Chapter 73 – Holiday

A few days have passed since Luna was summoned.
We spend the days normally, having decided to not go hunting.
Nothing of significance has happened, the days were as peaceful as it gets.

As for the thing about collecting manastones, a problem came up when we were trying to figure out the “do we need to be in a party together” part.
I was unable to remove any of the girls from our supposed party.
I also found out how to confirm who is counted in our party, by looking at the listed names when using the Beacon.
As a result, the experiment ended before we could even hunt because I couldn’t remove anyone from our party.
We have no choice but to hire other adventurers.
I don’t know the reason for this, maybe it’s something like an unconscious link between us? It’s just too vague to really tell.

[We may be stuck on that thing now, but it’s nice to take it easy like this every so often.]

[We are in no rush, we can take time for that.
I certainly am hoping it would give favorable results… Imma do this!]

Noru replies to my muttering with a shogi piece in hand, and makes her move resulting in a nice “click” on the board.

[I thought for the longest time that the Gacha doesn’t have any items for entertainment, so this was a pleasant surprise.
And, that’s a check.]

[Buwha, w, wait a minute!]

[Fufu, ー no.]

Right after Noru set down her shogi piece, Estel moves her piece in for a check.
Noru frantically raises her hand in hopes for a redo, but Estel dismisses her plea with a smile.
During this break, I have taught the girls the rules of the games in the Board Game Set and played together with them.
Estel in particular, grasped the rules the fastest among the girls, she’s comparable or even better than me already.
I feel bad for her future opponents.
I have also used the Thick Book gacha item which generated varying volumes of manga, so there has been no shortage of things to kill time with.

[I lost again… Estel is way too good at this…]

[There’s always next time.
I’ll be eating this then.]

[A, aaahhh… oof.]

Having understood the rules, Noru and Estel were making use of Shogi to decide who gets the last piece of Castella which was generated from a Snack item.
With her victory, Estel asserts her dominance as she tastefully eats the fluffy golden castella.
Noru moans in anguish as she watched the treat disappear, before dramatically collapsing on the table.
They are having so much fun over a Snack…..

[So anyway, what’s up with that soulless corpse that appears to be Shisuha over there?]

[Uuu… all of her furious attempts at appealing to Luna have been rejected.]

[You were destined to be hated with your clergy job class, why don’t you give up already?]

Shisuha was groaning as she sat on her chair, slightly away from where the rest of us were seated.
She was the very image of someone who has burnt out from trying too hard.

Ever since the day Luna was summoned, Shisuha has attempted to get along with her countless times, and she has been rejected as many times as she has tried.
Luna’s instinctive hate for the clergy class isn’t something we can help her with… I can only feel a little bad for her.

[I will never give up!]

[Whew, she came back to life.]

[Shisuha, why are you so obsessed with Luna?]

[Ahー, I’m curious about that too.
Care to enlighten us?]

Estel approached and poked the seemingly lifeless body as she talked about giving up, which resulted in Shisuha’s manly revival.
Noru then curiously brings up the question, of why she is so insistent on getting along with Luna.
I didn’t expect her(Shisuha) to be that obsessed about her(Luna), the topic piques my interest.

[I don’t really understand it myself, I get this “Kyun” deep inside my chest just from looking at Luna-san.]

Shisuha puts her hands on her chest, and lets out a dismal sigh.
You can’t expect me to know how to react, when you speak about your problem as though a maiden in love towards a loli… Noru and Estel were in the same boat as me.

[Hahh… Guess I’ll go out today too…]

[O, oh… don’t stay out too late.]

[Ah, I’ll be taking Mofutto out for a walk!]

With heavy unenergetic steps, Shisuha slowly walks out of the house.
Then as though following right after, Noru fetches Mofutto from her room and goes out as well.
Now that we have our own home, the girls have been going out by themselves more often, unlike the times when we were still staying at the inn.
It’s nice to know that they’re starting to find and do things that they like.

