y, probably between a demon and a human.”

When I listen to it carefully, it certainly sounds like a demon’s rage.
I shake my head to erase my sleepiness and wake up completely.
Our campsite is located a little bit away from the highway.
From the sound direction it is most likely that this fight is occurring on the highway.

“Hmmm, it seems they are being attacked.”
“It seems so, there is also an Orc in it, too.”

To avoid being discovered, we lower ourselves and hide ourselves in the grass.
What we saw ahead, there is a middle – aged man holding a sword in horse carriage confronting the monster.
The appearance of that man is more like that of an adventurer rather than a knight.
Between the carriage and the man, there is a young man holding a dagger while trembling.

What the man confronts is 10 goblins and something which has a height of two metres.
It has a pig-like head and as Noru says is it an Orc, eh?
There was a trace that there was a fire on the firewood, just like we had.
They were most likely attacked in the middle of camping.

“Well, let’s go help them, Noru, can I ask you to handle the Orc? I will handle the goblins”

There was plenty of advantages in the battle against the goblin in the tutorial, and for the Orc, I think there will be no problem if I let Noru handle them.
To think I’ll let the girl handle the strong monster, I’m beginning to think that I’m useless as a man..
However, I am far weaker than Noru right now, so it can’t be helped.

“Please retreat! We will become their opponent!”

We jumped out of the grass and shouted loudly to attract demons.
The middle-aged man who was confronting had a shocked face for a moment, but he quickly took the young man and went down behind the carriage.

The demons ignored the retreated men and focused on us.
There are several drop items from the defeated goblins fallen around around the monsters.
That middle-aged man must be the one who killed them.

“Handling two Orcs as my opponent, I’ll barely made it out with my current limit, Okura-dono, if possible please finish killing the goblins as soon as possible!”

In the gap where demons stopped moving for a moment, she runs through the goblins and then she cuts the Orc.
Caught off-guard with the surprise hit, the Orc is screaming angrily when she cut off the one arms of the Orc.

“Gol! Everyone, Help!”
“So dangerous! I should not stand still”

The goblins who were stunned earlier, began to move and help the screaming orcs.
I hurried to grab my Excalibur and the pot lid, and began to run.
As I swung around, I hit the goblins one after another.

“Oh!! … This weapon is strong”
“What, they! Danger, Danger…”

Before it finish saying, the head of the last goblin begins flying due to my attack.
Even if my movement is really like an amateur, if you hit them with something like this bar, they are like tofu.
(TN: You might be confused, but yes, the author kinda write excalibur appearance like a crowbar/bar.
Most likely it’s for joke purpose)
Even if they tried to prevent it with a club, when I hit them back, the goblins were immediately crushed.
It’s a surreal name, but this Excalibur, it is indeed an SR weapon.
The lid of the pot, which is an SR armor, is also extremely durable.

“Fuu ~, How to say it, it’s kinda let down”
“Oh, Okura-dono is also finished too?”

Well, even though Noru will support me … She already started collecting the dropped items in a bag while carrying her sword.
The bag is a thing that she had, moreover the drop item(s) of the tutorial game is included in it as well.

“… I just barely finished it, too”
“It was weaker than I thought it would be, Te-he… it huwts !? It huwwwts!”,

I am somewhat quite angry.
I instinctively also pulled both of her cheeks again.

“Sorry, I suddenly wanted to do it.”
“Uuu, my soft skin will become rough, you know…”
“Oi oi, you two”

The men who were hiding behind the carriage earlier came close with confused voices.
Because of Noru, there is completely no sense of tension in the area.

“Oh, sorry”
“No, I was saved, you two are strong,”
“I really appreciate it.
Thank you.”

Two men bow their heads and thank us.
Because I don’t know how to respond it, when they bow, I reflectly said thank you.
Although it feels natural for us, but I do not know how average the strength of this world is.

“No, It’s just the natural thing to do.
I am Okura Heihachi, you are?”
“I am Nooru Fagna, the guardian of Okura-dono !”
“I’m sorry for the late introduction.
I am Raul, a merchant.

“I am an adventurer, Grin, who is escorting Raul.”

We shaking hands with each other and finish our greeting.
Although the help might have an ulterior motive to it, but apparently the initial anxiety was solved.

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