mayor of Hoseon-gu, Seoul.

The district mayor is very angry while talking to his secretary.

”Such an asshole! Thats why I told you not to buy and hit and finish in moderation!! Contact Kim Byun right now! ”

ang! The mayor, who put down the extension phone as if it would break with a sound, touched his forehead.

”It doesn help that I have a son, but its holding my fathers ankle! ”

after a while

”Did you just tell the truth without hiding anything? Seokhyun Park, you should know that I am on the student side. If you lied and later found out… … . ”

In the office of the mayor, an angry mayor and a lawyer are sitting face to face.

The lawyer was talking with Park Seok-hyun, who had already gone to the police station, on the speaker phone with a mobile phone in one hand.

”Did you say that no one else heard? ”

-This is the police station parking lot. Im on the phone by myself for giving me time to talk.

”Anyway, is that all you said? ”

-Sir, everything! How many times have I told you!

”Park Seok-hyun!! ”

Raising his voice, the mayor knocked the table ang! hit it

”If you
e a student, you should study like a student, but raise your voice when talking about such a video or a topic you filmed! ”

Park Seok-hyuns voice, which had been silent for a while, came out cautiously, as if his anger had been felt over the phone.

– Thats all I just said, nothing more. And I was living in a mountain village anyway. Oh, but Im sure I cleaned it up! Friends are blowing it away, **. no luck.

It was a phone call, but I could tell that his attitude was beyond my imagination.

To say that he was a student who just killed a person, his voice was so brazen that it was quite far away.

Hearing these words made me feel uncomfortable, but the lawyer holding the phone spat out the words casually.

”Student Park Seok-hyun. ”


”I will go to the police station soon. So don say anything and wait. And the phone with the video I mentioned earlier, Where did you hide it? ”


At the same time.

Hyun-soo, who left Park Seok-hyun in the care of another police officer, is walking down the hallway of the National Police Agency.

Police are people who keep the law, but unlike judges, they are people who run on the spot.

Thats why it was more important to figure out the strategy to be drawn by the opponent rather than the strategy of the allies.

If you think about it based on the scene of the incident that passed through your mind and the memories you saw at the scene.

The motel CCTV was fake, and the nearest CCTV was a building more than 2km away.

Even if you find Park Seok-hyun on CCTV, if he was wearing a hat, it can be difficult to prove that he is Park Seok-hyun.

But I can deny the crime in the first place.

Two of Seok-Hyun Parks friends were arrested, and at the same time they said Seok-Hyun Parks name.

Furthermore, if Park Seok-hyuns body hair comes out in the motel room where the victim died, the credibility of Park Seok-hyuns words will drop from then on.

”One point. ”

Park Seok-hyun will admit to the crime.

However, the important thing is how and to what extent do you admit it?

The strategy that the mayor can come up with is.

Acknowledging sexual assault, but not acknowledging intentional murder of the female victim.

It is the cleanest and most stable way to receive a small sentence.

The perpetrators ran away after drinking and raping the victim.

But Park Seok-hyun, he was sure that he knew the victim would die.

The reason is that.

”Because I saw it. ”

Hyeonsu stopped walking and turned around.

A sign written in front of it, 1 Crime investigation team.

Hyeonsu opened the door.

Park Seok-hyun was charged with murder as well as sexual assault.

The important thing here is the intentionality of the killing. Evidence was needed to prove it.

And there was only one piece of evidence.

”cellphone. ”

The only evidence of intentionality of the murder.

Hyeon-soo, who was walking slowly, stopped at the seat where police officer Kim was sitting.

Then, police officer Kim jumped up and spoke in a bright voice.

”I found it, Inspector! ”

Policeman Kims monitor showed a satellite map of a park located outside Hoseon-gu.

”Its close to Park Seok-hyuns home address, and its the only good place to throw away and hide something quickly! ”

Hyeonsu smiled as he looked at the map.

”Okay, lets go. ”

And when I turned to face the door.

”for a moment. ”

Team leader Heo In-seong entered the office and blocked Hyeon-soo in front of him.

