Okura-san’s eyes are getting bloodshot which looks sort of scary.]

[That happens every time so you shouldn’t worry about it.]

Shisuha was late to the party as she takes a peek at the smartphone from behind timidly.

Indeed I haven’t rolled any Gacha after that time when we got her(Shisuha).
I should let Shisuha do some rolls when the next opportunity arises.

She’s saying my eyes are bloodshot, but there’s no way that’s true.

I’m cocksure that my thoughts are “Cooler” than I normally am.
My vision is sharper and I can hear my own heart beating louder than usual.

[Enough of that.
Roll first, we can think about what to do with the Gacha afterwards.]

[You do know that contemplating about the Gacha after you roll doesn’t make any sense right!?]

I heard someone saying something, but there’s no stopping me now that my body is ready.

If the management is going to release content that tickles my sniper bone this much, then there’s no way I’m not rolling!

A treasure chest appears on the screen.
The treasure chest, was Silver.
It stays Silver.

【R Stuffed Toy, R Food, R Cloth Clothing, R Copper Armor, R Iron Sword, R Boots, R Log, R Potion x10, R Bar, R Candle, R Thin Book】

Uwwah!? This is a scene from a B slasher flick.
Mosaics are needed to block the displayed image.

This is the kind of Total Bust that saps any and all mental strength of whoever sees it!

Bu, but, I gots the shiny Premium Ticket.
This level of bust isn’t enough to K.O me just yet.

[Uuu, ah, urm, there’s still the Premium Ticket.]

[Quite the explosive death you managed to get there.]

[No surprises there.]

[So this is a Bust roll? So this is the process from which I was acquired from.]

Putting the 11 roll behind me, I return to the top page and entered the Gacha menu once more and this time the Premium Ticket option was added next to the 11 consecutive roll section.

[Alright, here rolls the Premium Ticket.]

After tapping on the ticket, the usual treasure chest appears on the screen.

The treasure chest shines, turning Silver, Gold, White, then Rainbow.
It stops at Rainbow.

Aw yuusss! I am blessed with good luck after all.

Fufu, I’d bet nobody expected me to get another UR here.
If it’s a Unit we might be able to progress further into the Labyrinth posthaste.

Raising my expectations, I tapped the screen to see the results.

【UR Noru・Fagna】

[Tch, another Noru huh…….

……Nnn!? Wait a second, I got another Noru!?

Uhh, you can get duplicates of the same Unit from this? I went about it like usual at first, but i have no idea what might happen.

Despite the way I am I can still get hurt if you blurt it out that way….]

[Hold up Onii-san.
The way you said that just sounds awful.
Apologize to Noru.]

[That’s right Okura-san! That was a little too off putting even for me!]

Apparently Noru heard my disappointed “another Noru huh” remark, and was disheartened by it.

Estel and Shisuha got angry at me because of that.

Oh crap, my life might be in danger as I have angered the 2 of them.

[Eh, ah, I’m very sorry about that!]

I went and dogeza’d before her.

My remark about the duplicate was just business as usual for me, but it was awfully rude of me to not think about how Noru feels.

Even I’m appalled at myself.

[Can we put that aside for a little, I really am sorry, but isn’t there something else you girls should have retorted to instead!?]

I intend to make it up to her later for my impolite comment.

But, do the girls not see the strangeness of the current situation?

Even when I asked the girls, they showed me faces that tell me they have no idea what’s going on.

[Well, doesn’t this mean that another Noru is going to appear?]

[…… Ah, wha-, you got another “Me”!?]

When the logic of words finally sinked in, the 3 girls had indescribable expressions on their faces.

Noru might actually be the most surprised……..

[Now that you think about it…..
It gets you wondering what’s going to happen doesn’t it?]

[Are there going to be 2 Noru-sans?]

I thought there were only duplicates for equipment and items, well it looks like it can happen to Units too.

I really have no idea what’s going to happen.
Would the number of party members just keep increasing the more I roll the Gacha, I wonder?

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