Chapter 56 – Sorting out the Items

[Errmm, how long am I going to stay tied up like this…..]

[Yeah me too! What did we do that was so bad!]

After the incident during the gacha rolling session, we have been left tied up for some time.

We only wanted to roll the gacha, how did we end up being treated like this.
I’m not at fault.
I’d say the gacha is the mastermind behind it all.

I tried appealing for my release to Noru and Estel with the struggling of my feet.

[Do take your time to look back and reflect upon your actions.]

[Ara, was the punishment not enough for the two of you? How about I try this out?]

[W, why am I getting caught up in that too?! I, if you really want a test dummy then do it to Okura-san only!]

[Oh, you’re going to betray me now of all times!? I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry.
I’ve reflected on my actions, I would be elated if i could be released pretty please.]

Even though Shisuha gave me “we’re peas in pod” gazes just until a moment ago, she immediately abandoned me the moment Estel whipped out her staff and started producing sparks of electricity at the head of the staff.
Whatta girl.

I didn’t want to get electrocuted either, so I desperately apologized and was finally released from my bondage.

Fuu… where did I go wrong for this to have happened.

[A, anyways why don’t we check out the new items we obtained!]

[Haaa, it’s amazing how he’s able to keep doing that every time.]

[He has probably went beyond the point of no return…]

[I’m thinking of learning from Okura-san’s shamelessness though.]

I retrieved my smartphone and moved on to checking the obtained items, before I get bad mouthed even more.
The thought of “now’s my chance to roll the gacha” zipped pass my head for a moment, but I refrained because who knows what the girls would do to me if I tried to.

Estel sighed as she put her hand on her cheek.
Noru murmured while patting Moffuto.
Shisuha clasped her hands together in a sort of praying pose while she looked at me.
What’s with their reactions.

Whatever, I’ll start from the more prominent ones.


●Snack(remaining charges: 10)
Use to produce 1 random snack.
Cutlery will turn into dirt after usage is complete.


First up is the Snack item.
It’s got the “remaining charges: 10” so this is a consumable.

From the description, it probably works like the Food item.

I tested it out by using 1 charge, and what came out was a pastry with maroon colored cream fashioned in a spiraling peak with a round chestnut on top.

Isn’t this a Montblanc? It came with a fork too.

[Aah, it’s the snacks version of the food item.]

[Th, this is…]

[Onii-san Onii-san, can I eat that?]

[Ah, I want to eat one too!]

Uoh, what just happened.
Noru and co.
reacted ravenously after I tried using this item.

Noru gulped down very audibly, while Estel had a rare jittery expression as she clenched her fists before her bosom.

Shisuha seemingly didn’t want to be left behind so she chimed in as well.
Since there’s no helping it, I use 2 more charges to get 3 persons worth of snacks.

A tall dessert cup appeared, filled with cream and vanilla ice cream covered in pink colored sauce and chocolate sauce.
It’s the type of parfait where the cereal is stuffed at the bottom.

2 long and slender ocher colored objects appeared for the other 1.
Is that imo yokan?
(ED Note: google 芋羊羹 if u wanna know wut imo yokan is, “sweet potato paste” doesn’t work as a name.)

This is delishious!]

[Fufu, such sweetness.
The sweets of this world are nice too, but they just can’t compare to the food produced from the gacha items.]

[Fuu… it would be nice to have some tea to go with this.]

Noru got the montblanc, the parfait went to Estel, and the imo yokan went to Shisuha.
They made happy girl noises as they consumed the snacks.

Estel in particular looked adorable as she wolfed down her parfait with a smile.
Gone was her usual demeanor, her reaction as a pure young lady was soothing to the eyes.

Noru is visibly pleased thru her eye mask.
Shisuha appeared happy as well but she always was somewhat happy go lucky.

The girls seem to be pleased with the sweets, so here’s hoping they’ll forget what happened earlier.


●Luxurious Lamp
An upgraded lamp.
By consuming MP, it can light up a wide area.


The next item I pulled out is a hexagonal glass lamp with a handle.

We are already using the R Lamp as lighting in our room during the night, so what’s the difference with this other one? It says “wide area” in the descript which makes me wonder how wide the lit up area is.

Let’s test it out.

[Eehー, lemme see―― uooh!? S, so bright.]

