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Chapter 69 – The Struggle for “Complete” Part 3


Day 4.

[Nn? What is it?]

It’s been several hours since we started hunting today, it is currently just a little past noon.
My smartphone suddenly vibrated.

I took it out, to see that Noru was calling me.
Did something happen?

『O, Okura-do――Pyauuu!?(Kablam!) Help! Send helpー!(Boom!)』

[Wha, what are those sounds!? Oi, are you alright!?]

『It’s Estel, she appears to be losing it! There’s holes all over the place here!』

The first thing I heard after answering the call was Noru screaming.
Followed by the reverberating sound of multiple explosions.

Apparently Estel’s the one running amok, upon asking what’s happening.

Seriously… Shit really went and hit the fan.

[Are you safe, Noru?]

『I am out of harm’s way! I am currently standing by somewhere not too far from Estel, in case any stray monsters get too close…… It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to stop her by myself, so do hurry over please!』

[Ju, just hold on! We’ll head over there ASAP! Shisuhaー! The face smashing can waitー!]

After getting Shisuha to stop hunting, we went to the Northern Cave immediately.

The sight of the Northern Cave that greeted me, was quite the sight to behold.
There were holes all over the walls, some of which are red and muddy like lava.

A short search away was Estel, sending ball after ball of fire towards the scorpions, with grimoire and staff in hand.

I couldn’t tell what she was shooting at, as it was already a sea of flames.
A closer look however, showed the scorpions and Stingers were getting evaporated the moment they respawned.

A search for Noru’s whereabouts showed that she was taking cover behind a stone pillar not far from Estel.
She was maintaining watch on their surroundings all the while trembling herself.

I then fearfully approached Estel from behind and called out to her, she turned and looked at me with empty eyes.

She almost looked like she was giggling, I could see the madness in her face.

[E, Estel? Are you alright?]

[Onii-san, you will praise me for this, yes? I defeated lots of them today too.
Should I keep doing this all night today as well? Onii-san will be happy if I do this, yes? …Onii-san……]

She did not stop the fireball barrage, even while she was speaking to me.

She was grinning but her face was devoid of life, and she spoke to me in a soft but twisted tone.
She might appear normal at a glance, but I knew that she had gone beyond breaking point.

I felt afraid, on an instinctive level.
This will go south really fast if I don’t do something.

[Let’s put that aside for now.
Okay, let’s calm down first, alright?]

[Do I keep burning them?]

[No! That’s not what I meant!]

I somehow managed to stop Estel who intended to further increase the heat, and bring her back home.

She blacked out the moment we arrived home, so we carried her to her room and laid her down on her bed.

It didn’t occur to me at all, that Estel was actually mentally exhausted to this extent… My focus was on Noru’s SAN levels, so this was certainly unexpected.

Unlike Noru’s breakdown which had obvious signs, her’s wasn’t as prominent.
I feel like blaming myself for not noticing sooner.

We might have to proceed with tomorrow’s hunting without Estel.

[So, what of today’s gacha?]

[Hmm, we only collected 54 today.
I’ll do the rolling this time, in any case.]

[Do your best, Okura-san! It’ll be a victory against the Gacha if you pull the last item!]

What do you mean by victory… This isn’t some competition…

We are currently sitting on 97 manastones.
That means only 1 roll.
Getting what we are looking for in this 1 roll is still very possible.

If I manage that, it’ll mean we won’t need to hunt tomorrow.
And everyone will be happy.

I whipped out my smartphone, and tapped the 11 consec gacha button as the girls watched over me.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver.
And stops at silver.

【R Food, R Snack, R Transceiver, R Thunder Ring, R Longsword, R Panacea, R Magic Dynamite, R Tear Gas, R Plushie, R Potion x 10, R Shampoo】


[Ahhh, the pain…]

[Looks like we’ll have to work hard tomorrow too… Okura-san, let’s do our best together through the night if need be!]

Why did it stop at silver… That’s a big hit to the confidence of my own gacha luck…

Only 1 day left… It all ends tomorrow, regardless of the outcome.





[Today… It’s the last day.
Estel, are you sure you are feeling up for this?]

