Noru’s Boot Camp

It’s been a bunch of days after our new pet rabbit joined us, we are back to hunting for manastones and I currently have 920 in stock.

When the next Festival comes around, with this amount I’d be able to get at least one of the target URs that I want, is what I’m thinking..

It still is worrying to narrow down our target this much.

So we are faintly accumulating stress as we continue our days of stone hunting, to prepare for the next Festival which I have no idea when it is going to happen.
It’s that feeling of saving up free stones to roll on a rate up.

When I think of the possibility of not being able to get the UR unit I was aiming for, I decide I should do what I can for the other problem as well.

[Noru, I’d like to ask for a favour, you free right now?]

[Fue? What ish it about~]

[Noru really likes that rabbit.]

[Ehehe, isn’t it cute?]

So I decided to consult with the girls, about the problem that I has been bothering me for some time.

The girls are currently seated on the chairs patting the rabbit and enjoying it’s company.

That rabbit has been named Moffuto … … The name very aptly fits its owner.

We have also changed where we lodged due to Moffuto.
Though the lodging fees have increased, the girls are satisfied so it’s all good.

Noru has a satisfied look on her face as she pats the rabbit perched on her knees.
Estel is sitted beside her and is stroking the (rabbit’s) body.

Although Moffuto is submissively getting caressed all over by the girls, it does seem to enjoy the attention somewhat.
That honestly looks like an enviable position… Mind exchanging with me?

[So, what it this favour you wanted to ask of me?]

[Well, it’s errrm… Can you help train me?]


The girls looked at each other after I said that, then looked at me as though they just saw something unbelievable

Even Moffuto looked surprised as it quivered atop Noru’s knees.
Oi, even the rabbit is dissing me.

[… Estel, Okura-dono is being weird again.]

[…Yeah, I wonder what happened.
He has been doing lots of odd things lately.]

[Oi, I heard that.]

Even though they looked like there were whispering to each other, they were speaking normally so I could hear them.

What, is it really that weird for me to say such things?

[What in the world happened to you? To say you want to learn from me.]

[That’s… I thought that if I can learn from Noru who fights on the frontline like I do, I would actually become more dependable.]

What I should be doing so I can properly contribute in battle.

When I think about that, there’s an expert frontliner right next to me.

Though it’s basically impossible to 100% replicate Noru’s battle style, so I do feel hesitant about this.

[Nnー, it certainly sounds logical.
So how are you going to go about it?]

[Mumu, I’m glad that you have the motivation.
However, training huh… I have never taught anything to another person before.]

Noru put her hand on her chin with a troubled look while making thinking sounds.

I can’t reproach her… Anybody would be troubled when asked to do something they have never done before.

Maybe it’s too impractical…

[We are going to need a live target for this sort of training! Okura-dono, we shall uncover all your in-combat flaws today!]

As I thought that, apparently Noru had other ideas.


[So, why have we come here.]

[This place should be of a suitable level.]

[The Eagle Warrior’s Forest huh.]

So we are now at the Eagle Warrior’s Forest as per Noru’s instructions.

I have my doubts about why we have come here at this point, but “Don’t mind the minor details and just go there!” is what she said so here we are now.

Moffuto has been left in the Innkeeper’s care.
I’m thankful that they have services that help look after pets.
For the right price of course.

[So, what am I supposed to do?]

[You shalt go mano a mano with the Eagle Warrior Chief(s)!]

…Nn? Me alone against that!?

N-no way… So this is Noru’s idea of a live target!?

[This isn’t Sparta! Aren’t you the one who’s going to be my opponent?!]

[When have I ever said that.
It’s best to let your body experience this sort of thing.
You’ll learn much faster with an actual monster as your opponent.]

That does sound practical but…

Here I thought I was going to have mock battles against Noru and slowly gain the necessary experience.

Come to think of it, even during the initial tutorial she only told me to “Fight” and that’s pretty much it…… Did I ask the wrong person for help?

[I will be pointing out Okura-dono’s faults from over here, you can correct them as you fight.
Ah, using your Skull Ring is forbidden.]

[Eh, seriously?]

I can’t use my Skull Ring!?

Ah, but the current me has the Sacred Fabric, so a monster on the level of the Eagle Warrior Chief shouldn’t be too hard…

[Take off your Sacred Fabric as well.
You can’t really call it training if there isn’t a certain level of danger.]

[D-do I really need to fight like this…]

Now that Noru has ordered the removal of my Sacred Fabric, I revert back into the weirdo warrior who is equipped with a Bar and Pot Lid.

Eh, no way, I feel so exposed.
My safe zone just went poof.

[I wonder if this much is still being too soft on him?] (Estel)

[Your level has increased too compared to the previous encounter, so you should have more confidence in yourself for this training.]

T-that’s right.
I have leveled up and gained experience since the last time we were here.

Maybe I have become capable enough to beat stuff like the Eagle Warrior Chief normally now.

[Ara, there isn’t any Eagle Warrior Chief nearby.
Guess I’ll go blow some stuff up then.]

[Ah, you are going to clean up the mobs and get the Eagle Warrior Chief to spawn.]

A bunch of Eagle Warriors were roaming at the forest clearing.
None of them had red feathers, which means the chief has yet to spawn.

Estel who confirmed that took out her Grimoire, then began her bombardment of the grassy plains with the Fireballs she generated.
The warriors twirled through the skies at a steady pace due to the explosions.

