Chapter 76 – Luna’s First Actual Battle

A few days have passed since I received the necklace from Estel.

The sun has begun to set today, and night would soon fall.

[Hーey, come out! Hーey!]

And here I was shouting at home, as I knocked on the door of the room that was recently added via House Extension.

[…..what is it Heihachi… you’re so noisy… is it night time already?]

[You’re finally awake.]

It took quite some time before the door finally opened.
And Luna slowly toddled out from the pitch-black room.

E, eeeh… has the room always been that dark… It’s so dark I can’t see anything inside.

[So, what’s so important that you want from me, that you had to be so noisy about?]

[Ahh, I’m thinking of going out to do some hunting with you.]

I’m going back to sleep.]

Luna was rubbing her eyes and appeared awfully sleepy as she came out from her room, and gave me a disgruntled glare with her blood red pupils for waking her up.

Though she was hardly terrifying in her black pajamas and pointy nightcap.

Rather, when did she get her own favorite pajamas anyway?

When I told her what I called her for, she immediately refused and turned back to go back into her room.

[Don’t be like that.
You haven’t gone out to hunt even once, more like have you even gone outside at all? Isn’t it about time for you to feel like going out?]

[Nope, not at all.]

I stopped her(from going back into her room) by grabbing her shoulder and tried to persuade her, but she promptly refused again and brushed my hand off.

She’s giving me no chance to even parley… Who would have expected Luna would be the coldest, despite looking the youngest.
I certainly didn’t think she’d be such a hikikomori.

She’s making things harder than it should be… It would be a stretch for her to be as approachable as Shisuha, but this would have gone better if she was even half as friendly as Noru.

[Pretty please? With a cherry on top.]

[Muu, you are being so persistent.
Why are you so intent on taking me outside?]

[You being such a hermit is getting me worried.
I also want to get a feel on how you do your thing in battle, so I know what options I have when the need arises.]


It has been almost 10 days since we started our holiday break and Luna’s summoning.

Besides the time on the initial day she was summoned, she hasn’t stepped out of the house at all.

She hasn’t left her room for the past few days too, she has apparently been sleeping all the while.

That brings us back to right now with me manning up to get her out of the house, having thought it would be bad for her to sleep her life away.

It’s almost time for our plans with Grin-san too, and I intend to start doing a bunch of other things too so it’s high time I got a handle on how to work with her.

I thought all hope was lost, but Luna stopped and did her thinking pose when I mentioned the word “battle”.

[…… fine.
It would be annoying if you bothered me about this every other day, it’s also about time the other girls started pestering me about this too.]

[Alright then, let’s go right now… is what I wanted to say, but would you mind if I called the other girls?]

Luna has decided to solve her predicament now, rather than let it disturb her sleep in the foreseeable future.

The other girls have been showing signs of nagging at her too, that’s another factor as to why she gave in now.

I did all this without informing the other girls in advance, so I considerately asked Luna if I could call for them.

[Wasn’t this about seeing my abilities? Then――]

[Oh yeーs! Did someone call me? I’m sure someone did, amirite?]

[Your name wasn’t mentioned at all.
Shoo, return from whence you came.]

Before Luna could finish her sentence, Shisuha vigorously popped out of nowhere.

Where the hell did she pop out from?

The moment Shisuha’s existence entered Luna’s line of sight, her expression turned scornful immediately as her brows frowned, and she shoos her away.

[Oh don’t say thatー! Please allow me to accompany Luna-san on her first hunting experienceー!]

[Ah, what the!? Why are you clinging onto me!? Let go!]

[No way! I’m not letting go until I’m allowed to tag along!]

Shisuha, facing imminent rejection, clung into my leg with both arms as she wailed.

This girl… She targeted me instead because she knows Luna won’t give in to her!?

I can feel something soft smooshing my leg so please stop… Or do I really want it to stop?

[Ara, how rare to see Luna outside her room.]

[What are you guys doing here… and did Shisuha do something again?]

Estel and Noru, who was helping her carry some stuff, walked in on us at the corridor which was added via House Extension.

They actually understood what was happening from the sight of Luna in her sleepwear giving Shisuha, who was locked in mortal combat with my leg, that look of disgust.

I can’t help but be thankful for their foresight.

[I was getting Luna to go out for a little hunt, when Shisuha decided to jump on us out of nowhere.]

[No fair if only Okura-san gets to tag along! I want to go hunting with Luna-san too!]

[She’s so noisy.
Is she always like this?]

[Nah, she’s alot more normal when Luna isn’t involved.]

Even Noru has all but given up on her, was what I thought as I looked at Shisuha who was still clinging on my leg.

Nobody expected she would turn out like this, not from the first impression she gave when initially summoned.

Is this what the other players have been talking about in the forums…?

This has gotten me very interested in Shisuha’s story in GC…

Estel appears to have noticed Shisuha’s true nature from the start, which is kind of amazing if anything.

[That aside Okura-dono.
Are you really going out to hunt at this time?]

[Yeah, our appointment with Grin-san is happening soon, I wanted to do this before that.
It’s just a simple check of her abilities, you girls want to come along too?]

