Gacha Girl Corps ch.6

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Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Sushi (from Guro Translation)



Chapter 6

The first adventuring experience


“So this is the Adventurer’s guild, eh?”

“It sure is lively”

The next day, we visited the Adventurers Association as planned.
After heading inside, we could see people looking at the papers which are stuck on the bulletin board, there are also others sitting around the tables chatting with each other.
Most of the adventurers seem to be using swords, shields, and axes.
I thought it would be a sausage fest in here, but surprisingly there were also women among the adventurers.
Some of them who looked in our direction were surprised to see Noru, who was standing next to me.
It was probably uncommon to see someone who is so “knightly” here.

“Excuse me, I’d like to register as adventurer.”

“Yes, then please fill out the necessary information here.”

After I talked to the receptionist, I was given a paper and a pencil.
It seems to be sufficient to just write your name, age, occupation in the entry fields.
There wasn’t much I can say about my profession for the moment.
So I’ll just leave it as warrior for the time being.
When I thought about it, there doesn’t seem to be something like Status, maybe that’s just not a thing in this world.
When I had a look Noru who was writing next to me, I got a “That’s just rude to try and look at my age!” and she hid what was written from me.
I’m sure you’re still young.

“This looks acceptable.
I will now proceed to create your nameplates, have a read at this while you wait.”

The receptionist lady confirmed the documents that we filled in, then gave me another piece of paper.
From a brief skim, an explanation about adventurers is written on it.
First up, was Adventurer ranks.
The order was A, B, C, D, E, F, and G starting from the highest.
It seems that the ranks are used as the as the standard on which requests you can receive.

The Adventurer plates are also differentiated by their color, A is gold, B is silver, C is copper, D is red, E is blue, F is green, and G is black.

Although it looks like you can take on requests that are not the same as your rank, it is usually dangerous to take requests higher than the recommended rank so it is better to refrain from doing so.
As your rank gets higher there’s also something like nomination requests.
It seems that you need to complete certain fixed requests to raise your rank.

Next, are the conditions for achieving some requests.
The herb collection and the monster subjugation requests issued by the Adventurers Guild requires the confirmation of collected items and drop items.
Requests that have a client need you to collect a certificate from the client then reporting back after that.
If you fail to complete requests multiple times, you might be stripped of your adventurer’s plate.
It should also be noted, that your registration will also be erased if you do not take on any requests for a long period of time.

“Sorry for the wait.
This here, are the nameplates of Okura-sama and Fagna-sama.
You start from G rank, and your nameplate will be seized if you do not take on any requests within 10 days.
If you lose the nameplate, you need to pay 1000G to have it reissued.”

“Well, you heard it Noru, don’t lose it.”

“Just what do you take me for…?”

I received a black plate about 4 cm in size.
On the plate, was Okura and something else like a code written in the world’s language.
I felt the chills when I thought about what if I didn’t get the book of language from the Gacha.
I can’t read this stuff..

“Hmmm, there’s quite the variety.
Should we stick to Goblins to be safe?”

“I’m okay even if we went for Orcs.”

We promptly went and had a look at the requests on the bulletin board.
I confirmed all the available G rank requests, there’s only herb collection and requests involving carrying stuff.
The amount of reward money is also low at around 2,000 G.
I had a look at the subjugation requests, Goblin subjugation is F, and Orc subjugation is D rank.
The reward money is 5,000 G and 10,000 G respectively.
We just need to show the drop items, which are the fangs, as proof, after that we can sell the stuff at the general store if we wanted.
Wouldn’t bringing the stuff back first, then bringing the items to check in again another day work? When I thought about that, I saw the warning note that your nameplate will be seized if you were found out.
They probably had some kind of method, to differentiate items that have been brought in before..

“Guess we’ll be doing the goblin and orc subjugations.”

Like hell I’ll be doing the recommended G rank herb collection requests.
I’ll be able to gain levels faster, and this is way more efficient in terms of earning money too.
You complete both requests once after subjugating 15 goblins and 5 Orcs.


“Alright, 1 more down.”

“It’s another Orc meat~”

About an hour’s walk from Brunne and we reached some kind of a forest.
This place seems to be the where the monsters respawn, no matter how many goblins we defeat they just keep coming one after another from the back of the forest.
An orc comes out every so often, but it gets insta-killed by Noru.

“Just how many of them are there… They just keep coming out of the forest…”

“It is said that monsters spawn limitlessly.
Ah, here comes more…”

I think it has been about an hour since we came here? Over 30 goblins have come out just from us being near the forest.
There was around five orcs as well.
The total number of fangs gathered is 35.
There are 5 clubs and 2 orc meats, we have already surpassed the number we have hunted previously.
Although I can slay them in a single blow this has gotten tiring somewhat.
This time I get to handle the goblins while Noru cleans up the orcs.
The orc that got it’s head lopped off the moment it appeared has my condolences.

“Nn? Isn’t there a black one mixed in?”

“Ah! That is a Black Orc! It’s a rare mob! Rare!”

Among the many goblins that were running out was the Black Orc.
The Black Orc wields a black club, and has fangs which were overdeveloped when compared to an ordinary Orc.
With a red glow in it’s eyes, this signifies that it is a strong enemy.
That was what it was trying to convey to us.
Here I thought this was going to be a fierce battle and prepared myself for it, but I was wrong.
As soon as it come out, Noru went “This is a rare one~!” and made a dash toward the Black Orc and lopped it’s head off.
I felt like falling over from seeing how indifferent Noru was at handling it compared to the normal ones.

“Normally it would be a hard fight… Right? Is this really a rare species?”

