Chapter 37 – Post Labyrinth Review

[Fuu… Today sure was tiring.]

Being in there(the labyrinth) really messes up with your sense of time.]

[We were inside there much longer than we thought.]

Having concluded our Labyrinth Exploration, we have returned to the inn.

And as I expected the Beacon couldn’t be used from the 10th floor, we had to take even more time to backtrack to the entrance.

Night had already fell by the time we got to the surface, we then returned to Suting by using the Beacon from there.

We’d be camping out right about now if we didn’t have that Beacon.

[To think there are monsters of that level there.]

[The recommendation of being B-rank or above wasn’t kidding.]

So that was our first time exploring a Labyrinth, the results left much to be desired.

The large number of monsters going for your throat caused much more mental fatigue than usual.
That made the fact that I’m inexperienced really stand out, due to us brute forcing our way up the adventurer ranks.

If I’m getting pushed around by the slimes on the starting floors, it’s probably dangerous for us to proceed deeper.

[Uーmu, I get the feeling we are still lacking quite some stuff before we can take on the Labyrinth proper.
Guess we kinda need to do “that”…]

[… By “that” do you mean rolling the Gacha?]

[Mmm, well yeah “that”.]

[Ara, Onii-san sure doesn’t seem all too enthusiastic about it.]

I do think that I’m still lacking in certain areas, but a problem other than that has come up.

If it’s just the regular mobs, we can handle them with no problems.
However, that Aurum Slime we encountered at the last area is the real problem.

We decisively lack something to defeat it as we are now.

So I’m thinking of patching up that “lack” with something from the Gacha…

[Nah, I’m always up for it when it comes to rolling the gacha.
But if I want to strengthen the party, the class that I’d want to get will narrow down considerably.]

[……? What do you mean by that?]

Unlike when we rolled the gacha previously, the “victory” conditions are different this time.

We’ll still be rolling the gacha despite all that has been said, but the number of attempts required to get what I want is going to be very different.

[I think we are currently pretty well off in terms of equipment.
What we lack as of now is the fighting force to engage in proper party battles.] (Okura)

[I think that we are managing well enough as we are now, but things certainly do get frantic when we face some of the tougher opponents.] (Estel)

That’s right, we are decisively lacking in party members right now.

We have been steamrolling our enemies due to the girls’ overwhelming Stats up until now.
But that heavily relies on the power of individual entities.

When those individuals encounter enemies they are unable to defeat on their own, it becomes difficult to emerge victorious in such battles.

Well most of the frantic moments were because of me but…

[To be frank I can’t really be counted as reliable in battle…… So that means you two are the ones doing the real fighting part.]

[Aah, so you have been worrying about that.
We’ll help cover up for you regarding that, so Okura-dono can take your time getting accustomed to combat.]

[That doesn’t mean you can let your guard down right infront of the enemy like last time, that’s going to come back to bite you in the ass the next time it happens, ‘kay?]

[Ah, right.
Sorry about that time.]

Estel reprimands me with a very gentle smile, but that smile feels scary to me somehow.

She was also mighty scary when she chided me with a straight face back when we fought the Asterios.
She almost had that same face during the time with the Steel Slime as well, that really scares me…

It feels similar to being constantly observed by your teacher or superior.

You could say that event got me nervous and I became really cautious after the Steel Slime encounter.

The next time huh, it sounds terrifying enough to me so I’ll stay on my toes…

[Back on topic, our lack of manpower is obvious, what we specifically need is a proper “Tank”.]

[A “Tank”?]

Though we didn’t get to actually fight it, defeating that Aurum Slime as we are now will be a dangerous endeavor.

Sure, our chance to win is there, but it’s not like we’re in any hurry to go further so it didn’t feel like we needed to push ourselves that much.

It would have been a fight that’s too close for comfort if it happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a party wipe if things went south.

[That Slime on the 10th floor, we need someone who can hold it off if we want to defeat it.]

[So you’d want a class that equips heavy armor and has high defensive power?]