[Alright, guess I’ll go out too.
Estel, what about you?]

[Ara, Onii-san I’ll join you then.]

Estel has never went out by herself ever since the start of this long break, contrary to Noru and Shisuha.
She has been by my side all day every day, and she actively accompanies me wherever I go.

[I’m happy you’re coming with me, though I wouldn’t mind if you went and did something else you like other than follow me y’know?]

[But hanging out with Onii-san is something I like doing.]

[O, oh…okay then…]

Esther puts a hand on her cheek and replies with a smile.
With the topic being “doing what you like”… I can’t really retort against her if she says that.




[So Onii-san, where are we going today?]

[Well, I’m thinking of going to the adventurers guild.
With us needing someone else to test out our manastone collection theories, I’m thinking of making prior arrangements now where possible.]

Today’s errand! Making arrangements with a local adventurer for the testing of manastone collecting~~
There’s no way to know if anyone would even join us if we just went around recruiting members blindly, I want things to go as smoothly as possible on the day we do the thing.
Though I do have this thought in the back of my head, I’m hoping I can get a hold of Grin-san.
It’s just overall better to work with an acquaintance than a stranger.

[Rather, I was expecting it to happen but Luna really ended up becoming a hikikomori.]

[She’s just no good with moving around during daytime, she pops out of her room here and there after night falls.]

[Well, it can’t be helped… I’ll have her put in more effort when we return to levelling.]

Luna lived “normally” like the rest of us for about 2 days, but her body gave up shortly after that so I’m letting her live how she wants.
According to her, “It’s unhealthy to be awake during daytime and to sleep at night!”.
It’s the opposite of us normal hoomans.
Due to Luna being the only one having an inverted sleep cycle among us, she spends alot more waking time alone, though Shisuha is trying her best to keep her company by staying up late.
Luna thinks of her(Shisuha) as a nuisance, but I’ll stay hopeful her efforts aren’t fruitless.

[Okura-sama, it has been a while.
How can I help you?]

[It sure has been a while.
Erm, I’m thinking of putting up a request.]

[A request from Okura-sama? Requests are handled at the counter over there, though may I inquire what kind of request it is?]

Through the doors of the guild to the main counter, I was greeted by Mana-san.
The last time I saw her was the day we departed for the capital, so it has indeed been some time since then.
After exchanging greetings I spoke of my request, her reaction suggested that I was doing something uncommon, she then directed me to the counter for making requests.
Maybe it’s unusual for adventurers to make requests for other adventurers?
I was about to make my way to the other counter when she asked what my request was, so I stayed to chat.

[I’m thinking of looking for someone who can hunt Black Orcs with my party for a day.]

[Hunt Black Orcs? If that’s the case, Grin-san has been going around joining other adventurer parties to hunt goblins and orcs recently, he might be interested in accepting the request.]

Ohh! Just the person I was looking for!
…but, wait.
He’s been joining other parties to hunt? That means it’s possible there will be others besides Grin-san… Well, whatever.

[I will inform Grin-san of your request when he returns then.]

[Thank you.]

Mana-san will help us inform Grin-san of our hunting request, problem solved.
I expected this to take more time, but it got settled kinda effortlessly… Oh, right.
I should let them have a look at this, since I’m already here.

[Also can you confirm the proof of subjugation for this monster?]

[This… What kind of monster did this belong to? I have never seen this before…]

[Eーrm, it was a black quadruped monster that was about the size of a cyclops.
Oh, and a goblin rides on its back as well.
It also dropped its horns and hide…]

[I’ll take this to the back office and look it up further.
Please wait a moment.]

When I showed Mana-san the fangs of the Behemoth that we defeated in the Labyrinth, she picked them up and observed them.
She was unable to identify it after her short observation, she then brought the fangs in for further investigation.
Does the guild have a tool of sorts that they use for this kinda stuff?
I already know the monster was a Behemoth, not stating that was probably the right move.
It was a monster that appeared at the end of a Labyrinth, I wouldn’t know if this type of monster has been sighted yet in this world.
Seeing that Mana-san didn’t know, maybe it’s a monster that isn’t widely known.

