hy, this Heihachi had prepared a new greeting.
It is time to put it into practice!

[The name is Heihachi Okura! Nice to meet ya!]

I abandoned the old me, and became the new and improved me.

Luna has a youthful appearance, so I thought a formal greeting would feel too stiff.

Therefore, I decided to toss my own embarrassment out the window and gave her a friendly greeting together with a thumbs up.

It was perfect.
All that is left is to wait for her reaction.

Just when I was convinced of my success, I saw Luna wide-eyed in astonishment.

The clamouring from the other girls also died down, leaving the entire room in an awkward silence.

Wha, eeeh? This wasn’t the result that I envisioned…

When I looked behind myself, I saw Noru spacing out, Estel had the same look as Luna, and Shisuha turned her face away while covering her mouth as she trembled to hold something in.

Wha, what is the meaning of this… L, let’s try this one more time.
Maybe I did something wrong.

[The name is――]

[Why are you doing it again! It’s creepy!]

I tried to do my greeting again, but Luna angrily interrupted me.

Her voice was what you’d expect from someone of her stature, but it also has a certain forcefulness that you wouldn’t think a girl like her would have.

[Bu, but I tried my best… I got called creepy again…]

[Ahー, we just witnessed what “putting effort in the wrong direction” looks like.]

[That sent a chill down my back.]

That was bad, so bad…]

What am I supposed to do then… I failed again.
I feel like crying…

Noru gave commentary on my failure with a deadpan voice, Estel rubbed her arms as though shivering, while Shisuha was having trouble deciding to tremble or to laugh at me.

The new and improved “me” was badly received by everyone… Dammit!

[A, anyway, I’m Heihachi Okura.]

[Oh he’s back to his usual self.
I’m Estel, nice to meet you.]

[My name is Noru・Fagnya.
Nice to have you with us.]

[I’m Shisuha・Alvi.
Pleased to finally meet you.]

I greeted Luna once more, to forget my earlier failure.
This time with my usual tone.

Noru and the other girls also followed with their introductions.

Luna simply muttered her own name, with her glaring eyes and crossed arms.

Mmm? Her personality feels quite cold, despite her smol and cute outer appearance.

[Then, is it alright to refer to you by “Luna”?]

[Do what you want to, I don’t mind.
I’ll do the same in return.]

[I see.
Thank you.]

just speak normally.
You are speaking creepy again.]

I tried to be a little more polite, but Luna shot me down yet again.
Trying to sound polite isn’t my best move.

Almost everyone I know tells me I’m creepy when I try to be polite… Even though that wasn’t the case in my original world.

[N, nnn… I’ll be referring to you as “Luna” then.
Well, about earlier… I’m sorry I guess?]

[Honestly, it would’ve been nice if you didn’t do that sort of thing right after summoning me.
What was up with that weird tension.]

[Okura-dono has been called a weirdo lots of times to date.]

[Indeed… it feels especially creepy if you already know how he speaks normally.]

All is well with the world when I switch back to my usual tone.

Hーmm… maybe I should just not try anything “new and improved” from now on?

With reference to what Estel said, maybe people who know my usual tone get weirded out when I try to be polite?

[So Luna, you are aware of our current situation, yes?]

[Fumu… The memories of you guys buying a house, and conquering the Goblin Labyrinth are still quite fresh.
The stuff before that is hazy.
There’s also the Labyrinth in the Capital you haven’t conquered yet.]

[Ah, sounds about right.
Looks like there’ll be no problems.]

I have done this check each time, no harm to keep doing this.

And apparently it doesn’t look like there’ll be any problems.

The older memories seem to be hazy, maybe that’s because they are getting hazy to me as well?

[Speaking of the labyrinth, we should be ready to take on the Labyrinth in the Capital again.]

[That’s right.
Now that we have Luna with us, we should be able to do a lot better than before.]

We have 5 people in our party now.
That’s 2 more members than before.

It finally feels like we can properly tackle the Labyrinth in the Capital.

I wouldn’t call our party composition complete just yet, but I think it’s worth a shot.

[Well, there’s that.
That aside, I have some questions for Luna.]

[Nn? Sure.
Ask away.]

Future topics can be left for later, there’s stuff I need to confirm with Luna first.

She is, after all, a different race compared to the rest of us Humans.

There may be certain things that affect her more than us.

[Luna is a Vampire, yes? Will you per se, turn into ashes when exposed to sunlight?]

[Why would I? If that happened, I’d simply be a liability.
But, I certainly am less powerful than at night.]

When anyone thinks of Vampires, the first thing that comes to mind is that they turn to ashes upon exposure to sunlight.

It turns out it’s not something I need to worry about.
She’ll be weakened though, so maybe I should try not to bring her out during the daytime?

Inversely, I’m more interested in how much stronger she’ll be at night.
This brings the possibility of hunting for manastones at night… Fufufu, that’s a good bit of information there.

[Alright next question, will you die when you are stabbed through the heart with a stake?]

[Most creatures die when stabbed through the heart, no?]

[Uh… let me rephrase that.
Are you immortal unless stabbed through the heart with a stake?]