[Yes, I’m alright.
I had plenty of sleep.
Rather, I’m really sorry about yesterday.
We weren’t able to earn as many manastones, due to what happened to me.]

[Don’t sweat it.
It’s the same road Noru has gone through before.
I also feel bad for not noticing it sooner.]

I told Estel she should rest but she refutes me with, “I’m not about to rest just yet after having promised my cooperation.”.

For the finale all of us went to the Orc Forest, Estel will only be buffing us, she’ll mostly be resting.

No amount of effort from the remaining 3 of us could beat the efficiency of the Northern Cave, as we slowly pile up our manastone pool.

[Okura-dono, how’s it look currently?]

[Right now… we’re at 137.]

[Which means… We’ll be hunting for a tad longer today.]

The sun was setting.
The surrounding area will be dark before long.

Just 13 more, and we’ll have enough for 3 rolls.
One last push.

[Sorry ‘bout this.
We’ll keep going for a little longer, only for today.]

[It’s all good.
But rather, I’m more amazed at Shisuha… how has she maintained her sanity despite doing nothing but hunting for the past few days?]

[Ahー, you’ll be better off not knowing.]

As the other girls are with us today, Shisuha went about her business without the maniacal laughter.

Though, she looks like she could start laughing anytime with that massive grin on her face as she hunted.

I feel like I at least deserve some praise, for having survived through 3 days of listening to Shisuha’s madness.

Our hunt continued even after the sun had completely set, I gathered up the party and made the rounds together with Lamps, it went on til we got the last 13 manastones.
We now have 150.

After which we went home, we surrounded the usual table for our last chance at rolling this Gacha.

[Alright… this, is really our last chance for this Gacha.]

[Om, nom nom, mufuー, this is truly delicious!]

[Nn… indeed it is.
I would probably cry, if we don’t get it here.]

[Haaー, I can feel the sugar seeping into my tired body.
So, who’s gonna be rolling?]

Our event hunting has concluded, the girls are now consuming the Snacks that I handed them.

A cake topped with strawberries, a fluffy waffle under a mountain of cream, and a crispy fish-shaped pastry filled with red bean paste were what appeared this time.
(ED Note: Author-san y u no juz say shortcake, cream waffle and taiyaki lul)

I handed them the confections as I thanked them for their efforts, and the 3 of them took a well deserved breather as they ate.
Noru was in her own world with the cake.

That’s enough about the food, I need to get to choosing the candidates for rolling the Gacha.

The ones I can leave the rolling to are probably…

[Mofutto and Noru rolls once each.
As for the last one… I’ll think about it when we get there.]

The 2 members of our party with the greatest luck was a no brainer.
Noru and Mofutto will lead the charge.

If even this doesn’t work, I’ll let future me think about that.

[Alright then, Mofutto! We are counting on you!]

The mighty Mofutto will be the first contender.

Looking the same as usual, with a huff, it bravely trots towards the smartphone.

Then it slowly lifts up its front paw, and taps the 11 consec button.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold, white.
And stops at white.

Is this it? Is it over?

【R Steel Sickle, SR Excali-bar, SR Explosion Tag, R Hot Ring, SR Cursed Rod, R Thin Book, SR Beacon, SR Stabilizer, R Deodorant,『SR Board Game Set』, SSR Petasos】

[Aaah!? Tha, that’s still not what we want…]

[At this rate, we…]

[Next, next! We’ll get it on the next one!]

We got an SSR, but it’s not the all important Dimension Room.
The girls were also observing the gacha results more intently, and they all expressed their own form of disappointment when we didn’t get it.

Mofutto’s turn was over.
Up next was Noru.

[Noru, it’s up to you now…]

[Noru, all of our hopes ride on you.]

[Noru-san, you are the only one we can count on.]

[Wuh, hold up!? Can the 3 of you not do that! Mo, Mofutto not you too… Th, this might be the most responsibility I have ever felt for rolling the Gacha…]

Us remaining party members each placed one hand onto Noru’s which she had placed on the table, with all of our hopes and dreams for this Gacha.
Mofutto too placed a paw down, to show its expectations for Noru.

If even Noru doesn’t get the thing, I can safely conclude that it’s our loss this time.
This can be considered to be the de facto last chance for this Gacha.

