Chapter 23

First Visit to an Equipment Shop

[With this we have finished the subjugation and collected the beak, now we gotta go get the proof of delivery from the client.]

[That’s right.
By the way who’s the client?]

Now that we are done with the subjugation of the Eagle Warrior Chief, we returned to town using the Beacon.
Of course, I retrieved the Beacon too after that.
We have obtained the beak which is the target item, so we immediately went to deliver it.
The Eagle Warrior Chief’s Beak, has a tinge of red unlike the normal Eagle Warrior Beaks which are only yellow in color.
We also collected the beaks and swords of the other regular eagle warriors which were defeated during our subjugation.

[Hrーmm, it’s a person called Paula-san at an equipment shop called Gantz.]

[I wonder what that person wants to do with an eagle’s beak.]

Really, what would a person from an equipment shop want to do with something like this.
Come to think of it, I have yet to visit any equipment shops at all.
I’m pretty curious at the difference between the items here compared to the stuff rolled from the gacha, I’ll probably find that out by equipping the equipment found here and confirming the changes to my status.

[Welcome! Welcome to Equipment Shop: Gantz!]

As we walked and talked to other passersby, we arrived at Equipment Shop: Gantz.
It is a decently big building with a signboard that has an image of a sword and shield.
Swords and shields, armors and other accessories were lined up neatly inside the shop.
Bags that look sturdier than the ones we saw at the general store, and other items made for adventurers also lined the displays.

A blonde young girl cheerfully greeted us the moment we entered.
She had good looks as well as manners.
It almost feels like this otherworld had a bargain sale for beauties.
Would this girl have a rough name like Gantz? Not that I think it’s possible.

[So what kind of equipment are you looking for today?]

[Ahー, that’s not it, we have come to deliver the item that was requested.]

[Requested item? … Ah, Father! That requested item has arrivedー!]

After I said we had come to deliver the requested item, she shouted towards the inside of the shop.

[Are ya sure!? Urk aren’t they just E-rank youngins.
Go home if you lot are only here to windowshop.]

[Father! That’s just impolite to them after they took the time to come here! Please forgive my father for being impolite!]

[Ah, don’t worry about it.]

Hurried footsteps could be heard after her shouting, then a bald, hard-nosed looking large man walks out from the back of the shop.
So this person is her father… They hardly resemble each other.
Nevertheless, this really happens everywhere.
Your rank reflects the amount of trust you get from the people here.

[So anyway, did ya youngins really bring the Eagle Warrior Chief’s Beak?]

[Of course, I have it right here.
Do confirm it yourself.]

[Woah! It really is the Eagle Warrior Chief’s Beak! Hey Father, you should have a look too!]

When I handed the Eagle Warrior Chief’s Beak to her, she looked overjoyed.
From the looks of how happy she is with it, is this girl Paula-san?

[Uoh, y’all really did bring it… Sorry bout bein’ suspicious of you lot.]

[Oh no, it is as you said we are merely E-ranked adventurers, it can’t be helped.]

It can’t be helped.
It was a B-rank subjugation after all.
Seems to me they didn’t watch yesterday’s match.

[I see… Hard to believe someone actually took that request.
Even 50,000 G would be considered cheap for such a request.]

[Errー, we only picked this request for our own convenience… That’s all, yep.]

50,000 G… Isn’t the listed reward only one tenth of that!?
Looks like we’ll need to consider a little, when we take any other request that has a low reward from now on.
After all, it would be troublesome if we become hated due to us spoiling the market rates.
But when the client is this happy about the job, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

[Thank you very much! Haaーh, to think that I would really obtain this… This is like a dream come true.]

[Err, sorry for being impolite, but is there a reason for giving such a low reward for the request?]


Paula-san, who was dreamily looking at the Eagle Warrior Chief’s Beak, reacted with a weird sound from my question.
What’s up with that?

[Ahー, ya see.
This daughter of mine here, made the request without talking to me about it.
She put that ridiculous request up even though she didn’t have the proper amount of reward money for it.
I let her keep the request up for a little ‘cause she really wanted it, I was thinking it was about time to take the request down too.]

[That’s ‘cause… I really wanted to make a Eagle Warrior Chief’s Necklace…]

Her face turned red and she got all fidgety.
She looks cute doing that.
Yeah, there’s no helping this.
With a daughter like this, her father probably wasn’t able to reprimand her too harshly.
50,000 G seems to be a decent amount of money in this world, it’s not an amount of money the residents here would think of forking out so simply.
But a necklace made with a beak, I wonder how that would actually turn out…

[Well, I’m happy to have been able to help you.
Erーm, can I have the proof of delivery yet?]

