excited when we figured out it was a treasure chest, and made happy noises as she circled the chest.

Estel calmly looked at the box and checked it, and she concluded that we can’t do anything without the key.

Uーmu, I too am curious about the contents of the box, but it’s kind of a hassle to go out of our way to find the key.

These Ruins are quite large, I’m afraid we’ll run out of time if we simply wander around aimlessly looking for hidden passages.

There’s gotta be a better way to do this…..

As I pondered about other possibilities, I had a sudden realization as I looked at my Excali-bar.

I might just be able to… If I used this.

[Noru, can you hold the treasure chest in place for me?]

[I certainly can… but what are you planning to do?]

I asked Noru to hold down the metal treasure chest from above.

Noru gives me a weird look in response to my request.

There’s no need to go out of our way to find the key.
I should be able to do it with my current strength, I’m sure.

[Okay, let’s go.

[Wh, what are you doing Okura-dono!?]

[He really does some crazy things, if it’s for the sake of the Gacha…..]

With Noru holding the chest in place, I jammed the Excali-bar into the gap of the chest’s lid.

From there, I forcefully tried to shift the lid about.

Noru exclaimed in surprise at what I was doing.

I ignored the voices of discontent, and continued shoving it in deeper.

Then, as if it had finally reached its limit, the lid opens with a pop.

I’m glad this was just a simple metal chest.
I managed to bust it open!

[Aw yeah! This’ll save us time!]

[That was so thief-like…..]

[What a way to ruin the thrill of exploration….]

Estel and Luna, who were watching a slight distance away, gave disapproving comments.

I too agree the thrill of exploration is important.
But depending on the time, situation, and Gacha, it can’t be prioritized.
I hope they understand.

[Hーmm? There’s another key in the treasure chest.]

[The gold color makes it look luxurious.]

A gold colored key lay inside the chest.

Ehー, why’s there another key in the treasure chest? But considering how gorgeous it looks, it might be an important key.

What if, to get to this key, normally you’d have to search for various other keys first?

I may have skipped a portion of the sequence of events… Well, we’re in a hurry so it’s fine, right?



We went down the next flight of stairs, and we reached an even larger open space.

It’s hard to believe this is inside a pyramid, with how high the ceiling was.

Deeper in, pointy stone-like objects that emit a green light appear to be growing on the walls.

Are those the special magic gemstones?

[This is it huh.
We got here without any issues.
Were there any other noticeable changes besides the Fraum mummies?]

[There’s no boss here like the one we saw in the Goblin Labyrinth, so this should be the end.]

[Is this place really not a Labyrinth?]

In the end we only encountered mummy-type monsters until we arrived here.

The only distinct abnormalities were the number of mummies and the Fraum Mummies, with no sign of the cause in sight.

Since the cause is still unknown, this hunting ground might become off-limits.
Well we did confirm that there’s something going on, so we have done enough for our B-rank promotion request.

But this won’t cut it for our Gacha related problem.
I find it hard to believe that “We got to the end of the Ruins and collected the magic gemstone!” is going to count as conquering this place.

We won’t be getting the conquered notification until we at least find something similar to the smartphone pedestal in the Goblin Labyrinth.

That would mean this place doesn’t fit the requirements in the first place…..
Dammit, do I have no choice but to give up the Gacha?

That spot by that wall over there, it looks kind of unnatural.]

[Nn? Which one?]

For the time being I collected some of the magic gemstones, and when I was trying to look for anything suspicious, Luna pointed at a certain spot on a wall, saying that it was strange.

When I approached it, I noticed that there was a rectangular area with a slightly lighter color compared to the other walls.

[The map app shows that there is some space ahead too.]

[Maybe there’s something there?]

[Ah, there’s something like a keyhole here.]

The map app updated and displayed a fairly large space beyond the wall when I approached the wall.

There’s definitely something beyond this wall.

Noru also found a keyhole, and she beckoned me to hurry up as she pointed at it.

I don’t know if the key from earlier will open it, but let’s try it anyway.
If that doesn’t work, we can just bust the wall down…right?

[Oh, it opened.]

[How lucky could we be that it opens with the key we got earlier.]

[That means what Heihachi did earlier was correct in a sense.]

I was prepared to destroy the wall if we had to, but the wall mechanism worked when I inserted the key and the path forward appeared.

That key was important as expected…..
Looks like my decision to wreck the box wasn’t the wrong one.

Upon passing through the entrance, this new place we entered had a different atmosphere compared to the Ruins thus far, the walls around us were glowing faintly.

This is just like…a Labyrinth.

[That thing there, it’s the same as the one we saw in the Goblin Labyrinth, right?]

[You’re right.
Would placing my smartphone on it count as conquering the Ruins…..
That’s how it worked yea?]

[But, there’s also those doors right in front of us.
It feels like there’s still more beyond those doors.]

We moved to the middle of the new room, in the middle was a pedestal-like object like the one we saw at the end of the Goblin Labyrinth.

So I’m supposed to place my smartphone on it, right? Is this really the end of the Ruins?

However, a fairly large set of double doors can be seen at the other end of the room, like what Noru said.

…..I have a really bad feeling about this.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say, and I placed my smartphone on the pedestal.

It would be troublesome if this was another teleport trap like before, so I had everyone stay in physical contact to avoid the same thing happening.

Upon placing my smartphone on the pedestal, the black doors in the back glowed green and began opening by themselves with a heavy creaking sound.

All we could see was the darkness beyond the doors, it gave us no clues whatsoever as to what lies ahead.

[…..The doors opened.]

[This seems like the beginning of something, rather than the end.]

[Muu… I was so ready to head back, guess there’s still more.]

Here I was thinking this would be the end of the Ruins exploration, I certainly wasn’t expecting to find the entrance to a Labyrinth at the end of the Ruins…..

So, the Ruins were nothing more than the entrance to this Labyrinth.
That’s quite the impressive entrance.

Luna was apparently ready to go home, so she’s visibly displeased that it’s not over.

I put my best foot forward with the intent to conquer this new Labyrinth, and began advancing towards the newly opened door.

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