I would feel troubled if this brand spanking new monitor became unusable immediately.

Noru puffed at me angrily, but it couldn’t be helped.


● Board Game Set
Comes with various types of board games.
Perfect for killing time.


Next is the Board Game Set, one of the CompGacha targets.

It was a large box, with various kinds of board games like reversi, shogi, go, diamond game to name afew, inside.
(ED note: google the names if u don’t know wut dey r)

[Oh, this looks quite interesting.]

[So many different types.]

They all look kind of complicated.]

This looks good for killing time.
Noru muttered something as she looked at it… Maybe she’s not good with this sort of thing?


●Prominence Finger
Gloves whose power changes according to the wielder’s MP.
That hand of yours will burn red.


A red colored glove as ordinary as can be appeared.
It appears to be able to generate heat according to the description?

[It feels like a manly piece of equipment.]

[I guess this for melee use? I might want one if that’s the case.]

[A Priestess who wants melee equipment….?]

Shisuha, who prefers melee combat, showed interest in it.
It’s probably better than her current barefisted approach, I get the bad feeling she’s gonna fry her opponent’s face if I give this to her.
(ED note: heat end!)

Luna had a dumbfounded look, as she listened to our exchange.
Anybody would feel suspicious at whether Shisuha is really a Priestess, when hearing this exchange for the first time.


● Four-Dimensional Trash Bin
A trash bin.
The inside is a four dimensional space so you can dump as much garbage as you want inside.
Please do not dump living things inside.


[What’s the point of making a trash bin four dimensional?]

[If they were going to make something four dimensional, they should have made it a storage box…]

[I guess this counts as a “miss”?]

If it’s a trash bin, I’d appreciate it more if it disintegrated the stuff I throw in it.

So what’s the point of a four dimensional trash bin? I guess it can sort of be used as storage so I’ll leave it at that.


● Food Vending Machine
Products in the lineup can be purchased with points.
Points are obtained by inserting and converting monster materials.


It’s a large square box.
There’s a part at the top that can be opened, and an LCD panel to operate it at the front.

The current points are 0, but we could access the lineup, there was stuff from my world like onions, beef, etc.

This means we have become able to exchange monster materials for these ingredients… This is actually revolutionary.

[Huhー, we’ll be able to cook our own food with this and become less reliant on gacha Food.]

[Who’s going to do the cooking though? The one who can among us……]

I thought we would be able to eat food on the level of gacha Food, without actually using the gacha Food, then remembered there aren’t any cooks in the party.

Everyone except Luna glanced at Noru, who said she knew how to cook before, then looked away as we gave up on our prospects.

[There aren’t any…]

[None at all…]

[Wh, what is the meaning of that! I said I can cook, didn’t I!]

She indignantly boops the table to protest, but there’s no credibility to her claims so she gets ignored.

I should try letting her cook once, when the chance to appears in the future.


● Wall Shoes
Shoes that can stick onto walls.
Do be cautious if you wear a skirt.


Shoes with something like suction cups on the bottom appeared.
The design feels awfully blatant, if you can actually walk on walls with this.

And that warning for people who wear skirts… It’s pretty obvious you’ll be exposing what’s under your skirt if you use this.
Maybe only Noru out of the girls would use this.

[So you can walk on the walls with this.]

Heihachi, let me try it out.]

While I was thinking so, Luna showed interest.
She wore the shoes that I passed to her.

She then began walking around the walls of our home with it.
It was quite the bizarre sight to see someone standing horizontally…


● Grimoire『Superbia』
Wind Magic Attack Power +100%
50% chance to cause target to temporarily lose their sense of smell.


A 3rd grimoire has made its appearance.
It’s a green book with an image of a bird on its cover this time.

[Ara, a new grimoire.]

[It’s wind this time… Try not to be too flashy too much?]

[Fufu, I’ll keep that in mind.]

With this, we have grimoires of 3 different elements, fire, wind and earth.
This will power up Estel’s attacks even more…

I gave her something of a suggestion, which she lightly laughed off.
Here’s hoping nothing happens.


● Petasos
Move speed +50%
Action speed +40%


I had some expectations because it was an SSR, but what appeared was a hat.

