Paper, R Wind Ring, SR Caduceus Emblem, R Sleeping Bag, SR Nike’s Shoes】

Still no target items yet, but that can’t be helped.
Nothing is ever that easy.

She continues to her 2nd and 3rd rolls, the results were 1 gold and 1 white chest.

【R Gold Bullion, SR Pot Lid, R Food, R Flash Bomb, SR Beacon, R Long Coat, SR Waist Pouch, R Hot Ring, SR Shura Fist, R Long Sword, SR Escape Device】

【R Junk Ring, SR Excali-bar, R Snack,『SR Board Game Set』, R Panacea, SR Jewel of Life, R Bowgun, SR Angel’s Raiment, R Hataki, SR Butterfly Grip, SSR Adamant Armor】

[Ara, looks like I got one.]

[Wha, what happened to being not luckyー!]

[That’s 1 item down!]

We have obtained the SR Board Game Set, one of the “Complete” targets.

Estel isn’t a resident of the Gacha bog like I am, but even I can tell she’s happy about getting one of the target items

Shisuha groaned and griped when she saw the target appear.
She’s really having the time of her life isn’t she.

[Mufufu, it’s my turn next.]

[Noru has been getting good results almost every time.
I’m looking forward to this.]

[T, that’ll only make me nervous, if you say something like that…]

Noru receives the smartphone from Estel, who has finished her rolls.

She is a promising new star who has left numerous feats in her Gacha career.
The one-two combination of Noru and Moffuto have been the greatest contributors to our Gacha results thus far.

I myself could be prouder of my own Gacha pulling history, if only I didn’t get so many dupe URs…

Having received the smartphone, she promptly taps the 11 consec button.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold.
Then stops at gold.

【R Snack, SR Jewel of Healing, R Smokeball, R Panacea, SR Excali-bar, R Stimulant, R Thunder Ring, R Steel Sickle, SR Basho Fan, R Steel Axe,『SR Spiked Shoulder Pads』】

[Ah, I got one.]

[S, she got 1 of the targets on her first roll!?]

[As usual, RNG is on Noru’s side.]

Lo and behold she pulled 1 of the target items, the SR Spiked Shoulder Pads on her first roll.

Seriously Noru’s Gacha luck is incredible.
How can she be this lucky!

She then proceeds to her 2nd and 3rd rolls.

The results were 1 gold and 1 white chest.

【R Chrome Armor, SR Excali-bar, R Potion x10, SR Guardian Ring, R Shuriken, SR Thick Book, R Food, SR Hi-Potion x10, SR Twin Sabers, SR Beacon, R Dagger】

【R Food, SR Stabilizer, R Magic Dynamite, R Estoc, SR Prominence Rod, SR Francesca, R Telescope, R Hataki, SR Magic Blade, SR Beacon, 『SSR Food Vending Machine』】

[Oh, I got another one!]

[Wha, what a huge difference… And it’s an SSR too… If I prayed to Noru-san, would I get to share some of her luck?]

[Noru is really amazing… Now I really want a bit of that Gacha luck.
I can make a luck boosting drink with a tiny bit of your nail clippings so gimme some!]

[Ah, I want to drink that too!]

[Wha, hold on you two, please calm down! Ah, wai, d, don’t come after me like that!]

Why, just why does Noru always get the good pulls! I’m absolutely certain that RNGesus is biased to her.

Rather than making a drink, I’m starting to think it would be better to just suck the luck out of her fingers directly.

Shisuha appeared to have noticed the same thing, so she and I got up from our chairs, and started chasing Noru around.

Noru defended herself from our advances with both her hands, I then went “Hyahha!” and tried to pounce her, but I was intercepted by an anti-air dekopin.
(ED Note: do a google image search of デコピン for reference)

Since I am not wearing my helmet while at home, it was quite painful.

Seeing how I ended up, Shisuha was quick to return to her seat… What a girl.

[Good grief… you two do all the weirdest things when it’s somehow related to the Gacha.]

[Oof…a, anyway that’s the 3rd item… It doesn’t seem so impossible after all?]

[Right, I’m sure Onii-san’s worries are unfounded.]

[There’s 3 remaining rolls for Mofutto and 6 for Okura-san.
We have 3 items after doing half of our rolls, I’m pretty sure we can get all the items.]
(ED Note: flag collected!)

We have pulled 2 SR and 1 SSR of the required items.
Only 1 SR and 1 SSR remain.

