enamoured as she mumbled to herself.

She talks about having a “conversation” but I have my doubts…..
Now that you have piqued her interest, the most I can do is wish you good luck Noru.

[Fuu, they aren’t exactly ‘strong’ if you take them 1 at a time.
Though this may still be too early for Okura-dono to handle.]

[This isn’t the kind of monster to engage with only 1 frontliner in the first place…..]

The remaining aggro’d monsters were felled steadily, with the bow users being the last

With their frontliners all defeated, the only option left for the bow users was to attempt an escape and that made them easy pickings.

Noru practically defeated the entire monster party by herself, me and Shisuha didn’t do much of anything.

The most we did was repel arrows that were targeting Estel.

The Drop Items are Lizardman Hide and the weapons that they wielded.

[So I’m guessing we can assume 1 group has 6 melee fighters, and 2 bow users?]

[It’s probably better to not thoughtlessly attack those single Lizardman that are on lookout.]

After engaging in several more battles, we have mostly confirmed the initial 1 Lizardman which stays in the open to be something of a patrolling scout.

When that 1 Lizardman gets attacked, it uses its Roar Skill to alert and call its allies that are standing by in the surrounding area.

Every group we fought had 6 melee fighters, and 2 bow users who will attack from long range.

[Hーrm, this probably isn’t the place to farm for manastones….]

[Your motivations really change on the fly whenever the Gacha gets involved.
It’s no good to just suddenly lose interest like that.]

Compared to the mobs we can insta-kill back at the Northern Cave, the monsters here are just outright more troublesome.

The efficiency of getting the Rare Variant to spawn here probably isn’t very good.

In exchange the monster levels here are much higher, which is good for getting exp but…… My motivation is mostly gone for now.

As I thought of hunting the Rare Variant and going home and looked over the mountainous rocks, when suddenly a black colored Lizardman leaped out from behind those rocks.

[Nn? Something has appeared… Geh!?]

[This might get a little dicey.]

I’m pretty sure that it’s the Rare Variant, but more of the same black Lizardmen kept appearing until there were 8 in total.

Contrary to the single rare monster spawn we are used to seeing, it just so happens you need to fight 8 of them at the same time here…..
Better have a look at its Status.


●Kepool Race: Lizardman

Level: 80
HP: 55.000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 1800
Defense Power: 2000
Agility: 240
Magic Resistance: 60
Unique Ability Unity
Skill Roar


Whew…..it’s got both a Unique Ability and a Skill.

And I can safely assume it’s dangerous to fight all 8 of them at the same time, right?

[Okura-dono, with your permission may I be allowed to use my Skill?]


Right when I was thinking “we probably won’t lose but it would take a whole lot more effort than usual, what to do…” , Noru gives input that she wants to use her Skill.

She looks excited, as this is about usage of her revamped Skill.

Uーmu, it would be a massive pain to go about this fight normally and I also want to see what has become of her Skill too.

[Yeah go ahead but return immediately after you finish off the last of them.
It’d be bad if you collapsed again like before.]

[Roger that!]

On the condition that she returns before the effect expires, I gave Noru permission to use her Skill.

She gave a jolly response, after which a silver colored light envelops her body to show that she has activated her Skill.

She makes her move shortly after, and the next instance I saw her she already closed the distance with the first Kepool and was swinging her sword down.

Due to her ludicrous speed, me, Estel and Shisuha all let out a “Eh?” unanimously.

The first Kepool that was attacked left this world, never even noticing Noru’s approach.

The aftershock of the attack minces every Lizardman in a straight line away from the direction of the swing.

Apparently the shockwaves are released from the tip of her sword, as a portion of the rocky mountain surface got destroyed in the process as well.

Are you shitting me.]

[Even though this is the first time I’m seeing her use her Skill……it’s really incredible.]

[Sure she’s powered-up, but who’d have thought she’d get that beefed up.]

Having noticed one of their own to have been sent to the afterlife, the remaining Kepool began making their move to assault Noru.

But even so, to the current Noru it’s like a bunch of ants trying to fight an elephant.

Before the Kepool could even make any proper moves, their extremities and heads get severed one after another.
It’s as though they are no different from the regular Lizardman.

The aftershock of her attacks have also been affecting the surrounding area, there was no shortage of regular Lizardman appearing and charging towards her.

The Kepool which were the initial targets were already gone, and the other Lizardman turned into meat chunks by the numbers with little effort on Noru’s part.

[Fufufu, I feel great with a capital G! I don’t feel like I’ll lose to anyone right now!]
(EN: I am the greatest warrior of the Three Kingdoms!!)


[Ugogo…..it hurts, it hurts sooo muuuch……]

[I knew this was going to happen.]

Noru made it back before her Skill effect expired.

And she suddenly collapses right after the duration of her Skill expires.

For now she is able to move her mouth with the help of Shisuha’s healing magic, but she is unable to move her body at all.

It’s not like we can do anything about that so I’m currently carrying her on my back.

[Not even Shisuha’s recovery magic can help her fully recover.]

[My apologies for being unable to help much…..]

Noru was unable to even speak at first, but her condition was reduced to the level of severe muscle ache with the help of healing magic.

Together with the evolution of her Skill, the recoil has evolved as well…… Her Skill is still so hard to make full use of.

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