[Of course! As a front liner like Luna, I have been interested to see how she fights!]

She did say that she does better at night, I am intrigued to see her in action.]

Looks like the other girls are also interested, Noru reacted to the topic as though a shark that just smelled blood.

Estel also sounded enthusiastic, I guess everyone will be coming along for this one.

[Mu… the number of people increased.
This is your fault.]

[Bu- but… I didn’t do anything…]

Luna crossed her arms and grudgingly muttered as she looked down at Shisuha, who was sitting on the floor.

Though it is true that she’s the type that has trouble controlling herself… I might start feeling sorry for her if this keeps up.


[So, here we are… The sun hasn’t completely set, but it’ll be dark soon enough.]

We have only hunted after dark on a handful of occasions… It feels somewhat more dangerous than usual.]

Since we wouldn’t be able to see much of anything at night without a light source, we traveled to the hunting ground while the sky was still dyed orange by the setting sun.

This trip is just to check out Luna’s abilities, we won’t be staying for very long.

[Luna are you sure you can take them on? With this being your first actual battle and all that.]

[It’s fine.
There’s no chance I’ll be defeated by some casual lizards.]

[Ara, someone’s confident.]

Her opponent(s), were the Lizardman of the Lemuri Mountains.

Luna’s level should be fairly high even if she was just summoned, as I have also leveled up recently.

I don’t foresee her having trouble hunting some Lizardmen.

I still double checked with her in any case, and Luna confidently replies with her arms crossed.

Her pupils appear to be glowing redder than usual too.
Is that the indication that her buff has activated?

[That aside, Heihachi, your outfit really is odd looking.
You look so suspicious.]

[Ugu… It can’t be helped.
It’s the best equipment I have.]

[You really are wearing that hat on top of your helm…]

Luna stares and judges me, who was wearing my full battle attire.

I’m wearing the Petasos we recently obtained from the Gacha… does it really look that bad?

Well, whatever.
It’s time to check out Luna’s Status.

We had a look during daytime previously, time to see what has changed at night.




Level: 55
Attack Power: 960 (1200)
Defense Power: 650 (750)
Agility: 120 (150)
Magic Resistance: 30 (40)
Cost: 22

Unique Ability

【She who lives in the Dark】
Boosts all combat abilities, but only at Night.


Boosts Attack Power to do 4 times total damage and ignore Defense Power and Magic Resistance, but only for 1 attack.
Cooldown: 5 minutes

B: 65 W: 47 H : 61 Estimated Size: A cup



[Whew, your Status really got boosted.]

[That’s what I told you, no? Not that I’d have problems dealing with monsters of that level during daytime.]

Her stats are amazing… She’s easily stronger than me, even though she’s almost 10 levels lower than me.

She might be even stronger than Noru before she was boosted with her dupe.

Luna has an even more noteworthy Skill.

She can boost the damage of 1 attack, the multiplier is high and the cooldown is reasonably low.
She’d be able to make use of her Skill often, it is a promising addition to our offenses.

I’m just that little bit skeptical to get her to use it, as Noru and Estel’s Skills have been known to have nasty side effects…

Since it also ignores defense and magic resist, it will come in handy when we encounter enemies that resist both physical and magic damage in the future.


Attack Power+1800

HP Absorption
Auto Retrieval
Auto Tracking

●Bloodstained Black Cloak
Defense Power+500
Damage Absorption
Auto HP Regen


I also checked the equipment that we asked Luna to show us previously.

Uーmu, the spear Bludbolg and the Bloodstained Black Cloak… It’s all so edgy with the blood theme!

Bludbolg has lower attack compared to my Excali-Bar, but it has Auto Retrieval and Auto Tracking, so does that mean it can also be used as a thrown weapon?

It also has HP Absorption, while the Cloak has Damage Absorption and Auto HP Regen.

With so many healing passives, her HP might not even drop even if she were to hunt solo.
Maybe her equipment is based around the theme of immortality, since she is a vampire after all.

[Ooh Luna, that’s so cool! That fwahp with your cloak! I’ve been wanting to do something like that!]

[Wanna try with mine?]

[… I’ll pass.]

Perhaps feeling motivated, Luna stylishly pulls out her gear the same way she did previously.

Is that some sort of storage magic I wonder? I haven’t seen Estel use it, maybe it’s something only Luna can use.

After stylishly putting on her cloak, Luna looked ready for combat with spear in hand.

Seeing that, Noru reacted with her usual excited fist shaking.

And she comments that she wants to do it too, so I offered Noru my Sacred Fabric, but she immediately declined after giving it a glance with dead fish eyes.

…… What, this is still UR equipment… Do you have to be so harsh?

[Alright then Luna, I’ll be buffing you with support magic.]

[Fumu, so this is the support magic.
Feels good, thanks.]

Our preparations are complete, so Estel buffs Luna with support magic.

Luna stretches a little to get a feel of the magic that was casted on her, then gives her spear a twirl.

