Summoning Shisuha

[At long last, the day a Priest joins our our party has come!]

[At long last indeed.]

[Though I feel like it came surprisingly soon.]

With our 33 consecutive gacha rolls being over and done with, we proceeded towards a new day.

I was at my limit by the time we finished it, so I ended up sleeping without even bothering to sort the equipment.

I didn’t expect that we’d be getting a Priest so soon after deciding on getting one.

Somehow, I feel like the whole thing happened so fast.

I think I’ll distribute the equipment later.
After all, I still need to summon Shisuha and give her some kind of equipment, too.

So that’ll make distribution easier afterwards.

[Well, let’s just head out for now, I guess.]

It was the same as back when I summoned Estel, performing the summon inside the town would be too conspicuous and there’s a chance that someone will see us.

So that being the reason, we’ll be doing the summoning once we move out of town to where no one can see us.

After we quickly exited from the town, I took out my smartphone and selected Shisuha・Alvy from the item column.

So her unit cost is 20.
Since I’m level 50 now, that won’t be an issue.

Her GC evaluation gives the impression that while she’s not exactly indispensable, it’d still prove to be quite advantageous to have her on your side.

Our party stability would greatly increase with her defensive and regen support magic, which she can cast on all of us at the same time.
The boost to her recovery spells when she uses her Skill is also pretty awesome.

That said, though SSR Priests are plenty capable of healing, they never really stood out.
And since I never did get her back in the game, I have no real idea what kind of character she was.

It’s just that I have seen people posting stuff like “Shisuha-chan’s a really good girl, y’know!” on forums and being replied “You shouldn’t run away from reality…..” and so on which got me kinda curious about her.

Though I wasn’t that curious so I didn’t go as far as to look her up, but I suppose I should’ve done that…

[Heeh~ So this is how it was like when I was summoned, too.]

[In the future, there won’t be anyone who will go through the same kind of summoning as I did, would there…]

[That reminds me, how were you summoned, Noru?]

Light started to overflow from the smartphone, then it gradually took a human shape.

Witnessing it, Estel let out a voice of admiration while Noru turned all dejected, seemingly from recalling her own summoning.
When Estel heard about how she was summoned, she looked at me with reproachful eyes.

Don’t look at me like that! It’s like you are saying I did something bad!

[It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master.
My name is Shisuha・Alvy.]

After the overflowing light calmed down, a clear figure of a girl appeared before my eyes.

Then, as she opened her blue eyes, she gazed at us and introduced herself while offering a deep bow without shaking her long, blond hair too much.

Judging by her appearance, she gave the impression of being a bit more mature than Noru..
Her clothes were mainly black in color, with bits of whites mixed in here and there.

Her appearance is the very image of a nun, but her long skirt had a slit on one side, exposing her thigh.
You can also see the stockings that she’s wearing from there, this bit of exposure was inversely suggestive for the type of character that she is.

She wore a cross necklace, and below it her chest was generously exposed, making my eyes drift towards it instinctively.

Like Estel, she held a staff in her hands, but unlike hers it had a simple design with a small, blue jewel on its tip.

[N-N-Nice to meet you.
I-I-I’m Okura Hirahachi]

[… It feels like his reaction is different from how it was with us.]

[Muu… I’m kinda jealous.]

Oh crap, that was bad.
I never did pay much attention to her(as a unit) back when I played GC.

But seeing her materialized before my eyes now, she was such a lovely girl that it made me awfully tense.

Seeing me being all tensed up, Estel made a displeased face and that’s kinda weighing on my mind now.

[I’m Noru・Fagna.
Let’s get along from now on.]

[I’m Estel.
Please take care of us in the future.]

[Okura-sama, Fagna-san, Estel-san, is it? My best regards too.]

After the girls returned their greetings, Shisuha called our names one by one with a smile and bowed once again.

Oh, she feels like a good-natured girl, doesn’t she.
I haven’t really gotten a good grasp of her personality just yet but there shouldn’t be anything to worry about if it’s like this.

I was a bit worried because of how it turned out with Estel back then.

[So, Alvy-san.
How much of our current situation are you aware of?]

First I need to understand the level of her grasp of the situation.

It seems like there’s a difference with the knowledge the summoned unit receives from me, so confirmation is important.

So I asked her, but she was fidgeting around and looked like she wanted to talk about something else instead of answering me.

[Umm… Master.
I realise that it is impudent of me to ask,, but please call me Shisuha, from now on.]

While I was at loss of what to say, when she finally did speak up, she said something I didn’t really expect at all while looking all flustered.

