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Chapter 58 – Nostalgic Brunne

After falling back from looking for a house in the capital, we are currently at the Adventurers’ Guild.

The day has just begun, and we will be departing for Brunne within the day.
So, it’s better to let them(the guild) know, before we leave Suting.

[Due to such and such reasons, we’ll be leaving Suting behind for a while.]

[Ahー, understood… There’s the reassurance of having Okura-san around for emergencies but I guess it can’t be helped.]

[Ah, we won’t be gone for very long and I’ll probably show up every so often.]

When I told Wizzy-chan that we’ll be going to Brunne, she responded with a downcast voice and drooping her shoulders.

Although we are C rank in name, I think we are more or less B rank in terms of combat power with Noru and the girls.

As we usually just go out hunting monsters and return within the day, we may be a sort of convenient existence compared to other B rank parties.
They(the other B rank parties) are usually out of town for extended periods of time when they are out on escort missions.
We didn’t take on many requests either.

We’ll be coming back to Suting after buying a house on Brunne in any case.
I still want to go to the Labyrinth, and hunt at the Northern Cave after all.

[Sorry for the wait.
Let’s go.]

[It almost feels like it has been a long while since then.]

[We moved here shortly after I was summoned, so it doesn’t feel that long for me.]

[Feels like I’m being left out… But at the same time I’m excited to be going to a town that I haven’t been to before.]

I met up with the girls who were waiting outside the guild and we made our way to the outside of the city gates.

Shisuha’s a little over excited as she’s the only one who is fidgeting about.
I thought she was more of the composed type at first… She might be much simpler to understand than I thought.

Come to think of it, the 3 of them all have easy to understand immediate bodily expressions.


Having departed from the capital, we are currently riding our amazing Magic Carpet.

Noru was shuddering at the idea that we might be riding a carriage again like the time when we came to the capital, but I have since become proficient at using the Map App so it’s not a carriage ride this time.

When you think about the difference in speed, the Magic Carpet is leagues apart from taking an almost 10 day carriage ride.
There’s also some work I need to do along the way.

[Da~ng, the Magic Carpet really is an amazingly useful item.]

[You got all groggy from the carriage journey to the capital from Brunne back then too.]

And as usual Estel fits snugly in the hole where I cross my legs, while Noru and Shisuha are seated behind us.

Noru spoke fondly of that event, as we talked about the time when we came to the capital from Brunne.

She really had it terrible back then… I had to forcibly put her to sleep due to how bad the nausea was for her.

Then shove panacea into her mouth to wake her up… Sorta feels like Noru had to go through some really bad times.

[Now that Shisuha is with us, riding carriages and motion sickness shouldn’t be a problem anymore, right?]

[Speaking of which, is it possible to relieve motion sickness with recovery magic?]

[It… can be used for that, probably.
I’ve never tried curing motion sickness before, so I can’t give a definite answer on whether it will work or not.]

Recovery magic isn’t Estel’s area of expertise, but maybe Shisuha can cure motion sickness.

She can already relieve muscle pains so it’ll probably work.
Her recovery magic is awfully convenient, being able to cure colds, headaches and stomachaches in addition to healing external injuries.

[How long will it take for us to reach Brunne with the Magic Carpet?]

[Hーmm… it’ll still take more than 2 days I think? It’s still a good distance away according to the Map App.]

Although the carpet is way faster than a carriage, it’s still a considerable distance to Brunne.
Even if everything went smoothly, the journey would still take more than 1 day.

In the case of a carriage, there’s the need to let the horses rest, there would be more differences depending on the number of passengers as well, it will take more time overall.
Last I checked the Map App we aren’t even ⅓ of the way there.

[It feels like I screwed something up… maybe we should’ve recollected the beacons at the Lemuri Mountains?]

[It’s likely we’ll go back there in the future so it’s probably fine, if you think about it this way.
If we don’t have enough Beacons, we can simply get more manastones from around Brunne, then roll the Gacha to get more.]

We currently have a total of 11 Beacons.
There’s 1 in the vicinity of Suting, 1 at the Northern Cave, and 3 along the way to the Lemuri Mountains so I currently have 6 with me.

I’m planning to set them up along the way to Brunne, but I’m now worried that I don’t have enough.
I thought of using the Beacons to return to the Lemuri Mountains to recollect them, but just as Shisuha has said it’s just more work if we have to go back there eventually.

