Chapter 33. 


[Well then, let’s get this C-rank promotion request done shall we?]

[Although I know you were told to do it soon, but what’s with the sudden motivation?]

Now that our break has ended, we went and took on the C-rank promotion request on the very next day.

We are currently travelling on the Magic Carpet, heading to the location where the subjugation target is.

[We’ll have to go hunting for Manastones soon anyway.
So I thought we’d raise our ranks ahead of time as we’ll just get told to do so when it happens.]

[He’s planning to do that again…]

It’s inevitable that we will hunt large numbers of monsters when we gather Manastones.
If I just bring in loads of Subjugation Proofs as per usual, I’m sure the guild side will tell me to raise my rank again.

Having many high rank adventurers around is advantageous to the Guild, and staying at the lower ranks would also be troublesome for us as well.

The possibility that we will go to the other towns in the future is certainly there.
Having a high adventurer rank when we do travel isn’t a bad thing.

[So, what are the contents of the C-rank promotion request?]

[Errm, it says here that we have to subjugate 10 Minotauros.]

[That’s going to be like taking candy from a baby.]

The request this time is to subjugate Minotauros.
Unlike last time when we only defeated 1 of them, the request is telling us to defeat a whopping 10 of them.

A Minotauros is the monster we encountered last time when we were travelling to the Royal Capital.
The location we are travelling to right now seems to be nearer in proximity to Brunne.

Although we are raising our adventurers’ rank at long last, the difficulty level sure spiked up didn’t it? Compared to the previous request I feel that it has become much more challenging.
I get the feeling that it’s going to be quite the pain to even raise our ranks to the next level from now onwards.


[Heeh, so the Minotauros that we encountered when we were travelling to the Capital came from here.]

[This location might be a little hard to fight in.]

[It would be trouble if we get flanked.]

The location that we arrived at, was a plain of ruins where many circular stone pillars stood littered around the area.

It is located a short distance away from the main highway that goes from Brunne to Suting.
I’m guessing the Minotauros from last time came from a similar place.

Unlike the other hunting grounds, this place is partitioned by walls of stone.
There are only a small number of minotauros in visible range.

The few of them we could see were walking around while breathing roughly through their noses.
Just 1 is scary enough already… I already feel like going back.

Just as Noru said, it’s probably a bad idea to just rush in blindly like we usually do.

They have that Charge skill, and battling in this area is going to be bothersome with all the walls around us.

[Guess we can start by luring them in and defeating them 1 at a time.]

[Then I’ll be aggro-ing them with my magic.]

So I thought we’ll lure them in with ranged attacks and beat them one by one.

After locating a Minotauros that was a good distance away from the others, Estel promptly launched a magic attack at it.

The Minotauros that was attacked turned in our direction and began running towards us after it roared.

If we went about this sloppily, the other minotauros would notice and run towards us too which will be really troublesome.

Unlike our last encounter, this Minotauros’ body was wrapped in a slight amount red aura.

Is that it using the Charge skill?

To the Minotauros that we managed to lure splendidly, Noru first stops it with her shield.
After it stops moving, I do some damage by stabbing its body with Bar.

Thanks to the power up to my equipment, the speed at which I can release stabbing attacks with Bar now is incomparable to before.

The Minotauros howled in pain from receiving my attacks, and Noru who was receiving its attack earlier also began her counter attack as well, the Minotauros fell in no time at all.

[Alright, this is a good start.]

[The Frogman that we hunted previously was a much more troublesome foe.]

[That one was rather annoying…]

Although minotauros are supposed to be strong monsters, it’s way easier for us to deal with than the Frogman was.

It has a large body so we have a big target to land our attacks on.
Conversely its attacks are also more dangerous to receive, so it doesn’t hurt to stay cautious.

[Ara, Onii-san.
Looks like a powerful one appeared.]

