[The Core Individual is being viewed as threat this time.
2 kinds of monsters will be encountered at the destination this time, namely High Kobolds and Tyranos Kobolds.
And if the recent string of abnormal occurrences align with what is happening, then we are expecting to encounter a Kobold Lord as well.]

Why are Kobolds getting such dangerous sounding names? Like Tyranos and even Lord….

[How strong of a monster is that?]

[In the records Kobolds encountered on the 15th floor of the Labyrinth, are known as Kobold Lords.]

15th floor…..
That is certainly dangerous.

It should easily be at least stronger than B rank in strength, seeing that it’s a monster that appears on the 15th floor.

It’ll be weaker than the Aurum Slime which is a boss, but still at least on par with the Steel Slimes or maybe even stronger than them.

Although I haven’t seen his fully equipped Status, Dhius is pretty strong as he is.

But having to fight at a location where a horde is forming, against a monster from the 15th floor of the Labyrinth, is probably too much even for him.

[You can’t imagine how reassuring it is to do this together with you guys.
I’ll be counting on you all this time.]

[Yeah, same here.]

With this handshake, we have mutually agreed to cooperation.

This will be my first inter-party co-op since coming to this world.
Little would I have thought it’d be with Dhius…..
Much less if I considered how we first met.


Due to the urgency of the request, we left Suting promptly after rushing our preparations.

My party wouldn’t have had problems even without those but….

[Didn’t really expect walking to be this gruelling.]

[We have been having it easy, haven’t we….]

Travelling together with Dhius’ party.
Meant that I can’t use my Magic Carpet or preset Beacons.

I started to feel somewhat distraught, having to travel on foot after not doing so for quite some time.
It’s like having to walk after getting used to driving a car to get around.

Even Noru looked like she was walking listlessly.

[I’m sooooo lucky to have Estel-chan and co.
take this request together with us!]

[Don’t get too overexcited Miguru…..]

[But I can’t help it.
Just by having the cute Estel-chan together with us is enough to get me pumped up! I will definitely protect her!]

[Ee, I’m looking forward to your hard work.]

Me and Noru walked at the back of our group, while Estel was closer to Dhius and Miguru-chan.

Dhius looks slightly ashamed due to how excited Miguru was….
This is an important Dhius embarrassment moment.

To her overenthusiastic approach, Estel eluded her advances with but a smile.
As expected.

[Due to me having heard that Gauss-san has experienced a great many things, I’d like to ask something now that we have the chance to converse.
What was the most “effective” attack you’ve taken so far?]

[Fumu, right…..
there was that one time….]

there they go again.]

That was Shisuha and Gauss-san, Sumika-chan trailed along behind them.

The 2 of them began chatting about dangerous things, while she trembles behind them out of fear of their conversation.

Riiight, I am so not joining that circle.
Mayhaps Shisuha and Gauss-san are compatible with each other?

I could see Shisuha nodding fervently as she listened to Gauss-san recounting his past experiences in great detail.

[Ah, it’s monster territory already.
Perfect timing, this’ll be great target practice!]

As we continued walking towards our destination, along the way a Kobold was spotted running about in the distance.

It’s still a great distance away from us, but Miguru-chan who discovered it went ahead and launched an arrow enthusiastically.

Her nocked arrow struck the Kobold’s head magnificently, and said head exploded cleanly like a popped apple.


[Miguru, did you do something special just now?]

[I only attacked like how I normally do! I’m the one who’s surprised that the Kobold’s head suddenly got blown off…… but why did that happen?]

That’s not something that happens normally, so the result had Dhius’ party confuddled.

…… Ah, maybe it’s because we now recognize that we are all in one big “party”, Dhius and co.
are also affected by our party buffs?

Currently me and Noru give a combined 65% boost to attack power.

It’s probably best to not tell them about that…..
Not like they’ll believe it either way.


We have been walking for quite a while already but we have yet to reach our destination.

We would have arrived in a few hours by Magic Carpet, but it takes more than half a day on foot.

[Estel, are you okay?]

[Ee……I’m fine.
Don’t worry about me Onii-san.]

Gradually, Estel’s walking speed has been decreasing.

She’s still managing to keep up, but judging from her stiff expression she seems to be pushing herself.

When I think back about it, she has never had to walk such long distances since her summoning.

It might also be because of the fast pacing due to the urgency of the situation this time.

[It’s not advisable to push yourself too hard.]

[Want me to carry you? I’m(supposedly) reputed to have lots of stamina.]

Noru and Shisuha noticed as well and reached out to her, but she tells them she’s fine and continues the trek.

[There’s no helping our princess…..
here, get on my back.]

[Eh, but….]

She’s going to end up using strengthening magic on herself just to keep pace if this continues, so I decided to give her a piggyback.

It’ll be a problem if she’s mentally exhausted before we even arrive at our destination.

That’s reason enough for me to do this.
Estel is a featherweight, carrying her until we break to camp shouldn’t be too much work for me.

I squatted down in front of her and urged her to get on my back.

Dhius and co.
were slightly surprised by the scene as they watched us.
It’s become somewhat embarrassing…..

[…I’m sorry]

[This is where you thank me instead.]

While perplexed, she apologetically got on my back.

She circled her arms around my neck, while I supported her thighs with my hands.

It’s not good for her to think of this as a negative event, so I told her to thank me instead as I faced her on my back.

After Estel heard me say that, her mildly surprised face turned into a smile.

[Thank you, Onii-san.]


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