Chapter 3

It’s the Tut~orial

“Ugh… So cruel”

Her helm, a part of her silver armor, covered her head up to her nose.
Her silver hair extends up to the waist.
There is a wonderful sword on her back, but right now she was sitting down with tears.
Her silver shields are also rolling near her.

“Even though it’s the first for me to face to face with my Lord!”

Nord Fagna.
The top rare UR unit.
In unit performance of GC, her evaluation was one of the highest given right now.
On the other hand, her appearance evaluation was not very good.
A unit that does not expose her face because of her helmet in GC, which is the main selling point for the character.

Still, she is one of my favorite units.
Although the details were not stated in the setting, she is probably around 16 and 17 years old.
Her unique ability is [Protection of the War Princess].
Just by being in our army, we will get a 30% buff which is applied to the attack and defense of all units.
And if you use the skill [Inspiration], all status’ will double for 1 minute.
Which makes her into a completely broken character.

“I’m sorry, I seemed to have lost a lot of my calm for a little bit.”

I was lost in thought when thinking about her data.
I was doing something very rude to her.
Definitely our first impression would be the worst so I must apologize carefully.
After being summoned like this, then falling from a height of around 4 m.
Well, you would probably want to say one or two complaints.
I am surprised that she fell from that height and was still unharmed.

“It is fine… But more importantly, I wish for you to talk in a slightly more broken fashion.”
“Oh, in that case then I’ll talk normally.
Did you find it strange sounding?”

“I can tell with ease that you were forcing it.
Now then, Milord, I assume you had some reason behind summoning me, yes?”

I’m not used to such polite speech.
When I checked her once again, it seems she has already forgiven me so let’s pretend nothing happened.
Even so, the task? Somehow I just have a vague feeling about it …… But, it is somehow kinda encouraging to have this girl beside me.

“Well, I do not have anything for you to do in particular, Oh, you can call me by name if possible, I am Okura Heihachi.

” I’m sorry, I haven’t introduce myself, my name is Nor · Fagna, Please call me Noru.
Please take care of me!” (TN: It’s easier to use Noru instead Nor)

We shake hands with each other and finish our self-introduction.
Well, of course I already knew her name beforehand.

“So, how much understanding does Noru know about the current situation now?”
“Yes! First of all, I was summoned here to help you, and this is a different world from the one Okura was in! ”

I-I already understand that I came from another world.
In addition, even though I didn’t talk about my circumstances, I am relieved to say that there is a partner who knows that I am a human from a different world.
Anyway, have you come to help me?
The girls in GC were also summoned to help the main character, so it means the setting would be that they will cooperate with me?

“Hmm, from the time you got summoned, how did you know that I came from a different world?”
“When summoning, we will have some knowledge and memory of the summoner, there is no time limit for summoning.
However with the cost system, now that you have summoned me, other people can not be summoned.

So my knowledge is shared? Not only the knowledge in the game, but also the knowledge that I have from the original world.
In other words, it’s same as I know, there is no time limit after the summoning.
In this case, there will be no problem if I asking her to be my guard.

Finally, it came about the cost system? Even within GC, the restrictions were imposed on the corps formation, totaling the total cost.
Indeed the initial value is 15.
Because the cost of Nord should have been 15, is this also the setting from the game?
As the cost rises by 1 according to the level, so if my level raised, it’ll also raised too?

“Oh… Well, I’d like you to escort me until I can secure my own safety first.”
“I understand! Then, I’ll become Okura-dono’s tutorial coach”

“That’s right, It is good timing when the enemies came out quickly”

It is good thing to explain on how to arrange and operation method on the beginning of the game.
Equipment column, how to use skills, how to battle, etc … are done.
Eh, that means the enemies are coming?
Looking back to the point on where she pointed, the goblins that hit me earlier had increased to about five bodies.

“Human! Die! Good for nothing, those guys!”
“Wow! It’s that guy from a little while ago!”
“I’m gonna settle them first, so I want you to use smartphone and open the equipment screen.”

