At the end of another day

Having finished today’s hunting, we dropped by the adventurers’ guild.

We did a bunch of things since morning today, it was already evening by the time we came back.

Even so…… Shisuha’s combat abilities really surprised me.
She was capable of that much with equipment for a healer, it makes me wonder what would happen if I gave her combat oriented equipment…..

With the report for successfully completing the request, Shisuha’s adventurer rank rose to F.

We have concluded what I wanted to do today, as we walked towards the entrance intending to head back to the inn… We crossed paths with 4 familiar faces who were walking in from the entrance.

The young man who was at the front, approached us when he noticed us.

[Oh, if it isn’t Estel-chan.]

It was Dhius.
The first thing he does is greet Estel as always.

Could he be…… ah, I should stop being constantly suspicious of him.

[Ara, it has been a while.]

Incidentally…… is “he” not around? Also are those 2 new members of your party?]

Contrary to my expectations, he actually asked about me.
He also asks about us “new” members, as he looked at me in armor and Shisuha.

Ehh? I thought he was going to go on about recruiting Estel again but there’s something different about him this time.

Also he has yet to recognize me.
He probably would if he paid attention to the awesome tattered cape I have on.

[‘Sup, Dhius.]

[…… Is that you Okura? What’s up with that outfit?]

[Well, about that…..]

When I raised my hand and called out to Dhius, he had “What the hell are you doing…” written all over his face.

So I then talked to him about the matter of me taking up the role of a Tank…..

[I see, I too think that it is a good idea.
But…… that getup isn’t going to do you any favours.
I’d strongly advise you to not walk around in that outfit at night.]

[Is it really that bad?]

Dhius gave me a look of slight pity.

What, it’s as if I’m the odd one here.
I have kept Bar and Pot Lid, I’m looking totally normal in my tattered cape plus armor plus full face helm and sneakers.

[Onii-san, when did you become so buddy-buddy with him?]

[Ah, I have had some exchanges with him since we last met.
By the by aren’t you going to keep trying to recruit Estel?]

As I twisted my head and thought of some things, Estel brought up that topic.

I got to know him better from the Stinger material trade, but that was when I had the girls go shopping.

So it probably looked like I’m suddenly on good terms with him to the girls.

[I was letting my impatience get the better of me.
Do accept my apologies for my actions back then.]

He even went to the trouble of taunting us after the match despite the results, but now it looks like he has reflected on his actions since then as he lowered his head.

He really got on my nerves at that time, thinking about it now makes you wonder what happened to him at that time.

After the whole fiasco with Estel as a bet that ended up turning into a cash grab battle, he probably has his own thoughts about what happened.


[I have not forgiven him just yet.

Though I have mostly looked past his faults, it seems Noru has yet to forgive him.

She has been looking in a direction away from him ever since he made his appearance today.
It’s pretty unexpected that she’d react this way.

I thought that she was the cheerful type who doesn’t worry too much about this sort of thing, maybe she’s actually sensitive to such topics?

[…….haha, she really doesn’t like me much.]

[Didn’t you kinda brought that on yourself? You were always too brash for your own good.]

[Uu, s, soz….]

He lets out a dry self reproachful laugh, after seeing Noru’s blatant show of dislike.

From which the bow user girl who is a member of Dhius’ party joins the conversation.

She has a black bow and black defensive gear on her, all of which looks lightweight.
Could that black coloring have come from the Stinger’s carapace?

This girl gives off a rather bright impression from the way she speaks.
Her orange semi-long hair suits her well.

did I get that right? I’m Miguru.
I’m really sorry for our fool Dhius causing you trouble.
Though I wasn’t any better because I didn’t stop him…]

[Yes, I am Okura indeed.
That was certainly a troubling event, but that’s all in the past now so let’s not keep digging it up.]

This is the first time I’m meeting them since the match, were the rest of his party members concerned about what happened?

Or rather he’s the brash kind eh…..
Now I’m curious about what other events he has caused up until now.

After some small talk with Miguru-chan, the other party members decided to introduce themselves as a greeting of sorts.

[I, I’m Sumika…… nice to meet you….]


The priestess of the party Sumika-chan.
She spoke rather softly which meant she was either nervous or just shy.
Her short brown hair and priestess garbs look good together.

Then there’s this guy in black armor who gave a very short introduction.
Is he the silent type?

