The door to the interrogation room opened, and Hyun-soo entered with a bright expression.

”Hi? The name, Student Kim Byeon-woo? ”

The male student, who raised his head at his active appearance, began to cry without hesitation.

”I-I didn know that! I only went because the friends asked me to come, I-I didn even know who she was! I didn know anything! Its real!! ”

”…. ”

and the silence that follows.

Soon after, Hyeonsu started to clap along with his impressed eyes.

”Wow, I love this pose. Cooperative and willing to say anything. Byunwoo student, do you feel good? I like it! ”

Kim Byeon-woo, who was puzzled by Hyeon-soos excessive praise, secretly noticed and started to smile after Hyeon-soo.

”ah, Haha, I listen to the teacher very well. ”

”Oh, right. Byeon-woo: You say you study quite a bit? Oh, but what can I do if I get caught up in something like this, my life is going to be pretty twisted. ”

At his words, Kim Byeon-woo lowered his head.

”under, Ive lived really hard up until now, One mistake. ”

Hyeonsus eyebrows frowned for an instant, but Kim Byunwoo didn notice it.

”But Byeonwoo student, why did you come back to the motel? with another friend. ”

At Hyeon-soos words, Kim Byeon-woo swallowed and raised his head again.


a few hours ago.

Kim Byeon-woo lay down on the sofa at home and recalled the past for a while.

The first plan was the idea of ​​Park Seok-hyun, the leader of the group he was playing with.

Park Seok-hyun made a ridiculous proposal to make memories from his school days.

At first, he thought he was crazy, but with Park Seok-hyuns continued persuasion, Kim Byeon-woo thought that a terrible crime could be wrapped in the name of memories.

And the target automatically went to the weakest they knew.

A girl who was the prettiest girl in the class, but because of her bad family situation, she was harassed even during the school year and was even shunned by the teachers.

I thought it wouldn be a problem.

Until the call came from another friend who committed the crime with Park Seok-hyun and Kim Byeon-woo.

– Hey, I think we became X?

”What are you talking about? ”

-A lot of people have gathered in front of the motel right now. something is weird

”What?! ”

Kim Byeon-woo called the friend who called right away to the front of the motel.

And watching the situation flow, I turned my friends shoulder.

”Hey, lets confess and pretend we didn know. ”

”What are you talking about? You want to tell the police? ”

”With so many people flocking to it, how can the police investigate? Im going to search all of them, but what if our hair actually comes out?! ”

”Ha, I really didn know I was going to go back!! ”

As the friend pulled his hair out, Kim Byeon-woo grabbed his shoulder.

”So lets say that Park Seok-hyun ordered it all. Originally, the ** was that bastards plan in the first place! ”

”Hey, then will Park Seok-hyun leave us alone? He said to that personality, if we ask him, he will leave it alone! uh?! ”

”If a red line is drawn in our lives, Park Seok-hyun is not a problem. First of all, Park Seok-hyun said he ordered it, and he must say that we were wrong unconditionally. ”

”Will that be what it is! ”

”We are high school students! Theres just something like that. First offender, still young! Extenuating normal! Aren you going to do something like that?! ”

”Fuck… ”

”Park Seok-hyun won even be investigated anyway. He is the rich mans kid. ”

My friends frowning eyes widened. Kim Byeon-woos words are tempting.

When committing a crime, they shared more joy than blood brothers, but in less than a day, they became like enemies accusing each other.

”If the two of us agree, no one will know. No, there is nothing to match. Because he really did everything. ”


”I want to confess. ”

”Confession? ”

Hyeon-sus eyes narrowed at Kim Byun-woos words.

Confession, a word that does not go well with these guys. I don know if there is any ulterior motive.

”What made you decide to confess? ”

”Because of the guilt, that I never meant to! All because Park Seok-hyun ordered it. ”

”who? ”

”Park Seok-hyun, he did everything. ”

Hyunsoo nodded quietly.

