Chapter 59 – House Extension

[Fuu, it’s almost unsettling how much easier it is to get a house here.]

[It’s waaay cheaper here than in the capital.]

It is the next day after we returned to Brunne, we went and consulted with a realtor here and have finished the process of purchasing a house.
So here we are, standing before the house we have just bought.

I wouldn’t know any worthy comparisons to the size of the house, but it’s a large normal house.
The house has two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and several other smaller rooms like a toilet and a storage room, and of course there is a living room.

It’s more than enough to live here alone, but it certainly can’t be called enough for 4 people.

It’s situated a short distance away from the Adventurers’ Guild, for the relatively cheap price of 7 million G.
The house is located at a corner away from the main street, the location itself isn’t a bad thing.

This house is going to be a testbed for the House Extension, so I wouldn’t mind if it becomes uninhabitable… though I’d want to be able to live here in any case.

[We have finally gotten our own house, but it’s in no condition to live in immediately.]

[It looks good enough to be our base of operations in this town with some work.]

It still is a rather impressive looking brick house, but the surroundings are chock full of weeds and other vegetation up to the point of vines entangling the walls of the house.

The windows look pretty dirty too, it certainly requires some cleaning up.

There aren’t enough rooms to go around for everyone just yet, but we have survived up til now on a single room at inns so we’ll manage.

[Now then… whew, the house has been collecting its fair share of dust.]

[The amount of dust already looked amazing during the preview too.]

When we opened the door to enter, the gathered dust danced into the air from the wind that blew in from the open doors.
We did come for a preview of the house before we bought it, and the amount of dust back then was already this amazing.

This house has been almost forgotten for quite some time after its previous owner parted ways with it.
As we proceeded further inside, I noticed that we left shoe marks on the floor.
It shows just how much dust has piled up inside.

It would’ve been nice if the house was properly cleaned up before it was handed to us but alas.

[I guess we should start by cleaning the place up? Some wind magic should get rid of the dust instan――]

[Wait wait wait!? Open up all the windows before you do that! Don’t forget to lower your output!]

[Muuー, did Onii-san actually think I was going to use my magic without thinking it through? How rude.]

I stopped Estel immediately who was raising her staff and looked like she was about to cast some spell.

She then puckered up her lips and booed at me, I think anyone would react the way I did if they saw her raise her staff in that situation.

I’m fairly certain she would have done “something” if I hadn’t stopped her.
If she casted magic on the scale that she usually does, I wouldn’t be surprised if the house was sent flying away.

[Cleaning up, huh… Aren’t we going to need regular household stuff like beds as well?]

[Ah, there’s that too.
It’s not certain if we will be living here just yet, but we do need things like curtains and tableware… There’s a whole boatload of stuff we need to buy when you think about it.]

The house didn’t come with furnishings among other things, so we’ll need to buy those things ourselves if we are going to live here.

I still have no clue how much more space we may or may not get from using the House Extension, so buying all the interior goods should come after I try using it.

[There are still some uncertain things, but we should at least clean the place up before we decide on the other stuff.]

Let’s prioritize cleaning the place up first.
It almost feels like the expanded space would also be dirty if we left the place as it is.

After setting up the pet house for Mofutto to stay in while we worked, we started on cleaning up the house.



A sudden scream reverberated throughout the house.
A loud, heavy thud followed shortly along with the whole house shaking.

[Wh, what just happened!?]

[That was Estel screaming just now!]

I had left Estel with Shisuha to clean up the storage room.
It’s so unlike her to scream like that.

Me and Noru were cleaning the living room when we heard the scream, so we met up and rushed to the storage room.

[Ooof, what’s――]

[Onii-san… “It”… “It” came out! The black, speedy flying thing…]

[Calm yourself down first.]

When we arrived, Estel, who was outside the door, hugged me.
She looked up to me from that position.
Her face was flushed and her eyes were teary.