[Ugaa!? M, my eeeyeessss!]

[Hey, Onii-san you’re pouring in too much MP! Stop the flow!]

[That’s intense…]

With the same feeling as using the Wind Bracelet I poured my MP into the lamp, the lamp fully lit up in one go.
Bright light filled the entire room, it was so bright you’d think it was morning in here.

Noru, who was looking at the lamp, ended up covering her eyes over her eye mask in agony.

Estel and Shisuha didn’t look at the lamp directly, and they used their hands to block their eyes from the light.
Having being told I was using too much MP, I hurriedly stopped the flow and the light slowly died down.

With that the lamp was relieved from my hands, and it was decided that only either Estel or Shisuha will be the ones using it.
That much was obvious as neither Noru nor I are good at controlling our MP.

Apparently Shisuha had to use recovery magic on Noru as she was moaning in pain, I kinda feel like I did something bad there.


●Washing machine
By consuming MP, it can remove all dirt and stains from whatever is put inside.
Please don’t put living things inside.


The next item I pulled out of my smartphone was a white box that can be held with one hand.

There is something like a lid at the topside of the box, so does it clean whatever I put inside?

[It sure is small.
The warning feels kinda moot.
Nobody in their right minds would put living things inside, amirite?]

[…r, right.]

This seems convenient to wash our clothes with.
Up until now we have been relying on Estel’s magic for dry cleaning, but with this we can reduce the burden on her.

The warning says to not put living things in it, I don’t think anyone would actually think of putting living things inside this box of unknown nature.


●Air Rope
A rope that can latch onto air.


After I tapped the item, a bundle of rope with a curved claw on one end appeared.
Is this one of those grappling hook thingies?

Reading the item description, it can latch onto air apparently.
I tried it out by throwing it at some open space, and the hook snagged where I wanted it to.

I pulled the rope and found that the hook held out firmly in its position.
Then when I think about “releasing”, the hook that was in mid-air dropped onto the floor.

[It really can snag onto the air… It’s sorta spooky how it works.]

[This is fun though.]

The hook holds on firmly, but because of how it visually looks like it’s latched onto nothing it might make the user feel uneasy.

Shisuha then takes the rope from me, then proceeded to throw it at the ceiling, clambered up the rope and dangled around on the rope.
She really is fearless isn’t she.


●Condiment Set
A set of various basic condiments including sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso.


What I materialized this time, was a fairly large box packed with various seasonings.

This is really nice.
I’ve been trying to find miso and soy sauce in this world to no avail.

But it’s not like I really know how to cook, so I’ll probably only be using the soy sauce.
I can make something simple like a basic miso soup though.

[Ah, I’ve been looking for this.]

[It might not have much use since we don’t actually cook.
Speaking of which, is there anyone among us who can cook?]

[I can, I guess?]


[Wha, what’s with that reaction!?]

Lies, she has to be lying.
How am I supposed to believe that Noru can actually cook.

Estel and Shisuha froze up after making their reactions.
They look to be either too shocked at the revelation that Noru could cook, or are contemplating the credibility of that claim.

Though she says she can cook, the images that come to mind are her mistaking sugar and salt, or her trying to add some condiment and the cover accidentally pops off and everything in the container plops in and saying “This much is still acceptable within my margin for error!” as it happens.

Noru was puffing in anger at our reactions, but she can’t really blame us for not wanting to believe her.


●Luxurious Eye Mask
Crafted from quality materials that feels nice to touch.
Vision can be toggled ON or OFF.


[Okura-dono! That! I want that item!]

[Well sure Noru’s probably the only one who will use this… but isn’t it about time you stopped using such items?]

[I agree.
It feels like such a waste when Noru-san is so cute.]

[I don’t wanna! I, in any case I’ll be taking that item!]

[*sigh*, looks like she won’t be ready any time soon.]

Noru made a fuss about wanting the new eye mask.
Not like there’s any need for a fuss as she’s the only one who’ll use it anyway…

Shisuha has already seen Noru’s face apparently, I wouldn’t know the specifics though.
Seeing Estel sigh, is a sign that the day Noru stops covering up her face is still far away in the future.


●Video Recording App
Adds a video recording function to the smartphone.
Please note that there will be an audio cue when starting a recording.


Oh yus! I have finally gotten a video recording app.
Now I can record and save videos in addition to photos.

