Chapter 83 – The Angori Ruins

[The inside is…a little dusty.]

[The place has been off-limits in recent times, it hasn’t seen any visitors for some time.]

After cleaning up lots of Sandworms, we entered the pyramid-like structure and it has been us walking down a long flight of stairs.

Perhaps due to the Adventurer’s Guild making this place off limits, sand from the outside has accumulated on the stairs, causing us to create wafts of dust when we walk.

[It looked pretty big from the outside, so it’s gotta be decently spacious inside too.]

[We have Lamps to light the way, but even with that there are lots of dark corners.]

[You’re right… I’ll look around with the Map App.]

At a glance from the outside, the pyramid is about 100…no, over 200m tall? It’s not the kind of size you can fully perceive with just your eyes.

We arrive at an opening after descending the stairs, but It was so wide that not even the high-end lamp could illuminate its entirety.

Visibility was slightly poor due to the supporting pillars and weird bronze statues that were strewn about the place.

The place gave an unsettling mood, as there was no natural lighting inside unlike a Labyrinth.

For now I’ll keep an eye on the Map app so we don’t get ambushed.

[This degree of darkness poses no problems for me.]

[Luna, you can see in this darkness?]

[Yeah, all the way to the other end of this clearing.
There’s something coming towards us.]

Luna undoubtedly pointed towards whatever she was seeing, in the darkness that I could not see through at all.

When I checked the Map app, a red dot was clearly moving little by little towards us.

Kudos to our Vampire.
She’s going to be very reliable in this darkness.

[Uoh… Wasn’t expecting something creepy for our first encounter.]

[It makes you wonder what’s under those bandages yea?]

[Isn’t it shriveled up like preserved foods?]

We braced ourselves to see what was approaching us, and the monster finally enters our line of sight.

It was a humanoid monster that had bandages covering its entire body.
It walks slowly with its hands hanging loosely.
The bandages were yellowing and are probably smelly.

Only the eyes were not covered by the bandages, and they give off a red glow.
This is exactly what you’d expect from a horror movie.

Without waiting for it to close the distance between us, Luna pulls out her spear and throws it at the Mummy.

The Mummy showed no signs of resistance, and took the thrown spear quite literally head on, which caused it to greatly bend backwards.

[Mu, not as effective as I hoped it to be.]

[Physical attacks don’t seem to be very effective against it.]

I wouldn’t be surprised if that attack obliterated the Mummy’s head, but contrary to expectations it simply straightened itself up and continued to shamble towards us as if nothing happened.

Plus it now looks scarier with the spear stuck on its head.

Light wrapped around the spear a moment later, and it returned to Luna’s hand.
That must be the spear’s automatic retrieval.

Even so, it doesn’t look like it took much damage from that blow.

Maybe it’s better to check its Status.


●Race: Mummy

Level: 40
HP: 15000
Attack Power: 850
Defense Power: 400
Agility: 10
Magic Res: 20
Unique Ability: Halve Physical Damage Taken
Skill: Regeneration


It’s not all that strong.
The combination of halving physical damage taken and regeneration can be bothersome, but when it’s that slow we can just gank it and it’d be over real quick.

Me, Noru and Luna immediately did just that.
The Mummy’s drop item was its yellowed bandage.
I’m a little reluctant to touch it…

We proceeded forward for a while after defeating that first one, during that time we encountered several more Mummys, but we dealt with them without any noteworthy problems.

Is it alright for me to attempt fighting a Mummy?]

[Nn? Ahー, sure why not.]

They are kind of a pain to deal with, as Noru can’t instagib them like the usual mobs due to their combo of halving physical damage and regeneration.
We get delayed each time we have an encounter.

When we encountered yet another Mummy, Shisuha proposed to let her fight it mano a mano.

Seriously… Her combat maniac side is acting up again.
Well, she has mostly been obedient lately, I guess it’s okay to let her let loose a little.

Letting her fight 1 or 2 should satisfy her.

Shisuha begins with her usual starting run, towards the Mummy.

Them Mummys have a decent amount of attack power, but I’m not all that worried as she is more than capable of avoiding those slouches.

Everyone was standing by just in case, as we watched Shisuha.

[Hah! Humph!]

She thrusted her staff towards the mummy, and her attack hit its arm.
Here I thought her strike was only going to knock the arm back like what happened with Luna’s attack, but unexpectedly the stuck arm was dismembered and launched away instead.

Her followup punch shattered the head it struck too, and she proceeded to defeat the Mummy alone in the same amount of time as it takes for me and Noru to gank one together.

Wh, what sorcery is this?

[No shit…]

[B, but how!? How can you defeat it so easily!]

Seeing that, Noru responded in disbelief.

It must have been quite the shock for her(Noru), ’cause if anything she has confidence in her own ridiculous attack power.

[Ufufu, I’m making use of axis rotations in my strikes.
I send the impact of my attacks into the enemy’s insides that way.
Oh yea I buffed myself with a Holy Blessing too.]