Someone who can withstand that monster’s attack while taking little damage.
This heavily armored frontline class which is capable of such feats would be the ideal addition.

But, just having this heavy armor unit be our tank alone isn’t enough.

[That would be what you’d think of right? That aside the number 1 class we really need is a Priest.
No matter how high of a defensive power you have, it wouldn’t mean much if you don’t have a means to heal up.]

[Can’t we just drink potions when it comes to that?]

The effective role of a tank, cannot be called complete just by having high defense power.

And like what Noru suggested drinking potions would fulfil the other requirement for being a tank but…..

[Noru, can you drink potions at any time even while you are being attacked?]

[Ah… I can’t do that.]

If you get attacked so relentlessly that you become unable to drink your life saving potion, even heavy armor would get rolled over eventually..

With all these points in mind, my number 1 priority right now is getting a Priest that can heal others from longer distances away.

Come to think of it, Dhius’ party would have been a good one if they actually got a Magic User to join them.

[If we get a Priest we don’t have to worry about such things any more, by then even Noru would be able to perform the role of a tank to a certain extent.]

[Nnー, that certainly seems so.]

With a Priest on our side, Noru can handle the tanking when push comes to shove.

However this is all only relevant to our current situation with the Aurum Slime, both of those classes are indispensable if we ever plan to conquer the Labyrinth in the future

[However that would also mean we will have to protect both Estel and the Priest.]

[Things only ever get more difficult…]

Even if we do get a Priest to join us, that increases the number of units we need to protect in our rear line to 2.

That means either me or Noru has to do the protecting part, but I don’t feel very confident doing the protecting job so I’d want to let Noru do it.

But me being the main offense doesn’t sound very workable now….
If only I was actually strong enough to do the part, things would sound so much easier…… Can’t help but feel bad for myself.

[There you have it, I’d want to get a Priest as our top priority where possible, next a heavy armored Tank would also be a great help for us, so now then there is one other problem.]

[There’s something else?]

Estel tilted her head in curiosity since she thought we had concluded the discussion on our problems.

I wouldn’t call “Let’s roll the gacha for a priest and a tank” much of a conclusion…

[The problem is the gacha itself.]

The girls looked at each others face showing that they are unable to understand the problem that I spoke of.

[The biggest problem we face from the gacha appears when you aim to roll for specific characters.
Honestly the URs appear more frequently than you’d expect.]

I have been beelining for the URs much like a mad man up til now, but our current objective is gonna be an even greater hurdle than before.

The hopeless battle against RNGesus to roll for specific units from the pool of URs…

Getting a Rate Up for such specific units would be ideal, if not we’re going to be road blocked for quite a long while.

There’s even the chance that we never get what we want and end up brute forcing our way through with the boatload of other units that we get in the process.

[So if we are to strengthen our party properly, getting the right units with the Gacha is going to be tragic.]

[Muu, come to think of it there’s also UR equipment in the pool, getting our target UR unit will be tough.]

If we are unable to bolster our party via the gacha, I might need to start considering the possibility of hiring the adventurers of this world.

If it really does come down to that I’d need to explain about stuff we cannot talk about like the gacha and various other things.
It would be scary if the person we find isn’t trustworthy.

But I haven’t made many connections as of yet … … I didn’t really get to know much of the people in this town, though that may be because I have been directing my attention elsewhere.

Now that we are at a roadblock, perhaps I should start taking on different kinds of requests while we collect manastones?

[We are looking okay on Manastones at the current pace that we are hunting.
But Labyrinth exploration is gonna be put on hold for now though.]

Though if there’s such a level of difficulty to proceed(in the Labyrinth), it does make you wonder what lies in the depths inside.]

[There’s the chance that a clue regarding how to return to Okura-dono’s former world might be there.]

It’s a pretty large scale Labyrinth.
Who knows what lies in the deepest depths.

That unnaturally formed entrance, and the abnormal insides.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there really is a clue about how I can go back to my own world in there.

Setting aside conquering the Labyrinth as a future goal, let us build up our fighting force first.

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