Chapter 54 – Achievement Reward

The Prime Subjugation is complete, and we have promptly begun our trek back to Suting.
As expected Noru became unable to move so I’m carrying her on my back as we walked.

Dhius’ party voiced their concerns on her condition, so I told them that she’ll be up and running again in half a days time to calm them down.

Estel tried her best to walk without buffing herself on the return trip too, but she ran out of steam again so Shisuha is carrying her in place of me.

To think she (Shisuha) can still carry Estel and move along without any strains, even after her Kobold wrecking workout… I’m thinking she’s more like a fighter who can also use healing magic as a bonus.

We camped for the night when the sun set, and finally made it back to Suting on the evening of the next day.

I wanted to return immediately using my pre-set Beacon, but I couldn’t really do that this time.

The Achievement Item Gacha starts today, so I did my best to endure.
I can’t exactly just whip out my smartphone and start rolling the Gacha in the presence of Dhius’ party.
Good work me.

I wanted to head back to the inn right away, but I can’t skip out on reporting in either so we went to the adventurers’ guild.

[Welcome back, Dhius-sama, Okura-sama.
How did the Kobold Subjugation go?]

[We managed somehow… *sighs*, I’m dead tired in a multitude of meanings.]

[Pardon us, I guess?]

Wizzy-chan greeted us when we entered the adventurers’ guild.
It felt like there’s comparatively less adventurers in the building then when we received the Prime Subjugation request.

They (the guild) did say there were Signs in other locations, so I guess a bunch of them adventurers went out on subjugations too? The majority are strangers to me but when I think of them as being in the same line of work as me, I sorta want to pray for their safe return.

Dhius looked really tired as he sighed.
That made me feel bad so I ended up apologizing.

[Estel-chan and co… they went above and beyond my expectations…]

[Ara, you did pretty well out there too.]

[Nn~! Thank you!]

[Nnn… can you stop suddenly hugging me…]

Miguru-chan was looking down while muttering something depressingly.
But as soon as Estel praised her, Miguru-chan sprang back up and gives her a mighty hug.

It almost looks uncomfortable to be clinged onto that much.

Miguru-chan sure is fond of Estel.
I agree that she is cute and cuddly looking so I can relate to why she’d want to hug her so much.

[….Shisuha, I must thank you.
I was able to experience yet more pain due to your support and healing efforts.]

[I’m glad to have been of assistance.
I got to have some fun myself as well.
Do reach out when other similar opportunities turn up.]

[… I really can’t stand them.]

Shisuha and Gauss-san exchanged a handshake with smiles.
Their exchange looks normal, but their conversation is anything but.

We are really shaping up to being a gathering of weirdos.
Sumika-san was also nearby, but she was staring at an empty wall in her attempt to escape reality.

Speaking of which, I noticed that Sumika-san is always hanging out around Gauss-san.
Maybe the two of them are on good terms… Though I do wonder about the relationship between them.

[Okura-dono, sorry to have needed your assistance yet again.]

[Oh, you shouldn’t apologize since you used it(her Skill) to save me.
I’m the one who should be apologizing for being in that situation.]

While I was observing the others, Noru, who was beside me, spoke to me.
She probably felt bad about me having to carry her on our way back, but I’m the one who was saved so she really shouldn’t be worrying about such details…

[Erm, sorry for the interruption, is it alright for me to inquire about something?]

[Yeah, sure.]

[Was the Core Individual really a Kobold Lord this time?]

[Yes, it was.
Here are the Drop Items we picked up from the defeated Lord.]

While I was conversing with Noru, Wizzy-chan approached us.
She wanted to confirm the validity regarding the information of a Kobold Lord leading a Horde this time.

So I took out the Lord’s Crown, Spear and Red Mantle.
Her attention turned to the Read Mantle.
Looks like the Lord’s Proof of Subjugation was the mantle.

[So it really was… I’m truly glad to have sent Okura-san’s party for this request.
Pardon me but the guild will be holding onto this for a moment, as evidence.]

[I too am glad that you guys tagged along with us this time.
Not that we were of much help…]

Wizzy-chan and Dhius both heaved sighs of relief, it must have been really stressful for them.

Dhius muttered some depressing things, like how he wasn’t much help, then what am I supposed to say for myself when I was the one who was unable to hold down my side of mobs and even ended up getting some inelegant air time…

[That’s not true.
Without the protection of your party, Estel would not have been able to fully utilise her magic.
And even if Shisuha could fight, there’s no way she’d be able to handle those numbers.]