The enemy’s insides she says, she’s outright pulverizing them.
Axis rotation she says, she’s throwing out corkscrew blows!

Rather, she treats the Holy Blessing as if it’s just an extra bonus…

[Imma guess her Blessing did most of the work, no?]

[Is she really a Priestess?]

[Ahh, unfortunately she’s a Priestess yes.]

Apparently, it’s all due to Shisuha’s Holy Blessing?

So there are super effective effects, besides the usual Status numbers.
It’s not surprising if the cleric classes have the ability to deal massive damage to or even insta-kill undead opponents.

It was Luna’s first time watching Shisuha in combat and she tilted her head, doubting whether Shisuha was really a priestess.

Even the Vampire is beginning to find the Priestess suspicious……

[Hーmm, we have yet to encounter any particularly strong monsters.]

[I wonder if the abnormal monster reports only refer to those outside the ruins?]

[The Mummys may have good endurance, but their slow speed poses no threat whatsoever.]

We continued onward, after watching Shisuha’s impressive battle.

I was expecting there to be traps in these ruins, but there have been none so far.

Maybe they have all been disarmed by the adventurers that explored this place in the past?

We have come here to investigate the reported situation, but there have been no strange monsters so far.

Well, if we can “Just keep going to the end!”, that works for me too.

[Nn? Why doesn’t this Mummy disappear even though it’s been defeated?]

[You’re right… The body is still there.]

[Do such things occur commonly?]

As we defeated the Mummys we encountered, this 1 specific Mummy didn’t turn into particles of light and disappear after we defeated it.

I gave the felled body multiple more stabs with Excali-Bar just in case, but there was no reaction from the supposed dead body.

The map app also shows a gray mark where the Mummy is, so it’s definitely dead.

I found this unusual as this has never happened before, so I continued forward while looking at the map app.

When we moved a fair distance away from the Mummy we defeated earlier, something strange happened on the map app.

The gray mark suddenly turned back into a red mark, and started moving towards us at incredible speeds.

[Wha!? H, hey! It’s coming from behind us!]

I quickly turned to look behind me, the very same Mummy wrapped in yellow bandages was charging towards us with its arms flailing about, leaving the image of the typical slow Mummy in the dust.

The mouth that was normally covered up was now torn open with protruding fangs, and sharp claws also grew on both hands.

W, what in the world is this guy!?

[Kuh… I, it’s stronger than before…]

I was the first to react, blocking the Mummy’s claw strike with my trusty Pot Lid.

I could feel considerable weight from the attack, which means it’s gotta be quite powerful.

It’s clearly stronger than before, it’s practically a completely different monster.



As I blocked the Mummy’s attack and stopped its movement, I heard Estel’s usual loose voice.
That’s the sign that she’s casting magic.

Shortly after I heard her voice, the surrounding stone walls began to stretch and proceeded to crush the Mummy from its sides.

Only a protruding arm was unsmashed, and it swayed around like it was growing out of the rock.

H, holy cow!? I felt my butt clench…

[I can’t really use fire magic while we are indoors can I.]

[How do you always come up with such grotesque methods to attack…]

Even if it does halve physical damage, there’s no way it could survive getting turned into a pancake.

It’s nice of her to not use fire out of consideration for us, but her methods are somehow more horrifying than usual.

The sandwiched Mummy finally turned into particles of light and dispersed, and an even yellower bandage dropped off from the arm.

This one seems stinkier than the normal ones.

[So, what actually happened earlier?]

[Hーmm… From what I saw on the map app, the gray mark suddenly turned red and headed our way.]

[Does that mean… it came back to life?]

[It didn’t just come back to life, it also became much stronger.]

Judging from what happened on the map app, it’s clear that that was the Mummy we defeated earlier.

And it revived, and attacked us.
Can someone explain why that happened?

We continued onwards after that happened and defeated more Mummys along the way, and again we encountered these different Mummys that don’t disappear after we defeat them.

It’s troublesome when they revive and come after us, so let’s take some measures against them.

To that end, Imma have a look at its Status to figure out what we can do.


●Furaum Mummy Race: Mummy

Level: 50
Attack Power: 2400
Defense Power: 300
Agility: 150
Magic Res: 0
Unique ability: Halve Physical Damage Taken
Skill Reactivation


…..I see now.
Initially it appears similar to the regular Mummys, but its Reactivation skill triggers when it is defeated once.

For the time being, I decided to have Estel torch these Mummys and incinerate them til nothing is left.

[They don’t look all that different, but they are actually different monsters.]

[They’re more troublesome than the regular ones.
But I can just incinerate them before they get back up.]

[That’s alot of effort for a normal adventurer though…]

We managed them just fine because I noticed it with the map app, but a regular C-rank adventurer wouldn’t stand a chance if these guys ambushed from behind.

Defeating them then burning them one by one would be quite the hassle, especially if there’s no magician around.

The Adventurer’s Guild made the right call to keep this place off-limits. 

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