Chapter 60 – To the Orc Forest

It is the following day after I tried and used the House Extension.
I was relaxing in my house which has now been fully furnished into a proper home.

Hoo, what a time to be alive and have my own home.
It has been constructed quite some time ago but it is still a nice house nonetheless.

We are currently all seated around the living room table, and yesterday was quite the ride after what happened.
We had to buy and transport the furniture ourselves, then bringing everything into the house used up the rest of the entire day.

Thanks to the Power Bracelet, I was able to carry the beds and the tables by myself, the heavy lifting is mostly easier than back in my original world.
Although we ended up attracting attention when we rented a cart to carry the goods there wasn’t anything we could do about that.

[Okura-dono, are you really okay with the arrangements?]

[Aah, no problem.
I’m fine with sleeping on the floor.]

The house currently has 3 rooms.
I added the additional Room after the test run with the Path.
This added room has no windows with white walls, ceiling and also has flooring.
I think it has the width of 10 tatami mats.
It seemed to have something like a ventilation fan so there’s air circulation… You just don’t know where it is connected to.

The new room is wider and cleaner than the original rooms, it makes you think just how magical the Gacha items are.
The room cost a good amount of points, but I suppose it’s well worth it.

So, there are 3 rooms.
I’ve decided to let the girls occupy them all.
I have no room of my own.
At first they wanted me to use the added room, but I insisted on yielding the rooms to the girls.

Being able to fap in my own private room is nice and all, but I’m in no rush to solve this unimportant problem.
So until I get my own room, I’ll just be sleeping on the living room sofa or roll around somewhere on the floor inside my sleeping bag.

I have been using the sleeping bag lots, but I’d like to give the girls priority for such things.

[Is it really alright for me to use that room?]

[It is fine.
I am content with just having a room.]

[I’m okay with it too.
I’m the same as Okura-san I don’t mind sleeping on the floor.]

From the result of the conversation, Estel is the one who uses the expanded Room, so Noru and Shisuha are the ones using the remaining original rooms in the house.
I let the girls decide on the room arrangements so I don’t really know the details myself, though it seems they managed to settle it peacefully.

Although Shisuha says she doesn’t mind sleeping on the floor like I do, I really want the girls to sleep on proper beds.
Girls shouldn’t be doing things that a filthy male like me does.

[Well then, our base is in order so what are our plans for the future?]

[Uーmu… there’s still the need to further expand the base, so perhaps we should make more preparations to roll the Gacha?]

The chain of events that followed from the Item Gacha ended up with us purchasing a house, not that I was aiming to do so.

So I was trying to think of any other things that needed to be prioritized… then Noru had to suggest that we prepare to be able to roll more of the Gacha, oh how she has grown.

The moment I heard her say that, I stared at Noru’s face, then strongly gripped her hands with both of my hands.

[Wawaa!? Wh, what is it Okura-dono!]

[I am currently very shocked and in awe… to think that the words “preparations to roll the Gacha” would actually come from Noru.
Finally… you have finally begun to understand my feelings!]

The same Noru who showed incredible disdain for farming manastones in the past, would be the one to actually suggest that we farm some.
My efforts have finally come into fruition… Welcome to the bottomless swamp that is Gacha.
I could almost feel my tears welling up.

[Eh, ah, no! That’s not what I meant! Please don’t misundersta――]

[No need to be shy.
Right… to meet your expectations we should first look for other farmable hunting grounds other than the Northern Cave.
There’s 4 of us now, we might be able to find other locations with good farming efficiency.]

[New hunting grounds! Let’s find some place nice where I can take to the field!]

Was Noru being shy as she shook her hands in denial? There’s no need to be so humble.
You should be more honest with yourself.

Shisuha on the other hand is still too honest about herself and needs to learn to show some restraint.
You also shouldn’t talk about fighting on the frontlines, you’re a priestess after all.


[Eeh, is it my fault now!? B, but isn’t Estel also thinking of something along these lines!]

[Well, that’s right.
The house can be expanded via the Gacha, making our objective rolling the Gacha for that purpose isn’t a bad way to start.]

Noru stared daggers at Estel, but she too was thinking of something similar.

Aren’t I the rightest.
The Gacha is a wonderful thing.
And when we get busted rolls we can just think of it as getting fodder to convert into points, by keeping a positive attitude about it… Should I really be thinking like this?

Anyway I’m glad that everyone is starting to see the Gacha in a (slightly more) positive light, the House Extension trial has given a good outcome.

[Tha’s, right.
Le’s see.
We shou――]

[But, if you run out of control, you do know what’ll happen yes?]

[Ahh, yesh…]

Estel held her staff, and electricity visibly crackled on the head.
Her menacingly silent smile continued to gaze at me.

There was a silent pressure telling me “Don’t let this get to your head.
”…Even Shisuha who was elated that we’re going hunting, suddenly muffled down and became docile.