This is going much better than I thought it would.
And there haven’t been any dupes so far either.
(ED Note: another flag!!)

It may be possible, that this GC Gacha has been set to not have dupes? Well, I guess I should apologize to the horrible management if this is true.

You guys are amazing, oh wonderful management Gods.
Now I’m super sure we can Complete this, with our remaining manastones.

[Alright, now it’s Mofutto’s turn! Let’s go, Mofutto!]

[I think about it every time, why do you not just place it right before the smartphone.]

[And miss the build up where it trots up to the smartphone? Surely you jest!]

[Ah, I guess there’s that…]

Noru lifts Mofutto up and places it on the table.
Mofutto then majestically trots forward, to the center of the table where the smartphone was placed.

I pointed out the thing about placement, but Noru quickly dismisses me.

Mofutto reaches the smartphone, then carefully taps the 11 consec button.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold.
Then stops at gold.

【R Spatter, SR Pot Lid, SR Tomahawk, R Food, SR Ring of Happiness, R Flashbomb, SR Escape Device, R Snack, SR Guardian Ring, R Plushie,『SR Prominence Finger』】

[Uoohh!? Mofutto got 1 of the target items on the first roll as well!? Our lord and savior Mofutto! Lemme give u some rubs―― Fugohh!?]

[What are you doing! If you rub Mofutto so forcefully you’ll damage its fur! Yeesh, now the fur I put all that effort into maintaining is ruined…]

[Ouch… S, sowwee…]

Having obtained one of the target items, the SR Prominence Finger, I gave Mofutto a big hug and a thorough rubbing as a reward.
But Mofutto yelped at my overly excessive reward.

Shortly after, I got hit by another dekopin from Noru.
It’s so powerful that I’m probably the only one here who can survive getting hit by it…

Noru retrieves Mofutto from me, where it whimpers in her embrace.
She really has become its owner now, since she is the one who grooms and feeds it all the time.

After that slight sidetrack, we continued to roll, and the results were 1 gold and 1 white chest.

【R Gold Bullion, SR Gold Mace, R Food, SR Excali-bar, R Lamp, SR Staff of Affection, R Rubber, SR Air Rope, R Tiara, SR Water Bottle, R Plushie】

【R Naginata, SR Eclipse Sword, SR Prominence Rod, R Gauntlet, SR Waist Pouch, R Perfume, SR Escape Device, R Camping Set, SR Excali-bar, SSR Platinum Helm】

[Ouuー, Mofutto only managed to get 1 in the end.]

[That’s still something.
I get the feeling we’ll end up using all of our remaining rolls, but I think we can manage to get everything.]

With this, we are on the final stretch.
All that remains is the SSR Dimension Room.
This is a win, I mean, it’s almost a win.
(ED Note: he really likes collecting all dem flags doesnt he? lmao)

I was worried about the rates for this Complete Gacha, but turns out it wasn’t all that bad.

Maybe this Gacha was given welfare rates, as a sign of goodwill from the management.

[Finally it’s my turn… 6 remaining rolls, let’s finish this with a happy ending!]

Only my rolls remain.
This is where I get a dynamic finish, and show the girls who’s the real boss when it comes to Gacha luck.

sigh I should’ve done a Heihachi Festival if I knew this is how it would turn out.

Certain that victory is at hand, I trivially tapped the 11 consec Gacha button.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold.
Then stops at gold.

【R Magic Potion x 10, R Sleeping Medicine, SR Excali-bar, R Food, SR Nike’s Shoes, R A(nimal) V(ideo), SR Spike Shield, R Bento Box, SR Stabilizer, R Chakram,『SR Spiked Shoulder Pads』】

[….Eh? I, it’s a dupe!?]

[Geh… D, does this mean dupes are a thing now!?]

[And at such timing too… We can’t back down now.]

[We have already come this far after 13 rolls…]

Bam, the SR Spiked Shoulder Pads made its appearance once again.

We haven’t gotten any dupes up til now, so why now of all times!?

Nuuuu… I was so certain we could pull this off if dupes don’t appear… I was too naive.

We have committed ourselves to this.
5 rolls to go.

I must get our victory in these last 5 rolls no matter what.

Following that, I did 3 rolls.
All three were gold chests.

