climb a while ago but failed.
They went and ran away into somewhere after hitting the tree with their clubs.

“Huh, those such creatures are… It’s like this is a different world.”

I was relieved that I was saved and found it in a word I missed –another world–.
…… This is a different world.
When I came here, the item I used in GC was also an invitation to a another world.
In other words, is it because of that item that I have become like this?

……Haha, there’s no way.
You couldn’t even say “I got an item from a social game which sent me to another world” even as a joke.
I’m searching for my smartphone with my hand, then I found my smartphone in my pajamas pocket.
The power is on from the beginning and when I try to press the home button – what was displayed is not the usual home screen, but somehow it’s GC’s top screen.
I see, so it was like this when I came here.
I pressed the home button twice but the screen does not change at all.

“That’s strange, is this broken?”

I pushed and press repeatedly, but the smartphone never displayed anything other than GC.
 After I thought it for awhile, I tried tapping to see the inside of the GC.

“Haa!? 1 … I am back to level 1!?”

So far, my level should be above 200 levels and now my level is displayed as 1.
My name should be Shuvain The Jet Black, but now it revert to my real name Okura Heihachi.
No way …… The units and item columns also confirmed gone too.

“No, I do not want to lose all of my data!”

My anger is rising rapidly and I was about to throw my smartphone, but I am able to stop myself before I do it.
Be cool, Be cool.
My hand is trembling with so much anger.
Probably this is the only clue that I have left, so I can’t lose it.
After that, I was fiddling with it for quite a while, but still I can not find any big clue.
However, I could only discover that the GC screen has changed significantly.

Everything, include the units, items, status fields, and gacha are all gone.
To such an extent that it seems that it is not a game anymore.
Even though, I said that all of the units had disappeared, but there is one unit still remained.
The unit is Hira Okura who is using my name and my face.
This is incredibly creepy.

And there is also 50 pieces of manastones provided, which is necessary for drawing the gacha.
GC draws a gacha using the manastone which are being sold for one piece per 100 yen.
I was drawn into this world with an invitation from Gacha.
Is there something different in this gacha?

In the column of “Gacha” there is a banner [Guaranteed one UR for the first 11 group rolls].
While I’m thinking of inner thought, I tapped in this situation to draw the gacha.

I really feel too helpless to play gacha or anything else.
But, now I feel stuck like struggling with straw.
(TN: This is maybe a proverb?)

A treasure box is displayed on the screen.
The treasure box changes to silver, gold, white, and rainbow color.
It seems to be true that the UR unit is guaranteed.

【R Camp Set, R Food, R Fabric Clothing, R Copper Armor, R Copper Leggings, R Boots, SR Pot Lid, SR Excalibur, R Potion × 10, SSR Language Book, UR Nor · Fagna】

Well, Luna still did not show up.
What is this R camp set and SSR Language book?
These items should not be in GC.

Languages Book
You can understand the language of different worlds.

You might have a slight headache when using it?

What is this?
I try to tap the book of language for test.
Then, the screen of the smartphone began to emit light and a book appeared from it.

“Why, what was this ….
I made it materialize? … Hm ….

I picked up the book I took and opened it for testing.
The moment when the letters enters my field of view, I got a slight headache, and I reflectively moved my body away.

“Well, there is no headache anymore! Oh well whatever, let’s check the other items to materialize?”

If the items in the GC were able to materialize, I wonder what will happen with the unit character? Suddenly my expectation is filled my inside.

The unit which I just drew is Nor · Fagna.
This unit is a broken unit reigning in the upper rank even within GC.
It is said that UR itself is broken, but this one is more broken in one on one.
(TN: It’s either PvP or just comparing with other UR)

While suppressing my rising expectation, I tap the summoning stone of Nord Fanya.
The unit of GC is once entered as a summoning stone in the item column, and afterwards, we tap it again to release it.
Just like before, the screen shines and the light coming out of the smartphone is shaped like a person in front of me.
And when it was completely in the shape of a person, one figure appeared.

As soon as it appeared and tried to say something, the person screamed and dropped down in front of me,

“You are – ahhhhhhhhh! ”

“Ah… I’ve completely forgotten that I was on the top of a tree… “

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