She twirls her spear in one hand, she twirls it to the side then behind her back, she does so skillfully all the while without letting her spear touch the ground even once.

I was that tiny bit skeptical at whether she’d be able to use that long spear with her comparatively small frame but my worries were unfounded, she’s way better at it than I would ever be.

…… I could be cool too if I can do what she did.
I want to try doing it, but I feel like I would send my sword flying somewhere on the first rotation.

[Luna-chan! Me too, let me cast my support magic too――]

[Don’t need it.
Heihachi, I’ll be going now.]

[Oohー, more of them will pop out when you attack so be carefulー]

Shisuha, who had been silent until now, offered to buff Luna with her support magic, but was rejected immediately and Luna went off towards the Lizardmen shortly after.

I can’t really fault her for saying she doesn’t need Shisuha’s defensive buffs, with how much survivability Luna innately has……

[Uuu… Why am I the only one being treated like this…]

[Cheer up.
One day, you’ll be able to get along with Luna.]


[…… maybe.]

[Why do you not look me in the eye when you say thatー!]

Watching Luna run off, Shisuha went OTZ and started sobbing.

Noru rubbed her back to help comfort her.

To her comforting words, Shisuha looked up at Noru as if she had seen a light of hope, but Noru turned her face away in response as she reacted hesitantly.

I need to observe Luna’s moves now, so let’s leave Shisuha and Noru’s dumb skit aside for the moment.

Luna’s black cloak fluttered around as she ran toward her target, a lone Lizardman.

Her speed is inferior to the current Noru, but she is still way faster than myself.

Perhaps noticing that Luna was approaching, the Lizardman turned its head towards her and opened its mouth to start calling its friends.

As I imagined the Lizardman successfully calling its friends… Luna jumps up, twirls around afew times and launches her spear at the Lizardman before that could happen.
(ED Note: Ga* B*lg!)

The spear that left Luna’s hand was enshrouded in red light, it left a long afterglow as it streaked through the night sky.
You’d think she shot a laser from looking at what she just did.

The thrown spear hurtled towards her target at such velocity that it pulverized the Lizardman’s head before it could let out any sound whatsoever.

The spear continues in its thrown trajectory after piercing the target for a moment, then suddenly disappears with a flash.

When I turned to look at Luna, she was already gripping the spear that supposedly disappeared, and she skewered the Lizardman that was at her landing zone from above through its head.

[Whew… what just happened…]

[As expected.
By doing that she can defeat the Lizardman before it calls for help.]

[I, it doesn’t look like I can withstand that sort of attack…]

[You should be glad that Luna hasn’t gotten mad at you for real yet.
It’s not too late for you to rethink how you approach her from now on.]

[Uuu… I shall try.]

I did warn her to be careful… But I never thought she’d be able to defeat the Lizardman before it could call for its buddies.

The way she moved her body was incredible, it must be related to her being a Vampire.
Though seeing that she didn’t defeat the other Lizardman in one hit, she didn’t use her Skill.

I’d also like to defeat monsters with some flashy moves then finish with a cool pose, some day.

Though considering my weapon of choice is made for the old fashioned way of poking with the pointy end, it doesn’t feel like I can use it to do any cool looking moves.

Come to think of it, she has only been biting Shisuha considering how strong she actually is.

She could’ve easily suppressed Shisuha if she wanted to but chooses not to, does that mean she doesn’t really hate Shisuha that much after all?

[Heihachi, is this good enough? I can hunt a few more, if you want me to keep going.]

[Ye, yeah.
That’s good enough.]

Luna went on to defeat a handful of other Lizardmen with the same approach, devastating the Lizardman before they could call for reinforcements.

She casually walks back to where we were, after finishing up her hunt.

We’d just be seeing her do the same thing if she kept going, so I told her to stop even though she didn’t hunt very much…… It’s going to become completely dark soon too.

Despite this being her first time engaging in combat, she appeared much more accustomed to battle than I ever was… Not that I mind her being reliable from the get go.

[Luna’s spear, I’m so envious of it! I wonder if I can throw my Regi・Eritora the same way, and use it as a long range attack…]

[Don’t come crying to me if you lose it from doing so.]

[……nevermind then.]

Noru apparently wanted to imitate Luna, from seeing her long ranged attacks.

Should you really want to do so when your weapon doesn’t have the Auto Retrieval effect.

And if Noru throws with all her might, it will probably fly to infinity and beyond.

[Now that this is done I can return to my beauty sleep.]

[I don’t get why you like to sleep so much when you are this strong… You sleep way too much.]

You see, I’m the type that would sleep my life away if I could.
If you allowed me to sleep as much as I want, I might even say “I love you”.]

Luna told me with a sweet grin on her face.

Well, I do think it’s a good thing that you’re being honest about it… but the way you go about with your honesty isn’t such a good thing.

What am I supposed to say when you tell me ”I don’t want to work.” with such a smug face.
Even if she says “I love you.” from me allowing her to do what she wants… That’s not something I’d really be happy for.

She actually seemed decent when she was first summoned… Why do I feel like she’ll be the most troublesome to deal with thus far.

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