Chapter 52 – Main Horde

After eliminating the monster detachment, we continued advancing towards our objective.
Along the way we encountered several other detachments.

And, we safely arrive at the Plains where the High Kobolds are supposedly said to roam…..

[Oi…..what are we supposed to do about this.]

[What are we supposed to do indeed…]

A countless number of High Kobolds swarmed before our very eyes.

Even though we were observing them from a distance, the Kobolds blanketed the fields to the point that you couldn’t see the green of grass.
All of them were moving that little bit, giving the creepy impression of waves in an ocean.

The detachments were practically droplets from this ocean.
100? There are easily hundreds of them here.
Though I doubt there are more than a thousand… Nobody knows for sure.

Is the Core Individual really somewhere amongst all of that?

[Fighting “that” with only 2 parties is absurd.]

[…..being attacked by such numbers would be quite the experience.]

[Sh, should we retreat?]

Dhius’ party members were instantly demoralized by the view.
Except for Gauss-san who somehow sounded excited instead…… Moving on.

I honestly thought that this looked impossible too.
Even though my party has probably defeated monsters numbering in the thousands, defeating such numbers all at once felt unrealistic.

[Mu, if we retreated here their numbers would only keep increasing, no?]

[That’s right.
We should be able to handle this much, right Onii-san?]

[Since there’s so many, I’m sure there’ll be some left for me.]

Unlike me and Dhius’ party who had mostly negative reactions, the girls in my party had metaphoric balls of steel.

Noru put her thinking hat on, and had a serious face while seemingly deep in thought.

Estel extracts her staff along with the red and yellow Grimoires from her bag, then stretches her body which was itching for action.
She looked ultra cute as she hugs the oversized tomes, though her cute mannerisms bely the destruction to be wrought from her intentions.

Rather than feeling uneasy from seeing the numbers, Shisuha was smiling and happy that she can get a piece of the action.

Should they really be reacting that way, aren’t they girls? Am I the only one in my party who feels uneasy about the situation?

[The main question here is, whether the Horde has reached its complete size or not.
If it hasn’t then it would be as Noru-san said, their numbers will likely increase even further.]

[I don’t really want to think of this Horde as incomplete…]

To Dhius’ words, Miguru-chan mumbled with an irked face.

It would be simple to turn back, but who knows what’s going to happen in the time before we come back.

Maybe we can return with additional adventurer reinforcements, but our hands would still be tied if the number of Kobolds increased twofold by then.

Wouldn’t engaging them now like what Noru and the girls said be our best choice currently?

[What will it be? Do we fight them with our current manpower?]

Honestly this is beyond the spectrum of what I am capable of judging.
Okura, I want you to make the decision if possible.
Because if we choose to fight now most of the fighting would have to be done by your party.]

And he’s right on the money, fighting now means my party will no doubt be the main attackers.

Enemies of this level shouldn’t be capable of dealing fatal damage to me or Noru.

But for Dhius who needs 2~3 attacks to defeat one opponent, the frontline would simply be overwhelmed by numbers.

Estel’s AoE magic attacks are essential for getting rid of such numbers.
If the monsters are going to target anyone specifically it would definitely be someone in my party.

[What do you girls think about this situation?]

This isn’t something I can decide on my own, so I asked the girls for their input.

[I believe myself to be capable of defeating this many enemies.]

[If anything goes wrong we can simply retreat, since we are already here we should at least reduce their numbers, no?]

[I’ll leave the decision making to you guys~]

Noru drew out her sword and was raring to go.
You could almost feel her confidence seeping out of her.

Wuhh… Why am I getting such alpha vibes from Noru.
Was she always that manly?

Estel brings up the topic of running away.
If we do end up getting chased by the… worst I’ll use a Beacon to get everyone out of here.

I don’t really want others to know of the existence of my gacha items, so if I really use it I’ll just say it was Estel’s magic.
I’ll give something along the lines of “Because it’s a very powerful kinda magic she can’t use it often.” as the *ahem* reason.

Shisuha was seemingly on cloud nine at her prospects of getting some action and gave a floofy sounding reply.
I really do worry about her head sometimes.

With the girls sounding ever so reliable, it’d make me feel bad if I’m the only one who wants to back down…..
I suppose this is where I muster up however little courage I do have.

[Alright, let’s do this.
First Estel will bombard them with her magic, me and Noru will intercept them when their first wave advances on us.
Dhius will stay back and protect Estel and the rear members until the frontlines stabilize.
Shisuha will be healing us up and keeping an eye on our retreat path.]

Even if we retreated now we’ll have to come back anyway.
We might as well fight now when the odds are better.

We’ll reduce their numbers as much as possible before making contact, with Noru and me at the front cleaning them up.
If we run into the Core Individual along the way we’ll just beat it too.

As long as we defeat the boss their numbers will stop increasing, which marks the end of the Horde as well.

Shisuha will be in charge of securing our retreat path, so that if we really do get overrun we can still escape.
The Beacon is only to be used as my last resort.

[Fufu, it’s been a while since I got to go all out.
I’m gonna put more omph in.]

Our battle plan has been decided, it is time to get things started.

Estel’s bombardment signals the start of our attack.
Raising her staff that is taller than herself, she brings forth the red and yellow tomes.
The 2 tomes float before her due to her magic power.

Multiple magic formations etched into the skies above us, from which countless blazing balls of fire larger than the average human appeared.
They were akin to miniature suns.

She swings down the upheld staff, and the fireballs begin hurtling down upon the Horde of kobolds with explosive effect.

Flames and dust clouds rose from the many points of impact, and high kobolds could be seen being flung into the skies and turning into light particles.

There were a decent number of Tyranos Kobolds that surprisingly survived after getting blasted initially, they could be seen struggling to stand as they pushed themselves up with both arms.

Additional fireballs continued to rain down upon those.
Their struggle would only be engulfed within the burning flames as they disappeared.

Following the bombardment the surrounding earth began to swell up, and boulders began to form.
When the boulders reached a size similar to the fireballs, a portion of it then explodes sending a projectile in the direction of the kobolds.

Smashing through the kobolds in their trajectory, the projectiles then shattered explosively after travelling a set distance.
Smoke could be seen rising up in the distance.

Is that a combination of fire and earth magic? She thinks up of some horrifying things…

Kinda hard to call this a fight when it gets this one sided.

[…..I’m too tired to feel surprised already.]

[Estel-chan is amazing, super amazing!]

[What even is going on…can I go home yet…..]

Dhius could only gawk with his mouth wide open, as he witnessed the spectacle.

I’m sure he has never seen anything like this before.
It’s an image of hell similar to what we saw back during our Frogman hunt.
(ED Note: that’s chapter 31)

Dhius facepalms.
Miguru-chan clasped her hands before her chest as she watched on with sparkling eyes, can’t really call that the ‘right’ kind of reaction to have.

Gauss-san didn’t have any special reactions, while Sumika-chan’s body visibly shook in fear with each explosion that resounded.

The ground was gouged at the many points of impact, there was little semblance of grassland left.
It was so bad that if you told someone a war had broken out here they’d believe it.

There were craters everywhere, the kobolds that avoided the explosions and survived had attempted to escape only to fall into one of the craters in their path.

Additional fireballs would then fly towards them like bloodhounds, sending them to the afterlife explosively.

The craters would only get deeper as the process repeated.

It looks like a haphazard bombardment at a glance, but Estel was calmly observing the situation showing how dreadfully reliable she is.

When you look at her as she launches her magic, you can see the gratification in her face as her cheeks get flushed.

Does she really enjoy casting her magic that much…..

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