I’m not wearing my armor right now, my heart skipped a beat at the sensation of our bodies making contact but I urged her to calm down first.

What does she mean by “It”? What could have scared her this much… She mentioned it was black and speedy… could it be… a G? Does that mean there are Gs in this world?
(ED Note: G is euphemism for cockroaches in japan, with the word being gokiburi.)

I haven’t seen any so I can’t comment on the topic just yet, but it may have been something very similar.
Who would have thought the same Estel who sends monsters to the afterlife with intense explosions would be so terrified of something like this.

We have now learnt of the reason behind her scream, but what about the sound that followed after? If she were the one who exterminated the G with her magic, I wouldn’t be surprised if this portion of the house was blown away but there were no such signs.

For now I leave the frightened Estel in Noru’s care, and entered the storeroom to have a look.

[Th, the wall’s busted!? What the hell happened here!?]

When I looked around inside the storage room I saw Shisuha who was still inside.
The storage room was spacious, it has the width of 2 tatami mats.

There’s a soccer ball sized hole on the wall in the inner section of the room.
Shisuha, who was still inside the room, was holding her staff for some reason… I’m guessing she used it to destroy the black creature.

[Pheーw, that really surprised me.
I was so surprised I swung before thinking about it.]

[I’m more surprised that you actually destroyed part of the stone wall along with it…]

Who would have thought the house would receive damage on the same day it was bought.
I mean, it’s okay to smash a G if it was out of reflex, but the least you could do was not also destroy the wall in the process…

What should I do about this.
Other similar bugs are going to crawl in through the hole, I’m going to need to seal up the hole somehow… Maybe I can fix this using the House Extension.

[Ah, so it was a gokibun.
All you needed to do is to pick it up and throw it away outside.]
(ED Note: Noru literally calls it a gokibun(ゴキブン).
Maybe the readers can suggest a good name)


[Huh? Is something the matter?]

Noru nodded to show her understanding of what just happened, after we walked out of the storage room.
So the black creature that appeared is called a “gokibun”.

When Noru spoke of picking it up and tossing it away, Estel and Shisuha both winced and distanced themselves away from her.

If I was told to grab a G, I wouldn’t want to do it even if I was given gloves… I am however curious as to what this gokibun creature is.


[Pheーw …cleaning an entire house really is quite the task…]

[This feels more exhausting than fighting monsters…]

It took us several hours, but we have finally finished dusting off the whole house.
We had Estel’s magic to take care of the larger areas of the house, but cleaning up the nooks and crannies took more time than expected.

If cleaning up a considerably small house such as this is already this tiring, I wonder what we should do if we bought a larger house.
Maybe I can get some professional cleaners to do the work… I don’t know if such jobs exist in this world though.

[Ha~h, coming across those gokibun when you are cleaning really is the worst.]

[They just look so disgusting…]

The two who encountered the gokibun took some mental damage.
To be fair, I would also react in a similar way if I came across a G, so I can sympathize with them.

[I should finish things up today or we’ll end up having to stay at an inn tonight, here goes nothing.]

[Ooh, it’s finally time to use it.
I have been waiting for this.]

We are all tired and the mood is getting gloomy, so it’s time to use the House Extension to brighten up the atmosphere.

I scrolled through my items in my smartphone and selected it.
A 【Use on building you are currently inside of? Yes, No】 window appeared on the display and I choose Yes.

After which the display changed, showing what looks like the floor plan of the house we are in on a grid, like how you would see houses on the Map App.
The lines are equidistant much like what you’d see on grid paper.

On the right side of the display was the menu, which shows the Expand, Repair, Erase, and Conversion options.
And 0 points was also displayed on the top right corner.

[…..Nn? How does this work?]

[It appears that you can make a selection larger than the house itself.
Maybe we should do that outside of the house?]

[Uーnn? I don’t really understand what anything does, maybe I should just convert something and try it out.]

I seemed to be able to select grids outside of the house’s floor plan, tapping on the grid changed its color.
I guess this means I have selected it.