Noru awkwardly taps the 11 consec button, under the pressure of our expectant gazes.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold, white.
And stops at white.

Lucky certainly does favour her if anything.
If it doesn’t appear here, all hope might be lost.

【R Flash Bomb, SR Nike’s Shoes, R Thunder Ring, SR Gold Shoes, R A(nimal) V(ideo), R Speaker, SR Eclipse Sword, R Magic Potion x 10, SR Pot Lid,『SR Prominence Finger』, SSR LCD Monitor】

[Auu!? I, I’m really sorry…]

[Meh, don’t sweat it…]

No good.
It’s over… There’s no way we’re getting that last item.

Having given up, I rested my elbows on the table and gave myself a double facepalm.
We never had any chance to get it.

I should have backed down obediently, back when Noru spoke of giving up.
I find myself thinking, why did I go about our current marathon so forcefully.

I could feel my heart ache, just from thinking about the number of manastones that have been spent.

I had a quick glance at the girls, I couldn’t tell Noru’s expression from under her helmet, but she’s visibly depressed.

Estel sunk into her chair, looking very exhausted.

Mofutto sat down on the table and made sad sounds.

Shisuha… was the only one who appeared undaunted, as she looked at our depressed faces.

She was the only one, who doesn’t seem to have given up.
A flame still burned in her eyes.
Her unclouded sky blue eyes.

[Shisuha… you’re amazing.]

[Am I? I mean, there’s still 1 roll remaining, why are you guys acting like it’s already over?]

Hearing Shisuha’s words, I felt as though lightning coursed through me.

I see… it was “1 roll left” to me.
But for her, there was “1 more roll”.

Haha, I hate to admit it.
But Shisuha has been facing the Gacha in a more positive light than I ever have.

[Shisuha, you do the honors.]

[…Eh? M-me!?]

I picked up the smartphone from the middle of the table, and handed it to her.

It is one of my beliefs, that the Gacha smiles upon those who do not give up regardless of the situation.

[Okura-san, is something wrong? You are asking me to do the roll, have you finally lost it!?]

[No, there’s nothing wrong.
It’s just my instincts telling me that Shisuha should be the one to do this roll.]

She has yet to pull anything SSR or higher.
Naturally, she may not feel confident with her pulls.


[Where did all your earlier confidence go to! I don’t recall you being the timid type! Show us, that you’re more than that!]

I have faith in her, as she’s the only 1 among us that was able to stay level headed amidst the despair.

That’s why I’m leaving this last roll to her.

[Noru and Estel aren’t objecting amiright?]

I believe in Shisuha, she’ll get the thing.]

[I’m good with it too.
I place my trust in Onii-san’s intuition.]

I sought the compliance of the other girls, and they gave the green light.

Mofuto approached Shisuha, and bopped her where it could reach with one of its front paws too.

[I, I understand! I shall have the honor of doing this roll!]

[That’s the spirit! Come on, have at it!]

In response to our input, it felt like Shisuha seemingly powered up as she did a guts pose.

She then fearlessly taps the 11 consec button.

If the thing doesn’t get pulled here, it will be… Our complete defeat at the hands of this Gacha!

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold, white.
And stops at white.

[Nnnn!? Th, that’s… I did it! I got an SSR!]

[Oohh! Shisuha actually pulled an SSR!]

[That’s nice and all, but we don’t know if it’s the target or not.
Come on, hurry up and tap it again.]

At last, Shisuha pulled her very first SSR.
And with this kind of timing too.

Naturally, she made a big fuss about it, and Noru joined in as well.
Estel was all “It’s still too soon to celebrate”, but her anticipation towards the results could be seen from the smile on her face.

We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without a White pull, and she certainly got it.

This… is the finale! May the power of God and anime be on our side!

【R Duster, SR Escape Device, R Safe, R Snack, SR Excali-bar, R Body Soap, R Plushie, R Panacea, SR Water Bottle, SR Butterfly Grip,『SSR Dimension Room』】



・ SSR Dimension Room
・ SSR Food Vending Machine
・ SR Board Game Set
・ SR Spiked Shoulder Pads
・ SR Prominence Finger

Completion Reward
 【UR Luna・Varad】obtained.


