Chapter 79 – How To Achieve The Goal

Having figured out the details regarding our alternate method of acquiring manastones, we concluded the co-op hunt and returned home.

I wanted to give Grin-san’s team the gacha equipment that I lent out for this experiment…though Grin-san refused.

“Our rewards are already more than exceptional, I couldn’t accept something so pricey.” was what he said.
That would mean Magic Gear is expensive…

The newbie duo accepted the gifted weapons, so I hope they will continue to work hard as adventurers.

[Welcome back.]


[…you didn’t need to be that surprised.
How rude.]

[Ah, sorry ’bout that.]

Just as I opened the front door to enter our house, I was greeted by Luna, who was standing by the entrance with Mofutto in her arms.

It’s almost sunset so it’s not surprising that she’s awake… Though I wasn’t expecting her to greet us like this.

[Oh you were playing with Mofutto!]

[Yeah, I have time to spare.]

[Mufufu, looks like it has also grown fond of Luna.]

Mofutto was making “puu puu” sounds, as it was being hugged in Luna’s arms.

She hands Mofutto to Noru, after Noru enters our home.

Luna has been going to Noru’s room often to play with Mofutto, so the two of them are on good terms.

Playing with Mofutto is among 1 of the few reasons she leaves her room.

[Here, how’s that?]

[Oh, thanks.]

[Thank you.
That’s rare, Luna’s brought drinks for us.]

[I was just feeling thirsty too, many thanks!]

We sat down on our chairs, Luna brought us drinks in wooden cups.
She put the cups down in front of me, Noru, and Estel.

Ooh, Luna’s being so hospitable, what’s going on?


A little later after she handed us our drinks, she placed a cup down for Shisuha too albeit with slightly burrowed frowns.
You could almost see her internal struggle in making that decision…

[Lu, Luna-san! You brought one for me too…..I’m sooo happy!]

[Uu, hey… Don’t suddenly hug me…..]

Even though it was just a drink, Shisuha was so happy she gave Luna a hug.

Luna, who was getting hugged, had a “I knew this would happen” expression on her face.

That’s why she was so hesitant to bring a drink for her, since she knew what was going to happen…..

I observed the situation from the side, and when I thought “It’s about time”.
Luna opened her mouth and bit Shisuha’s arm.

[Agagagaga!? …Ah, ah…heh, hehehe…]

The bitten Shisuha slowly crumpled down to her knees while hugging Luna, then collapses on Luna in the end.

Despite losing control of her body and the spasming, she had a smile brimming with joy.

That’s just scary…

[Peh, peh… She tastes bad as usual.
She went off the far end, I’ll carry her back to her room.]

[Ah, yeah…]

Luna flops the KO’d Shisuha on her shoulder, then carried Shisuha away.

And here I thought Shisuha was calmer today… She still ends up the same as usual.

[Uh…putting what just happened aside.
Let’s summarize what we learned today.]

[Ooh, he just casually changed the subject.]

[That’s just the usual Shisuha shenanigans.
I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen her literally rolling around the hallways, for the duration of our offtime alone.]

It’s tiring to react to every Shisuha commotion, that’s just how many times it’s been happening…..
It’d be harder to not become used to it.

Luna has also bitten her so many times, that she has become capable of adjusting her bad status output to fully incapacitate Shisuha.

She probably won’t be moving for a few hours today too.

[I’ll list up the required conditions, first is to defeat a rare variant monster, then to be recognized as part of our party, and then to be using Gacha equipment.
That’s all right?]

[Sounds right, yes.]

[But from what we’ve seen today, it’s hard to tell if the “recognized as part of our party” is really required or not.]

[Aah, that’s true…but, how should we go about confirming that….]

We figured out these 3 today.
But, we had no way to know if the party requirement was really needed…..

There’s the off chance that using Gacha equipment is the only requirement needed for me to get manastones too.
That would certainly make the conditions much simpler to achieve…..
But, there’s no way things would be that easy.

[Anyone wants to try leaving our party again?]

How about you give it a go, Noru? ]

[Sure, here goes nothing.]

We’ve tried it once before, but it doesn’t hurt to try challenging the impossible again.