It was an unexpected confession, but thanks to the division between the perpetrators, it seems that there is no chance of missing the perpetrator.

When Hyeon-soo smiled softly at Kim Byeon-woo, his words continued.

”We really didn know! Ask the other guy too! Its all because of him! ”


”Park Seok-hyun. ”

Hyun-soo immediately investigated the identity of Park Seok-hyun.

Then, in the scene that passed by in my head, when the face of the guy who led the crime and the face of Park Seok-hyun matched, my eyebrows wrinkled.

”Park Seok-hyun, the son of the mayor of Hoseon-gu, Seoul? ”

Hyeonsus head turned at the unfamiliar voice.

The protagonist of the voice is Policeman Kim, the youngest member of the 1st Violent Investigation Team.

”Ah, Team leader Heo told me to stay next to Inspector Lee unconditionally, Im sorry if you were concentrating. ”

”Team leader Heo? ”

”Yes! I respect Inspector Lee, and I, who just became a police officer, seem to be the one who can learn this job really well, so I readily replied what I knew, Im sorry. ”

Looking into the eyes of police officer Kim, who was armed with respect, Hyeon-soo shook his hand and pulled the chair.

”No, nothing to apologize for. sit down. ”

”Yes, thank you. by the way, Why are you looking for the mayors son? Could it be that one of the perpetrators who killed a female student at a motel. ”

Hyunsoo nodded.

”right. The son of the mayor, Park Seok-hyun. ”

”Wow. ”

Watching Hyeon-soo staring at the monitor indifferently, Police Constable Kim thought he was at least the coolest person in the National Police Agency.

The son of the chairman of the construction company was handed over to the prosecution as an opinion for prosecution, but this time it is the son of the mayor.

But, of course, it didn seem easy.

”by the way, would you be able to? Of course, the Inspector Lees skills are excellent, but the mayor can just give up his son, and the power of the mayor seems to be formidable. ”

”It won be easy. ”

”What other way do you have? ”

Police Officer Kim sent Hyeon-soo a look full of anticipation.

And Hyeon-soo looked at those eyes piercingly, and broke them mercilessly.

”No. Of course not. ”

”Yes? ”

Hyeon-su jumped up, leaving police officer Kim, who was stained with embarrassment, behind.

”Uh, where are you going? ”

”To catch Park Seok-hyun. ”

”Yes? are you already? ”

”Did you say your police officer Kim? I think you also said you respected me, right? ”

Constable Kim quickly stood up and strained his body.

”Yes, thats right! I respect Inspector Lee Hyun-soo! But why ? ”

”Okay, then you look for evidence instead of following me around. can you? ”

Officer Kims eyes widened.

”I, I…? ”


”who? ”

”He is the son of the mayor of Hoseon-gu, Park Seok-hyun. ”

After a while, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Major Crime Investigation Team 1 went into an uproar.

Thanks to Lee Hyeon-su, who rushed to ask about the case from somewhere else, high school students were arrested as suspects, and even one of the suspects is the son of the mayor.

An incident that is sure to become a prey for reporters even if a little time passes.

The detectives did their best to avoid being caught, and carefully reviewed the case.

Of course, the one who scored the most goals was Heo In-seong, the head of the 1st violent investigation team.

On the roof of the police station, team leader Heo In-seong opened his mouth, spitting out the cigarette he was drinking.

”Lee Hyeon-soo, why the hell is that bastard doing this. Even if you really know and touch it, the batting average won be this good! How can you pinpoint the son of the Jisang Construction and the son of the mayor! ”

”these two sons cause a lot of trouble, don they? It must be a coincidence. ”

”ah, Its my goal. ”

When team leader Heo In-seong grabbed his head, 2nd Crime Investigation Team, Inspector Kim Jin-hyeok, standing next to him, quietly closed the distance.