I couldn’t see it before due to his helm, but he has short brown hair.
His face showed that he was much older than the rest of Dhius’ party.
He is even taller than I am which gives him an intimidating appearance.
He looks to be quite the reliable Tank.

[So, I see that you have found yet another attractive girl.
It’s getting me mighty interested in how you manage to keep doing it.]

[Hahaha…… Anyways I haven’t seen you around for a while, been out of town?]

[Aah, we’ve been doing an escort request.]

After they were done with their greetings, I stuck around to have a little talk with Dhius.

He probed me about our new member, but I laughed and muffled the topic away.
It’s not like I can just talk about the Gacha.

I saw him going about regularly to the guild before I summoned Shisuha, but not so much afterwards.
So that escort request had his party travel pretty far off.

[Nnnn~, Estel-chan is really cute after all.]

[I’m happy for the praise and all, but would you mind if you stopped hugging me?]

[Eeeeh~, don’t wanna~]

Noru and the other girls were having their own conversation together.

Having heard what they were talking about, I turn to see Miguru-chan hugging Estel.

U~mu, that kind of scene is soothing for the soul.
Even Dhius who was next to me was looking at them with a happy face.

[Oh, this is as good a chance as any, mind if I ask Gauss-san to give me some tips and tricks about being a Tank?]

[I won’t stop you per se….
but I wouldn’t recommend it.]

Meeting him here was a nice happenstance, I should make the most of it.

I asked their leader Dhius about my little request, but his reply was… disconcerting.

Is something bad going to happen? He’s saying he doesn’t recommended doing so… but it shouldn’t too much for me to ask afew questions right?

[Excuse me.]

What is it.]

[If it’s alright with you, I’d like to ask for some advice regarding the role of a Tank…..]

I called out to him as he was sitting alone at a table having a drink after the greetings were done, and I get a short reply.

Scary, he’s scary.
His deep low voice gives off so much pressure.

[……very well.
I shall verbally beat the ways of being a Tank into you.]

I was jittery about how he was going to reply, but he surprisingly accepted my request quite easily.

Ara, is he the kind type contrary to his appearance? Much like the case with Shisuha, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

[Firstly, I’d like to hear what you think the role of the Tank needs.]

I need to protect the others? And being able to endure pain and stuff.]

Even if you ask me what is needed for the role….
Wouldn’t the willingness to protect others be the first thing that comes to mind?

Then there’s enduring pain that Noru told me about.
You’d need to maintain your focus through the pain, else it’d be bad when you lose aggro due to losing your focus and enemies get past you.

[If you could only think of that much, then you only have a vague impression about the role.]

He puts his drink down onto the table, took a deep breath and stared straight into my face.

It’s as if he is looking through me….
It’s true that I only have an ambiguous impression of the Tank role.

[You need to know how much of the role you are able to fulfill.
Understanding the limits of your own abilities, how to avoid attracting too much hate.
The greatest danger to the party, is when the Tank falls and releases the enemies that were being held up.
It is one of the main causes of party wipes.]

Uーmu, I see.
If you go around aggro-ing every enemy you see, chances are your healing won’t be able to manage the damage taken.

Then when you fall mid way into the battle the aggroed enemies will then tumble through your party, which will then result in a wipe.

[Next is priority.
You need to know which enemies you should pull, which to leave to your party members.
Making the wrong choice will cause more harm to your party.]

So I gotta aggro the more dangerous enemy, while I let my allies beat the weaker mobs? That way I don’t bite off more than I can chew.

But when you consider the results of making the wrong choice, it makes judging the right enemy to aggro a tall order.

In my case I have the Status app, I can use that for reference.

[Then in the midst of doing your job, you must be mindful of your positioning relative to the rest of your party.
You are there to defend your allies, not obstruct their attacks.
This is something you have to think about and work out with your party via experience.]

There’s no way I’m gonna be able to do that overnight……

The way I’m imagining it, is me doing some strange move and getting hit by Estel’s magic from behind.

[And then….
as you have pointed out earlier which is enduring the pain.
There will be times when your armor gets destroyed, and the need to receive attacks with your body arise.
So don’t get careless, even if you are wearing armor.]

I shouldn’t get complacent due to my defense power huh.
Back when I fought the kobolds, the thought “their attacks won’t get to me anyway”….
did cross my mind just a little bit.