Nuu… What is this.
Was it a wrong move to call her Alvy by being considerate? More importantly, being called Master gives me goosebumps.

[T-then Shisuha… P-please don’t call me Master, just Okura will do.
If possible don’t use -sama too…]

Unlike the time with Estel and Noru, I can’t speak well due her mature demeanor.

Damn! This feels awfully embarrassing.

[Alright, then… Okura-san, please don’t be so nervous.
I’ll be happy if you can talk to me normally.
According to the memory I received from you, it seems like you are forcing yourself too much now.]

Muu… So even that information is provided to her as a memory, huh.
So then, was this her indirect way of telling me that she found my conduct unpleasant?

Being told that in a roundabout manner feelsevenworseman.

T-then, I’ll talk like usual.
So, Shisuha, how much do you understand about our current situation?]

[Yes, let’s see… To start with, I know about you working as Adventurers..
I also know that you had troubles on the 10th floor in that Labyrinth place .
And finally, the fact that you were seeking a valuable asset for the team and summoned me.]

It appears that she more or less has the overall grasp of the situation.
With that being the case, there doesn’t seem to be anything worth explaining.

[That’s about right, I’m thinking of having you register as an Adventurer too, but do you have anything to say about the matter?]

[No, I have no objections.]

Since Shisuha will join our party from now onwards, she naturally needs to be registered at the Adventurers’ Guild.

The person in question didn’t seem to be opposed to the idea and has given her concession.


[What’s the matter, Estel?]

[No, it’s nothing… she’s just too faultless, which feels suspicious.]

After our talk ended, we made our way to the Adventurers’ Guild, along on the way I heard Estel talking with Noru.

She quietly muttered so that Shisuha wouldn’t hear it… but does she really look that suspicious?

I can only see her as a quiet, meek and good-natured person.


[‘Scuse me~]

[Ah, Okura-san.
What business do you have here today?]

[Well, I brought someone who’s gonna join our party from now on, so I was thinking of getting her registered as an Adventurer]

After arriving at the Adventurers’ Guild, we immediately headed towards Wizzy-chan’s desk.

I then introduced Shisuha who was standing behind me.

[Pleased to meet you, I’m Shisuha・Alvy.]

[Ah, n-nice to meet you too! O-Okura-san! D-don’t tell me, is she a Priestess!?]

[Eh, ah,yeah.
That she is.]

She stepped forward and introduced herself along with a bow.

Wizzy-chan returned her greeting, and threw that question at me in a surprised manner.

While she is indeed wearing an outfit unlike that of a Magician, she still did well guessing that she was a Priestess with but one glance.

[Bringing a Priestess, right after a Magician… And she doesn’t seem to be an apprentice either, where on earth did you find her?]

[Well, that’s… She’s sort of an acquaintance of mine, hahaha…]

There number of Magicians and Priests who become Adventurers in this world is pretty low after all.

I couldn’t exactly say that I got her from the gacha, so I ended up dodging the question with a smile.

[Well then, since there’s four of us now, what shall we do about our lodging?]

After we were done with the registration, we decided to return back to the inn for the time being.

Since she just registered, Shisuha’s rank was naturallyG.
We’ll be getting that up to F soon enough, but we’ll need to get her up to the same rank as the rest of us in the near future.

While it can’t be helped that we have to raise the ranks of any new comrades that we’ll get from now on, it’s still kinda bothersome….

When we reach A rank ourselves, I wonder if it would be possible to have future party members quickly become A rank too… though it doesn’t seem like there’s anything that convenient..

Well enough about that, dealing with the lodging problem comes first.

While we somehow managed when there was 3 of us before, there’s 4 of us now.
I think we’ve just about reached the limit of how many a single room can hold.

[Wouldn’t it be fine if we stayed in the same room just like before?]

[That’s true.
I believe there are rooms for 4 at the new inn.

We recently changed our inn for Moffuto.
They had a large room for 4 there which has two big beds side by side.

If we do end up staying there, then it will finally become unavoidable for me to share the bed with one of the girls.

[Oioi, even that’s a bit too much… One of you might end up sleeping in the same bad as me, you know?? Shisuha, for example, would hate the idea, right?]

[No, actually, being in the same room would be great! ….Ah!? M-My apologies!?….
I don’t have any problems with sharing the room.]

When I asked her, she suddenly closed in on me and replied in an excited voice.
But she immediately made an expression that said ‘I screwed up!’ and fell silent.

And then she smiled and replied as if nothing had happened.

Man… That felt really forced there.
I’m starting to feel uneasy whether there’s something going on with her, too…

I have a sleeping bag from the gacha, so in the worst case I can sleep on the floor by myself.

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