”What would you like to do? Would you like to turn this case over to our team? ”

”I want to pass it on, but will Lee Hyun-soo stay still? ”

”Or just let go. ”

”What? ”

”Even in the case of Inspector Lee Hyun-soo and Ji-bin Ji, the son of Jisang Construction, he seemed to know the connection between Jisang Construction and the team leader. You can be sure that you don know this time, so it would be better to let the mayor do it on its own in the first place. ”

”Still, I received something, so how can I stay still. ”

”The victim is dead, moreover Park Seok-hyun gave the victim alcohol and sexually assaulted her. I don know if the murder will be recognized, but its already a high school students crime with sexual assault, so its a case that will be a big issue. ”

Team leader Heo In-seong looked at Inspector Kim Jin-hyeok with a worried face.

But the agony won be long.

Inspector Kim Jin-hyeoks words are all right.

”It would be good for us to be quiet. ”

”Ha, sir, Should I tell you anyway? ”

Team leader Huh In-seong picked up his phone with a very unwilling expression.


At that same time.

In front of a luxury villa in Hoseon-gu.

Park Seok-hyun, leaning on a luxurious red sports car, is looking at his cell phone nervously.

”Why can these bastards get in touch! Damn, why are people gathering in front of the motel!! ”

Park Seok-hyun did not know that the female victim had been found dead.

”What the hell is going on!! ”

He even broke a sweat and contacted his friends here and there.

However, contact that does not reach the end.

It was the time when Park Seok-hyun opened the door of the sports car, as if it could not be done as it is.

”Hey, is this a student car? ”

A man ran his hand through the car and approached Park Seok-hyun.


”I know there are only a few of these in Korea. Well, its me, can live without money… No, enough… Still can find it anymore? Ah, this is the first time Ive been envious of a young guy. ”

”What, what? you. ”

”By the way, I guess the mayor made quite a big business back then? Buy your son a car like this. ”

”who, who are you? ”

Park Seok-hyun was very wary and closed the car door.

Then, I quickly scanned the up and down of the person who stopped him.

A cheap jumper and frayed jeans. If there is someone who knows his identity.

There is only one category.

”But what does a high school student do with a car? that I can even drive. ”

”are you a journalist uh?! where is this ! ”

When Park Seok-hyun, full of confidence, raised his voice, Hyun-soo shook his head lightly.

”I am not a journalist. But you don even have a license, so you
e not doing something like illegal racing on the road at night, right? ”

”What, what? If you
e not even a journalist, who are you?! Who are you! ”

”me? police. ”

”Wow, cops…? why the police. ”

Park Seok-hyuns eyes rolled again.

Then please, I opened his eyes with a smile on my face.

”right. thats why i came urgent arrest. ”

”Che, arrest ? ”

”There are time constraints because there is no warrant, but well. Yes, arrest. ”

”Wow, how dare the police arrest me! ”

Park Seok-hyun, holding his cell phone tightly in one hand, shouted at Hyeon-soo as he approached.

”You dare! Do You know who I am!! ”

”So, do you know who you are and you
e so confident? ”

”What? what does that mean. ”

Hyeon-soo thrust his cell phone into Park Seok-hyeons face.

The name and phone number of Han Sang Ilbo was written on the screen.

”What if this person knew who you were? And if you knew why I came, it would be very funny, right? ”

Park Seok-hyuns head rolled quickly.

Then, as if he understood the meaning of Hyeonsu, he kept his mouth shut.

”Anyway, I only learn the bad things. ”

”Ji, are you a real cop? Aren you a thug?! ”

”Okay, police. Ill show you my ID later. ”

”But how can the police threaten ! ”

”Then can you threaten the police because your father is the mayor? ”

”…. ”

” It is a long Drive. We don have time, so lets go. ”

Hyeon-soo pushed Park Seok-hyeons shoulder and opened the drivers door of the sports car.

”Well, why are you opening that?! ”

”I came by bus. Im going with you anyway, so lets ride this. I really wanted to ride this. ”

Park Seok-hyun, who let out an absurd sigh, reluctantly handed over the key.

Then, with a smile, Hyeonsu quickly got into the drivers seat.

”Can this man drive? ”

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