Chapter 27

The result for the raw materials



When I spoke to give the signal, Noru returned to our side.
After that, Estel’s magic struck the scorpions without any mercy.

As of today, it has been ten days since after the search, so we’ve hunting in the cave in the north for a long time.

[Fuu, with this we have done it 35 times for today.
Noru, are you alright with the venomous stinger?]

[I’m alright! I have been getting the hang of the attack pattern for it]

After we collected the drop items, we moved outside of the perception range of the scorpion and we three sat down to take a rest.

In the beginning, Noru had always been getting shot by the venomous stinger of the Stinger, but she gradually became accustomed and was able to parry it by swinging her sword.

It seems we have been accustomed to fighting it too much so we can easily make out such a sign of attack like a little while ago.
Getting used to it is kinda scary.

[Haa, being inside the cave for a long time is depressing though]

But, we can’t stop it because the efficiency is very high.

[I can’t stop grinning at the phone screen…There is no other way]

The sound kasakasa from the scorpion that is echoes inside the cave is the worst.

But, the experience value and the magic stones efficiencies are the best.

When I see on the GC screen on smartphone, the amount of magic stones already exceeds 500.

Hehe, just seeing it made me happy.
It made me want to roll the gacha.

[Mufufu, our level rising up fast too! I can feel it clearly in my body, I am somehow happy]

I want someone to swap with me, who has been firing magic non-stop.

We can hunt here thanks to Estel and Noru.
Since I can only give them a 10% buff and give directions, it can’t be helped that that was all I was able to do this hunt.

For our hunting method, we will take a rest when Estel’s MP runs out, then we will restart the hunting again after her MP is recovered.
Without the MP recovery speed from the philosopher’s stone, it’s impossible for us to hunt so well using this method.

After we reached over 30 corpses, we ended our hunting.

[Excuse me, can I ask you to confirm the subjugation proof?]

[Hyaa!? O-oh, it’s Okura-san… Did you hunt Stingers again today?]

[Yes, sorry for always troubling you]

When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, Wiji-chan accepted us.

When I called out to her, she was surprised because she had her back to me.

Since we have recently always come to receive the Stinger and Scorpion subjugation rewards everyday, her face has slowly become stiffer as the days pass.

However, I am already accustomed to it, as she is good girl with soft voice and we can speak easily with each others.
Moreover, her huge breasts are pleasant to my eyes.

35 Stingers for today too? Ever since I’ve joined the Adventurer guild, this is the first time I’ve seen someone who hunts these many Stingers everyday.

[Is that so?]

[It’s very hard to break through its tough shell, so people usually go do other quests instead]

The subjugation reward for the Stingers is large amount of money, 5 Stingers for 50,000.
Since we brought 35 corpses, we gained 350,000G.
Moreover, there are also 20 scorpion shells for 20,000G for a total of 180,000G

The total reward is 520,000G.
We have already profited more than five million G after we began hunting in that place.

There seems to be on one else who has been hunting as crazily as we have.

[But, if you have a magician, anyone can do it, right?]

[Doesn’t Stinger’s venomous sting always pursue the target? Putting aside the magician-sama, it’s a monster who is impossible to defeat without taking any damage.]
I see.
Estel is an UR unit, not to mention she is wearing her UR equipment too.
That’s why we can annihilate them easily; normally, is it not possible to attack while the sting is being avoided.

When Noru was being hit, she just said “Ouch!”? Does that mean the Stinger attack is less fatal than we thought?

Nevertheless, I’m kinda jealous.
To have that much Stinger’s armor….

[Jealous? Is this such a good item?]

[Eh, you don’t know it? The shell carapace of Stingers is a popular material among the Adventurers.
If it is mixed with armor, the armor can become stronger]

Seriously? Certainly, the monster itself is tough, but can we mix it with the equipment?

It seems I can sell it at a high price since these are popular materials.

There are actually only a handful of people who can hunt them, that’s why it is a precious material…Okura-san already has hundreds of them, right? If people from equipment workshops heard about it, they will likely rush to you.]

As popular as it might be, there are only a few people willing to go to such a dangerous place and risk their lives.

Nevertheless, I think the story about equipment workshops rushing to me is kinda exaggerated.

[Fumu, I just heard a good thing]

[Oh, do you want to sell them?]

[Yeah, for starters, let’s sell the ones we got for today]

Before we headed back to the hotel, we decided to go to Ganz’s equipment workshop.

I was somewhat anxious when I heard the material is popular to that degree.

[Welcome! To Ganz’s equipment workshop… Ah, if it isn’t Okura-san? What can we help you with today?]

[You see, I thinking if we can sell some materials here.]

[Is that true!? I’m looking forward to the materials that Okura-san will bring.
Father! Okura-san is here!]

When we entered the shop, Pola-san greets us.
She gave an energetic greeting same as always.

