Chapter 57 – Let’s look for a House

It is the day after we rolled the Item Gacha, we have gathered around the table to discuss our plans for the day after we are done with breakfast.

[I’m thinking of gathering information today for our prospects of buying a house… so now’s the time for you girls to voice out any requests you have.]

This topic popped out before the end of yesterday.
I do think that there are pros to having a house of our own here.

With a house of our own I can make use of my Beacons without the need to sneak around or hide them at inconspicuous locations, and have no need to worry about prying eyes regarding the gacha.

I’m sure I’ll be getting more comrades in the foreseeable future, so making preparations now wouldn’t hurt.
I also want to try out the House Extension item.

My current party members get along well with each other, but there’s the possibility a new face who wants her own room will appear down the line.

The girls would probably want their own private rooms… I want somewhere to fap in peace too.

Me deciding everything on my own doesn’t sit well with me, which leads up to my current inquiry for everybody’s opinion.

[Anything works for me.]

Noru gave an immediate reply.
She’s basically dumping all the brain work to us isn’t she.

She just had to give the most troublesome answer… and I can’t really blame her though as I haven’t thought much about the topic either.
Buying a house has been more of a dream to me back in my original world, who would have expected I’ll be buying one in this world first.

[Fumu… We still have no idea what the House Extension does, so I guess a large spacious house would be preferable?]

[You might also want to consider the proximity to the adventurers guild.]

Estel gave her thoughts on the subject, while doing a thinking pose.
Shisuha added on hers as well.

I probably should get a bigger house as was suggested.
When I think about the very likely increase to our party size, of course bigger would be better.

But I do feel like we can get by with a smaller house too, as I most likely can expand it by making use of the House Extension.
I still don’t know how it works so that’s not a definite answer for now.

And somewhere close to the adventurers guild huh.
The guild building is located at the southern side of the capital, along the main road that leads to the inner section of the capital.

Looking for housing at that area will cost a pretty penny or two.

[Hrmm… so a large house in close proximity to the adventurers guild eh.
That might be harder to find then you’d expect.]

This place isn’t called the royal capital for nothing, housing prices should already be on the higher end.

There are already many shops in the area around the guild, enough for it to be called a business district.
I have no idea what the pricing standards are like in this world, but it’s pretty obvious the prices in that area will be high.

And if you also want it to be large on top of that, I might have to be prepared to burn a proportionally big hole in my wallet.

[For starters let’s go and consult with a local realtor.]

We won’t get anywhere by only contemplating about it, so we’ll look for a realtor and get some relevant information.
Asking about basic stuff shouldn’t cost us anything.

…..though I do wonder if realtors exist in this world.


I asked the inn owner about realtors and sure enough they do exist, I then asked for directions so we can head over right away.

[This is the first time I’m going out alone with Onii-san.]

[Eh, is it?]

[Yup, it is.
Whenever we go out for shopping, I’m always accompanied by Noru and or Shisuha.
It’s a first with only the two of us.]

I can’t really bring everyone with me, so I decided to have Estel accompany me.

She has the most brain power among the 3 girls… and she might actually be the most “normal” among all of us currently.

She’s all smiles as she trotted along beside me while holding on to the hem of my clothes.
She must be really happy that it’s only the 2 of us.

I didn’t notice my walking speed was slightly faster than her at first, she was pushing herself to keep up but I have since slowed down to match her pace.

Thinking back she also lagged behind back during the journey for the Prime Subjugation.
I should have noticed this sooner.

She’s usually so outspoken, but she doesn’t speak up when it comes to this kinda stuff.

[Welcome, how may I help you?]

A man speedily appeared and greeted us when we entered the realtor’s office.
That gave me a good impression of the place immediately.
He was a good looking man with short blond hair.

This world seems to be awfully biased to good looking people, I almost let out a sigh when I was reminded of that.

[Erm, I’m looking to purchase a house.]

[Ah yes, may I inquire as to what type of house you are looking for?]

After guiding us to a table, we began our negotiations with the man with me and Estel sitting across from him.

What type of house eh.
Should I just tell him what me and the girls discussed earlier?

[Ah, well… I’d like it to be near the adventurers guild…]

[And preferably a stand alone house, are there any good ones?]

I spoke nervously, fortunately Estel covered up for me half way through.

Ahー, the thing about stand alone houses flew past my head.
It’s probably a bad idea to use the House Extension on an apartment type building.

