Chapter 47 – 2 Norus……?

[Ehehe~, isn’t this nice~]

[It sure is~]

Noru murmurs about the Stuffed Toy she is holding as she sits on the bed, beside her is another Noru.

The 2 of them are in their own world again, as they gaze at the not exactly “cute” Stuffed Toy(s).

[As expected of myself.
Only I myself, would be able to understand these feelings.]

[I see the two of you are getting along already.]

They both went “Yeah!” as they gave me a smug thumbs up.

That felt slightly irritating somehow.

[Why of course, how would I not get along well with myself.]

I think it would be more unnatural for us to be on bad terms with each other instead.]

The 2 of them crossed their arms and nodded in unison.

They are basically the same person after all, so their actions also dynamically synchronized.

[Here, Mofutto.
Come on over here.]

[Ah, that’s so sly! I wanted him to come to my side!]

And now, the attention of the Norus switched to Mofutto.

Both of them were beckoning it to come closer, but Mofutto was awfully confused as it looked left and right comparing the Norus.

Because both of them looked exactly the same it didn’t know where it should go to.

[Muu… looks like there is a need to show who is the clear choice for Mofutto, we need to settle this once and for all.]

Now then, let us proceed outside.]

[Oi, wait a minute there, oi!]

In the end Mofutto didn’t go to either side.
Seeing that, the two of them switched gears and faced each other.

They then proceeded to gear up, then headed outside with sword and shield in hand.

Mofutto hopped along chasing them from behind, you could almost imagine it saying “Please don’t fight for my sakeー”.

Moments later the sound of crushing and clashing could be heard from the outside.

Soon after screaming from all sorts of people could be heard, the battle has become so heated up you’d think someone set us up the bomb.

How am I supposed to face the people outside after all this…….


At least that’s how I imagined it.


I unintentionally let slip a groan….
as I imagined what it would be like to summon 1 more Noru.

Noru herself already has her share of moments of failure, if there were 2 of her…… the synergy would make those failures more than twice as bad.

[Okura-dono, won’t you share with us, what you were just imagining.]

[Ah, no, I wasn’t imagining anything.
For reals.]

Her tone sounded positive, and she even looked like she was smiling but I could almost see something malicious seeping out of her which got me sceptical.

Did she realize I was imagining something from my reaction?

[Though if we really did get a 2nd Noru, it would be a powerful addition to our party.]

[That’s right.
It would be so reassuring if there were 2 Norus.]

In comparison to the other melee units I know of, having a 2nd Noru is a massive boon.

Just by having them around the whole party will get a 60% boost to attack and defense, it’s on a whole other level of reassuring.

[Noru, what about you? What are your thoughts on having another “you” in the party?]

If you think only of the combat perspective, summoning a 2nd Noru would be a godsend for our current party.

But, I really want to hear the thoughts of the person in question regarding the topic.

If she doesn’t make her intentions clear now it’s definitely going to become a problem later on.

I will abide to what Okura-dono wants to do.]

She hesitated on her decision for a moment, there was a slight pause before she spoke after opening her mouth.

Though her answer didn’t do much for the tense atmosphere, she’s leaving the decision to me.

Even if you tell me to do as I see fit… Hmm, let’s see……

[The way I see it you are the “only Noru”… Frankly speaking I don’t want to do it (summon the second one).]

Noru was my very first summon after coming to this world.
She is the one I have interacted with, and spent the longest amount of time with.

Even if I really did summon another “her”, I’d be at a loss at how to interact with “them”.

I am well aware of my own clumsiness regarding interpersonal interactions, I wouldn’t know how to treat both the first Noru and the one that was summoned later equally.

Though having 2 Norus will make traversing the Labyrinth much easier, I actually don’t mind taking my time without resorting to that.

In addition the deed of summoning a second Noru itself, somehow just doesn’t sit well with me.

After considering many things, the verdict is that I personally don’t want to do it.

[O, Okura-dono.
Tha, that’s…..]

[Ara, that sounded like a confession somehow.]

[Fufufu, the 2 of you really get along well.]

Noru became bewildered after hearing what I said, while Estel and Shisuha watched over us with warm gazes.

A confession….?

[Eh…, tha-, that’s not it!? I mean, wouldn’t it feel off-putting if there were 2 of the same person?]

[Nnnー, well that’s true in a sense.
If another me just pops out, I certainly wouldn’t feel positive about it.]

[If there was another me huh…… That could be fun in its own way.
But I’d like there to be “Only One” Noru-san here.]

I corrected myself in a panic, Estel nodded in agreement.

Then Shisuha went and said something weird again…..
I absolutely must not summon a 2nd “her”.

Although I am interested in asking her how she intends to have “fun” with the topic, but I get the feeling her answer isn’t really something I want to know.