”Hey, Hyunsoo Lee. Let me ask you one thing. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”No matter how much I think about it, its strange. ”

”So what is it, chief? ”

”Park Seok-hyun, even if the other two perpetrators confessed, how would you know the faces of the other two? ”

”yes? ”

Embarrassed Hyunsoos eyes widened.

”As soon as you came out of that motel, you said you caught Kim Byeon-woo and another perpetrator. Young Suh High School student, she must have been crushed there, but how did they know her face? ”

”that is. ”

”Its like how you drove Jisoo-bin, the son of the president of Jisang Construction, drunk driving the other day. Are you doing a target investigation? ”

Team leader Huh In-seong continued to look suspicious.

The reason Hyeon-soo was able to know the faces of the perpetrators was because of his ability to see future events.

However, he couldn tell the truth to Heo In-seong. Youll be treated like a madman anyway.

I don have time.

Heo In-seong, who will definitely not believe the facts, will hang on to the suspension, and in that case, he may miss the opportunity to capture the evidence.

Hyeonsu, who slowly loosened his stiff face, said with a relaxed smile.

”What is targeted investigation, I found out by checking the black box of a nearby car. OK? ”

When team leader Heo In-seong showed a puzzled expression at his confident tone, Hyeon-soo quickly raised his hand and took a saluting stance.

”Then Ill go find important evidence now. Ill just go. Loyalty! ”


Anyway, Team Leader Heo, you
e trying hard to catch the pod.

Moments later, Hyeon-su, who is behind the wheel, is running on the outskirts of Hoseon-gu.


Hyeonsus car stopped with the sound of the brakes.

It was a place with small hills and parks.

When Hyeon-soo got out of the car, police officer Kim, who was riding in the passenger seat, followed him.

Police Officer Kim, who had been instructed to find only the place, did not know why he had come here.

Hyeonsu, who put his hand on his shoulder, pointed to a tree to his left.

”Come on, Officer Kim. From that tree over there to the end of the green over there, youll search everything. ”

”yes? ”

”What Police Officer Kim needs to find is Park Seok-hyuns cell phone. can you do it Don expect support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, because Team Leader Heo will probably stop it. ”

”yes? ”

Looking at police officer Kims widened eyes, Hyeonsu continued.

”Tracking down the carrier requires a warrant, so it might take a while. Support from the book, It won work because the team leader and the mayor are quite close. ”

”Oh, no, but what about Park Seok-hyuns cell phone? that is, Is it an important piece of evidence in the case? ”

”Uh, these scumbags recorded a video of the victim being raped. and. ”

Hyeonsu turned his head and looked at the park.

Park Seok-hyun, who was walking out with his mobile phone recording turned on, said the last words he uttered.

I need to find his cell phone.

Hyeonsu turned his head to Officer Kim again.

”Anyway, this is the most important piece of evidence in this case. ”

”But if thats the case. Wouldn you have erased it? ”

”You can do forensics. ”

”ah. ”

”Don worry, We will find it soon. He probably couldn bury it deep enough because time was running out. ”

”by the way, Are sure he really hide it here? ”

”Erasing cell phone records doesn mean everything, if he hide it close you can find it, and here is the only place where you can hide it so that it can be found in a short time. Police Officer Kim you found it, believe in yourself. ”

Hyeon-soo smiled at Police Officer Kim and patted him on the back and pushed him.

”Don worry too much, people will come to help you in a little while. ”

”yes? people, Who? There will be no support from the team leader. ”

Hyeon-soo shrugged his shoulders at Constable Kim who looked up.

”I spent some money. Isn it faster to find a group of people than to search alone? ”

”What money…. ”

At that time, four vans came in all along the road where Hyeonsus car came in, and well over 10 men started to get out.

”Do you think?! A cell phone to find? hey! Search everything, find it as quickly as possible! ”

”Yes, then please. ”

The man who seemed to be the leader of the group bowed his head to Hyeon-soo and started moving busily with the men.

”Wow, Inspector Lee, who are these? Maybe lottery… did you? ”

”uh? ”

”No, it must have cost a lot of money to invite so many people. ”

Hyeon-su patted the shoulder of the embarrassed constable Kim and got into the car.