[For a stand alone house in that area… the minimum price will start from roughly 70 million G.]

[7, 70 million G!?]

[That’s much higher than what we anticipated…]

Wow 70 million G… and that’s the starting price too.
I currently have 390 gold coins and 50 big silver coins.
If I add in the other small silver and copper coins, I probably have around 40 million G give or take.

I have yet to spend large sums of money after coming to this world, the most I have spent on are for lodging and consumables so I have been saving up.

I barely saved much money back in my world due to my Gacha expenses, but the Gacha here uses manastones instead so my money here is only used on living expenses.

Even then I only have enough to afford just a little over half of that… Would I have to take a Loan? Or should I just earn more than enough money and pay it all at once?

(ED Note: google “housing loans in japan” if you are interested in what he’s talking about.)

I think that I have been earning money at a relatively fast pace in just these few months.
My selling of those Stinger Shells likely played a big part in that.

But I have also provided a little too much supply so the prices have dropped currently.

If we tried hard enough, earning 10 million G a month isn’t far fetched.
Because compared to the regular adventurers, we have no limit on how many Drop Items we can carry at once so we have a much easier time earning money.

[May I also inquire how big of a house you are looking for?]

[Well, I’d say at least big enough for 4 people or more.]

[I see… you might need to part with 90 million G or more to meet those requirements.]

Guh, the price just casually got bumped up 20 million G… We might have taken the prices of housing here a little too lightly.

Estel and I looked at each other.
Then Estel made a cross with her index fingers under the table.

Yeah, this isn’t going to work.
We’ll be stopping at just consultation this time.


[We have come back due to this reason and that.]

[*sigh*, even I didn’t think it would be that expensive…]

We went around consulting other realtors afterwards, and found out that a house near the city gates costs at least 15 million G.

It would have been nice if that was the price for a house near the adventurers guild, but I’d probably end up regretting it if I bought the one that was further away.

I thought of looking for any “property with problems”, but there weren’t any.

Estel too didn’t think the prices would be this high, and is sighing while looking slightly tired.

[So what are your intentions now? Will we be hunting to earn the needed amount of money?]

[No, I’ve discussed the topic with Estel, I’m thinking of going back to Brunne.]

I’m really glad I brought Estel along with me.
If I had went about this by myself… I might have ended up buying that 15 million G house.

Having given up on buying a house here, I decided to change my approach after my discussion with Estel.
First we’ll buy a house someplace else where it is cheaper, and test out using the House Extension there.

Because it is a consumable item, I really wanted to use it on the main house that we buy.

But if I simply want to try using the item, it’s probably better to not do it on an expensive house.
I wouldn’t know when I’ll get another one from the gacha… but using it on a 70 million G house only for it to fail would be too much of a shock for me.

We are straying further away from my ideal where we can “use Beacons to go to any hunting ground from the comfort of our own house!” but there’s no helping it for now.
I’ve already tested the Beacons back when we went to the Lemuri Mountains, the range was more limited than I initially thought.

So there’ll be a need to set relay points between Brunne and around the capital too… I want more Beacons already just from thinking about this.

[Brunne? Is that somewhere you guys have been to before I was summoned?]

[Yes, it is.
Shisuha is the only one who hasn’t been there yet, so this is a good opportunity.]

Shisuha was summoned only after we came to the capital.
That’s the reason Shisuha tilted her head when we talked about Brunne.

I have spent more time staying in the capital by now, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic thinking about the first town I went to.

[We don’t know how the House Extension works, so there’s no harm trying it out on a cheaper house first.]

[Sounds like a plan.
I’m glad we didn’t just let Okura-dono make the decision by himself.
He’d probably chickened out and just bought one of the cheaper hou―― Hah!]

[Ah, why you little!]

I wanted to grab her cheeks after hearing her call me a chicken, but she stopped me by grabbing my forearm.

Kuh, perhaps I have done it one too many times.
Noru has grown to understand me over time…

[Mufufu, you shouldn’t assume that I’ll keep staying on the receiving end! I can already foresee Okura-dono trying to pinch my cheeks!]

Noru grinned victoriously.
Irritated, I tried to withdraw my hand, but I was unable to as she grasped my forearm really tightly.

And the power behind that grasp is only getting stronger――argh!? Ho, wa, ahh it’s, gonna break~!

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