[Now then… I’m not a part of the party… I’m not in a party with Ookura-dono… Nuooh!]

Noru clenched her fists, and muttered lines denying her involvement in our party.

It’s sad to hear her say such things with that much conviction, even though I know it’s an experiment……

[Gununu… how’d it go?]

[No good.]

[Muuu, even this is still not enough…..]

When I checked the Beacon’s name list, Noru’s name still remained.

Uーmu… Maybe it really is impossible to get out of the party.

[How about Estel?]

[Ara, even if it is tentative, there’s no way I’d leave Onii-chan mmm?]

[O, oh…]

Estel spoke matter of factly and with a smile too.

Well I’m happy that she feels this way, I also feel something sinister but maybe that’s just me…..
It’s the same chilly feeling as when I got the necklace.

[A, anyway, let’s proceed with the assumption that all 3 requirements need to be met.]

If the party requirement isn’t needed, I only need to give out Gacha equipment which makes things easier.

That is why the discussion we will have now, is for the most difficult assumption of needing all 3 requirements.

[So, the most troublesome requirement to achieve would be…..the party requirement huh.]

[Uーmu…yea that.]

No matter how you think about it, my presence is mandatory whether it is for joining or leaving my party.

The phenomenon of the girls not being able to leave my party, had helped me out positively during the time when we got seperated.

It’d be great if other adventurers could be put in the same state…but that seems impossible.

[Looking at today’s hunting, would the requirement to hunt rare monster variants be a problem?]

[…..There’s that too.]

Looking at Grin-san’s team hunt today got me thinking, hunting rare monster variants is pretty challenging for normal adventurers here.

First off, normal adventurers do not even enter the forest to hunt.
The fact that they don’t even try to get close to the forest to hunt, means it’s rare for them to encounter Black Orcs.

Considering how surprised the shopkeeper was back when I initially brought Black Orc Meat to town, my assumption should be accurate.

That means……that even if we somehow miraculously get other adventurers and fulfil the party and equipment requirements, the possibility of me earning manastone income from them is actually dismally low.

[Ahー, is this one of those impossible things to do?]

I was imagining living the easy and comfortable Gacha Life, but does this mean we have to return to our usual manastone death marches after all?

Getting 1 or 2 stones a daily is all I’m asking for…..something along the lines of a login reward.

[Well, there is a way to get it to work.]

[No shit!? As expected of Estel! So, how do we go about doing it?]

[Estel’s always so reliableー]

While I was getting pessimistic, Estel said that there is a way.

[First, it’s important for us to know how far your “party recognition” draws its line.]

As Estel begins her explanation, Noru and I listen to her quietly.

How far does it draws its line…..? Is there some hidden mechanic with the party system?

[No matter how hard us girls try we can’t leave the party, I’m guessing that’s because we are unconsciously recognizing each other as companions.
So what we need, are adventurers who recognize us as buddies, that way they’ll be seen as a part of our party by the system regardless of how far away they are.]

[Hーmm…? If that’s the case, I’m already registered with the Adventurer’s Guild, would that mean there’s lots of other adventurers that can be recognized as part of our party?]

Listening to what she said, I think it makes sense too.

No matter how hard Noru tries, she can’t leave the party because she sees us as companions.

As I’m a member of the Adventurers Guild, I understand the point of other adventurers being recognized as part of our party.
But if that’s the case, there are some points that don’t make sense too.

[That’s just you being part of the Guild, random strangers aren’t considered your buddies Onii-san.
A stronger connection with Onii-san is required.]

Well sure, I wouldn’t know most of them…..
It’d be strange for them to be seen as part of our party.

So for them to be seen as part of our party, they’d need to be close enough to me to think of me as a buddy.

Dhius and Grin-san should count, we have gone hunting together with them, so they should have been recognized as part of our party at some point yea?

So If I want the recognition part to work indefinitely, I’d need to get them to recognize me as a close friend…..
Isn’t that impossible?

[As for the part regarding hunting rare variant monsters… I can think of 2 possible solutions.
1 would be to become friends with adventurers of B rank and above.
The other…would be to strengthen up low-ranked adventurers enough for them to be able to hunt rare variants.

