Chapter 31

Frogman Subjugation

[U~mu, Frogman huh.]

[What’s wrong Onii-san?]

We depart from Suting, and are now on the way to the Swamplands which is the habitat of the Frogman.
As the location is fairly far away, we have been traveling parallel to the paved roads which stretch out from Suting on our Magic Carpet.
Regarding the route, Wizzy-chan handed me a handwritten guide and it’s working out fine so far.
It was but a simple note with the directions to take the right at the first fork in the road, left after that, and then straight.
She must have pretty good memory to even remember something like this.

[Ah, it’s nothing.
Just getting some bad vibes from the name.]

[Is “Frogman” such an unpleasant name?]

Frogman… I get a humanoid frog that walks on two feet with my imagination.
If it isn’t in this world, I have the utmost confidence to lose my marbles and run like a headless chicken if I encounter one of them.
It’s like something right out of a B-class horror movie.

[Aren’t they Frogs? D, don’t tell me… You’re even going to say that frogs are cute!?]

[Eeh!?… N, no way~ There’s no way I’ll say that..]

[We’ll see about that.]

I’d understand if it was the size of a normal frog.
But as this world has proven, it’s most likely more than 1m in size.
When you think of it that way it’s hard to call it “cute”…
I might have gotten a bullseye on Noru as the tone of her voice warped when she replied.
Even though she denied it, Estel looked at her suspiciously too.
She must be an oddity enthusiast.
I’d feel bad to make fun of her too much, so I decided leave her alone for the moment.

[So this is the Frogman’s habitat.]

[Muu, this place feels unpleasant, you’d get dirty easily.]

[A small lake huh.]

We arrive after several hours by ramping up the speed of the Carpet.
This is a really considerable distance to travel to on foot.
At the location we arrived at, rotting trees littered the area, which was a basin of cloudy water.
The smell here reminds me of drainage.
Although overgrowths of grass can be seen on patches of land here and there, it’s mostly mud all around which means running here would get yourself dirty.
I don’t feel all too happy about getting mud on my brand spanking new Sacred Fabric.


[What are you getting entranced by…]

[Wuh!? Er, erm, what is there to get entranced by?]

When we looked at the body of water, countless tadpoles exceeding 1m in size were swimming inside of it.
Uwaa… Why are they so friggin’ huge.
Not that I mind as they are not frogs, however this is still creepy.
When the tadpoles surfaced and showed their faces, Noru who was beside me made that sound that sounded like she was getting entranced.

[Ara, these monsters are unexpectedly lovely.]

[You think so too? Right?]

[Eeh~, really?]

Even Estel’s beginning to give in.
It’s making me wonder… That big round black body with that tail, those innocent looking eyes.
Even I’m starting to think they look cute.
Dang, I should put that aside for now and have a look at their status.


Race: Tadpole
Level: 1
HP: 200
MP: 0
Attack Power: 50
Defense Power: 50
Agility: 20
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: None
Skill: None


Huh? This is quite the weak monster.
We won’t even gain experience if we hunted them.

[Oh whatever.
So what do we do now.
I don’t really want to go into the water.
It might also be dangerous.]

[Let’s see… Maybe I should freeze it?]

[Nah, if you did that the monsters won’t be able to come out.
What else can we…]

It’ll be difficult to move in the water, there might be deep parts too if we aren’t careful.
I’d want to hunt the Frogman without entering the water…
From what we have observed, maybe the Frogman are the rare variant here.

[Alright, we’ll only collect the drop items from the Frogman.
Estel, blow this lake sky high.]

[Fufu, understood.
This is going to be fun.]

I decided to forgo the drop items from the tadpoles and quickly annihilate all of them.

After I asked Estel for some bombardment, she takes out the Grimoire from her bag.
… She looks pretty excited, will this really be alright?

[Here I go then.
Ei, Ei, Ei, Ei!]

She waves her staff with energetic shouts.
With every “Ei”, an enormous fireball appears in the air.
Then said fireballs flew headlong into the body of water in succession, causing explosions which vaporize the water and mud.
The tadpoles had no other fate but to be caught in the explosions.
The lake was hit with explosion after explosion until the ground was exposed, some parts of the ground ended up looking like molten lava.

[Whew~, that felt great.
This book is amazing.]

[That looked like a scene of the world ending…]

[Here’s hoping we don’t get chewed out for doing this…]

The lake now looked nothing like it was when we arrived.
About half of it was destroyed.
Th, this is bad.
This is really overdoing it…

Some moments later tadpoles began spawning one after another in the remaining other half of the lake.
And amongst them, a green humanoid sized monster appeared too.
With black big eyes and slender limbs, it looks disgusting when it opens its mouth and dangles out its tongue.
None of the tadpole’s cuteness can be seen in it.
Time for the usual status check.


