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Chapter 67 – The Struggle for “Complete” Part 1

[Alright, time for a strategy meeting.]

[That was a quick switch of gears…]

After finishing our CompGacha session with an explosive failure, I calmed down, sat my ass back on my chair and did a Gendou pose.

I then gazed at the girls, intent on discussing our available options on collecting manastones.

[Okura-dono, let’s just fall back this time! Besides aren’t you satisfied, after rolling that much?]

[No can do! We have already spent all those manastones! There’s no way I’m letting this go!]

[Just let it go! I will not take part in this strategy meeting!]

Noru audibly slammed on the table, showing her desperation in getting me to fold.
However, I’m not about to give up just because of that.

We’ve used that many manastones… I’m not giving up, not when there’s only 1 target left.
Giving up now would be the same as walking away from a crane game prize that got stuck at the prize hole.

I’m not about to do something like that.

[What is going on, Noru-san?]

[Speaking of which, Shisuha doesn’t know about what happened before.
Well, I haven’t had the chance to experience it myself either.]

[Uuuu… a situation very similar to this has happened before.]

Shisuha doesn’t properly understand, why Noru is having such an adverse reaction to the current unfolding situation.

To her, Noru began speaking of what happened at that time.

Muu… Noru has more or less accepted our regular manastone farming antics, but she isn’t about to cave in this time.
With our current predicament as tight as it is….
Her fears of “that” happening again aren’t unfounded.

If you think about it this way, I can’t really fault Noru for reacting like this.

[Ohhh… Those were some mighty fun times you all had.]

[There was nothing fun about it…]

I braced myself for Shisuha to give a reaction similar to Estel’s when she was told the story, but she just had to come out of left field.

For her to have the impression of “Fun” after hearing Noru’s flashback… It really shows I shouldn’t be expecting common sense from Shisuha.

Well, it’s convenient for me though.
If it’s her, I get the feeling that she’ll be able to do brain dead levels of grinding with me.

[So then, Onii-san? What is this strategy you wanted to talk about?]

[E, Estel! You mustn’t hear him out! We stand at the cusp of the point of no return!]

[It’ll be fine.
Honestly, I’m also quite frustrated at the results.
It’s still not too late to back out after hearing what Onii-san has to say, right?]

[Uuuuー, but…]

[Noru-san, let’s just hear what he has to say.]

[…..I understand.]

Noru may have stubbornly rejected even hearing what I had to say, but reluctantly gave in after listening to Estel’s and Shisuha’s opinions.

It‘s probably the difference between “someone who has actually experienced it” and “those who have only heard about it”.
Maybe I should reduce the intensity compared to last time?

If the 2 of them also become traumatized like Noru, manastone grinding might become impossible.

[Nn, cough.
Now then, do hear me out.]

With reference to what has just transpired, I speak of my intended hunting plans.

If I went about this without a proper plan, it will only bring us down the path of ruin much like me overspending my magic(credit) cards.
The nights where I drown my pillow in tears after looking at my bills are supposed to be over.

This Gacha has a duration of 6 days including today.
As it has passed midnight right now the system might consider 1 day has passed, so I should think of it as a 5 day duration instead.
It would be a problem if I formed my plans on a mistaken timespan.

First would be the hunting ground, we won’t be looking for a new hunting ground.

Rather than wasting precious time looking for a new area to hunt in, it’s just safer to grind up in the places we are already familiar with.
That means, the candidates would be the Northern Cave, Goblin and Orc Forest, and the Lemuri Mountain Range.

The Lemuri Mountains are out of question if we take efficiency into account.
‘Cause It takes much more time to kill the relevant mobs there.
That leaves us with 2 remaining options.

During our regular hunting trips, we get an average of 7 manastones per hour at the Northern Cave.
With reference to my previous experience, it’s about 5 per hour for the Orc Forest.

If I was forced to choose I’d pick the Northern Cave.
However, that also means 10 hours of hunting would equate to a flat 70 manastones.

There’s no way to improve the efficiency, as it’s the highest possible we can achieve currently.

The zone itself isn’t exactly very spacious, there aren’t enough scorpions that spawn naturally to bait, and even if we somehow managed to increase the number it would only serve to increase the burden on Estel.

So I Heihachi have come up with a breakthrough.
We should just hunt at both of the locations.

Estel and one other person as the lure completes the cycle at the Northern Cave.
That means there’ll be 2 members remaining twiddling our thumbs.

Therefore, the 2 remaining members should go to the Orc Forest.
Our manastone farming efficiency would increase considerably just from that.
It has also been proven in the Labyrinth, that I get manastone income from party members that aren’t together with me.

Those were the points that I passionately conveyed to the girls.

[That about sums up what I have come up with.
Any comments or questions?]

[Noru huh, what is it?]