Several goblins shout and crawl around here while wielding the club.
Noru moving on the front of me as she pulled out a one-handed sword from her waist.
She draws her silver blade.
There is a beautiful blue streak on it.
There is no decoration, it just the simplicity emitted from beauty of that blade stands out.
She also holds a silver shield to be paired with the silver blade.

“Next, select armor and weapons on the equipment screen ”

I was fascinated by the blade for a moment, before I returned my gaze when Noru repelled the club of the running goblin.
I open the equipment screen as she told me in a hurry.

“Oh, oh! … this is … …”

As I was told, I went to tap cloth clothes, copper armor, copper leggings, boots, lid of a pot, and the Excalibur.
My whole body is surrounded by light emitted from the smartphone.
By the time the light faded, my body was wrapped in the equipment I selected earlier.
In the hand, there is a thing like a light shining sword and in other hand, the lid of the pot.

“You are ready to start? Let’s start the tutorial!”

She confirms that I have finished preparing by looking at me.
And Noru, who had just dealt with the opponent ‘s attacks, started to move by herself.
I was not able to see her movement well because I am just an ordinary person, except for the moment the sword slides inside them, However, when she appeared to have moved, she swung twice then returned to her original position.
4 out of the 5 goblins had their heads chopped off with those two swings.
After collapsing, they turn into particles of light.

“Amazing … …”
“That person, strong! Why, why?”

I am impressed from the way she handling the change in the goblin corpse.
Even if I had an Eighth Eye, I would be unable to see through that movement.
It’s so perfect.
The goblin that was left out is confused and bewildered.

“In order to get used to it, Okura-dono, I want you to beat the last remaining enemy”
“Defeat it?”
“Yes, it is, it is an essential matter to live on this world.”

She sheathed her sword and travelled some distance back to the nearby tree and she said she won’t taking a part on it.

“Okura-dono ~, Do your best ~”

I was watching her and I completely forgot about the goblin that was in front of me.
Noru raises her fingers again and as I turn around, the running goblin comes into sight.

“Ode, Enemy! You, pierce to piece!”
“Uwwa, wha, wait a minute!”

Having lost its friends, the angry goblin swings its club at me.
I quickly receive the attack with the lid of the pot that I have in my hands causing a heavy shock thus a heavy impact ran through my arm.
Goblins raises its voice and screams without resting and hits its club against lid of the pot.

“Help me! Noru! Help me!”
“It’s okay.
Even if Okura-dono is attacked more than 10 times, you will not die.”

Even if you say that it is okay, this will definitely hurt, considering the force that the lid is receiving.
Far from being painful, it seems like it will be possible that it will break my bones.

Damn, you should told me what I am supposed to do to this guy!

“Opportunity, opportunity”

After got repeatedly attacked, but finally my arm was tired and the lid was flicked.
When the goblins fickle it, it strike the club into my belly.

Eh? There is no pain?”

I felt the impact of received a club stick on my side.
I kept closing my eyes to prepare for pain, but unlike what I anticipated, I got only a slight pain.
The goblin, which were also stunned as same as me, is not move either.
This is an opportunity so I swing my Excalibur.

The goblin did not expect that I would fight back, so my attack succeeded in piercing the defenseless head of the goblin in no time.
There was no shock cutting through the skull.
The head of the goblin was scooped and blown away as if I was shaving tofu.
The corpse was immediately enveloped in light and in its place it was replaced with things like a club and a fang.

“Okura-dono, are you OK?”

Noru who confirmed that it had already ended, approaches.
Perhaps she was expecting that it would end like this in the first place.
Isn’t your setting is a elegance knight?

“Did you think I would be okay? At least let me have a little extra time! ”
“I-it hurt~ It is hurt~ ”

It’s should be alright if I get some more explanation beforehand, isn’t?
At least in exchange, I can get the chance to pull both of her cheeks.
Both of Noru’s cheeks were quite comfortable – her soft skin was very nice.

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