My guess is that she’s gonna say something like “We can heal each other as needed while we fight monsters.”.
What are you, a resident of the ‘Land of Carnage’?

[But, shouldn’t you check whether you can actually deploy “her” if and when you decide there is a need to?]

[That’s right.
“She” will not be summoned unless you tap the confirmation button.]

The new Noru won’t be summoned unless I press the confirmation button, after selecting her in the Item Column.

It does make me feel sort of bad, to just leave her in the Item Column to collect dust…..

For now I’ll confirm the details of what we just talked about, which leads to me tapping and selecting the new “Noru・Fagna” in the Item Column.

【Noru・Fagna has already been summoned, unable to summon.
Do you want to strengthen your existing Noru・Fagna?】

[Oh, looks like I can’t summon the second one.]

then it should’ve said so from the beginning.
That had me worrying over nothing.]

So I can’t summon duplicate Units.
Gets me wondering if our earlier conversation had any point…… It’s a good thing I checked this out as quickly as I did.

Noru let out a sigh after hearing what I said, and loosens up her tense self.

[Ara, so you were actually worried.]

[You must be so glad.
You also got to know that Okura-san wasn’t keen on doing it.]

[Uuu…… this somehow feels embarrassing.]

Even though she said she would let me decide, she probably didn’t want to have another one of “herself” around.

You can’t really tell from her expression ‘cause you can’t fully see her face, even then she didn’t give much of a negative impression regarding the matter.

Though right now she’s hugging Moffuto and facing away from us due to her embarrassment.

[Although I can’t do the summon I can strengthen you instead.
Noru, do you want to do it?]

[Although that feels somewhat disturbing, I’d feel bad just leaving “her” as an “Item” so please do Okura-dono.]

If…… If by some off chance I somehow lose the current Noru, the possibility of being able to summon her “again” exists as of now.

Safekeeping the duplicate for when such events happen is also an option, but I’d rather go for the power up so as to reduce the chance of such events from even happening at all.

Although the person in question feels slightly disturbed about it, now that she has given me her approval I tapped the button to confirm her strengthening.

Light overflowed from the smartphone, the light then surrounded her whole body and slowly got absorbed into her body.
(EN: what? noru is evolving?!)

[How is it? Do you feel strange anywhere?]

[………Nhn! Wha, what is this…… it feels like something is seeping into me.
An indescribable euphoric feeling!]

After she was done absorbing the light, Noru was trembling excitedly and hugged herself with her arms crossed.

Her voice sounded oddly sensual….

A-, anyways.
There were no visible physical changes, and she herself didn’t say anything too weird.

If anything did change it’s most possibly her Status, gotta get my Smartphone out to have a look.


●【War Maiden】Noru・Fagna
Level 51
HP: 6120
MP: 1560
Attack Power: 1500
Defense Power: 795
Agility: 169
Magic Resistance: 40

Cost 13

Unique Ability

【Protection of the War Maiden】
If deployed in party, boosts Attack and Defense Power of all other Units in party by 50%.

【Platinum Aura】
Boosts all Status by 3 times for 10 minutes. Cooldown time before reuse: ½ day.


Holy moly… The numbers have increased way too drastically is the only way I can describe this.

And she has a Title next to her name now too.
Hrm maiden… Eh? Maiden huh…..
well let’s put that aside for now.

Even her Unique Ability and Skill have changed.
Her cost has also decreased, this is an even greater improvement to her combat prowess than simply getting some other UR equipment..

[Okura-dono! Let’s go for a hunt right now! My body is itching for action! C’mon, let’s go go go!]

[Wai-, oi, don’t pull me like that! Estel, halp meee…….]

[Fufu, aren’t you glad Onii-san.]

[That’s right Okura-san.
Now, where shall we go today.]

Maybe she’s in top form because of the strengthening, Noru’s high tension has shot through the roof compared to her past self.

She grabs my hand, and is literally dragging me all over the place saying we should hurry up and go “somewhere”.

Fuu, I really wish she can calm down soon.


● Noru・Fagna
Level 51
HP: 3060
MP: 780
Attack Power: 1000
Defense Power: 595
Agility: 119
Magic Resistance: 30
Cost 15

Unique Ability

【Valkyrie’s Protection】
If deployed in party, boosts Attack and Defense Power of all other Units in party by 30%.


Doubles all Status for 1 minute. Cooldown time before reuse: 1 day


(TL Note: After upgrade)

●【War Maiden】Noru・Fagna
Level 51
HP: 6120
MP: 1560
Attack Power: 1500
Defense Power: 795
Agility: 169
Magic Resistance: 40

Cost 13

Unique Ability

【Protection of the War Maiden】
If deployed in party, boosts Attack and Defense Power of all other Units in party by 50%.

【Platinum Aura】
Boosts all Status by 3 times for 10 minutes. Cooldown time before reuse: ½ day.




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