during the CompGacha death march eh.

[Oooookay… So what is this about?]

[It’s about manastones.]

[Manastones y’say! Noru, so you have finally decided to take the Gacha seriously!]


Manastones… in other words Noru wants to talk about the Gacha.

I see, I see, she has finally understood my enthusiasm.
Even Estel has seen the light too… This is a joyous occasion.

In my elation, I stood up and grasped one of Noru’s hands tightly.

[Ahー, no! That’s not it! Take this!]

[Ahn!? … th, then what are we talking about here?]

Noru snapped at me, and thwacked my hands away with her free hand.

Meh… Here I was thinking she has finally seen the light……

[Yeesh… Now then, with the conclusion of our most recent endeavor, Estel and Shisuha now know full well what happens when Okura-dono is cornered by matters relating to the Gacha.
With that in mind, the thing I want us to think about is how we can avoid something like this happening again in the future!]

[Now I finally understand why Noru was so desperate about stopping it… I should apologize for thinking it was an overreaction.]

[Eh, I don’t really mind… Ah, erm no.
It was tiring for me too, yes.]

Noru spoke passionately about her thoughts.

Her motivations regarding the topic appear to stem from the thought of wanting to avoid farming for manastones as much as possible.
Does she want to work hard now to make things easier?

Now that Estel has also experienced it for herself, she understands the reason why Noru got so distraught about it.

Shisuha, with her “out of the loop” face, wanted to say she wasn’t all that affected by the ordeal, only to be cut off by Noru and Estel who turned towards her and stared daggers into her soul.

Shisuha mentally shrank from the pressure, and apprehensively corrected herself.

Holy cow! She got sandwiched so bad there!

[…I feel like this has nothing to do with me.]

[That’s actually not true.
As it stands, Luna will eventually experience the quagmire that is Okura-dono one day, this discussion we are having now is to prevent that from happening.
You simply lack the understanding of the matter without personal experience, you should at least listen to the discussion if anything.]

[Not that I mind… But rather, what is that sitting on Noru’s lap?]

[Oh, we haven’t introduced him.
This is our Fortuna Rabbit Mofutto.]

Luna, who has been listening inattentively since the discussion started, suddenly joined in.

Having only been summoned recently, she doesn’t comprehend the topic as she has no actual experience of it even though she has the memories of it.

Luna seemed more interested in Mofutto, despite Noru urging her to listen to the discussion.

[Noru, can I hold onto him while listening?]

[Of course.
Please be gentle with him.]

[Thank you.
… Oooh, the fur is as soft as the name suggests… It’s cute.]

Luna blushes happily as she hugs Mofutto, which Noru passed over.

She may have been sticking to her cold demeanor since getting summoned, but she does have her cute girly side too.


[Shisuha, restrain yourself before you force my hand.]

[Geh―― S, sowwy…]

I was warmly looking at Luna from the side, when I heard a strange voice coming from beside me, I turned to see Shisuha getting all excited looking at Luna.

She has quite blatantly become a perv.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it became a “mr.
policeman, it’s that person!” situation.

However, said perv was forced to behave herself, from the threat of Estel’s expressionless face and sparks emitted from her raised index finger.

This is one of those lines that must not be crossed.
Else the wrath of Estel will fall upon thee.

[Aaー, uum… so, what thing about the manastones are we talking about?]

[Ah, pardon me.
The thing yes, what I wanted to talk about was how manastones are collected.]

[How are they collected?]

The conversation sidetracked a little, so I turned the conversation back on topic.

How are manastones collected…? What is there to talk about at this point?

[We have been the ones doing the collecting up till now, right? But that alone has its limits, which we are painfully aware of now.
So the thing is, I was thinking what if we can get other adventurers to do that for us.]

Estel took over the explanation, simply put the girls have been thinking of acquiring the aid of other adventurers to collect manastones for us.

But is that really something we need to discuss? Isn’t it just the matter of forming a party and hunting together?

[Isn’t it just a matter of partying up?]

[That’s not it, what we’re talking about is whether it is possible to collect manastones even when we are not “hunting together”.]

….Nn? What am I not understanding? Getting manastones when we’re not hunting together?

[What are we supposed to do? It’s not like the manastones are a tangible item.]

[That’s what we are going to discuss.
It’s not something we have tried testing out before.]

[What is the logic behind the manastone mechanic? That’s not something you have thought about in detail, right? If we can work out the details, the other thing we talked about earlier would become more plausible.
That’s what we are discussing today.]

Manastones accumulate in my smartphone automatically as we kill monsters.

It was how it has “worked” until now and I haven taken it for granted, thinking that that’s how it should be.

However, if it is really possible to gain manastones with the employment of other adventurers like what Noru said, it might lead to us never having to do death marches again.

But how are we supposed to go about doing this?

[I get manastones when… we defeat a rare monster, is that all?]

[That’s the 1 requirement we are sure of.
But I wonder if that’s the only one.]

[Do you think there are any others?]

[The other thing we have noticed is that Onii-san can still obtain manastones when other party members defeat rare monsters at a separate location.
Don’t you think it’s strange though? Why does Onii-san, who is supposedly not nearby, get manastones when we do our thing?]

We have never hunted separately, at least not until the Goblin Labyrinth.

But thanks to that, we realized that I could still get manastones even when we are separated.

That experience led to the method that was used for the death march.

I have been thinking it to be something simple like “beat rare monster = get manastone”, but there might be other variables that we do not know of.

[Is it not because we’re in the same party?]

[Regarding us, there is the possibility of the reason being “we were summoned by Okura-dono” instead.
That’s why we don’t know for sure if us being in the same party fulfils the requirement.]

[If the requirement is just “being in the same party”, if we made good use of that logic, then wouldn’t it be possible to get manastones by letting other adventurers hunt monsters when we’re not actually with them? Finding out these details will be well worth the effort.]

When I thought about it, me getting manastones when the girls I summoned beat monsters is a very possible thing.

Despite us talking about the party mechanic, there’s no “party menu” of any sort in my smartphone.
We are simply “physically partying up” so to speak.

Then again, the party based buffs that Noru and I have are working as intended, so we’re certainly being recognized as part of the same party.

If being “in the same party” is the requirement for me to get manastones, the possibility of us getting manastones without going out to hunt becomes viable if we make good use of this.

I see, this is something worth finding out indeed.

There’s still a lot of variables that need to be confirmed…

[It would have been nice if you checked back then during the Prime Subjugation, but you didn’t do it right, Onii-san?]

[…Ah, I didn’t.]

I should have checked when we hunted together with Dhius’ party back then, but of course I didn’t check.

The thought didn’t even cross my mind back then… damn, I should’ve noticed it sooner.

But back then, Dhius’ party also benefited from our passive buffs so I’m sure they were also recognized as part of our party.

If we are going to be requesting the aid of other adventurers in the foreseeable future, we are going to need to verify all these variables.

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