[So what’s our manastone situation right now?]

[After rolling the Item Gacha we are currently sitting on 596 manastones.]

[We still have a reasonable amount.]

4 more and we’ll have 600.
That’s the same as being able to do the 11 consecutive roll 12 times.
We can already roll some Gacha as is right now.

However, it’s also possible that an event like the 33 consecutive roll might happen, so we shouldn’t feel relaxed just because we have some stock of manastones on hand.
How happy would I be if we had them in the thousands.

One of these days I’d like to be able to roll the Gacha without any restrictions… but I also get the feeling that I’ll lose something important if I did that.

[Nnー, for now let’s trace our roots and try going back to “that” forest.]

It’s been a while since we returned to Brunne.
Why don’t we pay a visit to that forest of orcs.


Back then we came to the forest on foot, but now that we have the Flying Carpet it takes no time at all to arrive.
Along the way I noticed several adventurer dots on my map, but we avoided them as we traveled.

I haven’t come here in a long time, the goblins still roam around the entrance of the forest.
This place didn’t change one bit.

[Ugu… I’m starting to remember what happened back then…]

[Uhmm, I really should apologize about that time.]

When we were about to enter the forest, Noru was reminded of a certain “happening” in the past and hesitated to enter.

I feel awful when I think about what I did back then… So let’s not repeat the same mistake again.
Though Shisuha might actually be happy to do what we did that time.

[They aren’t very tough despite having such big bodies.]

[Even if you say that as you eviscerate them… They weren’t much of a challenge to us during our low level times either.]

Shisuha uses her staff and lightly pokes at an orc that happened to jump out.
The orc’s entire torso disappeared despite the staff hitting the orc’s head.

That’s so overkill… though when I think about it, our current levels are much higher compared to the past.
If we tried to hunt efficiently here now… we were already one hit killing stuff here back then.

In the sense of not needing to worry about getting hurt, it might be relaxing to hunt here.

[Thinking back, we stopped at finding the respawn points that time, so it has me wondering what’s in the deeper parts of this forest?]

[No idea? Won’t it just be yet more forest?]

We didn’t go very deep into the forest the last time we hunted here.
The forest looks to be quite wide when I look at it on the map.
There aren’t that many respawn points either, does that mean that there might be something in the deeper part of the forest?

[Exploring feels interesting too! Okura-dono, let us attempt to reach the deepest areas!]

[There’s this feeling of excitement like we’re having an adventure! It would be double the fun if there were stronger enemies too.]

[I’m not a fan of forests due to all the bugs and stuff… but I can’t say I’m not having fun too.]

Noru and the girls were enthusiastic enough in wanting to delve deeper into the forest.
I have my Map App, and the Beacon for us to return has been set up so there’s totally no worries about getting lost inside the forest.

We haven’t done any sort of exploration up til now, is being able to lament about that something I can be happy about? I’m not exactly thrilled about encountering strong monsters, but I don’t think that there will be any of those here.

I don’t like bugs either, but I feel like I don’t mind seeing what’s inside of the forest.
Maybe we can find some event which has an item reward like what happened with the Prime Subjugation.

[Nn? What’s this?]

[What’s the matter Onii-san?]

[Ah, have a look at this.]

After progressing for awhile, a small black circle appeared on my map.
It’s strange because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before on the overworld map, it only appeared when we are this close to it… What does this mean?

[I wonder what that means?]

[Maybe there’s something at that spot and we should go there?]

Uーmu… I haven’t heard of anything like this regarding the forest before, there shouldn’t be any humans in a forest full of roaming monsters either.

To be displayed on the map app like this, as if it’s telling us to go there… that’s somewhat scary.

[We wouldn’t know what it is no matter how much we rack our heads here, let’s go have a look.]

There would have been no “Let’s go have a look” option when there was only me and Noru, but we are now a party of 4.
We should be able to respond to anything that may come our way.

Alright then, nothing ventured nothing gained.

[Hーmm? What is this?]

[It looks like an entrance.]

After a long walk, we arrived at the mysterious spot marked on the map.
There, a dome of soil bulged out from the ground and it had a large hole in it.

The hole is easily big enough for a human to go through.
You could only see darkness when you tried to peer into the hole, it gave a feeling of sucking you in.
Perhaps it’s a path that leads underground?

[This… doesn’t this feel like the Labyrinth?]

[The Labyrinth? …it certainly feels similar.]

It definitely felt unnatural just like how the Labyrinth entrance was.
It is something foreign compared to the surroundings, and is something that suddenly appeared… That’s the kind of vibes it is giving off.

Hrーmm… should we go in? There might be monsters inside just like the Labyrinth.

…I guess we’ll go in and have a look inside, confirm what monsters appear inside then decide on our next course of action.

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