The Beacons are mighty convenient, but it’s a hassle to need to go to the actual location to set it up.
Still, the convenience outweighs my complaints though.

[Mu, there are monsters ahead.
Shall we avoid them?]

[Okura-san, let’s push on straight ahead!]

[Eh… Well, alright then…]

As we proceeded, I checked the map and noticed signs of monsters in our path.
They were still quite a ways off so we could avoid them if we wanted to, but we are proceeding as is according to Shisuha’s suggestion.

And soon, several wolf type monsters could be seen ahead of us.
They are roughly one size larger than the ones we have fought before.

I stopped the carpet when we could see them, Shisuha jumped from her seated posture straight towards the wolves.

The wolves noticed her presence and lowered their posture to intimidate her, all of them then pounced at the same time when Shisuha entered their range.

The wolves pounced with wide open mouths intent on sinking their sharp teeth into her, but none of the attacks managed to hit their mark.

That is because any wolf head that jumps into striking distance, gets utterly crushed by a swing of Shisuha’s staff.

After the first head, the heads that followed get crushed in a mix of kicks and swings, all connected in a single flowing movement.

Of all the wolves that pounced, none managed to land back onto solid ground as they all dispersed into light particles.

[Fuu…the monsters around here are sorta squishy.]

[I don’t think there was a need to even bother with them…]

[But I can sympathise that the journey is boring.]

I allowed her to do her thing as there aren’t any strong monsters around here… But it’s not that the monsters have low endurance, rather it’s Shisuha who has too much attack power.

She had a very satisfied and happy smile after defeating those monsters.
It has been a few hours since we began our journey so she must have been pretty bored.

I’m not exactly encouraging anyone to kill monsters… But simply sitting around for long periods of time isn’t healthy either, so it’s a good idea to stop for a break every so often.

Still, to think she can move that well without any buffs from Estel.

[Whew, guess we should stop for today.
We *can* keep going on through the night, but what do you girls think?]

[I think it’s better if we stopped.
It would be bad if something happened while we are tired.
There’s also Mofutto to consider, so I suggest that we rest for today!]

Although we were the ones who initiated the attack this time, after avoiding most other monster encounters as we travelled, the sun was beginning to set so we are stopping to camp for the night.

I also did stuff like setting up Beacons along the way, Shisuha ended up laying the beatdown on monsters we come across occasionally, but nothing particularly troubling has happened so far.

It’s very possible for me to continue with our journey through the night using my Magic Carpet and Map App combo, but now that Noru has brought up the point of Mofutto being with us, so it’s better to not push on too roughly.

[Mufufu, it feels like I’ll never get sick of our Food.]

[It’s so nice to be able to eat such delicious food even when we are out in the wild like this.
How glad I am for Food to be R rarity.]

[Never feeling bad about it no matter how many we get.]

[Indeed… Though I do think we have been depending on it alot… Hrーmm.]

I took out a Camp Set, and served out the Foods with us surrounding the campfire.

Various kinds of food came popping out, ranging from piping hot steak to soft fluffy plain omelettes.

I wouldn’t mind eating the Gacha Food all day every meal, but if the whole party ate the Food for all 3 meals everyday I would run out in no time at all so I have been avoiding doing that when we were living in town.

I do think the Food being R is a good thing, but I also feel conflicted from feeling happiness from the R rarity… Wanting more Rs and SRs has been all the rage for me lately.
Maybe it’s just me trying to comfort myself when I don’t get anything better?

[We were attacked by a Minotauros back then, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this time.]

I do see some on the Map App when I widen the range, but none of them are close enough to be of any danger to us.]

A look at the Map App shows red dots scattered around the area.
But they are all a fair distance away from our campsite, so it’s safe to assume they won’t just outright approach us.

It was decided that me and Noru would take turns as the nightwatch as we slept.
Estel and Shisuha are magic users, and are more easily affected by things like exhaustion so I’m letting them get proper sleep.

I was told to sleep in the tent as well, but there would be too much skin contact with 3 people sleeping inside.
So I courteously declined and slept outside in my sleeping bag.


It is the 3rd day after we departed, we have safely arrived at Brunne.

It’s nice that nothing special happened.
I set up 5 Beacons as well, and am glad that I had just enough.

It’s been a while since we were last here, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and there really are alot less people here compared to the capital.
Maybe it was a better choice to live here instead?

We have arrived at Brunne time to buy a house is what I’d like to say… but we should at least pay a visit to the Adventurers’ Guild first.