[No, that is not the case.]

The next thing about Vampires is their supposed immortality unless stabbed through the heart, so I asked about that too.

I worded the question incorrectly at first, from which I got a calm reply… How embarrassing.

[Next isー, are you weak to silver?]

[Let’s see… If I were to be attacked by weapons made of silver, I would take more damage, yes.]

So she’s weak against silver.
I have no idea if there are silver based weapons in this world or not, I’ll be on the lookout for enemies that use such weapons then.

[Is there anything else?]

[Then, do you have any other weaknesses? Like maybe an aversion toward crosses or garlic?]

There are a bunch of other things I would like to ask, such as if she has a reflection in mirrors, her ability to cross bodies of flowing water, and whether she can enter houses without the invitation of others or not.

But those are insignificant, I need to check out the more fatal weaknesses.



[I said no already.
So persistent.]

After a short pause, Luna replies with a flat ”No”.

It felt suspicious, so I gave one more push, and she shot me down with an annoyed face.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to reveal her weaknesses to others? It felt like she was hiding something.

[That aside, what is up with her? She has been looking at me weirdly for a while now.]


As I was thinking of how I should continue my pursuit of the truth, Luna pointed at someone behind me.

I turned around to see Shisuha, who was fidgeting about as she smiled and looked at Luna.

[Shisuha, what are you doing…]

[Ah? Erm, I, I wasn’t doing anything.
I, I was just wondering if I could get to know Luna-san better.]

Shisuha frantically waves her hands to appeal to her harmlessness, when I turned to question her.

Hーmm? She was so eager to get me to summon Luna, so her reaction feels suspicious…

She appears to want to get along with Luna, as she slowly approaches Luna.

And when she reached out to touch Luna…

[――don’t touch me!]

[Ahh!? Uuu… why did you do that…]

[H, hey! Luna what’s wrong!?]

But Luna swatted away Shisuha’s hand, before it reached her.

After repelling Shisuha’s hand, she slipped behind me at incredible speeds and appears to be using me as a shield against Shisuha.

Wha, what’s going on!? What’s happening?

Do the 2 of them have some kind of history that was listed in their GC backstories…?

[Go away plz.]

[N, nuuuuー? Why? I just want to get along!]

[What is going on between them?]

[Hrーmm, She hasn’t actually done anything to you Luna, what’s up?]

Luna showed only her face from behind me, and intimidates Shisuha as she shoos her hand away.

The two of them have yet to even mingle properly, but she already doesn’t like Shisuha.

Shisuha held her swatted hand with her other hand, while looking teary eyed.

Even Noru and Estel looked bewilderedly at the 2 of them.

[She’s a Priestess, right? My nemesis.]

[N, nemesis!? B, but I’m not intending to do anything against Luna-san.]

[Denied, I will not be deceived.]

…..Hmm? Nemesis? ….
Ah, maybe she’s hated because she’s a Priestess?

Shisuha also had a necklace bearing a cross-shaped accessory.

I guess Luna’s not good with crosses after all.
Priests and vampires don’t mix well after all.

I kinda feel bad for Shisuha, she was looking forward to getting along with her.

Shisuha had a “Isn’t there any good way for me to do this…” look, before suddenly storming out of the house.

She then returned with a round boulder of about 60cm circumference, from who knows where.

She puts the boulder down before us, then clenches her fist before jamming it into the boulder.

The boulder was split in two from the middle, while the portion at the point of impact was crushed.

[See, I’m not a Priestess.
I’m actually a monk.
No Priestess can do what I just did.]

After pulverising the boulder, Shisuha began claiming to be a monk with a smile.
Blood was dripping from her fist, due to her not protecting her hand before doing that stunt.

Oi oi… you’re pushing your case a little too hard there…

[S, stahp! Go away! Heihachi! Do something!]

[Eh? Wuh, oi oi!? Noru! Estel! Some help would be appreciated!]

Luna reactively gripped my shirt with immense strength upon seeing the smile directed at herself with a face that screamed “What the fuuuuuuuuuuuug”, as her plea for help to me.

It became a confrontation between me and a semi-delirious Shisuha, you could feel the madness leaking out from her as she looked at me.

Why am I so scared right now?

[S, she just suddenly called Onii-san by his name…]

[Luna… She made crossing that line look so easy…]

Despite my attempt to get help from Noru and Estel, the two of them just stood by while muttering stuff.

[Okura-san, so you have decided to get in my way.
Alright then――challenge accepted.]

[Huh!? Wai, wait, I’ll give you Luna, so can you please lower your arms!]

[Y, you’re betraying me Heihachi!? I thought you were better than that!]

Shisha smiled and took her stance, with her still bloody fist.

How did me summoning Luna turn into something like this!?

Nobody in their right mind would want to take Shisuha head on, so I surrendered Luna to her.

However, Luna stubbornly clung to my shirt as though her life depended on it.
This most undignified battle between me and Luna then went on for a while.

In the end, Luna was taken by Shisuha, and she spewed all manner of curses and grudges at me as she was dragged away.




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