I have been secretly taking pictures here and there, this new addition will be fruitful as well!

The girls aren’t very interested in the functions of the smartphone, so I’ll just continue to not bring this up as a topic.


●Arm Cover
Improve Fire Resistance


It’s a pair of blue colored arm covers that reach the elbows.
There’s some rubbery material at the edges that help prevent it from sliding off.
(ED Note: google 腕カバー for an image of what it looks like)

Hoo, 100 more defense just by equipping this huh.
It improves fire resistance too.

[Ooh, this looks good.
Any objections to me taking this?]

[We don’t mind… Though I do think Onii-san should start considering his appearance.]

[You shouldn’t just simply add on more and more gear would be my input.]

[I simply want to observe and see how far Okura-san will go.]

Tch, why must they jab at the one point that I’m concerned about.
I personally don’t care much for my own appearances, but the gazes I’ll be receiving from people around us will hurt.

I should look decently normal *IF* I can actually graduate away from using Excali-bar and Pot Lid.

Speaking of which, I got a bunch more copies of those 2 items.
They’re still getting in the rolls despite the item rate up, just how high are their gacha roll rates.


Attack +2090
Action Speed +130%

●Pot Lid☆11
Defense +750


Woah? The attack power of this has actually exceeded 2000… Pot Lid’s no slouch too.

At this rate, I get the feeling I’m going to be stuck using these.
I’m a performance before appearance guy though, so I’m not going to not equip it just because it looks bad.

But, I do want to use cooler looking equipment if possible.
I really wanna use stuff like the Magic Blade.

It’s become a boom for me to make li*ht sa*er noises when I release my magic attacks lately.


●Alarm Device
Emits an alarm when anything foreign enters the specified zone.
Also sends a notification to the paired smartphone.


What came out this time was something that looked like a security camera, it also came with something that looked like a speaker.
They both have a long and thin pole like object sticking out from their bottom side, which means they are meant to be set up by shoving those poles into the ground.

[Hーmm? What sort of circumstances will I be using this in?]

[It doesn’t feel all that useful as of now.]

How am I supposed to make use of this.
It’s giving me some Sensor-like vibes… Ah, maybe I can use it together with the other house thingie item?


●Pet House
A small house that reproduces the ideal habitat for a pet to relax in.


It looks like a typical dog house with the square shape and triangular roof.
The only stand out point, might be the door that is attached to the entrance.

And what does this “ideal habitat for a pet” mean?

[Okura-dono! Please allow me to have that!]

[Aah, I was thinking of using this for Mofutto when I saw the name appear so go on ahead.]

[Mufufu, thank you very much!]

I’m not certain of the details but Mofutto’s the only one who’ll use this either way, so I gave it to Noru.

There’s no space to place it right now, so it is stashed in my bag for now.
As if understanding what just happened, Mofutto pomfs my foot with its paw with a “Well done.” look on its face.


●House Extension
Expands the house when used on the user’s House.
Can only be used on 1 house.
Extension Points can be acquired by converting other non-consumable type gacha items.


And lastly is the only SSR item that was obtained this time.
It has “House” in its name so it being related to houses is a given, but doesn’t that mean I can’t use this right now?

Additionally the descript also says it can only be used on 1 house so this is effectively a single use item.
It also needs Extension Points, which are only obtained via converting other gacha items.

Well… I don’t really know what I should say about this.

[Oioi… Here I thought we got something amazing but we can’t actually use it right now.]

[We do not own a house so there’s nothing we can do for now…]

Well, I can’t really say much about it currently… Since I can’t use it, I also don’t know the exchange rates for points to item rarity.
If I can get good rates with just R items, it might be worth using after we get our hands on some housing of our own.

It would be awful if the exchange rates are bad for items below SR rarity… But I guess I can say this gives some use to the other unused items that are rolled?

[Hey Onii-san.
Maybe us getting that item is a sign for us to buy a house?]

[We are managing for now with our party size, but I think it will be the limit when we get 1 more member.]

Uーmu, a house huh.
It’s probably expensive to buy a house.

I have more than 20 million G on me currently.
But I have a feeling that it won’t be enough…

It has been bothering me that we are staying at an inn for as long as we have, I do want to do something about the situation but I also feel uneasy about it.

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