[What about the option of giving up?]

Please understand.]

[N, nuuuuuー]

Even after hearing all that I have said, Noru was still reluctant about giving in.

Uーmu, are there really no workable options I can use to persuade her.

[Noru-san is still being negative about it.
Why are you so against this?]

[T, that’s because….
Well think about it.
We have already done 18 consec rolls already, but we still couldn’t get all the target items.
Just how many more times would we need to roll, just to get all of them?]

[What if it comes out on the next roll?]

[There you go again with that brain dead logic, I can see it already, us hunting up until the very last moment of the time limit…]

That’s certainly very possible… However we have already reached this point with our pulls, I’m not letting it end like this.

No matter what, I’m going to welcome Luna-chan into my party!

[I understand where Noru’s coming from.
But, I would really appreciate it if you could set that aside and lend me a helping hand.
After it is all over, I’ll do anything you want so long as it is within my ability.]

I would be very troubled if she bails on me, so I pleaded my case to her with all the sincerity I could smush her with.

Noru’s body visibly shook in reaction, after hearing my plea.

[Anything… I want…?]

[Onii-san, I take it that that applies to all of us yes?]

[Ah, yeah, sure.]

[Fufu, then count me in.
I’ll lend you a helping hand.]

Noru puts a hand under her chin and goes “Hmmmmmm…”.
Estel on the other hand, showed interest in my proposition as she propped herself up using the table .

She agrees to help with a cutesy smile… which might be bad news for me.
If she’s already this happy right now, I don’t really want to know what she plans to make me do.
Woe is me.

[Anything, eh? It has such a nice ring to it.
I’ll cooperate too, Okura-san.]

[O, oh, thanks.]

Shisuha smiles and gives her okay as well, after saying something ominous.

Geh… I might actually be more afraid of her than Estel.

I have no other choice but to resolve my future self and see this through, for the sake of the CompGacha.
Regardless of what their plans for me are…

[So then Noru, what about you?]

[Muuu… Very well.
I shall help as well.]

[Aw yus! You girls are lifesavers!]

Perhaps due to the 2 other girls accepting, Noru ended up giving in reluctantly.

Phew… with this the hunting can proceed as planned.
I may be afraid of what the girls have in store for me, but I have given up on thinking about that.

I’m forcing the girls into doing something unreasonable for me, it’s only normal that I give them a worthy compensation.


Day 1.

The next morning, at the time the sun begins to rise, we too begin moving out for the grind.

My Beacons are now usable from the comfort of our own home, so I started by sending Estel’s team to the Northern Cave.
It’s great to have a home.

I had a look at the remaining duration for the gacha first thing in the morning, the display read “5 days remaining”.

Apparently the Gacha duration started counting down on the day it appeared.
How stingy.

[Alright then, let’s give it our best for this grind!]

[Okura-dono… So you really equipped that eh…]

[Yeah, it looks cool don’t it?]

[You say it looks cool… I can almost see you going “HYAHAHー!” already.]

The Gacha gave us new equipment, I’m just making use of the stuff.

Numerous almost 20cm long spikes are attached onto the black colored pauldrons.

They looked mighty cool to me, but Noru’s reaction seemed to imply otherwise… I wonder why.


Spiked Shoulder Pads



It increases attack too, I’d say it’s decent gear at least.
I can probably do some damage if I tackled an enemy with this.

[Uuuu… It’s really happening again…]

After sending Estel and Shisuha to the Northern Cave, I went to the Orc Forest with Noru.

Noru started groaning the moment we arrived at the forest, likely from remembering past events.

I could have come here with Shisuha instead, though Noru and Shisuha have already decided to take turns swapping the roles of being the lure at the Cave and hunting at the Orc Forest.

Shisuha is borrowing my Sacred Fabric and Defense Bracelet too, so she’s decked out for her role as the lure.

[Noru, you have become even stronger than before, won’t you be able to go even faster this time around?]

[I was already instagibbing the Black Orcs back then, I don’t think there’ll be much of a difference.]

Hmmー, Noru’s stats have grown significantly, so I thought that her hunting speed would be faster than before… But I guess things don’t work that way?

[Alright then…Noru will do the rounds here, here, and here.
I will be hunting at other spots.]

[Eh? Are we not hunting together?]

[Don’t be daft.
My levels and gear are way better now compared to back then.
So of course we are splitting up.]

I needed several attacks to kill a single Black Orc by myself back then, pretty sure I can kill them in 1 or 2 hits now.

That’s why the plan this time is to split up, and sweep across a multitude of different spawn points.
Shisuha will be doing the same too when it’s her turn to hunt here.

With this our efficiency will… not double, but it certainly will increase.

[….Oh Okura-dono, your wobbly legs have grown strong.
Being able to watch over your growth like this, it almost brings a tear to my eye.]

