Plans for the Future

[Ah, I just noticed something really important.]

[Nn? What are you on about so suddenly.]

After we got up from bed, Noru suddenly blurbs that out while we were eating breakfast.
What’s this important thing?
I’m easily more worried about how much of my conversation(with Estel) she heard last night.
Considering the way she’s treating me is no different from any other day since this morning, I’m assuming she didn’t really hear much of the conversation, but if this is Noru being considerate of me and not touching on the subject then that would be really embarrassing.

[Actually… Haven’t we not heard what Okura-dono’s goal is?!]

[Ara, come to think of it that’s true.]

[Eh? Is that so?]

I think I said it quite some time ago, maybe I didn’t…

[Hmm, let’s see.
My goal for the foreseeable future… My goal… What was it again?]

[Y’know, why are you asking us…]

[Maybe it wasn’t important enough for you to remember it?]

Now that I’m thinking about this again, what *was* my objective? Rolling the gacha?
I remember the short term goal was to increase our combat power by rolling the gacha.
Maybe it’s not important just as Estel said… Oh.

[Ahhー, I remember now.
It was supposed to be to look for a way for me to return to my former world.]

[Seriously, isn’t it weird for you to just forget about something like that!?]

[That sounded so casual…]

Even I was surprised at the fact that I had completely forgotten about it.
There’s no helping that the girls would feel drawn back after hearing this.
I thought that there would be a need to do all sorts of things in order to find a way to return to my former world, and increasing the number of companions I had was but the first step.
As of now, I am in “I gotta increase the efficiency of farming manastones for the purpose of rolling the gacha because I want more party members” mode.

[Well, life here is unexpectedly fun, I can still roll the gacha too.
…Also it’s kinda scary to think about returning now to find out what has happened in my original world while I was gone.]

[This is starting to sound depressing…]

[It looks like he’s running away from reality.
Let’s leave him be.]

I was taking things lightly, as I was able to continue rolling the gacha, I also got all excited that I can interact with characters from GC like real companions.
Thinking back, a considerable amount of time has passed since I came to this world.

When I think about my workplace, that rental apartment of mine and all that other stuff, it honestly makes me think “wouldn’t it be all fine and dandy if I don’t go back?”.
I’m actually afraid of going back now.
If I were asked where I have been up till now when I return, I would be sent to the hospital and quarantined when I answer “I went to another world!”.
However, I do have the feeling of wanting to see my parents again, and I still have some lingering attachment to anime, games and my PC.

[So, do you have any actual clues on how you are going to return?]

[None at all.
Maybe the gacha is a possibility? The cause of me coming here is an item from the gacha anyways.]

[If it’s really going to be an item from the gacha, this is going to take awhile to accomplish.]

I have survived thus far without much investigation about information regarding this world.
If there was a Demon King here, there would be the cliched “I’ll be able to go back after defeating it”, but there doesn’t seem to be such an entity in this world.
It’s very likely that it is going to be an item from the gacha, it’s going to be a massive pain to aim and roll for such an item as it is most certainly a UR item.
Even if the item really exists, I can bet my manhood that it will be set to a despair inducing 0.001% chance to obtain it.

[Well, I’ll be probing around to look for a method to return back.
I’ll think about whether I go back or not after we actually find the method.
Until that happens, I want to at least be able to make a living in this world.]

As of now my feelings of wanting to stay in this world are stronger.
I can live my life here together with cute girls, which seems all but impossible if I returned to my former world.
I’m also concerned about what happens to the Units that I rolled out, if I do go back.
If I have to leave them in this world when I go back, I want to be responsible and make sure they are able to live proper lives in this world.

[Now then enough of that topic, what should we do for today.
Wanna head to the Northern Cave again?]

[Uuu~ We have just finished rolling the current campaign gacha, so I’m feeling like going somewhere else.]

[I guess so.
Recently I’m beginning to hallucinate hearing the scorpion’s footsteps too, this is probably a good time for us to head to another location.]

If it really is a gacha item, there’s no guarantee I’ll get the item even if I dumped manastones in the 10,000s into the gacha, so let’s go at it patiently for now.
…Though if that really happens I’ll probably lose all motivation about going back.

I was thinking of earning EXP along with getting more manastones today too, but we have been going to the same ol’ cave for more than 10 days already so it’s about time for a change of pace.

[Hーmm, alright.
How about we go and have a look at that Labyrinth place?]


[’Scuse meee~]

[Hyan!? O, oh it’s Okura-san….
I-is it Stingers again? Though you’re rather early today.]

[Oh, no, that’s not what I’m here for.
I just thought of asking about that Labyrinth place for today.]

I’ll be poking around for information regarding the Labyrinth, and the Adventurers’ Guild looks to be the go to place for such details.
When I called out to Wizzy-chan who was working with her back facing us as usual, she was startled enough to raise her voice in surprise.
It makes me awfully sad whenever she strains her face when she sees me.
It depresses me… Though her buxom chest is still awesome as usual.

[Ahー, the Labyrinth.
Although B-rank is the minimum requirement to even go there, if it’s Okura-san’s party then there shouldn’t be any problems.]

And so, Wizzy-chan’s lecture about the Labyrinth began.
Located at the outskirts of Southern Forest, it is known as the Hazino Labyrinth.
It is constructed in a way that you’d travel underground as you moved on, and different monsters live on each floor.
Drop items there work differently from the monsters you find outside the Labyrinth, as items that are absolutely unrelated to monsters drop there.
Such as the pajamas that I bought awhile back.
The total number of floors have yet to be determined, presently A-ranked Adventurers have managed to reach beyond the 40th floor .

[That’s about it.
By the way, there is something we would like to request regarding Okura-san’s party…]

[Hmm? What’s this about?]

[Though this may sound a little rude, but isn’t it about time you guys went and increased your ranks?]

As the lecture concluded, I was about to signal for us to “head home” but we were stopped.
Ofu, we are finally getting pressed about raising our rank.
Is it really that bad for us E-rankers to go around stomping B-rank subjugation targets?

[About that.
I have been thinking it’s about time to raise it as well.
However, does this mean there have been problems caused by us? I’ll apologize if that’s really the case.]

[Oh no, not at all, that’s not what I meant.
It’s because Okura-san’s party have been bringing back Stinger subjugation proofs every other day, so rumours have been circulating around among the higher ups in the Guild.]

We have been bringing boatloads of that stuff in so I guess this would naturally happen.

[When the Guild Master caught wind of that rumour, “How long do you intend to keep a party like Okura-san’s at E-rank for!”, is what he said.

[Ahー, how should I put this… Sorry about that.]

An important person has noticed us.
Looks like we have put Wizzy-chan in a bad spot due to that.
Guess we’ll be putting our Labyrinth exploration on hold and we are going to raise our ranks first.
Promoting to D-rank requires receiving a specified request from the Guild if I remember this correctly.
The contents of this request change depending on the location, so this should be different from the request we took back at Brunne.

[You guys have attracted attention ever since you went and had that match with Dhius-sama.
So have you decided on what you will be doing? Will you be taking the request for promotion to D-rank today?]

[In that case we’ll take it then.]

[Ahaha, thank you very much~]

After the confirmation was done, we received the request for D-rank promotion from her.
The contents of the request was to Subjugate Frogman.
This looks like child’s play for the current us.

To think we’d get pressured by the Guild Master.
I’m not surprised we attracted the Master’s attention from the fiasco back then, but I can’t help but have this bad feeling from this forceful nomination to rank up.

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