[Onii-san, what kind of monster was that?]

[It’s the big guy that appeared at the end of the Goblin Labyrinth.
Well… it was quite the thing to encounter.]

[Ara, could it have been the same monster we faced on our side? We’ve also collected the horns and stuff, I’ll hand them over to Onii-san later.]

[Ooh, I see.
Did you girls have trouble fighting it?]

I sniped the goblin up top and it ended there.]

That’s Estel alright… She’s so reliable.
If our party wasn’t separated, we’d have zero problems rolling over it.
Thankfully that Behemoth was linked to the Goblin riding it so it counts as defeated when the Goblin gets roasted, things would have been spicy if it was just the Behemoth by itself.

[Sorry for the wait, but our guild has no information regarding this monster.
Perhaps you could find out more from the guild in Suting, I highly suggest you bring the materials to them.
Additionally I’d advise against selling the materials and have them properly appraised first.]

[I see… got it.
I’ll bring them to the capital then.
I’m leaving the request regarding Grin-san to you, thanks for the help.]

Mana-san returned after a while, unfortunately the guild had no info on the monster.

It was something on the level that you needed to “see it to believe it”, I’ll give up on cashing in the proofs here for now… Here’s hoping the capital has credible info on the Behemoth.
So there are places to appraise such materials.
I’m sure the horns are some of the highest quality materials I have obtained so far, so even if we can’t get a subjugation reward, it should still sell for a lot of money.

[Alright! Luck is on our side to have gotten ahold of Grin-san for our thing.]

Our errands were done so we left the guild.
Wellー, I certainly wasn’t expecting things to go so smoothly.
I’m slightly worried as we’ll be getting the company of other people, but it shouldn’t be too bad with Grin-san as the liaison.

[I’ve only met him once before, but are you on good terms with that Oji-san(Grin), Onii-san?]

[He’s the first actual person I made contact with here when there was only Noru with me.
I wouldn’t know what Grin-san thinks about me, but I find him to be very relatable… He has that image of “safety” and “stability”.]

[Speaking of “safe”, does Onii-san feel the same about Dhius and his party?]

[Ahー, well, that guy is…]

Despite me having only worked on a single request alongside Grin-san before, he has a special place in my heart as he was the first person from this world that I met.
That gets me wondering if that merchant Raoul is still getting by… maybe I’ll ask Grin-san when we meet again.

Though I do feel some semblance of familiarity with Dhius now, he didn’t give the greatest of first impressions.
I do think that it’s abit of a shame, as we could have had better relations from the start if we had met differently.
If and when we figure out this manastone party thingamajig, I’d want to get Dhius and his party to “lend a hand” too but… It might be troublesome to pull off.
I really need answers on how the party system thingie works.
Uーmu, I’m getting nowhere by thinking about this myself.

[So anyway Estel, we’re already out here and all that, do you have anywhere you wanna go to?]

[Ara, you’re letting me choose?]

[Yeah, anywhere’s fine.
Though there’s not much to see here compared to the capital, we can even go to the capital now if you want to.]

[I prefer quiet places like Brunne on occasion, so here’s fine.
I’ll be satisfied no matter where I am, so long as I’m together with Onii-san.]

Since the errand was concluded as early as it did, I thought of strolling around the shops with Estel.
She’s the one who decided to tag along with me, so I should let her enjoy herself too.
There wasn’t much to see in Brunne, so I was ready to go to the capital via Beacon if needed.
Then Estel says she’ll be satisfied wherever as long as she’s with me, with that smile of hers.

[…I, I see.
W, well then.
Let’s go.]

[Ah, wait for me, Onii-san.]

I bricked for a moment from Estel’s reply, but I quickly recovered and started walking.
I could feel my face heating up from the embarrassment.

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