[You ain’t my Mom! Don’t get all woozy on me just yet!]

Noru looked at me while nodding her head, with her arms crossed.

I’m happy that you are praising me, but couldn’t you word it more normally.

After that exchange our hunting began as per usual.

Me and Noru cycle around 3 spawn points, cleaning up every Goblin and Black Orc that pops out along the way.

I am able to kill the Black Orcs in a single blow too now, perhaps due to Noru’s passive buff.

However, compared to when the 2 of us were making the rounds together, we are taking more time to kill all the spawned Goblins and Orcs, so I can’t really call this “double” the efficiency.

Even then, it’s still better than the 2 of us sticking together.

As for the item drops, we aren’t bothering to pick them up this time.

Rather than wasting time doing that, our efforts are focused on getting that 1 more manastone.

[Okura-dono, it’s getting dark.
Let’s call it a day…]

[Kuh, we are nowhere near done.
We have only gotten 114 stones so far!]

[That’s more than enough for a day… The work does feel easier than before, but this machine-like way of hunting doesn’t mix well with me…..]

About 10 hours have passed since we started hunting.
When I looked up at the sky, the color of sunset was setting in.

It has been a day of eviscerating Goblins and Orcs with Excali-bar, with the occasional shoulder tackle to crush heads too.

Noru approaches me to notify me that daylight was almost over.
A look at the manastone counter, shows the number had increased to 128.

We have managed to grind 114 manastones in one day… Not counting the Labyrinth, this is the highest number of manastones we have gained in a day.

However, this trifling amount was nowhere near enough for my quest to conquer the CompGacha.
More, we need to grind even more manastones.

As I was thinking about that, my smartphone vibrated.
A look at the screen, showed an incoming call from Estel via transceiver.

『Onii-san, let’s call it a day for today.
I’m exhausted.』

I, too, have been doing nothing but running, the whole day….』

[Muu… alright.
Let’s finish up for today.]

Apparently the other team was reaching their limits.

I did think it was a bad idea to overdo it yesterday… We’ll call it a day as suggested.

[Now then, let’s do some Gacha rolls with what we got today!]

[Please, let our suffering end with this.]

[sigh, we went at it(hunt) for more than twice the amount of time than we usually do, I’m beat.]

[Somehow, it still feels like Scorpions are chasing me from behind…]

After picking up Estel’s team, we headed back home.
When we got home, we sat in our chairs around the usual table, to start today’s gacha rolling session.

Noru puts her hands together as if praying, the tired Estel slumped on her chair covering her eyes with one of her arms, while Shisuha was rubbing her own arms with her own hands to stave off the shivers.

This was the first time we have hunted for such a long period of time, Estel appears to be particularly tired.
I should avoid overworking her.

[Alright, we’re gonna roll with the manastones we earned today.
Noru will roll today.]

[Roger that! Come on, gimme the good stuff!]

It’s rolling time for today.
We have 2 rolls.
If we get the Dimension Room here, then the grind ends today.
We’ll be freed from the agony.

Noru’s motivation appears to revolve around this logic, hence her high tension.

Noru dynamically taps the 11 consec button, while doing an energetic “Uooooohhh!”.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold.
Then stops at gold.

【R Food, SR Beacon, R Potion × 10, R Greatsword, SR Excali-bar, SR Explosive Tag, R Thin Book, SR Corona Ring, R Hot Ring, R Flash Bomb,『SR Spiked Shoulder Pads』】

[Uuuー, that’s not it! Why does this one keep appearing!]

[It’s one of the targets… but we’re really getting a lot of dupes of this one.]

Noru flailed her arms, clearly upset.

It’s the Spiked Shoulder Pads again… It’s popping out almost as often as Excali-bar.
Ah, we got another Excali-bar too.

It might be another piece of gear that’s cursed to appear often… I’ll at least get stronger with it so there’s that.

The upset Noru quickly calmed down, and tapped the 11 consec Gacha button once more.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold.
Then stops at gold.

【R Snack, SR Gem of Life, R Plushsie, R Junk Ring, SR Escape Device, R Panacea, SR Waist Pouch, R Smoke Bomb, R Camping Set, SR Pot Lid】

[Auu!? It’s a gold chest again…]

[Noru’s on an unlucky streak…]

Kuh, the desire sensor must have detected Noru’s aim…

At this rate, maybe I should get Mofutto to roll tomorrow? Mofutto shouldn’t be affected by the desire sensor among the party members.

[This means we’ll have to do this again tomorrow…]

[It’s my turn to go to the Orc Forest tomorrow, right?]

Estel frowned with a dark expression, at the situation which couldn’t be ended today.

Shisuha didn’t look as affected in comparison, and almost seemed to be looking forward to tomorrow.
Her positivity might really be number 1 among us…


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