[Nn? What’s that…]

After we smoothly defeated several other minotauros, we saw a seemingly more dangerous monster walking out towards us from the deeper section of the area .

It was smaller than a normal Minotauros but it looked more muscular.
It didn’t wield a stone axe, the axe was more likely to be made of metal.

The shining sparkle of electricity could be seen coursing around its body every so often.

… It looks reeeeally strong.
Time to look at its status.


Asterios    Race: Minotauros
Level: 60
HP: 105,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 3000
Defense Power: 1500
Agility: 160
Magic Resistance: 30
Unique Ability: Lightning
Skill: Charge


…Huh? The hell is this.
Isn’t a monster like this at the hunting ground for the C rank promotion request outright absurd!?

It’s also my first time seeing a monster having over 3000 attack power.

[I, I didn’t sign up for this…]

[What’s wrong Onii-san?]

Estel and Noru, who didn’t see the monster’s status, looked puzzled at my reaction.

I really don’t want to deal with an enemy with over 3000 attack power… I also get the feeling it can increase its own attack power even more with its Skill.

Alright, let’s retreat.

[Enough chit chat! We’re running away from that!]

[Okura-dono! I think it’s already too late to escape now!]

Noru said that while readying her sword and shield.

When I looked in the direction where the Asterios was coming from, it changed from walking to running the moment it saw us trying to flee.

With a much denser red aura around its body compared to a normal minotauros, it tore up the ground as it ran.

I guess it’s impossible for us to run away now… That thing is running stupidly fast.

[We’re gonna slow it down, so get some distance Estel! You should refrain from attacking this time too!]

[Got it.
Here’s some support.]

Getting Estel to move to rear lines, me and Noru took to the front to face it.

Estel would take fatal damage if she gets hit.
The enemy also has a fair amount of magic resistance so it doesn’t look like she would fare well this time.

She buffs us with enhancement magic before retreating.

I plan to let Noru, who is the tank in our party, receive the Charge, though I’m a little worried but this should work out.

The head of the Asterios which was steadily approaching us, finally makes contact with Noru’s shield.

With dull thunk sounds and the sound of stomping, the ground that which they stood on sunk downwards as they competed for the upper hand.

[Uu, guu… Nuwaa!?]


She was letting out pained groans as she held on, but the Asterios overpowered her and pushed its head upwards which sent her flying.

The Asterios then haughtily huffed while it stood before me.
It then turned its glowing red eyes towards me.

Though I was shocked at the fact that Noru was sent flying away, the sight of the Asterios raising up its axe brought me back to my senses.

Then I narrowly avoided the axe which was swung down and counterattacked with a stab into its body.


[Okura-dono! You need, to withdraw!]

The moment Bar pierced the hide, my entire body cramped up and became unable to move.
I wasn’t able to let go of Bar even though I wanted to, as my body did not move as I wanted it to.

What, what just happened?

At the next moment when the Asterios raised its axe again, the cramping of my body disappeared.

However it was impossible for me to move my body immediately as I have yet to fully recover from the shock.

Right when I thought this was a dangerous moment, Noru came dashing back and knocks the Asterios away with a shield bash to its face.

[I-I’m saved… Thanks.
Was that caused by the effect of its Unique Ability?]

[It looks like that Electricity disappears when it attacks.
Thankfully we’re only fighting 1 of it.]

Apparently its whole body is protected by the Lightning ability at all times, except when it is attacking.

As the ability disappears only when it is attacking, we’ll have to defeat it by exclusively counterattacking.

As Noru said, it came to kick our asses by itself.

When I imagined the scenario of having to deal with another minotauros together with this one gave me the chills.

[Alright, let’s keep up with the offensive and defeat it together.]


Now that we know the strategy against the Electricity, we began our counterattack on the Asterios.

I attracted its attention with a wind attribute attack using my Wind Bracelet, baiting it to attack me.

When it raises up its axe to attack I withdraw as best as I can, and Noru comes in from behind me and attacks during that opportunity.

