”Where is that bastard?! Hey, Lee Hyunsoo! Where are you!! ”

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Major Crime Investigation Team 1.

Team Leader Heo Insung slammed open the office door in a very angry state as usual.

”Yah, where is that bastard Lee Hyunsoo?! ”

”Team, Team Leader-nim. Inspector Lee said he slept on the newspaper over there earlier….. ”

Team Leader Heo Insungs head turned around at the young police officers pointing.

”Lee Hyunsoo, this crazy bastard…. Hey! Wake up! Is this where you sleep after all this work! ”

Office corner.

A man grimaced and raised his body at the angry voice of Team Leader Heo Insung.

”…Huh? Our Team Leader Heo, did you go to work already? ”

Innocent or stupid, this guy was laughing like someone who had a screw loose.

Inspector Lee Hyunsoo, the Villain Detective of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agencys Violent Investigation Team 1, who once made a name for himself as a handsome detective at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

But if hes a detective, then hes a detective. Why is he a villain?

”Hey!! ”

”My goodness, my ears are going to fall off. ”

”Are you still sleepy?!! ”

”Team Leader Heo, I have bad eyesight but I have good ears. You can speak softly. Everyone is looking here and there, alas, do your job. No big deal. ”

Lee Hyunsoo, who smiled slyly and waved at his colleagues, sat down on a chair in front of the desk. Then, he glanced at Team Leader Heo Insung, who was glaring at him with a red face, and put one foot on his other knee.

”Hey, Lee Hyunsoo!!! ”

”Ha, really. Team Leader-nim is also very impatient. Why? Whats wrong with you? ”

There were various rumors as to why Lee Hyunsoos nickname was Villain.

Because he was an idiot who acted without thinking, because he was an idiot who disregarded things like hierarchy, because he was an idiot who didn look like a public official when he was a police officer.

Well, in conclusion, Lee Hyunsoo, the troublemaker for the team members who wanted peace, had no choice but to be a villain.

”Who told you to send Ji Soobin to the prosecution? Huh! ”

”Who? Jisoo? Jasoo? ”

”Ji Soobin! You know the drunk driver who came in the day before yesterday! ”

”Ah~ That guy. ”

”Thats right, that guy! ”

”A prosecutor came and said that he would solve it well if I sent him quickly, so I handed him over? ”

”…What? Prosecutor? Which prosecutor…? ”

Lee Hyunsoo waved his hand at Team Leader Heo Insung, whose eyeballs were stained with embarrassment.

”You won even know that. ”

”Yeah, even if thats the case… Why the hell did you pass it as an indictment?! ”

”Oh well, does my opinion matter? The indictment will be prosecuted anyway. Thats it, Team Leader Heo. ”

Slowly getting up from the chair, Lee Hyunsoo approached Heo Insung with an incomprehensible smile.

”The breath test determined that he was drunk driving, and there is a black box that records scenes of him talking to himself that he was drunk and hitting a person, isn it strange to pass it to the opinion of non-indictment? ”

”What? Hey! Right now…. ”

”Or is it because Ji Soobin, who killed a housewife in her 40s by drunk driving, is the son of the chairman of Jisang Construction? ”

”This, this is…. ”

Team Leader Heo Insung, who had been shaken by Lee Hyunsoos unstoppable words, averted his eyes.

All the team members in the office pretended not to listen, but everyone was paying attention to their conversation more than anyone else.

Team Leader Heo Insung, who kept his mouth shut and looked at him, whispered quietly in Lee Hyunsoos ear.

”You know everything, right? I was told to cover up the incident…. ”

At the same time, Lee Hyunsoo turned his head and shouted loudly.

”Of course! Our Team Leader Heo Insung-nim must have been worried that I might have made a mistake, right? Don you think so? Our beloved team members! ”

”Ah, thats right. Haha. ”

”Team Leader-nim is the only one who thinks about the team members, hahahaha. ”

Awkward laughter filled the office.

The atmosphere was already led by Lee Hyunsoo. Team Leader Heo Insung frowned and walked away from Lee Hyunsoo.

”Then Im off. ”

After a quick farewell, Lee Hyunsoo left the office, and Team Leader Heo Insung tousled his hair and entered the team leaders office.

When the situation was sorted out, the detectives went back to their jobs.

However, a young policeman, who was quietly watching the situation, talked to the female police officer next to him.

”That, Senior Inspector Shin. May I ask you a question? ”

Although she held a much higher position than him, the policeman sent an earnest look as if he could not hold back his curiosity. Perhaps feeling his gaze, the female police officer answered with a short sigh as she gathered the documents.

”What are you curious about? ”

”No matter how you look at it, it seems that Team Leader Heo Insung-nim is trying to help Ji Soobin, a drunk driving criminal. Why is he doing that? ”

”Didn you hear? Ji Soobin is the son of the chairman of Jisang Construction. ”

”Eh? Hes going to cover it up because hes a son of a real chaebol? Its not a drama or a movie, thats too…. ”

”The deputy chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is a cousin to the chairman of Jisang Construction. ”

”Ah…. ”

The policeman nodded as if he understood. After that, he quickly thrusts his face into the female police officers space again.

