but, there is one other option in the game called GC.
Do either of you know what it is?]

When I asked that question, Noru and Estel looked at each other then tilted their heads at same time.
Certainly if you think about it normally, you would first try by raising levels to improve your base status.
But for us, we have a lot of secrets including the Gacha, so we can’t just go and do it like normal, but the thought of getting more party members to improve combat power isn’t mistaken.

[That, is the gacha.
The question of how to make yourself stronger is always there.
And my best answer to that is to “Roll the gacha, and you’ll get stronger with better equipment”.]

[That’s just weird! That’s definitely weird!]

The shortest route to strengthening oneself in GC, is rolling the gacha and getting stronger equipment.
Sure there are lots of people who raised their levels and managed their parties.
But all that training requires the use of manastones for stamina recovery.
If that’s the case, dumping all your freely acquired manastones to roll the gacha in GC was the real manly way.
Fortunately the game management generously gave out a good amount of manastones, so F2P players were able to enjoy the game too.

[Think about it this way.
You’d be able to defeat monsters more efficiently with stronger weapons which means it’ll be easier to level up.
In addition, in the gacha rolling process, there’s the chance to get UR units too if luck is on your side.
That’s pretty efficient isn’t it? You’ll be able to level up, get better equipment and even get new party members.
How wonderful is that.]

[Hーmm… That sounds like a valid point.]

[Estel! Do not be swayed! The efficiency that Okura-dono speaks of, heavily derails from the norm! Now is our only chance to stop it!]

Also, this world differs from GC, as you can obtain manastones from defeating certain monsters.
Increasing our levels the usual way, is also linked to acquiring manastones.
Which means collecting manastones is actually very logical here.
This system is quite the blessing wouldn’t you think?

[We already know that there are campaign periods for this gacha.
If we intend to traverse that labyrinth place in the future, we are going to need to thoroughly equip ourselves.
Getting set back by monsters at the level of those eagle warriors is out of the question.]

[It’s true.
Us girls have UR equipment, but Onii-san is only up to SSR.
It’s woeful.]

Oh, Estel is giving a positive reaction.
This might be my chance to push my plans through.
In truth, I’m sceptical of our chances in the labyrinth where it is said that even B-rankers have trouble with.
It’s very possible that monsters like the Eagle Warrior Chief are easily found in there.
Our levels are still pretty low too.
For now we should look around the nearby areas and search for spots where we can earn experience efficiently, collecting manastones as we raise our levels will then become necessary along the way.

[It’ll just be sad if we don’t have any manastones when a new campaign period begins.]

[But that’s Okura-dono’s fault…]

[Listen here Noru, if we don’t start doing something now, it will only make the next manastone hunt that much more severe.
I’m sure you don’t want that to happen right? I don’t want that either.]

[Uuu… I wouldn’t want that.
But, I somehow feel like I’m being tricked…]

Even I don’t want to do that kind of hunting any more than she does.
Not that I plan to either.
Although the topic started with the gacha, raising our levels is also another important objective.
That’s right, rolling the gacha is interlinked with every route open to us..

[So we will be searching for a location where we can collect manastones with the greatest efficiency, we will collect manastones while raising our levels.
Now that Estel is with us, we can hunt using AoE baiting too.]

[That naming somehow gives me a really bad feeling…]

There are known hunting grounds to the north, south, east, and west of the Royal Capital.
The forest where we went to hunt the Eagle Warrior Chief today is 1 of the locations.
So, I’m thinking of going back there tomorrow to check the actual hunting efficiency of that location.
Even with all this, she(Noru) is still giving off an atmosphere of uneasiness.
If she keeps feeling uneasy like this, it’s going to affect her sleep which will show in her performance tomorrow.

[Noru, you look tired.
Estel, help put her to sleep.]

[Yeah, I’ll do that.]

[Eh, wait!? You 2 need to come back to your senses… N, no…]

Estel waves her finger, and that same black haze appears and sticks onto Noru’s face.
She was still restrained by me, so she falls asleep on top of me as she is unable to move.
From there I carry Noru, and set her down in the bed next to the one I was sitting on.
She was pretty heavy when I carried her before, but she’s much lighter now as she isn’t wearing her armor.
I do feel slightly bad for her, but I’ll get her to sleep forcefully this time round.

[She seems to be awfully traumatized by that ordeal.]

[Uーmu, I really didn’t expect that she would be afraid to that extent… It’ll be fairly moderate this time… Let’s say 25 a day, so 600 in total with reference to our last hunt.]

Estel made a weird sound and looked at me with a dumbfounded look when she heard my idea.
Wuh? Getting only roughly half of the previous hunt sounds pretty moderate to me… Is that perhaps no good?

[Hey, Onii-san… You and me, we need to talk, okay?]

[Eh, erm, Estel-san? Wai- m-my body, I can’t move…]

[Fufu, don’t worry.
It’ll feel pleasant once you get used to it.]

After she twirled her finger with a smile on her face, my whole body went numb and I became unable to move.
After which I was pushed down onto the bed I was sitting on, and Estel “rode” me on my belly.

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