before our very eyes.

This, isn’t this the entrance to this floor?]

[It seems we have been sent back here.]

[So this means we get teleported back when we go the wrong way.]

Here I was getting so tensed up staying alert in case shit happens, only to get sent back to the entrance; what a way to kill the mood.

I thought that we would be encountering strong enemies left and right with this being the 10th floor and all, but if this gimmick is all there is here then clearing it will be a piece of cake.

For now I’ll just go around spinning the roulettes and reach the entrance of the next level.


[I’ve had enough of this… Labyrinth why do you do this to me!?]

how many times have we been doing this.]

[This would be the 40th time.]

39 attempts later, after the first try.
We are back at the entrance yet again.

It’s not like there’s some fixed enemy here, the only thing we could do was spin the Roulette over and over.
I was pretty optimistic at first, but as the number of attempts increased it was starting to become a pain.

I don’t think I have ever experienced this much agony before.
I’d so like to punch the guy in the face who thought this was going to be a piece of cake!

I then tried pushing the button in the first room a second time, but it was fixed in the pushed down state so that didn’t work.

[Estel, can’t you just bust the walls?]

[Ara, what’s with the dangerous plan Onii-san.
That would be an inelegant act in a Labyrinth.]

I’m getting tired of trying to clear this the normal way, so I proposed for Estel to destroy the walls.

But like what she said, destroying the walls to advance through a maze doesn’t sound very manly.

Then again if I’m starting to think this way then the fault would lie with the person who created this Labyrinth, not me.

[We can’t continue if this goes on….

[Sigh, you always make it sound so convincing.]

She did a troubled expression by putting her hand on her cheek, but she relented to my request.

She then takes out a Grimoire from her bag, then creates Fireballs which she sends hurling towards the wall.

Noru and I raised our shields to guard against any possible flying debris.

The magic attack lands on the wall with a mighty explosion and spreads some burning flames.
The wall should be destroyed, it was a pretty powerful explosion.

After the smoke cleared it become apparent that the explosion――did not destroy the wall.

The same glowing wall stood before us as though nothing happened.
There was no damage whatsoever.

[Not even a scratch… That’s somewhat frustrating in its own way.]

[Such toughness, it must have been constructed to be able to withstand this level of destruction from the start.]

So even someone trying to destroy the walls was expected….

[Muu, guess there’s no way other than to do how this was intended.]

This is going to be fun…

It wouldn’t feel like such a drag if you could choose where you wanted to advance towards, but where you go to is randomized here.

[Alright, we’re going back the next time we get warped back.]

[We are going back already?]

[Yea, we have been going at this for quite awhile now.]

[We sure did.]

Several hours should have passed since we first entered the Labyrinth.
Though ! had actually prepared enough to last us for several days of exploring, it would be pretty stupid if all we did was keep getting the wrong path on this floor.

We have already reached our target of getting to the 10th floor, so I have no qualms about calling it a day for Labyrinth exploration.

Thus the final round of the 10th floor roulette begins.

The first roll went left, the following went right, we advanced while booping some slimes along the way.

I had every intention to give up when we failed this time, but after rolling the roulette a good number of times later we actually reached a room we’ve never been to before.

[Ooh, we actually managed to get to the final room apparently.]

[That’s a nasty looking door.]

[This is the kinda thing where there’s a Boss nearby.]

A large set of metallic Doors greeted us, at the final room we arrived in.

It felt intimidating to even look at.

Certainly such doors are precursors to Boss battles, and this is the 10th floor.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Mid-Boss tier monster beyond the doors.

I was a little hesitant to open the doors, but I pushed it open slightly and took a peek.

If this was a game you’d be sucked into the room and into a mandatory Boss Fight the moment you interact with the doors, so being able to do something like this is quite the blessing.

Peeking through the gap in the doors, I catch a glimpse of a Golden colored Slime.
It’s about as big as the Cyclops in terms of size.

They usually look more majestic when they get so such sizes.
A-anyway Imma have a look at its Status.


● Aurum Slime   Species: Slime
Level: 70
HP: 200.000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 4500
Defense Power: 3000
Agility: 20
Magic Resistance: 30
Unique Ability: Golden Shine
Skill: Pretentious Display


Ah… This one looks impossible.

[Noru, Estel… Time to head back.]

[What’s the matter?]

[We’ve already gotten this far too, what happened Onii-san?]

I close the door, turned toward the girls and told them my intentions.

They were fairly surprised after hearing what I said.

[Here, have a look at this.]

Yea let’s head back.]

[We might have reached this point a little to early.]

After I showed them the Status on my smartphone, both of them had the same reaction as me.

The ability and skill were unknown variables to us currently, so there’s no need to force ourselves to fight it right now.

As expected we need to gain more levels and get better stats.
I might also need to roll the Gacha even more than what I already have planned.

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