While raising her index finger, Estel’s explanation continued.

I understand the point of making friends with adventurers that are B rank or higher.
If they are as strong as Dhius, they won’t have problems hunting rare variants.

I should also have more opportunities to socialize with them, compared to the low rankers.

But what does the 2nd one mean? Is it that easy to strengthen them up…..
Uh yea it is.

[You don’t mean… That I “lend” Gacha equipment to them to make them stronger?]

[Yes, that kind of thing.]

Estel nodded with satisfaction, as my answer matched hers.

[If it’s just Black Orcs, you giving out some SR weapons and accessories should solve that issue, no? That would also solve the “they need gacha equipment” requirement.]

That’s 2 birds one stone, efficient.

However, I feel that there still is some risk involved regarding the handing over of Gacha equipment.
The most I’d want to give would be R weapons that are at roughly the average standard in this world, or defensive ring type equipment.

I don’t want to cause issues with equipment stores like Gantz-san’s, overall I want to avoid handing over weapons or armor if possible.

If I give them something too good, they wouldn’t buy weapons or armor for a while.

On that train of thought, was it bad that I gave those weapons to the newbies today? ……Those weren’t strengthened at all so it should be fine.

I have to be very careful about the equipment I hand over, I don’t want to break the balance.

[It’s a given that we can’t give stuff to people we don’t trust, but this now means the party issue will become easier to solve.]

[…..Eh? What do you mean?]

This might be possible passive manastone income, but I have no intention of giving out stuff indiscriminately.
Well, it’s more a matter of choosing people who we can deal with if I really have to.

The SSR items and some SR are out of the question.
Especially the stuff that can pierce defenses.

Rather… What does she mean by the party issue becoming easier to solve?

[We just need to form a Group for adventurers, and that we will give a “present” which is Gacha equipment to those who join as proof of affiliation.
That proof will dramatically increase their awareness of them being part of our Group.]

[Grin-san was surprised by the Magic Gear too… So, we’ll be using the “present” as bait?]

[It sounds bad when you say that way, it’s still a more reliable way to form our Group than just verbal promises, no?]

I see…..
So we’ll be forming a Group on a larger scale than a typical party, then using it to foster better relations.

It certainly feels closer than just being “a fellow member of the Adventurer’s Guild”.

Using the gift as a means to increase member awareness sounds good too.
“As proof of affiliation I’ll be giving you this Guardian Ring.” sounds a little cringey but it might be effective.

Magic Gear seems to be rare in this part of the world, the recipients will be very conscious of it.

[The plan to become friends with B rank or higher adventurers… Appears difficult to achieve for the time being.]

[Dhius and his buddies would be happy to join us, no?]

There may not be that many adventurers at B rank or higher, but we already know some, in the form of Dhius’ party.

I can already imagine him joining in a heartbeat, if I told him “I’ll give you a ring made by Estel.”…..

[Dhius’ party is already famous to some degree, so it might be difficult for them to become directly affiliated with us.
It’s probably better to increase our rank if we want to get strong adventurers to join our group.]

It would certainly appear weird for Dhius’ party who are rank B, to join our Group who are rank C.
We have to consider how things appear in the eyes of other adventurers.

If we are going to form this Group of ours, we can’t just hand over the item and call it a day.
I’ll need to come up with some activity plan, that way we can go about doing things with our Group openly, rather than sneaking around.

And that means… We need to start planning to get to rank B soon.
The chance of other adventurers responding positively to our invitations should increase greatly, with us at rank B.

I should also ask the guild, if it’s okay for us to form such a Group amongst fellow adventurers.
It’d be a pain if we get called out later for not checking.

[Whーew, Estel really thought through lots of things.
Imagining all that almost overheated my head.]

[Not to be rude Noru, you could try thinking a little harder yea?]

[I’m more of the intuitive type, so I’ll leave the thinking part to Estel!]

[That’s not something you should be proud of.]

Having reached a conclusion to our discussion, Noru fluttered about and said something fluffy.
To be honest my head hurts too…..
I’m not much better than her.

But with this, we can now see the light at the end of our tunnel.
I guess our current goal would be a promotion to rank B, and then the formation of our Group.

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