[――Ah, eh, it came out? I got the thing.]

She tapped the screen, and checked what was pulled.

After Shisuha confirmed what was displayed, she calmly announced the result albeit with a surprised look on her face.

[UOOOOOOOOHHHH!? Shi, Shisuha, you did it!]

[That’s amazing Shisuha! That means, all of the hard work we put into this paid off!]

[Hats off to you Shisuha! You really are the type to pull through in a pinch!]

Brrrrrrrrrt IT”S HERE! It really came out! I would like to thank the producer, the director…..

I feel like taking my shirt off and dancing right now.
Not that I’m really doing it, I get treated like a weirdo enough as is.

Noru and Estel showed their joy too, they praised Shisuha while patting her on the shoulders.

Mofutto was also hopping happily on the table.

Contrary to us, Shisuha merely sat in her chair, looking at the smartphone with a bitter smile.

Delighted as we were, we exchanged perplexed looks when we noticed her reaction.

[Shisuha, aren’t you happy about what happened?]

[Ah, well, it’s just…]

[Nn? What’s wrong?]

[I wasn’t expecting it to really come out… I, I don’t know how I should be reacting to all this…]

Having only pulled SR as her highest rarity till now, she was having trouble expressing herself.

That’s, kind of understandable actually.
Despite her usual antics, she does have her share of woes.

[You should simply be happier, at times like this.
You could throw a fit when you don’t get what you want, or be super happy when you get what you want.
That is, the way of the Gacha.]

[Okura-dono always has the weirdest fits…..]

Gacha is a simple thing, you are happy when you get the thing.

There’s no need to think too hard about it.

[A, alright then… YAY I did itー! I pulled the winning draw!]

[Fumu, that’s the way things should be, yes.]

Following my advice, Shisuha did her winner’s fist pump, and began to show her joy.
I could see tears faintly welling up in her eyes.
She was actually so happy that she shed tears of joy.

And so, with this, we safely concluded our first experience with the legendary CompGacha.

Our 5 days of hard work were not in vain.

[Yay! Wohoo! Yippee!]

[Ufufu, I did it! We did it!]


[Estel? What’s up, why the difficult look on your face?]

[Oh, it’s just that I get the feeling like we’re forgetting something important here.]

Me and Shisha were holding hands and spinning around to share the joy.
(ED Note: gasp! hand holding! kyaa!)

It’s another odd one out situation, where Estel pokes her temple while deep in thought about something..

[Nn? Whatcha going on about?]

[….Ah, right.
Onii-san, how many 11 consec rolls did we do in total this time?]

[Huuuhh… 28 times.
What of it?]

I stopped my spinning, and responded to Estel’s muttering.

She then had a classic “Eureka!” moment, and asked me about the number of times we rolled in this CompGacha.

Is there something I should be worried about?

[In other words, we did 308 total rolls, right? And yet, not even 1 UR popped up.]

…..!? Wai, wuh….
Wuuuh? Did I hear that right? Or was it a mistake on my part? 308 total rolls and…..

[….Ah? Th-… 308 single rolls!? A, and 0 UR!? Isn’t that even worse than not getting the Comp!?]

We were so obsessed with getting the Comp targets, but when you think about it we really didn’t get any UR.

Dafuqwut, no UR at all in 308 rolls? Really?

[Hee, hee, huu, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?]

[C, calm down! We managed to finish the CompGacha, it’s a good outcome!]

[How can THIS be considered good! UWAAAAAAAAAAA!]

[Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed it out?]

[Ufufu, it was I, I did it.]
(ED Note: nope not DIO)

I hyperventilated for a moment, then proceeded to toss my dignity out the window and wail about on the floor.

I’m not accepting this! Were the rates lowered due to it being a CompGacha? Fug deez sheet!!

If this is really what has happened, there’s no way I’m calling this a win…..

The moment I stood up, Noru gave me another full nelson, while Estel looked at me in dismay.

I saw Shisha lovingly embrace the smartphone on her bosom while that happened, unbothered by our scuffle.

We did get what we wanted where it mattered, I should just leave it at that.




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