Frogman Race: Frog
Level: 25
Attack Power: 350
Defense Power: 50
Agility: 150
Magic Resistance: 50
Unique Ability: Poison Mist
Skill: Jump


Such a sudden boost in strength(compared to the tadpole).
Right when you let your guard down against the weaksauce tadpoles and then this fellow appears, it’s not hard to imagine normal parties struggling against it.
It has a poison ability but I’ll be fine with my Sacred Fabric, Noru is immune too so we’re good to go.

It looks as bad as I expected it to.]

[E, even that’s a little too much for me.]

[So do I just destroy it?]

[Do hold back somewhat.
The lake is going to disappear if you don’t.]

Its limbs look too thin and unbalanced when compared to the body, it sure looks weird.
The appearance is too much even for Noru.
Estel said something dangerous and began preparations to launch her magic.
She sure is motivated today.
Maybe her new equipment is working well for her.

She launches a multitude of magic attacks at the Frogman for awhile, but the Frogman evades the attacks easily by either diving into the lake or jumping around.
The poor tadpoles get caught in the crossfire and get blown away though.
Even so that thing is quite capable… Hats off to it even though it’s a monster.

[Uu~, gosh, how am I supposed to hit it if it keeps moving.]

[Well, of course it’s going to evade.]

[I’m beginning to feel sorry for it…]

Estel is fuming because she can’t get a clean hit in.
It looks as though the fear of being attacked one-sidedly is getting carved into the Frogman.
Even I’m starting to sympathize with it alongside Noru.

[Alright, Estel.
Freeze the lake after the next time it jumps.
Me and Noru will take care of it.]

[Muu, understood.]

The remaining half of the lake is going to get destroyed too at this rate, so I decided to defeat it in close combat.

[Noru, let’s go!]

[Right behind you!]

At the next moment when the Frogman jumped, Estel freezes the lake and we run in to engage.
The Frogman was surprised when it landed on the frozen lake, but it quickly turned its attention to us and faced us.

Noru is faster than ever with her newly strengthened equipment, she makes contact with the Frogman much faster than me and is taking a swing at it.
But the attack was evaded by the Frogman which jumped away.
I caught up to her and tried attacking as well, but our attacks are evaded with its constant jumping.
Whenever an attack seems like it’s about to land the Frogman would spit out violet colored Poison Mist which would block our line of sight, when the mist finally dissipates it has already jumped a considerable distance away.
The mist smells horrible too.

[Godammit, what an annoying prick!]

[It sure can jump.]

This is going nowhere.
Should I get Estel to just blow up the whole place?
Half of it has already been turned into smoking ruins so it shouldn’t matter… Nah, the trouble that will come later is more of a pain.

Having all my attacks getting dodged is getting on my nerves, so I throw Bar at the jumping frog with all my strength.
From which the thrown Bar hits the Frogman and pierces into its hip area, this caused it to be unable to make a proper landing so it falls and begins convulsing.

[Hell yeah! Noru finish it!]

[Whoop de doo~!]

Noru stabs at the has fallen frog multiple times, the frog then became particles of light and turns into a drop item shortly after.
It dropped a weirdly long tongue… I kinda don’t wanna touch it.

[Fuu, we managed to defeat it somehow.
Although it’s only a D-ranked monster, it gave us quite the bit of trouble.]

[How do normal Adventurers defeat it anyway?]

[Aren’t the other options to either enter the lake or to lure it out?]

Hーmm, maybe this request is to test adventurers in defeating a monster in a troublesome environment.
We totally forced our way through it though.

After we returned, we went to the Adventurers’ Guild to process the proof of subjugation.
Returning was instant as I used a pre-placed Beacon.
This Beacon is the best item yet.
Estel melted the ice and returned the lake to normal.
With that we shouldn’t get any future problems… Probably.

[Huh? Okura-san? What’s wrong?]

[Erーm, We’re done with the Frogman subjugation so we have returned with the proof of subjugation.]

[Eh… Y, you mean you have defeated it already?]

That we did.]

When Wizzy-chan who was at the reception saw us, she called out to us in a puzzled tone.
And when she heard that we completed the request she sounded very surprised.
What’s up with that?

[Normally it takes around 2 days to go there and back…]

[Ah, eーrr, we rushed and ran really fast.]

Oh crap… I see what she means now.
The location was a decent distance away, so of course anyone will be suspicious when you complete the request and come back this quickly.
I have gotten too used to fast travelling due to our Scorpion hunting, I just went and forgot to think about such details…
I made an impromptu excuse, but I don’t think that’s going to be accepted.
This looks bad.

[Ahー, it’s Okura-san’s party after all.
Please hand over the proof of subjugation and your plates.]

[Eh… Ah, right.]

Wuh? She actually accepted it… She just let it slide so casually.
That does help us for sure, but I find it hard to believe at the same time.
Just what sort of recognition of us does she have in that head of her’s.

[Here you go, with this Okura-san’s party has become D-rank.
Congratulations on your promotion.]

We received our plates back from Wizzy-chan.
The color of the plate has changed from blue to red, and thus we became D-ranked Adventurers.

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