[Ah, that.
Just a moment.]

The conversation was beginning to drift elsewhere, so I changed the topic.
Paula-san hurriedly walks to the inside of shop.

[So anyway, ya got some mighty unusual equipment there.]

[Is that so?]

After she went inside, her father started another conversation with me right when I thought there wasn’t much to talk about.

[Especially you laddie.
Isn’t that just a pot lid? Why are you using something like that.
I wouldn’t mind throwing in a nice shield as part of the reward too ya know?]

[This pot lid I have is unexpectedly tough.
But, since you are kind enough to offer it, don’t mind if I take up on your offer then.]

[Ou, Let’s see… what do you think about this one ‘ere?]

[Oof… I-it’s pretty heavy.
Thank you for this.]

He did look worried about the amount of reward money.
Since he said he’s giving me a shield for free, I’ll take it and have a look at the standards of the equipment here.
The father takes 1 of the shields which was displayed in the shop and handed it to me.
The shield was round in shape.
It felt a little heavy for me as I am now used to my favourite Pot Lid.

[Also you mind letting me have a look at that Knight-san’s sword? It looks to be a rare artisan piece so I’d like to have a look.]

[Mufu~ go ahead.
It’s my pride and joy!]

He has been taking glances in Noru’s direction for awhile, so he was interested in her sword.
Noru proudly passed her sword to the father.

[Da heck is this… I’ve never seen anything like this before.
Such a splendid blade, and this texture… then this weight.
Where in the world did you get this?]

He removes the sword from its sheath, and looks at both the front and back of the platinum blade.
He was looking at the sword with incredible concentration, seems like he is completely enchanted by Regi・Eritora.
He gently and dreamily strokes the blade.
To me who was looking at him, he almost looked like some deranged old man.

[Ah~ , about that…]

I can’t just say it’s a weapon I obtained from the gacha.
The same can be said for Estel’s staff, anybody who understand the value of such items will definitely want to get their hands on them.
But well, these equipment are exclusive to the girls, so I don’t think other people would be able to bring out the full potential of these weapons.

[Ahh, sorry about that.
It’s okay even if you don’t answer that question.
Even though this is coming from me who you showed this weapon to, but I’d suggest you don’t show this to any others.
After I properly appraised it, it’s possible this is even more powerful than a Boss Drop from the Labyrinth.]

[A-are you serious about that?]

[Yeah, some might even want it from just the appearance alone.
Make sure to treasure this.]

[Ehehe, somehow I’m the one feeling embarrassed even though it’s my sword that is getting praised.]

So there are bosses in the Labyrinth too.
More importantly he said appraisal… It’s possible that he was able to see the item’s ability value.
I got some valuable information again.
The old man returned Noru’s sword with a look of satisfaction on his face.
Noru was slovenly grinning with her mouth half open.
She always wielded her sword and shield proudly, so she must be really happy that her sword was praised by another person.

[So are you the one who made all the weapons in this shop?]

[I only made half of the stuff here, the other half are all drop items I bought through the shop.]

[Oh, so I can sell equipment here too.]

There are lots of axes, swords etc.
displayed on the walls in the shop.
There were objects that are wrapped in some unknown skin and various other items too.
So drop items from monsters, are also being properly used as equipment too.
And he buys items from adventurers too.
I have been selling stuff to the general shops too, this might be a good opportunity to sell some of the R equipment from the gacha to an equipment shop.

[Would you want to buy this?]

●Bone Knife.
Attack Power+100
Attack Speed+15%

I took out one of the R-items from the previous whiff festival.
Honestly this is too weak for me to use.
However it’s also a waste to just throw it away.

[A knife made from bone huh.
The quality is surprisingly good… How about 20,000 G?]

[I’d be grateful if you were to buy it at that price.
I still have some others stocked up, would you mind if I brought them with me next time?]

[Ou, I’ll be more than happy to buy such good quality items.]

Seriously? I feel kinda bad as it feels like I’m deceiving him, but that(knife) is actually good quality here.
I’m not planning on selling any SR and above items, but I think I’ll sell the unused R-items to this equipment shop in the future.

[Sorry about this~ To make you wait so long~]

Right when my talk with the old man ended, Paula-san returned with the documents.
With this the request is now safely concluded.
So equipment huh… Ah, come to think of it, quite abit of time has passed since the last gacha campaign.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the next campaign starts any time now… We’ll need to collect manastones more efficiently this time round.

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