use this.
And the Nike Shoes too.]


I hand Noru the Wind Bracelet.
This has the Movement Speed+20% buff so I was thinking of passing this to whoever is doing the luring.
I’ll give up on Area Hunting here, but I’ll at least try it once to check the efficiency.

[So I just run around the whole area 1 time?]

[Yeah, that’s it.
After a certain number of monsters get aggroed, do a turn and get them to gather in one spot.
Then Estel will sweep them away with her magic.]

[Understood! Here I go then!]

Noru runs around while moving into target range of the scorpions, she is beginning to lead them.
The cave has a considerably wide area, so the individual scorpions are all spread around in area.
Rather than defeating them one at a time with magic, it’s more efficient to lead and gather them in one spot and clearing them all in one go which also helps in saving MP.

After a while Noru was running back, she probably hit the other end of the cave.
Behind her was a massive horde of countless scorpions.
You could hear countless clickety sounds from their claws.
Even though I was the one who proposed this, seeing this actually happen is pretty terrifying…

[There’s so many… Noru! We are firing the magic so hurry and get back!]

[All the rustling sounds from the whole bunch is disgusting.

After she got fairly near to where we were, I got her to circle around the scorpion horde to get the horde to stay in the area.
The scorpions tried to chase her down, but the horde gradually got denser and their movements began to dull.
After confirming the scorpions have clumped up enough, so I signalled to Noru to take cover.
As soon as she heard me she rushed over to us.
The moment she got out of the magic’s range, Estel begins the magic attack.
A magic formation is deployed in the center of the densely packed scorpions, then lightning begins coursing through the area.
Big clusters of scorpions get struck by the lightning, and they turn into light and disperse to become drop items.

[Wew~ This feels refreshing.]

[This is much easier than hunting them one by one.
However it’s scary to think what would happen when you fail the luring part.]

Thanks to the defense ignoring magic attack, even that number of scorpions got mopped up instantly.
The drop items are Scorpion Shells and Scorpion Claws, there are also a small amount of Scorpion Needles too.
It felt satisfying to see the mountain of items in the center.
From the number of items there was easily more than 20 of them.
This might just be more efficient than our previous Orc hunt.

As I finished collecting the drop items, light began to gather and new scorpions are respawning.
There was a particularly large black scorpion among them.
This looks like the rare variant here.


Stinger Race: Armor Scorpion
Level: 60
HP: 4000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 1,300
Defense Power: 20,000
Agility: 20
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: Poison Immunity Special Effect Immunity
Skill: Guided Poison Sting

Holy smokes… That’s not something you can deal with without a magician.
Also what’s that Guided Poison Sting.
Is that a ranged attack?

[Woah… Another menacing one appeared.]

[That one’s pretty amazing.
The shell seems incredibly tough.]

[It sure does.
It also has a Thick, Hard and Stout “thing”.]

[Don’t describe it in a weird way… F, for now Estel, do 3 consecutive magic attacks on it.
Noru get in position to defend Estel just in case anything happens.
It might be able to shoot its needles out.]

Estel’s weird emphasis on that certain part is probably my imagination, yeah.
I get Estel to attack from outside of its range, before the Stinger notices us.
3 magic attacks should be able to take it out considering the amount of HP it has.
Assuming it can shoot out its poison needle, I set Noru infront of Estel.

Estel waves her staff, and a magic formation is deployed above the Stinger.
From which lightning strikes the Stinger 3 times in quick succession and it stopped moving.
Eh?… After all that caution and that’s it? It was defeated it in instant without the chance shoot anything.

[That went down pretty easily.]

[T-that’s why I said it’s an ideal monster for us.
They do however have really high defense power so Noru and I have trouble fighting them.]

[Muu… If, if you really insist, then I wouldn’t mind doing the luring myself…]

I collected the Stinger’s drop items, I then checked my smartphone and see the number of manastones increase by 1.
Now that I have confirmed the statistics of this location and was going to move on to the next location, then Noru suddenly says that she wouldn’t mind doing the baiting by herself.
I really appreciate her proposal as this is considerably efficient but…

[Didn’t you say you disliked this method, what’s with the change of heart? There’s no need to push yourself so hard.]

[Oh, it’s just Okura-dono has been looking out for me, I feel bad for making you put up with my selfishness.]

[Hmmー, I see.
Well, if the other 2 locations don’t work out, then I will accept your offer.
Ah, don’t worry about the hunting time.
We are in no hurry currently, so we’ll head back when we get tired.]

After seeing her reaction last night, I’m also reflecting on how much we overdid it last time.
This is definitely not because of Estel’s “punishment”.
Now that I know the efficiency of doing the Noru bait tactic here, I’ll decide after going around the remaining locations.

[Estel… Just what kind of persuasion did you do? He seems to have become *too* gentle, it almost feels like he’s a different person.]

[It’s a secret.
Right, Onii-san?]

When Noru asked Estel, she smiled at me with narrowed eyes while putting her finger in front of her mouth.
When I saw that smile, I felt a mysterious chill down my spine.

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