”Then why is Inspector Lee Hyunsoo-nim like that? If its our Deputy Chief-nim, he could be the chief of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Isn it dangerous to touch the family of such a person? ”

”Hes a villain. ”

”A…villain? ”

”Inspector Lee Hyunsoo, villain of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agencys Major Crime Investigation team. A guy who rushes at the perpetrators without hesitation. Well, hes a villain to some and a hero to others. ”

The policemans eyes, who was listening quietly, sparkled with intelligence. Then, looking at the door where Lee Hyunsoo came out, he vowed to become a police officer like that.


At that time, at the end of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency corridor.

In front of the vending machine, Lee Hyunsoo was leaning against the wall, waiting for coffee.

A man came up next to him.

”You handed over Ji Soobin? ”

A tall man boasting a considerable size, he was Inspector Kim Jinhyuk of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agencys Major Crime Investigation Team 2.

”Oh, Inspector Kim Jinhyuk? Its been a long time. ”

Lee Hyunsoo, who glanced at Kim Jinhyuk, took out his coffee and said as if he was not interested.

”I heard your Team Leader-nim is getting married, and I was worried because hes an old bachelor, but thats good. How much should I pay for the congratulatory money… These days, its 50,000 Won if you
e close, and 30,000 Won if you
e not…. ”

”Don change the subject, they said you handed him over within a day of being caught. You know who Ji Soobin is, right? ”

”No, why is everyone so curious about Ji Soobin? It seems like everyone is coming to ask after Ji Soobin, not me. ”

As Lee Hyunsoo looked at him with innocent eyes and took a sip at his coffee, Kim Jinhyuk let out a sigh.

”Yeah, since I know you won answer anyway, lets ask one other question. At that time, how did you know that Ji Soobin drove drunk near the construction site there? It was early in the morning, and it was a deserted place. Did you follow him? Are you aiming for Ji Soobin in the first place? ”

At Kim Jinhyuks words, Lee Hyunsoo smiled and pointed his finger at his head.

”Im not following him, I just have a little divine skill. I can see the future scenes in advance. Thats why I knew. ”

”Yah, you really should lie in moderation…. ”

”Im serious. ”

”Ha, yah. Who believes that…. ”

”If you don believe me, why did you ask? ”

Kim Jinhyuk shook his head and touched his forehead.

”Lee Hyunsoo, if you
e going to keep messing with me…. ”

”Its no joke, then Ill go first because Im working outside. ”

Waving at Kim Jinhyuk, who was standing with a disapproving expression, Lee Hyunsoo moved further away.

”In any case, that strong-willed person…. ”


”Its true…. ”

In front of the police station bench.

With coffee in one hand, Lee Hyunsoo swept his hair. His eyes were filled with anxiety as he slowly took a sip of coffee.

The ability to see the future, as he told Inspector Kim Jinhyuk of the Investigation Team 2.

He really has that ability.

Ability to see future events. Only major cases, too.

It was about seven years ago that he started seeing scenes from the future.

When he graduated from high school and was working as a day laborer at a construction site, for a moment, a scene of an accident that would take place opposite the site where he worked was played in his head.

At first, he thought it was his wild imagination. But the next day, the accident actually happened.

That accident was the death of Hyunsoos parents.

It was a hit-and-run, and Hyunsoo saw the face of the criminal who killed his parents. But there was no evidence.

An intentional hit-and-run.

It was a car that rushed in with the intention of killing Hyunsoos parents. The perpetrator erased everything that could be evidence in advance. However, Hyunsoo knew the perpetrators face.

Im sure its one of those guys in the Daesang Group…. Because I saw him standing next to them.

That was how he came to believe in his abilities.

After that, Hyunsoo immediately ran to the police station whenever scenes of the incident flashed through his mind.

But the answer that always came back was.

”How can I register when theres no incident? Don mess with me and go back. ”

Uttered by those parrot-like policemen.

Hyunsoo, who thought he couldn get help from the police, headed directly to the scene of the incident.

”Whats going to happen is going to happen in the end….. ”

Hyunsoo never stopped the incidents. Rather, he was suspected by the police because he was always a witness to the incidents.

”Then Ill catch those bastards. ”

It was the best Hyunsoo could do. It was the only way to catch the hit-and-run criminal who killed his parents, and he couldn stay still as the scenes of people dying passed through his mind.

He immediately started studying for the college entrance exam and entered the Police Academy. And although he was a late age, he was assigned to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agencys Major Crime Investigation team with excellent grades.

Its only the beginning.

Hyunsoo pressed his lips together and stood up from the bench.

And when he was about to turn to the parking lot filled with sunlight, Hyunsoos eyebrows frowned.

”Again…. ”

Scenes of the incident began to replay in his head.

”Semo Motel… Youngsoo High School uniform? A student? ”

Hyunsoo quickly took out his notebook and started writing down something.

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