”The doctor said you have to hold on for a long time until this month or next month….. ”

”Cough. ”

Daesang hospital VIP room.

A stout old man lying on a large bed slowly got up.

Then his secretary stopped talking and helped the old man.

”Is everyone here? ”

”Yes, Chairman. Everyone has gathered. ”

The old man lifted his head with difficulty and looked at his children sitting in front of his hospital bed.

Vice Chairman of Daesang Group, President of Daesang Electronics, Chairman of Daesang Department Store, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daesang Medical.

To the elderly, they looked like employees of his own company rather than loved ones.

However, the old man spat out words that were different from his thoughts.

”First Yong-seok, second decoration, fourth Yoon-hee, fifth Goseok, daughter-in-law and our eldest grandson. Everyone has gathered. ”

At the old mans words, everyone began to act disgustingly.

The sons wiped away tears that hadn come out, and the daughters and daughters-in-law covered their faces with handkerchiefs.

At least the old man thought his eldest grandson was the best.

”…. ”

It was because he was aiming for what he wanted honestly without saying anything.

Seeing the eldest grandsons eyes, the old man carefully opened his mouth.

”I know very well why you all came this far. It must be because of my heritage. ”

”Father, we didn do that, we came because we were worried about you. ”

”My father is very sad to say…. We have no interest in that. ”

The old man raised his voice at the nonsense that followed.

”How many times have we all gathered like this? The day we all got together. ”

”Thats it…. We met often. Even after all of this, our family is going to stick together under my fathers lead…. . ”

”once. ”

”Yes? ”

”We met once. Its all gathered like this. Seven years ago, the day I got into a car accident and was hospitalized. ”

The ward became quiet in an instant.

What were these old ladies thinking when they said this?

”Yong-seok and Yoon-hee are stocks, and Jangsang-i and Goseok are buildings. ”

”Father, what is that all of a sudden… … ? ”

”These are the things you guys got as a birthday present. ”

”Yes? ”

”But now that I think about it. Ive never received a gift like that before. ”

”…. ”

”Except for this letter. ”

The old man pryed open the blanket and pulled out an old letter from under it.

”I got it on my birthday after a car accident 7 years ago. ”

”… … Yes? ”

”The third one was written by Han Seok-is son. ”

”Ha, Han Seok? That guy! ”

First, as Yongseoks voice grew louder, the old man resolutely cut him off.

”So my grandson wrote me a birthday letter and that was the only birthday present I ever received. ”

”…. ”

”So I decided. All my inheritance, I will give it to him. ”

”!!! ”


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