Chapter 51 – Detachment

We set up camp for the night before it got dark yesterday, and resumed moving onwards the next morning.

We had Kobolds approaching us even as we camped, goes to show just how close we are to the Horde.

After a few hours of walking, we encountered a group of monsters.

And currently, we are observing said group within some nearby bushes.

[Uwaaa… that’s quite the sight…]

[This would be one of the Signs.]

The Kobolds littered the entire meadow.
It looked as if they were all moving together towards a certain destination.

They weren’t densely packed, but spread out rather widely across a large area.

At a glance they look coordinated, though a closer look proves otherwise.

This group of kobolds look different from the ones I have seen before, they overall have a darker color tone and wield spears instead of swords.
So these are High Kobolds?

At the head of the group, there was a bigger sized and even darker colored axe wielding kobold.
I’d say that’s the Tyranos Kobold.

I’ll have a look at both types.


●High Kobold    Race:Kobold
Attack Power: 250
Defense Power: 80
Agility: 50
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability None
Skill None


●Tyranos Kobold    Race:Kobold
Level: 35
MP: 0
Attack Power: 600
Defense Power: 150

Agility: 80
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability None
Skill Enrage


Nn? They are much weaker than I thought.
But when you consider the numbers, it would have been dangerous for Dhius’ party alone

[Aren’t there much more of them than usual?]

[Yeah, you’re right.
Even though the Core Individual isn’t here, they are already moving around in such large numbers…]

Hearing the exchange between Miguru-chan and Dhius, this group we have encountered is much bigger than what has been seen before.

At a glance there’s probably 40… maybe even more than 50 of them? Encountering monsters in such numbers all at once is probably a first for my party, aside from our Area Hunting shenanigans.

At first I thought the Tyranos Kobold heading the group was the Core Individual but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

[Is the Core Individual not in this group?]

[If it was then the center of the group would be way more fortified than this.
I’d say this is a group that has separated from the one main horde where the Core Individual is, and has started patrolling the area.]

though normally there would only be around 20 of them.]

[T, there’s more than 50 of them here no matter how you look at it…]

Gauss-san and Sumika-chan were also surprised by their numbers.

So when enough of them gather up they split up and have roaming parties, Prime Subjugations are a real pain in the ass.

And if there’s 50 Kobolds in a detached group like this, it’s not a stretch to say there’d be over a 100 of them in the main horde.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds of these guys around the Kobold Lord…..

[It’s to our interests to wipe this group out, yes?]

[Of course.
If even a detached group is already this large… It’d be quite the nightmare to imagine how many there are in the main horde.]

If we ignored a group of this size they’d end up as a source of trouble for the nearby villages and common folk.

Looks like we’ll be cleaning up all the groups we come across along the way.

[Since we are doing this should I just up and erase them all in one fell swoop?]

[Woah hold on there.
You shouldn’t be wasting your magic on the likes of them.
Me, Noru, and Dhius’ party should be more than enough to handle this.]

Estel took out her red grimoire from her bag and was ready to go, but I got Estel to refrain from blasting them with her magic.

I don’t think it’s a good choice to use her magic on a measly detachment.
I’d want to keep her wide area destruction in reserve for those oh shit moments later.

Us melee fighters should be more than enough for a group of this scale.

[The plan is me, Noru and Dhius taking the front after Estel and Shisuha buffs us, with supporting fire from Miguru-chan.
Gauss-san stays back to protect the girls in the rearline.]

It really is much easier to appoint roles when there’s this many people in the party.

I don’t need to worry about High Kobolds flanking our rearline with Shisuha around, I also got Gauss-san to stay back and protect Estel and the other girls.

Noru would be our main attacker when we fight the Kobold Lord, with either me or Dhius falling back for more defense.
‘Cause she’s the best vanguard in our combined party.

Perhaps having Shisuha at the front might be more effective than even me or Dhius… But I’ll be having her do her job as a healer this time.

[So even Shisuha-san can use support magic…]

[Uuu… I’m so sorry that I’m unable to…]

[Eh! Ah, that’s not what I meant.
I’m sure Sumika will also be able to one day.]

From hearing my proposed strategy, Dhius let slip his astonishment about Shisuha’s abilities.

Which Sumika-chan hears and becomes dejected as she lowers her head.

So he ends up correcting his statement…..
That’s another sensitive topic.

Even then, is it so unusual for a priest to be able to use support magic?

[I-in any case! Does everyone agree with what I proposed earlier?]

[Yeah, it sounds good to me.
Is everyone else ready then?]

The atmosphere became just a little bit strange right before battle, so I attempted to straighten that by bringing the main topic back up.

Then to Dhius’ words, his other party members reacted by nodding.

What happens next is me getting Estel and Shisuha to buff the entire party.

[…..this is amazing.
I can feel my strength welling up.]

[Estel-chan’s buff… Mmnn~, this is the best!]