【R Snack, SR Guardian ring, R Dagger, SR Beacon, R Nutrient, SR Butterfly Grip, R Iron Sword, SR Hi-Potion × 10, R Sleeping Bag, SR Ring of Affection, R Panacea】

【R Ice rod, SR Pot Lid, R Naginata, R Dagger, R Iron Armor, SR Autoguard Sphere, R Camping Set, R Potion × 10, SR Eclipse Sword, R Sleeping Bag, 『SR Spiked Shoulder Pads 』】

【R Bone Ring, SR Philosopher’s Stone, R Slipper, SR Pot Lid, R Stove, R Knife, SR Jewel of Affection, R Magic Potion × 10, SR Magic Shield, R Chrome Armor, SR Francesca】

[Ah, ah, ah, only 2 left… What should I do.]

[We must avoid getting dupes, and get the final required item…]

[This is the situation you were afraid of happening isn’t it, Onii-san?]

[I certainly had a faint expectation of this happening… but seriously, why now…]

[The timing was overwhelmingly impeccable.]

The sudden timing of the dupe appearing has me suspicious of whether there was some form of manipulation of the Gacha rates.

But when you think about it, the odds of us getting 1 of everything is an even rarer occurrence.
How many times would we need to roll to pull that 1 last item?

My naive assumption of there being no dupes is the cause of all this despair… We had a fast one pulled on us this time.

We are long past the point of no return.
Just 1 more, we only need 1 more item!

I did another roll, the result was a gold chest.

【R Mask, SR Hi-Potion x 10, R Iron Spear, R Panacea, SR Four-Dimensional Trash Bin, SR Skull Ring, R Sandals, SR Luxurious Lamp, R Energy Drink, SR Pot Lid,『SR Prominence Finger』】

[Ah, this is bad.
This is really bad.]

[I, it’s another target, but it’s a dupe….]

[O, only 1 roll left… Hnnghh…]

[No, it’s still too early to give up.
Let us believe in Onii-san’s luck.]

1――roll remains.
I’m gonna entrust everything I have, to this 1 last roll.

My breathing became rougher as I focused on that thought.
My body trembled.

Please, pleeeease….! RNJesus, Gods, please, let me have this victory…..!


[Wha, what!?]

I roared.
I roared from the bottom of my stomach.

It almost felt like my life flashed past me, as I put all my feelings and emotions into my fingertip.

Then I moved my arm, all for the sake of rolling the Gacha.

My finger propelled towards the 11 consec button with all my hopes and dreams behind it, all the while when the girls were all surprised at my sudden outburst.

The display on my smartphone changed, to show that the last of our manastones have been used.

A treasure chest is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold, white.
And stops at white.

It’s here, it’s gotta be here! It must be the SSR Dimension Room! There’s no doubting this!

I did it, I really did it! I have achieved victory!

As I shook in joy, I tapped the screen once more to show what I just got.

【R Iron Spear, SR Guardian Ring, R Flash Bomb, SR Magic Shield, R Snack, R Hot Ring, SR Excali-bar, R Rinse, R Panacea, SR Beacon, SSR Grimoire『Superbia』】

[…..Wuh?…..Whaaaaaaaat!? What, how did something unrelated appear!? AAaaaAAhhHH!]

What the actual fuck!? Why, why did I get an entirely different SSR!

Unable to accept what just happened, I began mashing the 11 consec button while screaming.
But, the gacha did not respond as there weren’t enough manastones left.

Large droplets of my mantears were plopping onto the screen of my smartphone.

[Wha, Okura-dono!? What are you doing!? There are not enough manastones left! You can’t roll the Gacha anymore, no matter how much you do that! You’ll break it if you keep doing that!]

[AAAaaaaHhh! Let me go, let me gooooー!?]

[HIs brain couldn’t handle the shock… How sad.]

[This is the first time I have seen him lose his mind like this, it’s more terrible than what I had imagined…]

Noru had to give me a full nelson from behind, to stop me from mashing the smartphone.
I continued struggling regardless, but was unable to break free from her clutch.

We have managed to get workable results with the gacha thus far.
But, is giving up our only choice this time?

Having finally accepted that nothing could be done now, my head cooled down rapidly.
My struggling body also calmed down in unison, as did my heart.

I then racked my now calm head for a solution, and then I remembered a certain something.

There’s 6 days until this Gacha expires.
I did find it strange that this Gacha didn’t have a more limited duration, could it be that this possibility was taken into account from the very start…?

Not counting today, there are still 5 more days….
is doing “that” the only way?

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