The part that covers the head is a black colored round half dome, with brims on the front and back.
Is this one of those detective hats?

It also had an ornamental feather.
The speed bonuses on it are quite amazing.
I could certainly use this.

[It’s a hat.
Does anyone object to me taking this?]

[That’s fine and all… but are you planning to wear that on top of your helm?]

[Nn? Of course.]

[I think it’s about time you stopped adding more things to your outfit…]

I intended to wear it on top of my helmet, but the girls were giving negative reactions.

There were still slots for bodily equipment left, so I wanted to try equipping more things… In GC, you could only equip 1 thing in 1 slot, so I was pretty excited at the prospect of being able to equip multiple pieces on my head slot.

It’s something any player would’ve wanted to try in games.

[What, does Heihachi have a weird outfit?]

[Luna hasn’t seen Onii-san’s full battle attire yet.
It’ll probably shock you.]

I’m not wearing most of my gear since we are at home right now, so Luna hasn’t seen me in my full glory yet.

Estel put her hand on her cheek and made a “heh” face, as she told Luna about it.

It’s not my intention to have such a glamorous outfit… Woe is me.


● Dimension Room
A door connecting you to a different dimension, which can be placed onto any wall.
The space inside will remain the same regardless of where you place the door.


This was the last required item of the CompGacha.
I have great expectations for this.

Despite the high expectations, what came out was just a single doorknob.
Anyone would think this is just another useless item at a glance.

But when you used it as per the description, it would create a door.
And when you twisted the doorknob, it would open just like any other regular door.

[This didn’t get pulled last for nothing, it’s a really useful item… it just looks really plain.]

[It will be useful as a safe zone to rest when we are inside the Labyrinth.]

The inside of the room was just an empty white space.
It has about 2 to 3 rooms worth of space compared to the Room you add using the House Extension.

This would make for a handy safe zone when inside the Labyrinth, after we pre-place some other stuff inside of it.

I expected nothing less from this hard to obtain SSR item.


● Excali-Bar☆29
Attack Power +3290
Action Speed +190%

● Pot Lid☆22
Defense Power +1300

● Adamant Armor☆3
Defense Power +1100
Defense Speed +15%


Lastly, was the stacking of duped gear…

Excali-Bar has reached new heights… it’s already more powerful than some random UR.

It should be counted as a UR at this point, no? It’ll be renamed【Excali-bar, the sword that sort of promises victory】.
Maybe it could also shoot beams too?

Pot Lid has also long since transcended the concept of a “pot lid”.
My Adamant Armor has also been buffed with more defense.

[O, Okura-dono’s weapon has become amazing now…]

[Even SRs can become this powerful if you stack enough of them.]

Noru and Estel were surprised to see Excali-Bar surpassing the UR barrier.

I had a feeling that this would happen someday… but I have mixed feelings about this.

If it becomes this powerful, there’s no point in switching it out for a UR weapon.

I might as well bid goodbye to the image of me wielding a cool looking weapon.
I have become doomed to use this brilliantly shining crowbar-ish thing from now onwards.

[What’s with this… such a spoopy looking weapon, but it’s actually stronger than mine.]

[Isn’t Luna-san’s weapon more than enough alr――ah.]

Luna was fascinated, as she held and examined my Excali-Bar.

Shisuha sneaked up and attempted to grab her from behind, but right when the Priestess thought that her prey was within her grasp, Luna’s form disappeared.

[Oooh, this is quite amazing.
Heihachi, give it to me.]

[I’d become a worthless chump without it, so can’t do that!]

[Tch, that’s a shame.]

Luna moved right beside me before I knew it, avoiding Shisuha’s fiendish hands.

That’s some movement speed she got there… I couldn’t even see what happened.

Luna asked me to give her the Excali-bar, just from the weapon stats alone.

I would become useless in combat without it, so I declined.
if it’s this strong, I feel like it’ll be more useful if the girls use it instead of me.

The day may come when I make enough Excali-Bars for the whole party.

When I imagine the entire party wielding crowbars to battle, I can’t help but think of the group as a bunch of weirdos.

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