[Hearing that from you gives me some peace of mind I suppose… Thanks.]

To my response, Dhius responds with a slight smile.

That was my party’s first experience against those numbers of enemies, but with their (Dhius’ party) assistance I didn’t have to worry about my rear line members which was a load off my mind.
Multiple parties working together is a really nice thing.

There’s Kobold Lords in the Labyrinth as well, so I’d want to get more party members to give my party more stability in battles.

I would be mega happy if I can get another Tank on my next roll.
I don’t want to experience all that unneeded air time and rolling on the ground.


After finishing the report to the adventurers’ guild, we returned to the inn.

As for the reward for the request this time, me and Dhius each received 12.5 million G.

I picked up a good amount of Drop Items from the kobolds for proofs, but not all of it.

I probably could if I shoved all the items into my Bag, but that would definitely draw attention to my awesome Bag so I only picked up what I could physically carry.

Dhius’ party wanted to refuse the reward money, but I convinced them by saying we fought together as a combined party.
I get the rights to the Kobold Lord’s loot in exchange.

I wanted the Golden Spear for the overflowing manly value it had, so I’m satisfied with how it all turned out.

[Haahー, the subjugation is finally over!]

But that aside, Okura-dono’s awfully pumped up no?]

[… it must be because of the Gacha.]

[Gacha? What do you mean?]

Yep, now that we are back at the inn I can finally roll the Gacha.

It was unfortunate I couldn’t roll immediately after midnight when it started but there was no helping it this time.
It’s currently evening though I’m not that worried about the time, I can’t wait to get started.

I didn’t expect Estel to notice just from observing me.
She’s getting good at this.

I have yet to inform the girls about the impending “Gacha Festival”.
I was going to tell them about it later anyway so it’s not a big deal.

[I didn’t expect anyone to notice… Estel, well done.]

[Fufu, you underestimate my “Onii-chan Watching” hobby.
I know just about everything Onii-san does.
With just a look at your face, I can tell you when you have finished doing “that” too.]

[What is this “that” you are talking about?]

[“That” is nothing! And stop it with that hobby right this instant! Erm, please stop doing it (OTZ).]

Eh, what do you mean by “Onii-san Watching”? I noticed Estel has been in close proximity to me even on the days we do not go hunting, was it all for the sake of observing me?

Also she really shouldn’t be talking about “that”! I’m very concerned she has info on such topics, please don’t do this to me.

She may appear to be looking at me with a cute smile to any others who are unaware of the details, but her smile is starting to become a source of anxiety to me.

I appealed for her to stop with my super dogeza, and she did nothing but smile in response.
That’s the same as silently saying “Nope” ……

[Well, enough of that, it’s time to get rolling on this “Gacha Festival”.]

[I don’t understand what just happened… also when did something like that(the Gacha) begin?]

Things would go south badly for me if the conversation continued, so I forcefully changed the topic.

Noru sounded a little apprehensive, but she took the bait on the new topic so all is well.

[It had “Commemorative Prime Subjugation Achievement” written on it.
A strange item also came attached with the notice.]

I’m unsure if that request could be counted as a full Prime Subjugation.
I guess it counts since I got the achievement but I myself do not know the specifics.

In addition to the Item Gacha, I also got a reward of 50 manastones and an SSR item.

Time to have a look at the item, gotta open up the Item column.


SSR Cost Reduction

Reduce the target’s Cost by 1
This is a consumable, please make your choice wisely.


Is this… useful? Reducing a Unit’s cost by 1 doesn’t sound spectacular…

If I can get a bunch of this then I should think of it as something to use later on.

[Hーmm? Does this mean I can get more of such rewards if I complete other events similar to Prime Subjugations, like how I’m getting manastones from rare mobs?]

[So we’ll be doing more Prime Subjugations!]

Shisuha responded gleefully when she heard the word “Prime Subjugation”.
And no, I don’t think that’s what you should be happy about.

So like how I get manastones via my smartphone when I defeat rare mobs, I can get other rewards when I fulfill other conditions or requirements out in the world?

The Labyrinth would be glaringly obvious point of interest, I’ll probably get something when we conquer it.
Guess I should be on the lookout for other such relevant places.

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