I can’t do anything without points, so I tapped the Conversion button.
Doing so brought up a display of my current items, prompting me to choose which items I want to convert.

The rates are listed at the bottom, 10 points for R items, 100 for SR, 2500 for SSR and 10000 for UR.

[What? A R item only gives 10 but a SR gives 100!?]

[The conversion rates look really low.]

Oioi, the rates don’t look good in the slightest.
The majority of our main equipment are SR items.
That’s going to really limit what I can choose to convert for points…

But I also don’t know how many points are used for what options yet.
Perhaps it’s still too early to feel disappointed.

So I then tapped the Expand button to have a look at the contents.

It displayed 【Path】100 points/grid, 【Room】1000 points, 【Kitchen】3000 points, 【Toilet】3000 points, 【Bathroom】5000 points etc… there’s also stuff like storage rooms and study rooms.

[Hahaha… seriously? We aren’t going to have enough points to do anything…]

[It almost looks like a plot to make us roll the Gacha more…]

We don’t got enough pointsss.
Even a single room costs 1000 points… that’s the same as burning up 10 SR items! The 5000 point bathroom is equal to 2 friggin SSR items.

What we need the most right now are extra rooms.
If I converted 2 pieces of my equipment then maybe… what am I even thinking of.
I’m starting to feel stupid for prioritizing the house over myself.
I should start from converting unused equipment instead.

Then came the time for me to stare at my items, after also consulting with the girls, I managed to list up a selection of items that’ll give me a total of 1100 points.

I already have Estel and Shisuha so the SR staves are conversion fodder.
Appearance oriented equipment such as the Gorgeous Shoes also become fodder.
Stuff like the Auto Guard Sphere and other convenient accessories don’t become fodder.

I somehow managed to get a total of 1100 points after dumping in the Eclipse Sword and other R items.
How glad I am to have not sold all those R equipment to Gants-san…

[Let’s try it out and see what happens for now.]

The preparations are made so it’s time to expand, the first trial was adding in a Path.
I’ll see how things work by trying out a cheap Path first, after which I’ll try adding a Room.

We aren’t very near any of the neighboring houses, so adding a teensy bit to the outside shouldn’t cause any problems.
It would be bad if the expanding parts started flying out all over the place though.

So first up I’ll try adding a Path connected from the house to a small section of the outside.
After I confirmed my choice, light started to flow out from my smartphone towards the selected part of the wall.
The light condensed into a long and thin shape, and eventually a door popped out on the wall.

[Uoooh!? I, it became a door?]

[Let’s see… a corridor has appeared outside! I shall go out and have a look.]

Noru was the first to approach and open the door, a 1 tatami wide zone was formed.
The walls and the ceiling were white, and it had flooring.
The ceiling had an embedded light.

The overall design looks pretty messed up, but the formed portion looked like a common corridor mostly seen in houses back in my original world.

Noru ran outside to check the areas that have been expanded.

[Okura-dono, there are no changes to the portions of the wall that are part of the expanded zone.]

[Eh? Then what’s going on here?]

Because I have chosen to expand beyond the boundaries of the house, normally there should be a portion protruding out from the wall outside.

However, there was no such thing.
I even thought it was a joke and went out to see it for myself, there really isn’t anything protruding out.

What does this mean?

[Maybe that zone has become part of a different dimensional space?]

[So the house retains its outer size while the interior increases in size, how convenient.]

A different dimensional space you say… That’s frightening in its own way.
But this solves our living space problems, and we can expand the inside of the house without arousing suspicion or causing problems for our neighbours.

This means that buying a house in the capital would have been the better choice.
I certainly feel some regrets when I think about it this way, but that isn’t something I should be lamenting about as I wouldn’t have known without trying it out first anyway.

For starters this will be our new base of operations, so let’s make it a comfortable house to live in.
We’ll have to roll the Gacha even more for that purpose… This is gonna take awhile.

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