After that happens the Asterios will switch to targeting Noru, then when the moment it tries to attack Noru I stab it in the the back with Bar.

We did this back and forth repeatedly and steadily reduced its HP.

After doing that for a while the Asterios began to stagger, seeing my chance I took out 1 sheet of paper from my pocket and stuck it onto the back of its head.

[Noru! Get some distance away from it!]

What I stuck onto it was an Explosion Tag.

After telling Noru to move away, I activated it to explode.

From which an explosion occurs at the back of Asterios’ head causing it to stagger again.
The next explosion knocks it over onto the ground.

1 more explosion then caused damage to the ground too.
And a final 2 more explosions causes the area around the fallen Asterios to go up in a cloud of black smoke.

It was fairly weakened so that should have done the job.
Those were some amazing explosions.

[Fuu… I think we did it.]  (ED Note: nice flag rofl)

[Okura-dono! Don’t let your guard down just yet!]

In response to Noru’s shouting, I turned to look in the direction of the smoke to see the Asterios taking a stance to throw its axe at me.

In my last minute reaction I took a stance with Pot Lid raised up and managed to block the axe, however I was unable to withstand the impact and the force of the thrown axe lifted me off the ground.

[mmnn, duu, uweeah!?]  (ED Note: that’s him groaning)

Although I avoided a direct hit, I was sent flying and rolled off the ground a good 2 to 3 times.

My whole body is in pain.
It really hurts.
Enough for me to feel like crying.

[Okura-dono! Are you alright!?]

[Yeah, is it Noru… Just feeling a little dizzy.]

[Haaa, I’m glad to hear that.
Here drink this.]

Noru ran up to where I was immediately, I was lying flat on the ground so she lifted my up head and fed me a potion she took out from her Bag.

I have allocated potions to each of our bags beforehand.

I’m saved… Mmm? If Noru is here with me then who’s dealing with the Asterios?

[Ngu, fuu… Thanks.
Wai-, hold on! What about the monster!?]   (ED Note: those are drinking sounds at the start)

[Ah, hey, you can’t move around yet! If it’s the monster then Estel is taking care of it.]

[Da heck what do you mean Estel is taking care of it, that’s dangerous for her! We gotta help her… Huh?]

I tried to get up, but Noru holds me down.

I got anxious when I heard Estel was dealing with the situation, but when I had a look all I saw was the Asterios being pinned down onto the ground.

[What’s happening over there…]

[She got really furious after she saw Okura-dono getting attacked… She then said “Move aside Noru, I can’t kill that thing with you in the way.”, so here I am…]

I then turned to look at Estel, I could see a purple colored Aura flowing out from her body.

I, I don’t really want to think about it, but she used her skill didn’t she?

When she waves her staff, a magic formation appeared around her.

The magic formation then began to shine even more brightly than it normally does, from which flames gathered and compressed into a sphere which is then shot towards the Asterios.

The ball of flame gouged the ground as it made its way to the Asterios and swallows it within, it continued in its path and flew further in while pulling in other minotauros in its wake.

Soon after there was the sound of a terrifying explosion, and a mushroom shaped cloud of smoke could be seen rising up in the distance.

Although we were supposed to be pretty far away from the point of impact, we were still able to feel the impact of the blast.

[Uwaa… No, Noru… Let’s do our best to not anger Estel from now onwards.]

[I, I am inclined to agree…]

It was a complete and utter overkill.

About the ground based restriction type magic, the enemy should have been able to break free from it.

But she forced her way through with the use of her Skill.

Smoke slowly bellows up in the distance… I wonder what the location of impact looks like now.


[Yes! At your service!]

[Please try not to worry me too much, okay?]

Estel walked toward us with a serious expression on her face.
Her expression showed how angry she was, unlike her usual mischievous self.

After seeing her show this kind of expression, I decided to avoid angering her ever again in the future.

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