If I am to take up the role of the Tank, I really should toss away those notions and always be prepared for the instances when attacks get through my defense.

Thinking about all that made my stomach ache.

[There’s also times when there are sudden pains from attacks you didn’t expect.
But, you need to endure those as well.
Even through all the headsplitting pain, that feeling as though you are burning alive, you must endure all of it even if your consciousness dims.
that’s the sort of time when I felt truly alive.
If you are one who pursues the way of the Tank, then you too should be able to understand that feeling as well.]

Nn? How should I say this, that last one sounded off.

He sounded like he was speaking calmly just a while ago, but he seems to be gradually putting more strength into his words.

And when he said that I’ll “understand that feeling”, he grabbed my shoulders.

[Ee…… errr, hold on a sec.]

you understand don’t you? Now, let us tread forth toward the unexplored boundary together.] (EN: no homo?)

The way he looked into my eyes, he seemed feverish.

Holy shit, there’s something very wrong with this guy.
He says he feels alive while in pain, isn’t he the kind of person with some screws loose in the head!?

Nuuuu, I don’t wanna become like this person.

I tried to back off and escape, but I couldn’t escape from Gauss-san’s hold.

[What’s going on over there…..] (Noru)

[Aahー, I tried tell him about that…..] (Dhius)

Before I knew it Noru was watching the scene unfold, while Dhius muttered something while looking at me.

What? So this is what you meant when you said you wouldn’t recommend this!?


Fast forward from what felt like forever, I was forced to listen to the wonderful experiences he has had as a Tank.

that’s not the sort of world I want to be involved with.

Striking, slashing, piercing, abnormal states, and many other kinds of pain.
I was forced to listen to the itty bitty details of all of that and I’m mentally zoned out right now.

[Alrighty, time to get some sleep…..I’m tired enough already.]

Having returned to the inn, I’m done with meals and whatnot so what remains is going to sleep.

So the 4 of us ended up in the same room, I was just about to take out my sleeping bag to sleep on the floor when..

[Ahem, right.
Onii-san, shall we sleep together?]

[That’s right.
Now, hurry on over here.
Hurry, hurryhurry over here.]

I was stopped by 2 individuals before I could do so.

Estel sat on the same bed that Shisuha was on, while Noru sat on one side of the other bed and smacked the mattress.

Moffuto was on her thighs, and she was looking at me with eyes that said “hurryhurry”.
She’s doing the same thing as Estel isn’t she!

[No, I’ll sleep on the floor.
I got my sleeping bag right here.]

I’ve sort of gotten used to being in the same room with the girls, but it is still impossible for me to sleep together with any of them.

[Okura-san sleeping on the floor, while we get to sleep on the bed….that won’t do.]

[Yup, that’s right.
Come on now Onii-san, over here.]

Now Shisuha has joined in, with Estel assisting her.

And what do you mean over there, you mean for the 3 of us to sleep in one bed?

[Then Okura-dono, you should choose whom you want to sleep with.]

I was looking for a way out of this, and for some weird reason I ended up looking at Noru for it.
But, she ended up dumping an absurdly unexpected bomb onto me.

[Ermagahd…… I seriously can’t deal with this right now.]

Please stop this, stop right there! Telling me to choose now is tantamount to suicide.

Seriously, I really want them to stop messing with me.
Regardless of which one among the 3 I choose….I’m afraid of the aftermath.

[Okura-dono……do you dislike sleeping together with us?]

[No, that’s not it.
That’s not it, but……]

[Then it should be fine, right?]

[That’s right.
Okura-san, it’s probably better for you to make your pick soon.]

My rejection was met with Noru asking me whether I “liked” them or not.
(ED Note: english really needs better words to describe such stuff)

I really want them to stop doing this, it’s really bad for my heart.

And the remaining 2 girls, also pressured me to make my pick.

Seriously what’s going on…’s scary.
There’s no way I can choose…..

Sorry, but please cut it out already.]

In the end, I had to use my super dogeza to save myself.
(ED Note: google dogeza if you really don’t know what it means)

I managed to get through this time with that, but I’m really going to die if this is going to keep happening.

Maybe I should get another room tomorrow…..
But it’ll be lonely by myself, and it’ll be embarrassing for me if I have to go looking for them in their room.

What should I do…..

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