There was 1 warrior that survived the initial explosion, it tried to get up after finally making contact with the ground only to get sent flying by a second Fireball.

As I watch them get blasted around one after another, I’m starting to feel sorry for them despite me being the one who suggested this training thing.

[Alright then, Onii-san do your best~]

[Okura-dono, fighto!]

Shortly after the Eagle warriors were wiped out, newly spawned ones began to fly out of the forest.

Among them, there was one which was one size larger and distinctively red in color――the Eagle Warrior Chief.

Estel attacks the Eagle Warrior Chief with magic, aggroing it to come our way.

Some of its regular Eagle Warrior lackeys also ran along behind it, but those fellows became target practice for Estel’s magic before they could reach us.

The Eagle Warrior Chief shrouds itself in a Red Aura with its Skill like the last time we fought it.
I went at it head on with a swing of my Bar.

The Wind Element ranged slash releases from the swung Bar, and makes contact with the Chief.

It let out a surprised screech due to the sudden interruption, it then immediately changed its course from Estel to me.

It’s alright, I can do this.
Its status is now much lower than my current status this time around.

I have raised my level and status since our last encounter.
I should, be able to do this!

[Ku, ooh!?]

The Warrior Chief reached melee range from me, and lashed out a with a downwards swing of its one-handed sword.
I received the attack with my Pot Lid.

From which I counterattacked with a sideways swing with Bar, I was aiming to hit the abdomen.

But right before the attack lands, the Warrior Chief backsteps and avoids my attack.

Why…? The speed of my attack should be way faster than the last time.
Even then I am still unable to land my attack.

As the battle went on with me receiving attacks one-sidedly, the Warrior Chief kicked the ground and sent a surprise sand attack on my eyes.


Unable to react properly to such vision obscuring attacks, the sand gets into one of my eyes.
Having lost vision in one of my eyes, I panic and protected only my head with Pot Lid.

Immediately after, I felt the sensation of pain run through my legs as I had just been slashed there by something.
It was most likely the Warrior Chief’s attack.

To get some distance from the Warrior Chief, I get a good look at it with my unharmed eye and took some swings with Bar.

There was no feeling of blood flowing from the attack I took.
I took a glance at my leg while I was swinging and I didn’t even see a wound.

So I don’t get such surface level injuries due to my current Defense Power, I still feel the pain though.
This might be the same thing that happened with the Goblin I first encountered.

After that happened it was mostly a defensive battle for me, but every couple of minutes the Red Aura the Warrior Chief has disappears and its movements become incredibly sluggish.

When that happens its speed drops enough that I can land my attacks, my blinded eye has also recovered enough and I finally manage to defeat the Eagle Warrior Chief.

[Haa… Haa… I, can’t, keep, this, up.]

After managing to defeat it, I return to where the girls were and collapse onto the ground with my limbs all stretched out.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have won if there wasn’t that decisive difference in our Status.
I managed to protect my head reflexively, but I took alot of hits on my legs.

It really hurts.
In terms of what it feels like, I would say it’s close to getting paper cuts.
I have a whole bunch of that on my legs so it’s super unpleasant.

[Noru, what’s the verdict?]

Noru crosses her arms and made a thinking face.

[Ahー, hーmm, he’s pretty bad in a variety of places.]

So I don’t make the grade at all.
Even I think so too.

But to think I would be this bad ….

After that she began explaining a whole assortment of topics.

First was my tunnel vision.
Apparently when I look at my opponent, I focus too much on the weapon and I end up not looking at my opponent as a whole

Next my defenses were lacking, my attacks were sloppy, I let my guard down somewhat because I can see the difference in Status between me and the opponent, I don’t make full use of the abilities of my equipment, the list goes on.

By the time she finished pointing out everything, my spirit was in tatters.

I thought I’d get to become accustomed to it as she slowly points out my mistakes, but “I wanted to get the message across now that I have the chance to.” was what she said.

[Those are all the pointers I can think of right now.
Okura-dono should fight with the things I pointed out in mind.
When you can manage that, I think you would then be able to defeat the Skill buffed version of the Eagle Warrior Chief.]

[Now then Onii-san, it’s time for round 2.]

[Eh… Ehh? We’re still going at it!?]

I was feeling tired already and wanted to bring up the topic of heading back.

Instead the 2 of them grabbed me on one side each and got me to stand.

They then dragged me along, towards the Eagle Warriors.

I wanna go home…


[Oof… I might have asked the wrong person for help…]

A couple of hours after that, today’s special training finally ends.

The number of Eagle Warrior Chiefs I defeated easily exceeded 10 in number.
And my whole body has that paper cut feeling.

This feeling remains even if I drink potions to recover, so much so that my whole body is unconsciously swaying.

[Good work, you managed to land more of your attacks starting from the second half.]

[Fufu, the number of attacks he received also decreased, if he keeps this up maybe it’ll get ingrained into him ever more slightly.]

Eeh… we are keeping this up? Do I really need to do more of this in the future……

It’s true that the more I do it the better my results get.
I’d be sorta happy if I can get closer to the level of the girls by repeating this process, but it also gives me stomach pains at the same time.

That ends the day, I take out my smartphone to start the process of returning to the Inn.

[Nn? T-this is!?]

My smartphone vibrated right when I was taking it out, displayed on the screen was【1 SSR Guaranteed, 33 Consecutive Roll Pickup Campaign Begins】.

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