“Oho~! Black Orc’s meat get! Okura-dono, let’s have orc meat steak today! ”

“Is it ok to eat monster meat? ”

“What are you saying? Orc meat is classified under food ingredients”

She happily returned hugging the drop item from the black orc she felled.
Looks like she really wants to eat it.
If you were to think of orc is normal pork, then black orc is black pork? That does sound delicious.
It’s kinda surprising to think this is classified as a food ingredient.

“Nn? What’s this?”

“What’s the matter?”

Suddenly, the smartphone I put in my pocket vibrated.
When I took it out and looked at the screen, there was a 1 displayed in the present BOX on the upper right.

“Ah, I-it’s increasing! The manastones is increasing!”

“Eh, it that true?!”

When I checked what was inside the box, it was displayed as one magic stone.
Oh! We finally obtained a magic stone!

“Maybe it’s that, because we defeated a black orc?

“It might be possible that magic stones are earned if we defeat a rare species.

Then let’s keep hunting for today!”

“Ok then! I’m go~ing! ”

Having found out one of the methods to obtaining magic stones, our tension rocketed up.
At last, the time has come to finally be able to roll the gacha again.
For several hours, we continued hunting orcs and goblins until the evening.

Haa… Looks like we overdid it a little.”

“Ugh…i-it’s heavy…”

We somehow managed to return to the city of Brunne before the sun set.
I’m carrying the small bag that Noru previously used, and Noru has the big bag that we bought yesterday.
Both are filled to the seams..
After that first black orc, we defeated an additional 60 goblins, 10 orcs and 4 black orcs.
In total, 90 goblin fangs, 15 orc fangs, 5 black orc fangs, 15 clubs, 6 orc meat, 1 black club and 2 black orc meat were collected.
And there was the 5 magic stones which was our best haul.
We put in a little too much effort.
The orc meat was tightly packed in the bag carried by Noru.
That wasn’t the kind of weight I can carry.

“E-excuse me, we have came to report for today’s requests.”

“Eh, ah, yes.
Let’s see, you are Okura-sama and Fagna-sama who registered today right? What’s with that luggage….?”

“We put in a little too much effort in our hunting today.
Please confirm the drop items as proof for the requests which we received today.”

We entered the Adventurers Guild, and proceeded to show the fangs at the reception for subjugation confirmation.
Which are the fangs from 90 goblins and 20 orcs.
The face of the receptionist who was checking went pale after seeing the amount.
Was it a little too much?
All of the fangs were carried to the back room for confirmation, after which we received our reward which totalled to 6 times of goblin subjugation and the 4 times of orc subjugation, the total reward was 70,000 G.
Additionally we are also promoted to F rank.

“Th-these are black orc’s fangs!? Moreover five of them… So much orc meat too… Oh, there is even the club made from hardwood too… You two are amazing.“

After that we left the adventurer’s guild, and went to the general store to sell our loot.
The shop owner who saw the drop items, was all excited as he rummaged through the items one after another.

“Are Black Orcs really that strong?”

“You, the subjugation requests are rank D for them so of course they’re strong.
Even D rank adventurers need a proper party with members fulfilling certain roles to properly defeat them.
Do you two happen to be very strong adventurers? ”

” No, we were just lucky… ”

This female knight next to me is able to insta-kill them by herself….
So that monster was supposed to be that strong?
As expected the possibility that the standards of this world and our current status are considerably different have emerged.
I might even be considered strong in this world.
If possible i want to check the specifics for the statuses but I have no way to do that as of now.
A basic buff in GC would be offensive power = base attack + weapon attack and the buff effect.
The boost from the buff is added last and then the total is calculated.
Noru is over 4000 to begin with so is it something like 6000-ish after calculating in the 40% buff?
So if she were to use a skill she would get over 10000.
She’s gonna be able to defeat a dragon by herself at this point.

We kept one black orc meat and sold the rest, that brings our total earnings from selling loot to 112,000 G.
Today’s total earnings was 182,000 G.
We got ourselves lots of leeway from the get go.
Next, we purchased 2 plain clothes per person which was 4 plain clothes and another big bag, after that we decided to return to the inn for today.

“Excuse me, is it alright for us to stay overnight today too?”

“Ah, yes.
It’s okay.”

“There’s also something else that I would like to request, is it okay? We’d like to have this meat cooked for our dinner… “

“I-is that black orc’s meat!?”

When I entered the inn, the same woman from yesterday is greeted us.
Once again, we signed in our names in the paper at the counter.

While doing that, I asked if we could use the black orc meat for our dinner.
When I took out the black orc meat which we didn’t sell in the general store, the women was surprised.
Was this stuff really that unusual?

“Ah, right, you can have the remaining meat so will it be alright?”

When i said I’d let them have the remainder, the woman had a really happy face and said ‘Leave it to me!’ and carried the meat into the back room.
Now then, guess I’ll go have a bath while i wait for dinner to be served.

“Nn~ This is delicious~”

“Umu, it’s definitely delicious even though i find this somewhat hard to accept…”

I felt uneasy because it was monster meat.
There was a time when I thought like that.
This is delicious.
The black orc meat which was cooked in steak style was delish.
This wasn’t something you could imagine from it’s appearance, but normal pigs work similarly…

“By the way, I have a request for you, could you say this line? I want you to say it with as frustrating a voice as possible”

“Etto… Kuh, Kill me! … What is this about?”

A Female Knight and an Orc.
I can’t help myself to not listening this combination.
Though the orc is the one being eaten by the female knight right now.





Nor · Fagna
Level 7
HP 1580
MP 140
Attack power 360
Defense power 270
Agility 64
Magic resistance 30
Cost 15

【Leader 】 Okura Heihachi
Level 6
HP 720
MP 70
Attack power 230
Defense power 170
Agility 29
Magic resistance 10

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