[Hey, can you not react that way?]

While my party is already quite used to support magic, Dhius’ party had nothing but amazement for their first experience with support magic.

It was the same for me when I received my first buff, I was very surprised at the effects it had on my body.

Miguru-chan was hugging herself in bliss for some odd reason, while Estel reacted to that with a turned off look despite the smile on her face

Honestly… Aren’t there too many weirdos in this party?

[Well then I too shall- ―― guee!?]

With our preparations ready, Shisuha nonchalantly makes her way to the front as that is the norm for her.

So I grab her by her collar from behind and stop her.

[Goho… Wh, why did you do that Okura-san!]

[Why are you going to the front when you are supposed to be a priest! Shisuha is our healer so you’ll be in the rearline this time.]

[Bu, but…]

Due to me suddenly snagging her from behind she was coughing and tearing a little, she scowled at me with her slightly gleaming eyes.

And when I told her she isn’t getting any frontline action, she went OTZ with a look of despair on her face.
(ED Note: being descriptive of the orz pose isn’t something english is good at)

Her beauty belies her warped logic… Dhius’ party watched our skit in dismay.

[This time…? You mean she normally fights on the frontline despite being a priest? Just what kind of party are you guys…]

[Sh, she’s really a priest right?]

[Of course I am a priest.]

A priest fighting on the frontlines is a foreign concept to them after all.
Dhius and Sumika were the most perplexed.

Although she answers that she is indeed a priest with a less then energetic face, it felt as though there was nothing but doubt in the eyes around her.

The less then tense atmosphere continued for awhile, but that also comes to its end as we complete our preparations to begin our attack on the monster group.

[Well then here I goー!]

Miguru-chan’s arrow shot is our first move against the group.

She spryly removes an arrow from her quiver and nocks it.
She exhales and draws back the bowstring a little more as she locks on to her target.

Light began gathering on the arrow after she finished locking on, the arrow was then loosed.
The arrow cloaked in light hurtled towards the high kobolds with tremendous momentum.

The target was a high kobold at the very outer edge of the group, the surprise flanking arrow hits the high kobold square in the head.
But the arrow didn’t stop after decapitating and penetrating through the skull of the first kobold, it went straight through the heads of the next 2 kobolds in the arrow’s trajectory as well.

[Uuwah!? Wha, what just happened!?]

I’m guessing that light on the arrow was from a Skill she used, but she was bewildered by the very unexpected result.

That result was probably from a combination of the party buffs from me and Noru, plus the buff from Estel’s support magic.

[Hey, don’t just stand around it’s time to get to work!]

[Aah, right…]

The surrounding high kobolds that noticed the attack turned and faced our direction.

The ones walking at the head of the group turned their attention to us as well.

I called out to Dhius whose mouth was still agape after seeing Miguru-chan’s attack, as I jumped forward to receive the incoming monsters.

I stabbed and sweeped away the incoming high kobolds, one after another.

I actually do enough damage to instagib high kobolds, their bodies crumble in one hit regardless of where I stab them.

Looking at Dhius, it takes not 1, but 2~3 strikes from him to take down one high kobold so he’s still alright.

Noru had already charged way ahead of us straight at the Tyranos Kobold, after chopping an arm off she proceeds to behead it as usual.

The high kobolds in her way stood no chance, as multiples of them get cut down by her in a single sweep.
She’s even faster than me or Dhius, the speed at which she cleans up the monsters can only be described as disturbing.

[Hmm, stuff of this level is still easy for me.]

[This group only had quantity not quality.
Okura-dono, don’t go letting your guard down when we are fighting the main horde.]

We decimated that number of high kobolds within minutes.
Scattered on the ground were the bucketload of Drop Items from them.

I patted myself on the back a little, but Noru didn’t let that slide.

[Well then… how should I say this.
I thought I knew how absurd you guys were, but you guys just had to go beyond my expectations.]

[That support magic is outright cheating! Estel-chan really is amazing!]

[Ara, thanks for the compliment.]

Having cleaned up that large group with ease, Dhius’ party was perturbed to no end.

Miguru-chan seems to be thinking that the power of her arrows was all because of Estel’s support magic though.

If they are already this surprised, I can’t even imagine their faces when they see Estel’s full power offenses…

[Noru-san was amazing enough when I saw her deflect the Ogre’s attack… but never did I imagine she would be this capable.
You have my utmost respect.]

[Mu… sure.]

Dhius then spoke to Noru with a very serious face.
Something might have sparked in him after seeing her battle just now.

He was so humbled, you could almost see the envy seeping out of his eyes.
Even I can tell that Noru’s fighting style is every boy’s dream.

Although it sounds like she still doesn’t like him much, she at least gave him a reply of sorts.

Ever since we partied up, Noru hasn’t been as cheerful as she normally is.
Could it be that she has yet to forgive Dhius?

Uーmu, can nothing be done about that I wonder.

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