”Constable Kim, don worry about anything else and focus on your phone! ”

”Oh no, Yes Inspector Lee! ”

”Then Ill go, call me right away when the phone comes out! ”


A chilly windy evening.

Hyeonsu, who had returned from the outskirts, entered Cheong with his collar tucked in the particularly cold air.

at that time.

”Where are you going in such a hurry? Inspector Lee Hyun-soo, Right? ”

A middle-aged man and a smartly dressed young man blocked Hyeon-soos way.

He is a lawyer for the mayor and Park Seok-hyeon.

”Oh, did the district mayor come with you? What a big deal. ”

”No big deal. My son did something wrong, so his parents should come along. ”

”wrong? Are you admitting already, a mistake? ”

Although it was their first meeting, there was tension between the two.

But politicians are politicians.

At Hyeon-soos provocation, the district mayor smiled even brighter.

”Hahaha, you are a very witty person, Inspector Lee Hyeon-soo. ”

The mayor thought of Hyeon-su as a young man full of ambition.

A mere cop, but nothing can be done with that spirit.

Of course, if the passenger hurt his son, he was confident that he would step on the suspension so that he would not wriggle again.

And the lawyer standing by him.

Hyeonsus gaze was focused on him.

”who? ”

”Park Seok-hyun is my client. Business card here, talk to me. ”

[Daesang (Target) Law Firm / Attorney Jin Baek]

”Oh, Target Law Firm. You come from a famous place. I guess you spent some money, mayor? ”

Hyeonsu wriggled his eyebrows and looked at the mayor.

”Have you ever seen a parent save money on their children? Just take responsibility for what you did wrong. ”

”How big was the mistake, did you bring a lawyer from the target law firm? ”

”Hey, Inspector Lee Hyun-soo. Ive been listening to your twisting things since before, but if you keep doing that, its defamation of your reputation! ”

”Ill take over, mayor. ”

Lawyer Baek Jin stopped the mayor.

The place where they are standing is the police station, they are in the enemy camp.

I had to be careful with my words.

”Wow, money doesn lie. The target law firm lawyer is different no matter what. Hitting and falling is an art. ”

Hyeon-soo clapped his hands while looking at lawyer Baek-jin.

Attorney Baek Jin belongs to Daesang Law Firm.

The target law firm was the number one law firm in the industry.

Monsters who make victory the truth, not the truth.

Hyeon-soo was also embarrassed by him.

What on earth does a detective believe in the mayor.

Moreover, he is sarcastic even though he knows that he is a lawyer at the target law firm.

He thought.

This detective is either an idiot or a lunatic.

Hyeon-soo, looking at the gold-rimmed business card he received from him, is still babbling.

Lawyer Baek Jin said quietly.

”Don make a big noise about something thats not a big deal, lets go in together, detective. ”

”Ah, isn it a big deal? ”

Lawyer Baek Jin, who took a step forward from Hyeon-soo, continued.

”The public are not stupid. No matter how much a politicians son is, he would not be able cover his front and back and doesn bite. ”

”…. ”

”Looking at it, apart from the testimony of friends, there was no evidence that Park Seok-hyun committed the crime. There is no trace of Park Seok-hyun on the CCTV within 2 kilometers, and it is not enough to prove that Park Seok-hyun was at the scene of the crime. ”

”Thats because the motel room evidence is still being examined at the NFS. ”

”Even so, the police should not carelessly communicate with reporters. Taking the honor of a public figure hostage like this. ”

”The honor of a public figure, Pfft! ”

Hyeonsu blocked the laughter that erupted from his mouth with his hand.

The atmosphere quickly cooled down.

Hyeon-soo, seeing Baeks bloody eyes, hurriedly shook his hand.

”Ah, sorry for laughing. Okay, public honor. very good. ”

Hyeon-soo put his business card in his crumpled pocket and pointed to the hallway with his hand.

”Then lets go. As you said earlier, take responsibility for Park Seok-hyuns mistakes. ”

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