When she heard that I wanted to sell some materials, she shouted to call Ganz-san who was at the inside of the shop.
Every time we come to Granz’s, he’s always deep inside the shop.

There is the sound of someone walking from the inside immediately.
Along with Ganz-san who comes from the inside of the shop, a young man with fair hair comes out too.

Eh, this guy….

[To think we will meet again here.]

[Oh, what? You two are acquaintances?]

[Yeah, we met a little by chance.]

Geez, Dius!? Why is this fellow is here?

I have seen him around the Adventurer Guild, but I made sure not to meddle with him after that.

Uhe, this is somewhat awkward.

[Oh, long time to see, Dius-san]

[Long time no see Estel-chan.
How is it going?]

[Yeah, it’s really fun]

[I see, that was good.
You’re always welcome to join our party]

[Fufu, I’ll hold back on that]

When I greeted him, he called Estel and ignored me.
This fellow, making an arrogant appearance.
My impression of him has done a 180-degree turn.

Ganz-san and Pola-san who have been watching were surprised.

[Th-then, Okura.
What can I do for you today?]

[Ah, yes.
I’ve been hunting in the Northern cave recently, and since I heard the materials from the monster there is popular in the equipment workshops, so I want to sell them to you.]

[Northern cave… D-don’t tell me, is it the Stinger’s armored shell?]

[What, the Stinger’s shell!?]

When I mentioned the drop materials from the Northern cave, Ganz-san moved closer to my face.
Too close.

And somehow, Dius is also making surprised voice too.

[Y-yeah it is.
I only want to sell the amount that we hunted for today, do you want to buy it?]

[You are, only today’s hunt, I understand….
Isn’t this too much!? What the hell you guys do!?]

[Th-this is just today’s amount…]

The Stinger’s shell is 50 cm in size.
I put them in the bag and piled them up.

When I handed over the bag, Ganz checked the contents and was surprised at the number.
Dius who is stand next to him was also surprised.

[So, how is it?]

[Everything… I will buy everything.
Let’s see… Is these 35 pieces? How about 1,050,000G for all of these?]

Uho, 1,050,000G is so amazing.
Moreover, we still have 500 more pieces of those too.

If the market stock increases,the purchase price will drop .
Maybe i should settle the purchase price before that happens.

I don’t want to be hated because i brought it up later.

[Wait a moment!]

[Nn, what is it?]

When I was about to talk, Dius is suddenly interrupted my conversation with Ganz.
What’s up with this fellow from a little while ago?

[Okura, no, Okura-san! Could you sell the materials to me?] (TL note: Dius changed his way of talking and is using “Boku” instead of “Ore” to refer to himself)

[Eh, No, eh?]

He suddenly used a polite tone and bowed to me.

Uwaa, this fellow was somewhat weird when he used that kind of tone.
It gave me goosebumps.

[Actually, this fellow came here to consult about his armor today.]

[As he said.
That’s why, please let me buy it!]

I see, so you come here for armor?

Even I am not a devil, moreover this fellow did an unreasonable action and bowed his head to me.

[Ah, calm down.
Actually I am still have more than 500 pieces of Stinger’s shells besides these ones.]


[Therefore, I will sell it in the amount of you need]

When I told them there are 500 more pieces, their mouth is agape opened, include Pola-san.

Eh? I have somewhat expected their reaction.

[Umu, I didn’t think that they would be that surprised.]

[No, do you think they won’t be surprised when they heard there are more than 500 pieces?]

[Oniisan’s number sense is amusing.]

After that, Ganz-san bought the amount of today’s hunt and a necessary amount will be passed to Dius later.

It seems he wants to confirm with his party members first before can give me the confirmation of the number needed.

However, it was impolite to say my number sense is amusing.
It might be more than usual compared with the number of fangs I have which exceeds more than 6,000 pieces.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t sold the fangs yet, should I sell them in bulk later?

[Nope, I am normal… Nn?]

[What is it?]

The smartphone in my pocket suddenly begins to vibrate.

Ooo, this pattern…

[It’s here, it’s coming! The gacha festival is here!]

When I opened the smartphone, the top screen of GC has displayed [The Equipment Festival.
The SR rate will increase three times or more.]


Noru Fagna
Level 24 → 44
HP 2260 → 2780
MP 310 → 640
Offensive Power 530 → 860
Defensive Power 355 → 525
Agility 81 → 105
Magic Resistance 30
Cost 15

Level 16 → 36
HP 610 → 870
MP 1520 → 1980
Offensive Power 415 → 575
Defensive Power 125 → 225
Magic Resistance 40
Cost 22

[Leader] Okura Heihachi
Level 23 → 43
HP 890→1220
MP 155→320
Offensive power 315 → 480
Defensive Power 255 → 420
Agility 47 → 80
Magic Resistance 10

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