We’ll be staying in Brunne for awhile, so it’s only proper I inform the guild about my temporary return.

[Ah, Grin-san.
It’s been a while.]

[…..Uooh!? Wh, who the heck are you!?]

After arriving and entering the Adventurers’ Guild, a certain middle aged man whom I recognise caught my eye.
It was Grin-san, the first adventurer I met in this world.

I called out to him from behind, as he was eyeing the requests on the request board.

He yelped and took a step back in surprise after turning around to face me.

…Am I really that forgettable as a person… that’s somewhat sad.
Feels like I’m the only one treating him like a buddy, it’s the feeling of “I remember him, he doesn’t remember me”.
Which is still sad.

[….Nn? That weird looking weapon and that pot lid… And that girl with you, You’re Okura aren’t you!?]

[Ah, yes, it’s me.]
(TL Note: Diooooooooo!)
(ED Note: Itsa me! Ma*io!)

Oh, looks like he remembered.

Why’d he have to remember me this way? From seeing Bar, Pot Lid and Noru who was with me.

You wouldn’t really find anybody else with such equipment but still…

[You’ve changed way too much… I pretty much didn’t recognize you at a glance.
You coulda at least taken off your helm.]

[Ah, you’re right.
But have I really changed that much?]

[Well your strangeness certainly hasn’t changed one bit…]

I totally forgot I was wearing a helm until he pointed it out.
Little wonder he didn’t recognize me.
Though, I’m glad that I wasn’t forgotten.

[Your party sure has increased in size eh.]

[That’s right.
I got 2 new members to join me after parting ways with you previously Grin-san.
Meet Estel the mage and Shisuha the priestess.]

[I heard about the mage, but a priestess too!?]

Grin-san took a gander at the girls who were behind me.

I wasn’t able to give him my regards previously when I left for the capital, as he was out on a request.

Estel registered to become an adventurer over here so he probably heard about her from Mana-san.

When I introduced the two to him, he was quite surprised to hear that there is a priestess on my party.
It’s just that thing with mages being a rare sight, as you don’t see many priests around either.

[I’m Estel.
Nice to meet you Oji-san]

(ED Note: uncle really doesn’t work in this sorts of contexts…)

[O, Oji-san…]

Estel greeted Grin-san with a smile, but he cringed slightly from being called an Oji-san.

…..Even I thought he was more of a middle aged man, perhaps he is one of those “younger than he looks” types?

[Nice to meet you, I am Shisuha・Alvi.]

[――ah, ni, nice to meet you too…]

Shisuha greeted him next with her soft smile.

The same Grin-san who was being greeted, was at a loss for words as he stared at her face straight on.
He stutters on his reply, then suddenly pulls me away from the girls.

His face and ears were slightly flushed.

[Wh, what’s the matter?]

[O, oi! What’s up with that pretty lady!?]

[Eh, ah, I just got to know her normally though…]

[Kuh… being in a party with such a beauty… What a lucky guy you are.]

He was keeping his voice down as he conversed with me so that the girls don’t hear us.
Apparently Shisuha’s beautiful outward appearance stole his heart.

Despite all three girls being really good looking, Noru keeps her face concealed while Estel appears too youthful.
On the other hand Shisuha’s face was fully visible and looks to be in her early twenties.

Any normal grown man would react to her among the three.
In the eyes of outsiders I’m in quite the enviable position, even I think so myself.

But the outsiders wouldn’t know that the girls all have their share of “defects”… Shisuha’s also the type who would crush monster faces with a smile on her face.

[So, what have you returned here from the capital for?]

[I’m thinking about buying a house.
It’s just so expensive in the capital so I was thinking of buying one here…]

After we were done with the greetings, he asked for the reason of my return to Brunne with a wondrous look on his face.

It might be because so few people return after going to the capital.

[Ahー, of course it’s expensive there… Eh, Oi! By house… you mean you intend to live together with those girls?]

[Yeah? That’s the plan.]

[…that’s somewhat amazing in many ways.]

At first he showed understanding to me wanting to buy a house, then his shock at my intentions caused him to react in an interesting way.

Nn? Is it really that surprising for me to be living together with Noru and the others?

…come to think of it the notion of “1 guy living together with 3 girls under one roof” actually sounds amazing.
But regardless of the reality in my relationship with the girls, it’s beginning to sound like a bad idea to spread this information.

I should avoid telling too many people about this.

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